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  1. You hit 20,000 posts while the Red Sox weren't hitting at all. Congrats!!

  2. The OvenMan welcomes back both The Dude and his shovels. Can you dig?

  3. ovenman

    Tiger Airways

    I get the impression that these attitudes are deliberate on the part of Tiger's parent company, Singapore Airlines. The last time I flew Tiger (from Singapore to Chiang Mai), the check-in agent at the Changi Airport budget terminal was giving me grief because my carry-on bag was two kilograms over the 7 kg limit (on a flight that was 70% empty). I complained a bit and the Tiger agent's verbatim response was "If you want better service, fly one of the airlines from [Changi] Terminal 1 or Terminal 2".
  4. It probably falls under wishful thinking, but you should phone the honorary Thai consulate in Boston and double-check whether there is anything that they can do for you in Boston. My first question posed.......no dice. But thanks for trying Did you actually call Boston yourself? Couldn't hurt to try. The answer from Boston will probably be the same as that which you received from the embassy staffer in Washington but on the other hand, if not, it wouldn't be the first time that a consular official doled out bad information.
  5. It probably falls under wishful thinking, but you should phone the honorary Thai consulate in Boston and double-check whether there is anything that they can do for you in Boston.
  6. ovenman

    Tiger Airways

    I'll second that. Tiger practically breaks out the gram scale to check your baggage weight. Tiger does offer a way to upsize your baggage allowance at a much discounted rate when you purchase your ticket (by 5 kg, 10 kg, or 15 kg). Worth considering if you know that you will be traveling "heavy".
  7. Perhaps that's less the fuel surcharge?
  8. ovenman

    Bkk To Paris Cdg

    I'd be extremely surprized if Air France are anywhere near the cheapest. I second this. KLM has gotten much pricier in the past couple years but they are still a little less expensive than Air France (BTW - Air France and KLM are not partners, Air France now owns KLM so they are technically the same company). Sri Lankan is a pretty good deal these days.
  9. ovenman


    This "Pro" skin is horrible. I much much prefer the "Classic" skin or whatever it's called.
  10. You don't have a choice at that hour anyway as the buses to Pattaya don't run that late in the evening.
  11. Firefly flies Phuket-Penang Tiger flies Phuket-Singapore AirAsia flies Phuket-Kuala Lumpur
  12. ovenman

    6 Hour Layover In Tokyo

    Not everybody lives in Japan. Nobody here is suggesting that a transit passenger is going to take in all of the sights, or even a single major sight, during the short amount of time they have at their disposal during their connection. Some of us are actually content to take a stroll for a couple hours in an average town in an unknown (to them) foreign county rather than kill time in yet another airport transit area or lounge. Believe it or not.
  13. ovenman

    6 Hour Layover In Tokyo

    Just to clarify, nobody has suggested making the long trek to Tokyo. The discussion has been regarding visiting nearby Narita.
  14. I always thought "bus gates" were used in the described situation as a make work proposition. Takes many more staff to run a "bus gate" arrival than it does to simply allow passengers to deplane via a jetway.
  15. ovenman

    Hatyai To Singapore

    I don't have any concrete information to offer but to say that Tiger is dropping the route due to insufficient demand, the same reason why AirAsia dumped Hat Yai-Kuala Lumpur and v.v. I can't imagine why Nok Air would take on this challenge unless it were a short-term trial.