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  1. Are you suggesting it's a fake video? Do any / all CCTV cameras have special lights? Do they have special lights that turn on automatically when there is an 'event?'
  2. And community service - example, every day for six months sweeping the streets, and without burberry shoes.
  3. The lady is an adult. She's a school teacher. She can speak some English but desires to make big improvements in her English conversation abilities
  4. Would appreciate any suggestions of a school which has proper structured lesson system / materials, trained teachers and good results. In the CM muang area would be better. Prefer suggestions from own family experience, please. Thanks.
  5. Seems to be several new products on the market. Any fresh comments from the internet experts appreciated. As some background, we need basic internet at the house, not the fastest in the world, not too slow. We've had 3BB for maybe 4 years, service pretty good 1,090Baht a month. Don Chan area. Just checking if there are any new products worth considering. Thanks.
  6. Well there's a convenient construct.
  7. And no comment from the minister, who in most countries would have commented quickly and made it very clear this is not OK and in fact is breaking law, and ensured substantive action was taken against the teacher concerned.
  8. As usual nobody gave any thought to safety, nobody was supervising, just 'let's have fun fun fun!'
  9. Well yes, as long as it's a recognized role model teacher. My Thai son has the new 5 year education degree, he has shared some of the incidents / classroom teacher behaviors and teaching methods he witnessed a number of times when he was on his several work experience stints. Son was really shocked but noted that his buddies from his uni batch were not shocked. The difference stems from the fact my son did high school in Singapore and he therefore saw and experienced a whole different approach to teaching and learning. Did he say anything to his own lecturers back at his Uni about what he witnessed in Thai classrooms? Absolutely no, he knew he would get a very negative possibly even abusive response, possibly even get reductions in his grades. Today in his classroom he tries as much as possible to use what he experienced in Singapore but being careful to not make the other teachers angry. He says he has never come close to hitting his students and never will, he knows from Singapore how to manage the classroom, and when there is an incident and it gets discussed in the teachers common room, often with support for the errant teacher, he just gets on with his work and bites his tongue.
  10. Your way too quick to say these girls (some just 12 years old) are also guilty. Parents I agree, poverty probably somewhere in the picture. Quite possible the parents are just copying what they saw / experienced when they were the same age. Perhaps still an attitude upcountry (and in the city) that men have the right to take /use girls and women as they please. Ultimately of course not acceptable in a civil society.
  11. Thirty years back a scandal broke in Sydney involving a gang of lawyers all engaged in sex with underage teens both M and F., and passing these kids around their circle. Turned out several of the kids who had been molested by this gang (all kids from broken homes, no education, no resources, no hope in life) who had become too old to be attractive by their age were employed and paid to be the procurers, because they lived with runaway kids etc., therefore had quick access to kids who desperately needed a few dollars to survive. Several lawyers were disbarred and went to jail.
  12. Good point.
  13. Well I have some hope that Deputy national police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul, will continue his no nonsense quick and structured approach as seen with this event and several others recently. As an aside, he's much more active and more focused than the actual national RTP chief. Time for job rotation.