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  1. You forgot -- tuck 200 baht in your driving licence folder.
  2. My heart's bleeding for this little child. How can the world be so cruel? The most beautiful sound in the world is the delighted squeal of a happy kid. Will her parents ever hear that sound from her again?
  3. Absolutely not a myth. I've heard it and variations come from the lips of Thais several times, both inside and outside my office. Once I was told by a colleague that I shouldn't be in Thailand and any accidents would be my fault -- and this lady did her high school in New York and then college and had spent several more years working there.
  4. Dexlowe

    One year smoke-free; a few thoughts

    It's probably just muscle memory, so I wouldn't worry about patting your top pocket until suddenly, one day, you find .... lol. Just joking. The bad news is that you'll never stop thinking about smoking. It's not possible simply because of the influences that are around you pretty much all of the time - that might be seeing someone sneak outside for a fag, or giving yourself a little self-praise for having achieved a goal aided by clear lungs. The urge for a smoke will also arise from time to time, but I think you already know that. There is no magic formula to stopping it, so I find that the best way to control the urge is simply to carry on with my business as usual and let it pass naturally. I quit both smoking and drinking at the same time, and like you, I fear the black dog in the corner should I get back on the turps again (I can drink if I want to, I just decided not to). PS: Another urge to overcome is the desire to lecture smokers or bitch about their habit. I find this counter-productive and just simply let things flow. They all know, anyway.
  5. I would hate to go through life with the name of a prostitute's customer AND a toilet. And if you were the son of a man named John, you'd be John's son -- see what I did there? Johnson. As in, "How's the old Johnson hanging today?" What about Roger. With his Johnson dangling, the John visited the prostitute for a Roger. And afterwards had a blue Peter.
  6. If ever a group of people are discriminated against, disparaged, humiliated and put down, it's people named Thomas. The Toms of this world deserve better than to have their name associated with a despicable act of lewdness. Unless they are active participants, of course, but that's another story. It's time this politically incorrect expression was dropped. I vote that such perverts be now called Peeping Margery.
  7. Dexlowe

    A rediscovered gem

    Just for the record, this is one foreigner whose role in Thai modern history has always been recognised, acknowledged and respected. His name and his influence on Thai art is constantly referenced by historians. No attempts are made to diminish his contribution that I'm aware of.
  8. Dexlowe

    Nightmare at Big C - Warning: It Is Disgusting

    I hope you zip up before you go home.
  9. Dexlowe

    Nightmare at Big C - Warning: It Is Disgusting

    Maybe he only came up to his knees.
  10. Dexlowe

    Nightmare at Big C - Warning: It Is Disgusting

    You should have felt his testicles -- with your knee.
  11. Dexlowe

    Last minute tips before pattaya

    Easy, pal. Matty is doing exactly the right thing -- it's called research. Before going into the unknown, bone up on every bit of information you can get so that you are well prepared. He's picking our brains and not been shy about his callowness, and so we're all rooting for him -- until he can do his own rooting, of course.
  12. Dexlowe

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    They probably think you're a country member. Going back in history to a time when mobile phones were bricks, the Thermae was in a different location and you entered it through the back toilet. Low-ceilinged, dingy, packed - it was a place with atmosphere and very few Japanese. But that's a story for another day - although its move to its current location seemed to be the harbinger of the current harshness in the P4P scene.
  13. Dexlowe

    Time to rethink prostitution ban, say experts

    I'm quite happy to be accused of being slow on the uptake, but I fail to see the difference between sex worker and prostitute. When you pay someone for sex, even privately, then that person is a prostitute, and prostitution is illegal in Thailand, is it not? I also don't see where bar fines come into it - it's money paid to the bar, not the sex worker. It's the remuneration you pay the sex worker for sexual services that is the deal breaker - it's why escorts overseas always state in their adverts that money is to be put in an envelope by the client and left in an obvious place for the lady to pick up, thereby getting around the law of money directly changing hands for sexual services rendered.