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  1. Your so obvious el, you need more training.
  2. So you support voting in a party who deliberately give no detail of what they will focus on if elected?
  3. There's two sides of the coin. Somewhere in the picture there also needs to be political parties who have a serious and appropriate detailed manifesto benefiting all Thais and aimed at reducing the gap, and seen to be seriously working to achieving the manifesto objectives and a clear regular display of good morals and good ethics. And no display of poor / unacceptable morals and ethics.
  4. Example: about day 2 after the coup the senior cop in my moo baan was placed under house arrest (with a small team of military officers , who were quiet and kept a low profile stationed in his carport) and the cop forbidden to have contact with any other officer. Beforehand his activities / nasty attitude was well know and he was avoided, he had a personal (non-force) paid gang of 11 men, they used a number of various types of police vehicles for their 'work'. The day the cop was put under house arrest the 'gang' all disappeared and in one activity all vehicles recover using military drivers. After he was placed under house arrest his wife and kids were abused (they used to go to the community swimming pool but after the house arrest they couldn't go to the pool because of abuse etc.) Didn't take long till the wife and kids moved out. A few weeks later investigation completed, cop dismissed and jailed. Good. But rather sad for the little kids who have done nothing wrong.
  5. Good point, no details. Another example of the Thai (reformed but still utterly unprofessional) journalism / reporting profession.
  6. Does that not bring the question, why are they leaking information? Could it be that they in reality have absolutely no respect for the guy, etc?
  7. He needs the space ship monk, he can perform magic.
  8. But if it has tinted windows he won't get into Malaysia.
  9. And to be balanced does the director have a listing of the sexual leanings etc., of all teachers?
  10. Also many other Asians including many past Thai leaders of all flavors.
  11. No not supposition. I've lived / worked in Thailand well over three decades, I have noted numerous news items over that time about this subject. Did any past government take any substantial action in regard to the criminality involved? Basically NO. Did any past government take any substantial action in regard to the massive lost tax revenue? Very little. No supposition involved at all.
  12. Good point. I wonder if or how many other times she's driven whilst drunk but not been caught or been successful at getting it swept under the carpet.
  13. Nice post. I was not seriously suggesting violence, etc., and in reality I know nothing about your work etc., and your work is not my business. It is of course possible that a few business people can get serious about these things. I admire that your focus is on your wife and children and their well being.
  14. What rubbish. How does this connect? Falsifying documents to avoid tax on cars / luxury cars has been happening here for 20 years that I know of, under many different governments some of which were supposedly democratic, example: 'I come from election' etc. These past governments knew well about the massive tax revenues that were being lost. Did they do anything substantial or anything at all to fix the problem and punish the culprits? No. Perhaps you could call this crony democracy.