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  1. I've had advice on this from my lawyer, which is: - If your already a member, you can claim back your contributions on retirement and at the same time you can elect to continue your membership, at 432Baht a month, until death. This relates to the form you fill, something like: - I want in to claim back my contributions and end the scheme. or - I want to claim back my past contributions but remain a member at the 432Baht a month rate. - Further to above, you cannot go back later, even 1 day later, and ask to continue. - If you have never worked in Thailand you cannot join the SS scheme, ever. BUT, I've heard other farang give slightly different versions of this, seems that the SS office in different locations has different interpretations of the regulations.
  2. Sadly the people who write these reports are not journalists, they are reporters, basic reporters. They gather bites from other reports, phrases from press handouts and press conferences and just repeat them. Often that means the report which appears here is several 'bites' from different sources, just all thrown together. Do they check, or does their editor check for inconsistencies? No! Absolute poor quality work.
  3. Do you remember the many press conferences when your paymaster: - Refused to answer and got angry, in one case had a foreign journalism was deported the next day. - Made silly responses to questions he didn't like and them made comments belittling the Thai journalist. - Put up his 'yes' or 'no' bats to various questions and made jokes about the questions he gave the 'no' bat to.
  4. Sure, but also possible that someone (with a very big brown envelope in his/her hands - there would undoubtedly be very amounts of funds available to fund / buy her 'trip') turned turned a blind eye to the formalities. Also possible a casino is involved because several operators cannot re-enter Thailand because they will go jail for other serious crimes, also meaning there are quite immoral. The 'escape' very likely needed some strategic resources, a scaly casino operator just the ticket, very probably knows which officials to approach, etc. Very probably can easily arrange the car etc., for the trip inside Cambodia to get to the airport, etc etc. These are folks who have no ethics and will engage in anything that brings a nice pay off. So perhaps a casino is quite good as 'transit point' to get to a private jet airport. But let's be honest, all of this is just speculation. I don't know the real facts, and the truth is not many people do at this stage.
  5. 1. Money? 2. Large sections of the whole border between Thailand and Cambodia are not monitored and their is no 'fence'. Walking across at a predetermined 'open' point would be very easy and very possibly not that far from the casino areas. Further there are several private jet airports not far inside Cambodia, one in particular is only 20 - 30 minutes drive on OK roads from the open border, it has no linkage to the flight permission / flight control agencies in any country and they don't require to see flight plans, tickets or passports. Yet they have openly operated like this for many years. A quick google search will find more details.
  6. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    "...Would you be happy to have a pedo child rapist in charge of your son or daughter?..." Good question indeed!
  7. On the other hand maybe it's an ex-cop now living in self exile.
  8. In fact you can easily and openly buy false or flipping number plates. In reality this activity is illegal but like many things just ignored, resulting in many such business activities becomes very open.
  9. And of course your idols never monitored their 'enemies'?
  10. "It was far better at this stage for Thailand to ensure that existing fire regulations were actually adhered to rather than seek anothersafety alternative." A very good point, and always needed as a basic, plus there should be regular inspections and huge fines if the escape stairwells are blocked with shop stock, old furniture, etc. However always looking at new developments is also a must.
  11. There is worse, several cop bikes outside 7 regularly, very near to the door making it difficult to get past them to get into 7, and many times the bikes are driven along the foot path and/or on the wrong side of the road to get to 7.
  12. use them, then throw them under the bus with no conscience whatever
  13. Brainwashing at work, both in the poorer areas and in temples frequented by the wealthy who one would assume would know better, but they don't ...