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  1. I would like to thank to you all for answering!! I think its clear that she cant do anything but i need to keep my eyes open for what is coming in my next trip to Thailand. As Onemorefaring is saying we do met in a bar where she was a regular visitor. They all know me and they all know her in that street. In a manner of when im still in the taxi to the city where i always go she will know already even before i arrive. I will triple check my luggage/clothes/everything before i leave my house to the airport! She just made me ''ting tong'' in the head too. Cheers!
  2. Haha sure she was alcoholic. Not even 50kg but still she drinks faster then me and more then me. I just opened my bottle and her's was empty already.
  3. Nahhh that surely not. Only some local high police boys. At least they think they are high...
  4. That is my purpose too for my my next visit to get the thai nationality and enjoy the weather. Im born in europe and never got a thai citizen beacause of my parents always been scared that i need to go to the army. Now im at an age that i dont really think they will try to force me.
  5. Lesson for the next time! But still i live in a small village and my parents they live 2 streets away from my house we been having dinner many times in the past and everyone got fb and well i think you know how things go. My mom is Thai as well.
  6. Yes you are right. The thing is she really contacts everybody around me even a mother from a friend of mine. Its crazy... Annoying me, stalking whole day in every possible way like change number, change line, change email everything, try to manipulate. F*cking headache. But yes just dont reply to anything coming but sometimes its difficult.
  7. Yes but she know already she was sitting next to me when i booked my ticket when it was still ''okay'' with her.
  8. Hi everyone, At first thanks for reading this!! So here's the thing after a bad break up back in europe with my crazy ex while she was on schengen visa i send her back home due to her physical problems. She half destroyed my life and everything around me, think about my family my friends and my financial status, Im almost sure she is a borderliner or narcist. Anyway, a classic one i guess of what ive been reading on the internet that she is definetly not the only one with this phisicalsickness. Now she treanened me to go to the thai embassy, police and put a lawyer on me and even worse to come and look for me and do something when i get back soon to thailand for a holiday. My question and maybe a stupid one but still i really would like to know. Is it even possible for her to fix that i can not enter Thailand while everything happend in europe and i never touched her with 1 finger to hurt. Her family is definetly not a poor one and they have some connections with police ( that what she told me ). I would be thankfull for youre serious answers. Greetings Mac