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  1. But you've conveniently not mentioned: " "Banging someone's head against a concrete floor ...
  2. In other words the incapable and insincere cops are never fired or retired early, they just keep getting rotated and possibly even get promotions, and are seen as role models, and real live examples of 'you can't get fired'. Where's the re-invention of the RTP?
  3. Further, a few days ago it was announced that Prince Andrew and his wife to be will take up serious roles in 'the commonwealth'. A bit confusing.
  4. Online Teaching

    Back to the overall discussion, seems to me that several contributors are conveniently omitting one point; the person is physically located in Thailand when they do the work.
  5. As already posted, I limited my valuables down to only the necessities and carry them on me, and when I was working across all of Asia I set up (because I had many travelling consultants) an easy quick facility for them to get extra cash from the local company office.
  6. Very very doubtful the RTP will get involved, they have no jurisdiction over the party in China. Would the police in China be interested? Who knows but IMHO rather doubtful. Many Thais are selling lots of stuff (including second hand imported clothes) on-line. Has the OP thought about this?
  7. Changing the law could be needed and should happen, but the reality is Thais don't watch news programs, they don't read newspapers, they make zero effort to be informed about anything except the features of the next smartphone. Traffic laws is a good example, each new group of European exchange students (mostly from Germany) eventually ask about traffic laws, especially the laws about pedestrian crossings. This always sparks a class discussion, there's always 1 or 2 (or more) Thai students who say 'there is no law / no traffic rules, it's up to you'. When we get to this part of the same discussion I always ask who has a car or bike license, invariably the students who claim 'no laws, it's up to you' put their hands up to indicate they do have a license.
  8. Agree. In other words their performance is the result of poor leadership, maybe they should all be rounded up for a haircut, that'll teach them to toe the line ...
  9. Pheu Thai members attend events

    In other words, my wife (the paymasters' elder sister) told me to shut up!
  10. No no, bank clerk now has to dip the card in water to see if the ink runs...
  11. plus should be subjected to continuous problems with taxi drivers...
  12. Regency Assurance

    ... and, is the 60%? lower premium for a very low level of benefits? How do their premiums compare for a level of benefits which covers stay in hospital / total number of days covered, doctors and nursing services etc., for example, at a typical Thai 3 or 4 star hospital? I looked at their website. Are their policies: - Specifically for expats who are on posting by their employer to work and live in another country? - For foreigners now living 'permenantly' in another country? Maybe the above makes a difference?
  13. Yes there are strict rules about shift changeover and for at least one good reason - if they are late the next driver has reduced time to try to get revenue. And, if the change over is late do you think the taxi owner will reduce the rental fee for the incoming shift driver? Two further points: - Why don't they have staggered hours for the various taxi rental companies for change over, rather than all taxis in BKK change over at the same time. Not difficult. - Why don't all taxi the vehicles have a lighted sign indicating change over time?. Not difficult.
  14. All agreed, I especially agree with your words "...have neither the understanding of how to deal with it, or the inclination to actually enforce Road Law." IMHO there is little doubt that senior and middle level cops simply don't know what to do, 99% probably have no knowledge or information about how this is handled (mostly with excellent results) in other countries and there's a good change they would ignore the information anyway. How many have bought their way to the top? Many, meaning that they have no hesitation to be unethical in terms of promotion and also revealing why they are in the force at all - just to the top and join the big boys trough. Nothing but a complete and absolute reorg. of the RTP will achieve anything, starting with removing all of the top 5 or 6 levels of cops and installing credible knowledgeable civilians or good military guys, all with absolute powers to demand change, and powers to severely punish those under them that don't change. Also totally re-organize the recruitment process with professional proven assessment methods which identify more qualified people and more sincere candidates. And at the same time one by one quickly investigate every one of the 5 / 6 levels of cops on 'home leave' using investigators from the civilian world, and prosecute and punish, mostly severe jail terms and confiscation of any ill-gotten wealth. .