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  1. Thanks a lot Shelyl. really appreciate your advice. We can do this in Bangladesh but sometimes we cant rely on those reports here. i went to India i March this year at Tata Memorial and did a PET scan. The result showed two spots/SOL in liver so we did a biopsy there in June. No malignancy found in liver. But the Dr was very confused and told as the biopsy may not be accurate so we should do the PET again after few months. This time our Bangladeshi Dr suggested us to go somewhere better. So we r thinking of Bangkok. i can spend 50000/60000 in total. But the time is really hammering us as both of us are working full time. Do u think we can do those things in a private hospital with that amount? Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, My wife is suffering from best cancer for last one and half years. Mastectomy at the right breast done at the beginning of the treatment. Bone test showed metastatic in 8th rib. 8 doses of Chemo and 17 doses of Herceptin completed last week. Our Dr. from Bangladesh suggested us to do a PET scan from abroad. So we are interested to do a complete checkup to understand the present condition and some consultancy for future course of action. Probably i have to do a Mammography, a PET scan and a liver biopsy. Can anyone suggest me the estimated cost for the check up and required minimum time to complete the process? I need to keep the cost low and the time is more or less seven days. Which government hospital will be better for me in Bangkok? Thanks in Advance. Mahbub