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  1. yep. with stuffed tomatoes.
  2. And for a very good reason.
  3. I just wonder what the cops in other countries think when they have to deal with Thai police. I'm sure most of them, especially in the developed world, must be aware of their atrocious reputation.
  4. I wonder how good, honest, decent cops from other countries react when they have to deal with the likes of the Thai police, knowing just how filthy and immoral they are? When you have high moral standards and strong principles, how do you feel about being forced to work alongside such trash, knowing you can't trust them?
  5. Yes, it's a great pity he can't do the 27 years in the Bangkok Hilton. But when (if?) he eventually re-emerges into the real world that he's just a shell of a man.
  6. Some details about how this campaign is to be carried out would be helpful. If it's arranged and organised in Thailand, these young folk are playing a risky game, I would think. But I admire their spirit.
  7. Insider trading is a criminal offence and often involves jail time in other countries. That she is even being considered for party leader (she won't become PM as the junta won't allow it) shows a disturbing lack of moral judgement.
  8. Whatever you do, don't let the messenger get away.
  9. Some of the people named already have important and busy jobs, such as the various permanent secretaries of four ministries. Many of them also have been lumped with a variety of other tasks on numerous other official and ad hoc committees. How on earth are these people expected to devote the time and energy needed to the reform of the mess known as the Royal Thai Police? It's a mind-boggling job, as anyone can see, and will require years of dedicated and hard work. This committee is an exercise in futility, for sure.
  10. Are you sure about that?
  11. Don't panic. It's just another self-important little big man trying to prove that he's an important little big man. As others have indicated earlier, it's what you say not what you do, because if you don't do what you say, no one is going to criticise you under the rule of krieng jai.
  12. Anyone know what this is?

    There are only 101 uses for a dead cat, and this isn't one of them. Sorry. Perhaps if you were to put a sack over you, pick up a live cat, and then jump into a river, you might find that the cat will scratch off all of your warts and moles. Good luck with your other protruberances, however.
  13. Anyone know what this is?

    You have to be careful, though. Wrong cut of meat and yer old fella will drop off. True. I jest not.
  14. 36-member police reform committee set up

    By the looks of it, the members already hold important, busy and highly responsible jobs. How on earth are they going to be able to devote the time needed to carry out this complex and very sensitive task in just 10 months (many of them also have multiple other commiittee responsibilities as well, let's not forget)? The other question that arises is that if many of these people have been picked because they have special knowledge of the problems of the police, wouldn't they be better used to provide expert commentary? That way they could appear before the committee and be forced to reveal all they know. (Yes, I know, in a perfect world. But I am theorizing.)