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    This just in: 12 plus 8 equals 4

    Or in my bank, teller sees 1,000Baht on the deposit slip as I hand her 1,000Baht cash. She then keys in 1,000 on her calculator with printer, then deducts 1,000. Answer on the little print-out from the calculator is ' 0 ', yes all seems correct. She processes the deposit slip through her computer then staples the little print-out from her calculator onto the corner of the bank deposit slip. She's pleased.
  2. It will also never succeed, because: - All staff paid way in excess of an appropriate salary band for the job. - Company funds personal income tax so staff get a salary build up. - Way too many staff compared to other airlines with similar profile of routes etc. - Many manager positions which have no reporting staff and no managerial duties. - Should use less expensive accommodation, same as many airlines do. - Cabin crew can reject their up-coming personal flight schedule (I don't want to go to Paris this month, it's too cold) - Close to zero checking / assessment of work performance (we don't need to check personal performance because most of our staff have a masters degree). From post #12: '4: Airport staff need to be trimmed, far to many doing nothing'. A few months back at CM airport: - My Thai son asked at the ticket counter about the fare for the next Thai flight to swampy. Response: check the website. - 10 staff at the Thai Smile departure gate, way beyond what is needed.
  3. iphone on hire purchase, like 90% of Thais.
  4. IMHO another item needing big change is the attitude of the majority of their trolley dollies.
  5. scorecard

    Household Items Insurance 2018/19

    Tokyo Marine also very professional, and if you pay 3 years at a time they give a very good discount.
  6. Headline: ' MH370 crash WITNESSED? Plane never found as wreckage 'REMOVED from jungle and SOLD' Then in the body of the article; ' WITNESSES who saw Flight MH370 crash into the Cambodia jungle could have sold the parts rather than report the incident, it has sensationally been claimed.' (I added the underline.) So which is it? Any proofreading going on?
  7. scorecard

    Personal taxi driver

    In CM we often use a Tuk Tuk man, fairly good English, reliable, safe driver. several times In the past I've given his name and number to farang who have asked TV folks to suggest a drivers name. Several times the farang have called the driver, however he always says 'sometimes I'm busy with other people I drive casually for or picking up my kids from school, and twice a month booked all day for a temple, so I can't always guarantee I can be available at the exact time you want'. Further, several times the farang involved have sent me a further message saying 'he can't guarantee...., so does he want business or not'. Silly attitude.
  8. My Thai son is the 'housemaster in the Tabien Baan book, he transferred all the names (himself, his Thai wife and 3 kids, and me) immediately the house was finished and the land (in CM) was transferred to his name. But in fact we didn't occupy the CM house until maybe a week later. So my name was already in the CM Tabien Baan book before I went to the Banglamung police station to transfer my HR / Police stuff. All of this is I guess necessary but also a bit of a nuisance, but to a major extent very mechanical. Good luck.
  9. Seems to me there are 2 points here re address. 1. Tabien Baan book, and sorry but I can't offer any comment on how to get a TB book etc. 2. The red police registration book. I have PR, my red police registration book was issued at the big Banglamung Police station. I moved my family permenantly to Chiang Mai but it was 20 days after the move that I went back to Pattaya and to the Banglamung police station to tell them I had changed address to CM. The officer was pleasant but told me PR holders have to advise change of address to the police station where the red book is centered within 7 days. Bottom line, I paid a 1,000Baht fine and got an official receipt. The officer then packed my file (quite a lot of documents, more than I had realized they hold, into a big official envelope with a letter, the envelope was sealed and passed to me to take to CM. The officer at Banglamung made it clear that I must present the envelope to the appropriate police station in CM inside of 7 days. and she mentioned that the date I received the envelope was mentioned in the letter inside the envelope. With my Thai adult son in tow I took the envelope (unopened) to the appropriate CM police station within 48 hours. The CM officer, very pleasant, checked everything thoroughly then updated my red police registration book with a new entry, date of the address update and new photo. As per standard procedure need to do the update again 5 years from date first updated in CM. 3. I confirm replacement PR book (dark blue to white colour) is done at Immigration. I live in Chiang Mai, I went to Immigration in CM (about 4 months ago), they said they have to send everything to Chaeng Wattana to get a replacement book and it would take 4 to 6 weeks. They also suggested it would be much easier to go to Bkk and go, personally, to Chiang Wattana and request a new PR book. I did just that, I did have to show the original Tabien Baan book and the red police registration book, and had to go back after 4 working days to pick up the new PR book. (Four days a bit annoying because all they do is hand write not many words from the first few pages of the old PR book to the new PR book, no more than a few minutes work. There is no 'approval' needed. And the 2 ladies who work in this specific section were polite but very instructive).
  10. Costs of work permit, including, in some cases, company registration, accounting and audit fess is one subject. Costs of PR is a different subject.
  11. Or you can say 'mai phut Thai' (not speak Thai). Many times I have realized that in the given situation it would be better to keep saying no speak Thai. And I guess many other farang do the same. Live here long term and it's fairly easy to make the realization that the conversation if going to quickly get to requests for money etc. When my Thai son (his face is very Thai, he speaks perfect Thai and perfect English) got serious with his now wife I met many of her family. Quite a few of them in their first sentence asked for money, motorcycles, pick-up trucks etc. I just gave blank looks and said 'no Thai'. Several times they would then talk to my son in Thai 'tell your father I want...........'. My son's response every time 'ask him yourself'. End of situation. The word soon spread around that it was fruitless to bring up the subject of money, pick-ups, etc. A farang buddy did something similar, but his Thai wife's older brother thought he could be smarter, he got another villager to write a note in English 'I want xmillion baht cash and a BMW car'. He gave the note to the farang and farang quickly gave the note to his Thai wife. Older brother grabbed the note and gave it again to the farang. Farangs' wife quickly said 'my husband cannot read' and threw the note away. End of incident.
  12. The cops need to blitz Ramkhamhaeng Road, they will catch dozens of motorcyclists driving on the footpath every day, around soi 21 to 39 (and more) you have to continuously tread carefully to not get hit or swiped 18 hours every day by numerous motorcycles. Plus many of the riders clearly have an attitude they have a right to drive on the footpath and often way too fast. Never seen a cop on this road checking this subject.
  13. I think the poster means that karma will eventually bounce back and punish these scaly thieves. However I would prefer to see them punished immediately (after fair trial) with long jail sentences (at least 25 years) seriously shamed and all stolen funds returned, and if that puts the family of the thief in difficulties so be it.
  14. So are you suggesting that the politicians who make up the party, who at last election, 'won the largest number of seats' are all highly knowledgeable about democracy and the pillars / processes of democracy? That's the joke of the century. Now away you go and divert and attack the poster instead of the content of the message.
  15. scorecard

    Transfer funds from au bank into super fund

    I use Macquarie Bank in OZ, a couple of times i've called them because of rules complexity, they asked many question then quickly found a way to ensure total security and manually completed the customer request. All in one call.