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  1. Hello I would be very grateful if someone could help. I will be travelling to BKK next week to marry my girlfriend of 2 years, get the A1 English and TB test and apply for a settlement visa. I am self employed and would rather evidence my savings of £60k than painstakingly evidence my small business income however I cannot find where in the .GOV's policies it indicates I am able to rely upon this in our application. Could anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction ? Additionaly I am confused on where we will submit all our evidence for the visa, some posts in this forum indicate my partners evidence will need to be submitted separately at the biometrics appt; and I will have to send mine to Sheffield when I return to London. Other posts say I am able to submit all supporting documentation along with bank statements at the biometrics appt. Is this correct ? I would mush rather submit them all together at the appt in BKK. Thank you kindly