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  1. Sorry but I stand by brain dead. https://www.tatnews.org/2018/10/bangkok-comes-up-top-in-mastercards-2018-global-destination-cities-index/ Now you also have egg on your face. You need help reading the important bits?
  2. madmen

    Australian pension

    Without medical insurance your screwed you know it, I know it.. You think sticking your head in the sand will fix it.... Good luck with that
  3. Odd question. Why would anybody buy a home? I bought lower Sukhumvit 5 minutes walk from Nana bts sub 5 million 13 years ago 74sqm and rented right now for 45k a month on air bnb. Try getting that return elsewhere..location... Location... LOCATION! . Not long to go before saving rent pays for the condo (I only rent it high season when I travel) I know nothing about the "dudes" condo which kind of kills the location factor. That's why I'm surprised why you would ask the question with zero knowledge and expect me to comment
  4. Funny. People I have know from 10 years ago still use that excuse. Suitcase packed by the door and ready to go in a moments notice.... Except... They never do Fact is 90% of farang have never seen 5 million to 20 million in hard cash and never will but like to join the rent is cheap debate Rent is not cheap. Shitty fan rooms are cheap. Let's not confuse the 2
  5. madmen

    British grub

    British grub is good comfort food . Not something you would eat daily here but once a week well worth it
  6. madmen

    Australian pension

    It's not that bad. With rent assistance and a higher pension in Oz, pension card for meds when you need them, free Medicare cheap wine and cheese and deli products and your dollar is actually worth a dollar instead steadily falling off a cliff here. You could easy get a granny flat in small town country or seaside You don't have medical insurance here. Add that in and oz is cheaper Have a stroke here and your screwed Medicare won't take you back for at least 6 months on oz
  7. facts are the GFC sub crime crushed the real estate in many countries but the USA still hasn't recovered Stock markets are also crashing lately so it's not looking good Buy what's the point in buying real estate at the top of the market and then riding it down and waiting for years for it to pickup Just wait for a big pullback where your loan buys you 30% bigger house Punters are falling over themselves to sell in Oz as buyers sit on their hands
  8. Another one repeating the brain dead mantra. Use your brain don't be lazy and look up the mastercard stats right here on TV The average tourist spends 5 days in bangkok before moving on. That's what drives bangkok to the top of the world rankings It's seems to upset the jungle boys watching their grass grow.
  9. No way. Bad timing. Australia is experiencing a bubble burst as property prices tumble and buying at the top of the market is foolish. NZ usually follows ozzie trends. I think the OP is waaay ahead if himself. In his 30's and barley in the planning stages. Saying your gonna tuck away 1600 dollars a month and actually doing it are.. Well let's just say difficult
  10. madmen

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yep those cuts look great. Switching from beef to pork here wasn't an issue and now prefer it. Some really fatty pork like pork belly cook perfect in the microwave
  11. madmen

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Yep those cuts look great. Switching from beef to pork here wasn't an issue and now prefer it. Some really fatty pork like pork belly cook perfect in the microwave
  12. madmen

    Australian pension

    The only time you need to do it is if you plan on taking her back to Oz as your going to need some history together
  13. madmen

    An Annoyance for Me, What About You

    Recently a thread about BKK Said the bib impounded 50 bikes for noise pollution. It's a start but will it be just another 24 hour crackdown..
  14. Put yourself in the landlord shoes. You run down the deposit then leave trashing the place. It's laughable how renters put themselves on a pedestal... Trust me as landlord there are many humans living like pigs! Anybody try to illegally run down the deposit as rent with me will get lift access, water and electricity cut. Done it a few times already And if that fails there is option B. I wouldn't go there put thais won't hesitate.
  15. Along with prostitution, no helmets, modified exhausts etc etc etc I didnt know it was that easy to make. Where to buy preservative free grape juice?