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  1. Hi all, I just moved to Bangkok a few months ago and this pollution the past month is nuts. It wasn't like this in Oct/Nov. Is this a seasonal thing, or was it a seasonal thing in the past? I have an air filter in my condo and wear n95 masks everywhere now. If it's going to remain like this, I might need to choose another city in Thailand lmao. Thanks in advance,
  2. See my last comment after QPRFC's helpful answer.
  3. Thank you. See this is a perfect example of why posting in the forum is helpful. I called AIS and the rep told me I need to cancel my current package and I would lose my phone number and there is nothing I can do about keeping it. That I need to turn in the old equipment and just sign up for a new package at the new condo, with a whole new internet/phone number. Now having recounts like this, I am able to sit down and discuss with AIS, when I go to the store, that I would like to do as you did, and keep the same number. Thank you!
  4. Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to post on this form to get a little information before I contact AIS? I do plan on contacting them about it, just like to do a little research first, to be more prepared.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm an AIS customer for Internet/Cable/Mobile on their 50/20 mbps and 4g cell phone plan. I'm moving to a new condo next week that AIS also operates in. What's the process of switching things over to the new condo. Will I be able to keep the same account/mobile number and everything? What's the process? First time moving somewhere new. Thanks in advance!