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  1. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    And just to clarify, I never said that there were no intellectuals in Thailand. What I said was that in the past 11 years I can count the amount of Thai people that I have connected with intellectually on one hand. Stop posting replies based purely on conjecture by reading each post more thoroughly in future. KP.
  2. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Judging by your constant fascination with stereotyping it would appear to me that your handle on the Thai language must be poor at best. Thai people (at least the ones that I have met during the past 11 years) are among the hardest stereotypers in the world. There is nothing the Thais love more than a good old stereotyping session between friends about Joe Farang in his flip flops and tribal tattoo's. If you think the white man is the only party guilty of such acts in Thailand then you are seriously mistaken. Do you ever correct your Thai counterparts when you hear them verbally bashing your fellow countrymen? Would you even dare to do such a thing? Either improve your Thai so as you can - or open your ears a little wider the next time you are in the company of locals. KP.
  3. I wouldn't ask for the help of the RTP even if I was stabbed in the stomach in broad daylight. The thought of having to deal with the general incompetent and nonchalant attitude from most the boys in brown is infinitely worse than being viciously assaulted.
  4. I think most expats opinions here are influenced more by the places they have been/lived in rather than how much money they have got. If you come from an advanced society, where everything is clean, orderly and logical, then I think initial impressions on LOS would be rather negative. If, on the other hand, you are from a less developed country then Thailand would appear more positive. I think it also boils down to individual peoples expectations and preconceptions of Asian culture. Some people find it easy to adjust to the Asian lifestyle, others, myself included, find it more difficult. Fortunately most people who come here as tourists do not have to worry about that, as they only get to see the thin, superficial veil atop the dark, lurid underbelly that exists here. KP.
  5. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    How can I be wrong by merely asking a question? Yet again you have embarrassed yourself by making outlandish statement's such as this. Why do you have to lower the tone to playground level by assuming I would get laughed at by some Sociology students? I couldn't care less what some pompous students think of me in a red brick uni, reading books on Feminism and how to be a better vegan - thank you.
  6. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Would you agree, that due to the monumental differences in the education we in the west have received in comparison with the Thai majority, that we are just too different to ever fully understand and accept each other, at least in our lifetime?
  7. Tourists stay away. Don't come here. It is nowhere near as safe as you think it is. Land Of Smiles (these days) it is not.
  8. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

  9. Thanks, Elnet1. Yes, the ease of obtaining Visas in places such as HK and SG will certainly be a big factor on where I decide to go ultimately. Although after living in LOS and jumping through the many hoops here over the years - anywhere else should be a doddle! KP.
  10. Anyone else feel like there must be better places to live than LOS? It's like A Fist Full of Dollars out there!
  11. Thank you, Thingamabob. Taiwan has appealed to me since I met a lovely Taiwanese girl back in 2010 in LOS. She was very nice indeed and she was telling me how great Taiwan was and how I need to go there like immediately. Like an idiot I stayed in LOS. Ah well, the future starts tomorrow!
  12. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Technically you can't own a company that was set up in Thailand, can you? It has to be a US based company with branches in Thailand under the Treaty Of Amity. Not quite the same as starting up a Thai company using your own money and being the sole owner of said company, is it?
  13. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Good, They don't deserve investors hard earned money if they can't be treated as equals. Invest somewhere else that is an open economy, let the Chinese waste their money here instead.
  14. KhunProletariat

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    For the life of me I can't understand why any serious investor would only want to own 49% of a business and give controlling rights to their Thai counterparts. It baffles me that anyone would be that silly. 49/51, and by the way, you are fronting all the capital, ok? Thanks, but no thanks. KP.
  15. Nice to see protectionist thainess at work yet again.