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  1. There's that and sometimes you need old visa numbers/info when applying for new visas of certain countries (e.g. India).
  2. I am guessing they need to retain the original entry stamp as it establishes the running date of when the annual one-year extensions will expire.
  3. No, transfer of stamps from old passport to new is free.
  4. I returned to Promenada this morning to attempt getting the stamps transferred from my old passport to the new one. Arrived just before 08:30 and received number four for my queue. I was finished by 10:20 so it appears to take roughly a half-hour per passport to transfer stamps. For the curious, what they wound up replicating in my new passport was my original non-O visa from several years back, the original entry stamp from that visa, my current retirement extension, my current entry stamp and finally, my current multiple re-entry permit. Three pages of my new passport GONE. Given the amount of stuff needing to be sorted out, I can see why they don't want to process this work at the airport when one is exiting the country!
  5. Seems like "show up at the airport" would work fine for you, as it also would for somebody at the other end of the immigration spectrum (e.g. a visa-exempt entry).
  6. My experience today with the transfer of stamps from old passport to new: In addition to my entry stamp, the potentially relevant stuff in my old passport is my original non-O visa from several years back, several retirement extensions off that visa including the current one along with my valid multiple re-entry permit. I roll up to the correct office at Promenada this afternoon with both passports in hand only to be told "Queue full, come back tomorrow". I mention that I am leaving Thailand next week, can I simply do this process at the airport upon exit? The trainee has no idea so she goes inside the office to find out. She returns and tells me I can do that at the airport, just make sure I take both passports with me. She then adds "but it would be better if you come to Promenada and do this". I follow up on that last statement by asking why, if I can accomplish what needs to be done at the airport upon exit, would I want to return to Promenada and potentially sit all day waiting for my queue number to come up just to do the same thing? I had to explain this question several times but once grasped she tells me, "At airport cannot". Confused now that her earlier information has been contradicted, I try to get further clarification. It seems that the bottom line is while you would be able to exit Thailand at the airport using both passports, airport immigration will not transfer all of your relevant extension information and such to the new passport. In essence you would be kicking the proverbial can down the road as you would eventually need to deal with the transfer process (at Promenada). I assume that if they permit you to exit with both passports they would also allow you to reenter Thailand in that manner but I didn't even try to ask that. I don't know whether my information is any more accurate than what scorecard was told but I figured I would simply report what I was told...
  7. Power outage again

    My data points are power out around San Sai village, out near the junction of 1001 and 121 and out off of Nimman. Seems like this one is pretty widespread. [Edit] Power just came back.
  8. Rain

    Weather radar indicates a strong-looking storm in Lampang now.
  9. It's apparently the ideal and obvious solution to this problem because apparently it would just be too difficult to raid said schools, unannounced.