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    Extension policy for 30-day stamp

    OK. one final question. Does the extension count as an additional stamp? Eg, will I risk getting hassled if I extend 30 days, then fly out and back in without a visa--will they give me another 30-day stamp? My understanding is that two consecutive 30-day stamp entries are permissible; after that it could get dicey. thank you
  2. Alan Garcia

    Extension policy for 30-day stamp

    thank you. what sort of documentation is needed? same forms as for visa extension?
  3. I've seen in some forums online that a 30-day stamp can now be extended by 30 days for a 1,900 baht fee at Chaeng Watthana. used to be only visas could be extended by 30 days; entry stamps by 7 days. What's the real deal?