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  1. Yep, and it took just 3 paragraphs for the writer to indulge in farang bashing. THREE paragraphs!!!!! Shame on the writer. (sarcasm alert)
  2. If the batch was found faulty in 2016, was any effort made to warn the public? Was any effort made to trace the people who might have been injected? Who said the vaccine was partly responsible for the current rabies outbreak - health authorities or just The Nation writer? Will charges of homicide against those responsible - health officials, importer and vaccine producer - be laid? If no satisfactory answer to the above is forthcoming, then someone has been dangerously incompetent and negligent. Jesus wept.
  3. That doesn't always necessarily follow. As long as you maintain a healthy degree of skepticism about people like Watana, there might be some value in the last gasp of this dying dinosaur, so to speak - . He is, after all, provoking the other dinosaur, the military, and that's not always such a bad thing. He is useful, even though he is tainted.
  4. Anyone who aligns himself with Thaksin can't escape suspicion about his or her intentions. Yet Watana, despite his connection to the odious one, seems to have a degree of legitimacy about him. He's even impressed, to a certain degree, the normally acerbic Giles Ungpakorn: It does not matter at all that Watana Muangsook was a Pua Thai MP or that he is married to someone from a wealthy family. It does not matter that he is based in Bangkok. He is certainly not a socialist like me and that does not matter either. What matters is that he opposed the military and refused to give in. This is the kind of leadership which, on this occasion, we should have followed to build a mass protest, irrespective of how Watana will act in the future. The struggle should not be about individuals, but should be determined by principles and the various opportunities that arise. It's a strange situation facing Thai democracy activists right now. To oppose the junta they have a choice of either joining forces with the old establishment elite or aligning with the would-be establishment elite (as represented by Thaksin) - or both. But a red shirt movement as a political entity representing the "working classes" is not providing an option, primarily because they don't have inspirational leaders or vision.
  5. This is not going to end well if the thetsakij in Bangkok are any guideline. Give a Thai power, especially unregulated or uncontrolled power such as being proposed here, and it will be abused. Sorry apologists, but that is well proven and documented, not to mention backed up by lots of anecdotal evidence and personal experiences. Many Thai males love to push around foreigners, and this is the kind of job they will gravitate to. I don't expect that these people will be trained in any way whatsoever, just unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Can't wait for the stories to start flooding in.
  6. I will take your advice and not argue with a fool -- . Chill, matey, I offered my opinion (which contradicts your's) and gave it a qualification, which of course you're entitled to reject. I wasn't being combative. Have a really spoofing day.
  7. The truck wasn't obscuring very much, and it seems to me that the rider had very good line of sight (I base this on 50 years of motorcycle riding under my belt, including 30 years in Thailand). The only two mitigating factors for the rider are the speed of the white car and that it was overtaking. Even then, the rider should have waited a bit longer for the cam car to get clear. Sorry, but I have to say that the rider is completely at fault for not having exercised appropriate caution before pulling out into traffic. It is a peculiarity of riders here (as witnessed in hundreds of videos) to simply and blindly pull into traffic and rely on the blessings of Buddha to protect them.
  8. Wonder who this refers to? Thailand's judicial system doesn't have juries, so I guess it must refer to one of a panel of judges hearing the case. In which case, it's refreshing to see a court stand up for the downtrodden.
  9. Red Bull Boss's Red notice shown to the public

    Except that the Thai police force is considered an utter joke by professional police forces around the world. There's no "brotherly love" there. Let's also not forget that Interpol, in a report to the UN, labelled the RTP as an organized crime gang, which can only further reinforce any unwillingness to "side" with the useless Thai cops.
  10. tough for the TAT to positively spin this one Yes, especially if they were quality tourists, as you'd expect in this part of town.
  11. Ah, but you wouldn't be "consummating" the marriage. You'd be "cuckolding" Harold. So not the same thing. But kudos to you for being such a friendly and helpful guy. I'd like to help Harold as well. In fact we could open a kind of crowd-funding style page and lots of guys could then help Harold.
  12. Or you can do what I did. I searched aliexpress for a portable bum gun and came up with one with a hooked nozzle that you squeeze manually, and a very classy one for us lazy baztards: It has a battery-powered motor that sends out a jet stream of water -- TAH DAH! Both work brilliantly. Tip for the delicate: In very cold climes (such as where I am now), fill the tanks with warm tap water before going to the khazi, as a jet spray of ice cold water not only shrinks your testicles, it is rumored to promote haemarrhoids. And now ... back to the topic at hand.
  13. Bad editing. No dateline, no accreditation.
  14. Oak???? What was Spider Mike saying about real men in another thread? Harold???? What was ... oops, repeating myself.
  15. Visiting Pattaya

    Sorry I'm not able to fill Master's wishes. Does Master require anything else before I retire to my quarters? Jeez. What a prat. Mate, just come here, spend your four days doing whatever your heart desires and then leave. Four days is sweet FA time to do anything but have a rave with the local lasses. So why are you so concerned about loading up on info that you'll not make use of? Except that is not your aim, is it!. Your aim is to try to prove your superiority over a few expats who post here. Which would make you very poor company to have a drink with. But I'm an obliging guy -- just tell me where you're staying and I'll give you the only info you need: directions to soi 6 (I'll be heading in the opposite direction for those four days). Have a good one, matey.