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  1. Don't speak on my behalf thanks.
  2. 'Yeah, I'm not talking about the Thai youth fashion market....'. I understand what you mean. I wonder how many young folks (world world say under 25 years old) really know much about the WW2 history era involving the swastika? Then there's the younger generations' focus on themselves, many of them have no conversation other than themselves and the specs of every smartphone and are not interested to learn about anything except items which are self absorbing.
  3. Siam TV vs. Power Buy for future service on appliances

    Siam ... their attention to our wishes, was impressive. We bought a desktop computer as a gift for a friend, a model with everything fitted inside the slim modern design. Took it to friends home, 5 minutes away, and it didn't work, so straight back to their shop within 10 minutes. Sales team no longer interested at all, we got told to go to service and repairs building. Service staff more interested in their own chatting than customers and staff just didn't listen when my adult Thai son tried to explain that we had bought the item just 45 minutes ago. Service staff just kept repeating '2 weeks, 2 weeks'. Son tried to convince them to plug it in and turn it on, it's new, maybe something very simple can be fixed immediately. Service staff just kept repeating '2 weeks, 2 weeks', and their attitude getting worse. Son asked if he could plug it in in the service room. Not allowed. We left the computer at their service center and son called several times and got poor attitude when he asked when we could pick it up. At 14 days son went to the service center. The service staff who 'know about your case' not at the building and son's request that they call these guys was just ignored. Son went back at 18 days, junior told son that it was finished maybe 10 days ago. Son picked up the computer. They wanted payment, son produced the invoice, cc receipt, and warranty document, but they tried to insist there was a payment due. Son paid the money to get the matter settled, I forget how much he paid. Took the computer to friends house still not working correctly. Son and friend took it to a capable guy upstairs at Pantip Plaza who quickly discovered there was a programming error which he fixed within a couple of hours, 300Baht.
  4. '...cut ties...' Nice comment, but of course as likely to happen as pigs flying. The reality is that they are his employees with benefits for being yes men. '...cut...' is not and never will be the way this gang works, because without the paymasters money and the trough it creates the gang, and their interest in politics, will collapse in 5 minutes. Next...
  5. Are you surprised?
  6. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    So what does all this mean in terms of the near term / longer-term exchange rate - Baht to US$?
  7. Yeah, let's list the qualifications needed to get employment as a professional teacher: - Degree in education - Further specific subject knowledge - Qualified at using rifles and side arms and trained / qualified as to who to shoot in specific scenarios How did this clown ever become the POTUS?
  8. Another senior cop revealed to be unethical and should never have reached such a senior level. Anybody keeping count?
  9. Immigration queues

    Taxi - domestic passengers arriving still have to wait 30 minutes (usually more - up to 2 hours. Agree: - Cross to Amari - Go up to departures level and grab a cab delivering folks for departure - normally no more than 1 to 2 minutes wait.
  10. homemade spaghetti sauce

    Plus: Salt and pepper Level table spoon of Italian herbs mix 4 or 5 bay leaves Half a teaspoon of sugar if needed (taste first)
  11. Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

    I saw a comment recently: - Trump hasn't yet realised this is not a reality show, and -Trump hasn't yet realised he doesn't own the camera...
  12. 'Because we all know corruption and nepotism started in Thailand with Thaksin'. Your words. Who else has made such a statement? My opinion (just my opinion) most Thais and aware foreigners wouldn't agree with your opportune statement, they know well that C and N have been rampant for decades, but many also know that T ramped it up enormously and openly. And now the chicken comes home to roost. Yes yes I know, but illegal coup etc etc.....