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    Ob & Gy specialist

    Thank you so much. She did travel back to surin to her local hospital where she stayed for 5 days whilst the doctors monitored her. It does only flare up after her menstrual cycle. They advised just to monitor it. The private hospital prior to that advised to have the operation, so I think we will wait now until the unbearable pain occurs again, in which case she will need urgent treatment in bangkok. I will keep looking for a hospital in case. Thankyou kindly
  2. cube789

    Ob & Gy specialist

    Hello Sheryl I would be eternally grateful for any help. My wifes In bangkok and I'm in London, shes recently been to 2 hospitals due to severe pain and both have said it's due to a cyst on 1 ovary which she needs to have out. We both want to try for children. I'm trying to find a hospital in bangkok with a good gyno dept, and one that's affordable. We do not have health insurance and are a bit short on cash. We just got married last month. We're both having a hard time at the moment. Any advise, any, would be appreciated immensely.
  3. Firstly I'd like to thank the members of this forum, you've been a tremendous help to me. On to my problem. The wife's failed her a1 test which she took in Bangkok. I'm trying to find a decent school orientated for the a1 test that does not cost a fortune, and with good teachers/tutors; In or around Bangkok. I'm not there at the moment, but I was a couple of weeks ago and visited a few schools who were charging 40 - 50,000b for 20 hours. Which is too much. Each one I visited seemed to be cash grabbing dishonest operations. Today I ve spoken to teachers on video chat whilst my wife visited 2 Schools, they seem clueless about the a1 requirements and focus the conversation around money. Pissed me right off. One teacher even had the nerve to tell me not many Thai people take the a1 test. I really would appreciate any reccomendations. I'm at my wits end. I ve spent weeks trying to find a good school or tutor.