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  1. "...The reason being that it is compulsory that we pay the developer for our private pool servicing and private gardening which is undertaken by the developers village staff..." Is the above specifically mentioned (and mentioned as compulsory) in the contract to buy the land and house? Same questions re elec. and water meters set-up, is it mentioned in the contract in any way? And is this an old developer? If yes can you contact a few owners in any previous villages and check if it's the same picture? And is the quality of the building work OK or...
  2. scorecard

    Motorist jailed for threatening woman with knife

    Or back in your pants.
  3. You got to laugh...
  4. scorecard

    Motorist jailed for threatening woman with knife

    And an example that very quick investigation, appearance in court and in jail is possible. So RTP, why can't you do the same with the current several cases of beatings etc?
  5. Not so sure about that. A few years back we use a Bkk branch of an a US bank to send money to another US bank in Chicago (both had SWIFT codes). Initially it worked fine, 2 to 3 days all received. But then a transfer wasn't received, we asked the bank in BKK to check. They e-mailed copies of various documents to prove they had sent the money, then we realized it had been sent to the bank of New York. We queried why not direct to the bank in Chicago? Their response: 'all SWIFT transfers into US go through the bank of New York'. Why wasn't explained. A few hours later our transfer turned up at the bank in Chicago.
  6. No photo, many years ago a very large piece of graffiti on the side of a building in Adelaide, Australia: 'Taxpayers are revolting'
  7. Good point, but unfortunately the press never follow up on anything.
  8. There are flexilities, some universities (many countries) offer a combined bachelor and masters degree. Thammasat university did this for a few years BBA and MBA combined, 1 year extra on top of normal bachelor degree timing. And there are universities which offer masters and Ph.D. together.
  9. As always with buying anything, tell the dealer you will pay the balance when the white plates are fitted and you have the blue book in your hands.
  10. I remember that and good question, where's the new process?
  11. "...the registration process takes time in Thailand and there is nothing the dealer can do about it..." Not always true, several years back we bought a new Honda, delivered to our house 10 days later with white plates and blue book.
  12. Bring your reading up to date, lots more has happened, including one officiial caught for big corruption committed suicide, it's all there, just google.
  13. Well said, and yes a happy ending. But (and a big but) it concerns me that unethical media people will aim to plant / create a twist to generate big controversial headlines, therefore revenue.
  14. scorecard

    Foreign media slammed for pursuit of Wild Boars boys

    Are you quoting this from solid broad psychiatry research or just your opinion?
  15. Any wonder the average Thai has no respect, in fact disdain, for the Thai police and the Thai judiciary?