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  1. And the TRP continue, long-term, to have no hesitation to reinforce publicly that they are incapable, immoral, have no concern for their duty to the public of Thailand nor to the law, and corrupt. I wait for the day the top guy and a sizeable number of the top level guys are removed by 44.
  2. And be careful your saying complete and grammatically correct English. 'You go Bangkok' etc., will just keep him in Tinglish, convince him that tinglish is OK, and also leave him confused as to what is correct English. My Thai son (speaks perfect English, his Thai wife also) have carefully corrected several friends who talk to my son's daughters in broken English / tinglish. Friends response is always 'Just trying to make is more easy for the kids', etc. Truth is that sons 3 kids now already speak close to perfect English and they now ignore any tinglish, and respond with perfect English. Most of their English ability comes from years of immersion at home, plus they've all studied in full English programs at school and been lucky to have well qualified, very capable and committed western English teachers, and good materials. My son and his wife, and myself, always asked ' what English did you study today' and 'show me which pages in your course book', and then lots of reinforcement for a couple of hours by way of quickly turning the lesson focus into fun games at home, travelling in the car etc., It works! It's good family bonding too.
  3. "But millions Thai fighting now for democracy..." Please expand your comment with specific details.
  4. Agree, and all the more reason why it's better for most people to follow a structured progression.
  5. Besides Kumon there's a similar school in many locations in Thailand; 'Smart Brain' (HQ is in Singapore), Smart Brain focuses mainly on English and Maths. they have good materials and quite professional. Fees are very reasonable.
  6. Yes I'm aware of this document and specifically half way down page 12 - I repeat my earlier comments, nice fluffy statement, and what did they do specifically to achieve any of these objectives? Nothing, they can't, they are not autonomous from their financier. Further, I have no respect for the the main author of this paper, he has shown his very red colours and red slants many times.
  7. "However, for better or worse, they have brought the issues of poverty and lack of opportunities for political participation to the fore. And given the disparities of wealth and power in Thailand, that is a good thing." I rather doubt this is a realistic summation. The red shirts did basically nothing about poverty. When did the red shirts as a 'group' ever make / discuss / announce a manifesto specifically about poverty with specific big picture policies and mooted specific actions and investment aimed specifically at getting large numbers of Thai people, quickly, into a much better quality of life? Never. What did they do to reform education, sorely needed to give the poor more opportunity to generate business or gain better employment? Nothing whatever. The reality is that they have never made any red shirt polices about the development of Thailand. They can't they just do the bidding as ordered by their owner / financier. On the other hand they had no hesitation to do the bidding of their ultra rich absconded boss (they wouldn't dare not to), mainly aimed at getting the paymasters' gang into power to initiate a whitewash and regain the premiership and therefore access to the trough for the members of the 'yes men' salaried gang? What's this got to do with alleviating poverty? I do agree there is a large and unacceptable disparity between the rich and the poor. Lets remember that the paymaster was handed a telecoms monopoly on a platter (no call for bids etc., to get a license, and at a time when it was solid policy that all telecoms should be owned and managed by the state) he charged exhorbatent service / calls rates and became very very rich. Did he share this wealth with the poor? Close to zero. " Until Thailand manages to allow those voices, concentrated in the north and north east, to have a legitimate opportunity to participate, the troubles will continue." Yes this does need more attention and in many ways. Was it the state that kept them silent (if that's in fact true)? There is certainly truth that state mechanisms had way too much control over these people and there is still a lot of work to be done to gain a scenario where public servants at large (including the RTP) are forced back into the position of being the servants of the people / the folks paid to do the will of the people. In reality the RTP for many years were the servants of the paymaster. Did the red shirts address this in any way/ Totally no. Did the red shirts ever specifically ever promote (even discuss) the generation of the scenario where public servants at large (including the RTP) are forced back into the position of being the servants of the people / the folks paid to do the will of the people. In reality the RTP for many years were the servants of the paymaster. No they didn't. In fact the red shirts contributed to keeping the good folks of the North and even more strongly the North East under control e.g. 'the red democracy schools' which were a total sham, just hate spruking venues. "People can be put in jail, but the ideas that led to the Red Shirts remain, and ideas tend to stick around." I repeat my comments above... Plus I have concerns that if their is violence it will be generated by the red shirts for their own selfish ends, in reality the selfish ends of their criminal highly corrupt immoral paymaster not on behalf of anybody else.
  8. Jatuporn showed his nasty immoral unethical side by telling blatant lies, and on more than the said occasions.
  9. It may help to monitor what he's learning at school in terms of conversation. At any school there should be a professional structured approach to: listening, comprehension, and conversation, based on well established progression. If you buy perhaps 2 well prepared English language learning books in a published series (easily found at many book shops with lots of cartoon like drawings and photos) you can easily work out the progression from the chapter / content details in the front of the books. If there is no structured step by step progression in his lessons your first problem is the school or the teacher. If the teacher is untrained and lazy then each daily lesson will be all over the place and for many kids not much more than confusing and daunting. Can I suggest somehow get him into a progressive approach and that possibly includes a qualified farang teacher who sticks to a progression using a book series (any professional farang English teacher will be well aware of what series of books is suitable for your son's age and where to buy them), along with keeping you informed of what was taught / practiced 'today' so that you can do some focused reinforcement of todays' lesson and also previous lessons. Good luck .
  10. Even further, Tida's philosophies / goals don't even fit anything the red shirst / UDD claim to be. She's a died in the wool communist campaigner, no connection to democracy whatever.
  11. Well said, most insightful / most meaningful comment this year.
  12. And the Nation has no hesitation to show the faces of the suspects and break the law.
  13. I get regular mail from Australia to Chiang Mai, all sent using the most basic / cheapest mail service out of Australia (because sender refuses to use any other options). My guess is that I have about 50% receival rate. The 50% that does arrive takes from about 7 days to 4 weeks. Further frustrating because the Aust. Gov't office concerned refuses to send correspondence etc., by e.mail.
  14. Did you ever consider that AOT just followed orders?
  15. Plus, perhaps the UDD should think about it's image: - Owner is a convicted absconded criminal. - Chairperson now in jail. But naah I guess they don't worry about their image getting in the way of their immoral activities. But what do the rank and file think? Never mind, not their business, just put your mark where your told to on the ballot and everybody will be rich in six months.