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  1. "I had several instances in Bkk where Arabs were yelling at the Thai girls who were 7-11 clerks, the hotel front desk, etc. " Also saw this in a 7/11 in Chiang Mai, about 10 arabs came in, the shop already had many customers and the 7 clerks were working hard and polite to clear the waiting customers. The arab guy who seemed to be the oldest instantly started yelling 'telephone card'. One of the clerks pointed to a rack of various telephone / internet cards just opposite the service desk. The arab yelled 'come here' and basically started to pull the young 7 boy across the counter. The boy pulled his arm away and quickly came around to the rack with the cards. Now all of the arabs are bombarding the 7 boy with many questions about the telephone cards 'how many $ per minute?' and lots more questions, all in English and they were getting more loud and angry. Just at this point 2 senior police walked in to buy something, they instantly took over the situation and one of them made a quick call and about 6 more cops arrived very quickly. One of the cops spoke advanced English, he demanded they all be quiet, then he asked the oldest arab 'what do you want?' The arab responded loudly 'I want service'. The cop responded 'you will get service at my police station and then you will leave Thailand today'. Then he said to all of them 'you apologize to the staff' and he made sure all of them one by one did make an apology. They were then all quickly bundled out into a covered police pick up and gone.
  2. A different point, the plans for the electric light rail public transport system have been approved and if I remember correctly the completion date is 2022. Several lines starting from the city centre around Tar Paer gate, all the lines are underground for the first 2 to 4 kilometers than above ground, quite a big coverage. Maybe worth having at look at the maps etc., all here on TV. Perhaps a factor to be considered in choosing a location to live. Good luck.
  3. scorecard

    Pheu Thai members shift base as survival tactic

    “Politicians have to find a way to make things work in this parliamentary system,” Phumtham said. “[We] understand that they have to leave, so no hard feelings.” Just following orders from abroad, nothing more nothing less.
  4. I was born in Australia, still use my Australian passport for all purposes (I don't have any other passports), Australian passport is valid and still well inside the expiry date. I haven't been back to Australia for around 23 years but I'm planning to return February 2019. I have no outstanding debts or warrants or anything similar in Australia, never have had. I have no prior criminal record or any form of police record in Australia or anywhere in he world. My Question - With such a long absence Is it likely I will get quizzed or interrogated on arrival in Sydney or Melbourne? Thanks for any information.
  5. And surely there is equipment available which would make it easy and fast to do the clean up. Do they use such equipment of Pattaya beaches?
  6. scorecard

    Uptrend seen for Thai-US farm ties

    Well the US wants to complain about stealing copyright etc., and fair enough. On the other hand has the US done enough to stop US giants using child labour in very poor countries?
  7. Sure but recently there have been reports of sacked / terminated temporarily. So what applied here in this case?
  8. What also doesn't surprise me is that again Thailand hears no comment from the lame duck national police commissioner.
  9. Here's another thought, some reports say it was a dive boat / the passengers were on the boat for diving. The vessel sank in 45 meters of water. So a question for the diving professionals, is 45 meters about normal for a diving excursion like this, for amateur divers, or is 45 meters more suitable for very experienced divers? A bit late now but i wonder if their certifications to dive were checked before any of them actually went diving?
  10. scorecard

    Chaturon, red shirts jumping to Thai Raksa Chart

    Sure, understand that, but another analysis is that they don't really care what banner* they are under as long as it's under the same paymaster / payday. * perhaps a more appropriate word should be 'manifesto' but I have strong doubts they would even know or care what that means. The golfer guy - "Thongchai, who applied for party membership yesterday, said he wanted to participate in politics and would later discuss his role with its executives." Good luck with that - just be ready to vote yes or no as instructed and keep your mouth shut.
  11. Did the media talk to the police to try to get more details for their report?
  12. "Why do I have a visual of some big NFL size dude smearing Crisco on himself and just jamming himself past the armrests to save a buck." so he can say 'hey look at me. i'm tough'.
  13. Yes, and if unoccupied just before boarding offer these seats to existing seated passengers for a small additional fee. Win-win.