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  1. It's been a trend for a long time. And lots of other behaviors as well. 90% of the female students in evening classes at my uni have organized themselves into teams; two female and one male and the male student is the final destination.
  2. So many of these scams, how come the RTP never find any of these these things before someone who has been scammed / cheated speaks up? The shogun character has a string of scamming / cheating convictions etc., going back 10 years, how come she's not being watched?
  3. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Let me share, I have found exactly what I want (properly designed thickness, textured, smoothed edges etc.), on Lazada, price is OK and includes delivery to CM. I mentioned all of this to my Thai adult (who I live with) and he also wants one for his office chair. So already placed an order for 2, all confirmed, should be delivered to the house this Saturday. Just a quick mention, I know some folks are quite negative about Lazada, we have used them numerous times, never any problem whatever, nothing ever damaged, excellent service, delivery guys always friendly and professional, always delivered from Bkk 2 to 3 days.
  4. Agree, surely there should be an automatic major inquiry about where it all came from and who is complicit. ...more new acts...' You could be right, but perhaps there's more pressure to uncover old stuff, I hope so, and regardless of what affiliations are involved. Another point about tarit, he's a long-term highly experienced cop, got to the head of the DSI (one wonders how this happened but that's another story), seems to me he should have known well that his 'extra curricular activities' could easily be discovered. Or perhaps just blinded by greed? On the same note, just recently the NACC were highly criticized for there very short list of successes.
  5. I wasn't aware of 2 threads, no intent to do that and not sure how it happened or what to do about it.
  6. Thanks for your post. What I'm looking for is harder plastic of suitable thickness and texture to make a 'mat' for my office chair. The 5 legs have 'pads' about 4cm X 4cm, designed to let the chair slide easily across a suitable surface, but they are starting to chip the edges of the laminate flooring. So I want to put down a rigid plastic mat for the legs to slide across. But to be honest I'm not sure what thickness is needed so that it doesn't crack or disfigure quickly. Has to take the weight of the chair plus me (100kg). My first guess is about 2mm thick but I guess it depends on the quality etc.
  7. At first thought I would agree, however the law, many countries takes strange twists and turns. A twist is the situation where a naive person gets sucked in and naively believes without query and pays. No doubt it happens everywhere. Thirty five years ago I queried why my bank in Australia has removed some AU$500 or similar without telling me. The bank manager tried to convince me it was just a correction. I insisted on more details and a junior spoke up and said they believed I was a cc debtor with payments well overdue. I told the manager that I did not have a cc from that bank, he still tried his double talk, so I personally visited the HO of the bank and demanded answers. Turned out they mistook my name for a very similar name but did no real checking. The HO guys were horrified at the whole scenario but even more so by the fact the local guy had removed money from my account with no advice to me whatever. It happens.
  8. " I would be somewhat concerned and I would address the problem and straighten it out before it festers into a larger concern and problem ..." In some countries if you ignore then there is the possibility of a magistrate in a bad mood saying something to you like: 'Your also irresponsible for not contacting the sender of the letter to get it sorted out quickly.' Whether that's true in Thailand I have no idea but...
  9. Thanks to all for all the leads, appreciated.
  10. Agree, where did it all come from? The old say 'no man is an island' comes to mind. It would also be interesting to see a detailed timeline of the events, actions, value, where transferred from, details of the 'other parties' involved, etc., etc.
  11. Thank you, I also got the map for the same location kindly posted by another member. All set to visit tomorrow and luckily only 10 minutes drive. Thanks again.
  12. Any suggestions much appreciated, thanks.
  13. Thanks, any suggestions of a shop selling plastic sheet in CM? Thanks again.
  14. Done some searching but not found anything. There was a thread on this perhaps 5 years ago but can't find the thread and the information probably now well out of date. Any suggestion much appreciated, thanks.
  15. I don't question anything in your post however a few points are a surprise: 1. Married scoring system 2 years 5 points 5 years 10 points 10 years 15 points 15 years+ 20 points When I got PR, 25+ years ago, if people asked about this factor, the answer was: PR is about YOU, are YOU a person that has already and can in the future contribute to the development of Thailand. I was not married to a Thai lady at the date I applied for PR but my Western colleague who applied at the same time was married to a Thai lady and this point was of strong concern to him. He asked about this point and he's the one who got the reply: ' Married / not married to a Thai lady or any lady is not relevant to PR because PR is about YOU. Are YOU a person that has already and can in the future contribute to the development of Thailand'. 2. Educational Qualifications High School only 3 Points Higher vocational diploma 5 Points Bachelor’s degree 8 Points Master’s Degree 10 Points Doctorate 1 5 Points When I got PR, a doctoral degree was preferred. At that time I didn't have a doctoral degree (now have) but I did have 2 masters degrees which, I was told was pretty much necessary to get approval for PR. Plus there needed to be evidence that - The 2 (or more) masters degrees held by the application were valuable in terms of knowledge / technology transfer valuable to the long-term development of Thailand. Another item, when I got PR the applicant had to prove (documentary proof, current year and history) that he/she had some form of long-term personal investments (started years beforehand: mutual funds, pension schemes etc), showing that there was very little chance the applicant would ever be a financial burden to Thailand). Another item, I had to provide documentary proof that I did not have a criminal record either in Thailand or my original home country. I guess the regulations / requirements change / get adjusted from time to time.