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  1. ChipButty

    Overstay 16 years

    I wonder what is the record for the longest overstay? I did read a couple of years ago 25 years overstay
  2. ChipButty

    Overstay 16 years

    Whatever you decide good luck, I know in England we can change our names and get a new passport
  3. ChipButty

    Overstay 16 years

    British do also, do they have a Belgium consulate in Chiang Mai I wonder?
  4. ChipButty

    Overstay 16 years

    Dont the embassies issue temporary travel documents?
  5. ChipButty

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    We will do it when we win the Champions League with Ole, is that good enough?
  6. How much sport do they do? like PT class and Football or games lessons
  7. The kids are becoming obese when you go in 7/11 early morning and the kids on their way to school buying pizza slices and other junk but also Thai's tend to love sweet things. Times when I've ordered thai food and they have put sugar in it, then look at you like your stupid when you tell em about it, Whats the worst Sugar or MSG?
  8. Now you can fly Phuket to Mumbai dont know how much
  9. Do you have experience of hospitals in India?
  10. I use it on a Samsung TAB A brilliant I bought the package with full HD and you have two accounts when you login it can be your name and your wifes click which one you want, You can get rid of the subtitles like me I just watch in English
  11. ChipButty

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    Fellaini is set to be the first player sold under Solskjær with mufc ready to listen to offers for him - the club want around £15m for him so they can reinvest in the squad
  12. Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Whips and Chains Excite me