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  1. Thanks for sharing the story. Do you know the direct number for Agent Jim? or what number did you dial? Many thanks
  2. Thanks again I tried to call all their numbers, but nobody is answering...
  3. Thanks for your reply they also have this listing which kind of confusing http://www.thaiembassy.org/kualalumpur/th/services/67608-Non-Immigrant-(B---Teaching).html in the above listing, they just need a copy of the certificate, my police check is about 5 months old
  4. Hello Everyone, Anyone has information about the most recent requirements needed by the consulate for Non-B Visa (for Teacher), and for the university degree, do they just need a copy of it, or they need it to be verified or something, noting my degree is from the UK. Also, do they require a police check? I already have one done this year from a previous school, will that work? Many thanks for your kind help
  5. Hi... Steven What do you mean by it just need to be verified, I will be going to apply from Penang Malaysia, so what exactly do I need to be doing? Many thanks
  6. skystar7

    'Legalisation' of certificates in UK

    Hey Pilotman What is the name of this firm? And is it based in Bangkok? Many thanks