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  1. So, he's already been studying politics? I'll bet his political idol is Chalerm and his role model Duang. Anyway, Thailand is in need of a new Mr Happy Toilet.
  2. Cracker got his shit pushed in. HAHAHA

    This has been heavily featured in previous threads. Should be closed.
  3. Yes. Before I give you the privilege of learning what I know, I'd like to, ummm ... errr ... know why.
  4. Indeed they have made very good preparations. The floods this year are as bad as ever. Mission accomplished.
  5. The floods will ease if rains stop? Nah, that defies normal Thai logic.
  6. What is a "foreign loser"? I came here for the booze and bar girls, stayed for 30 years and eventually left quite well off having held a job with a relatively good salary for all that time. (This is not meant to be a rude post, btw. More chummy argumentative. Have fun.)
  7. It's a fair excuse. Those tight brown uniforms shrink in the rain. Especially around the crotch.
  8. Then I'll speculate some more and suggest that you have had several previous IDs on TV in which you have played the superior snark. But if you were in any way knowledgeable about Thailand you'd know that anecdotal evidence and conclusions are often all that we have to go on. Thus, this threat, in my very extensive experience (30 years), will with 99% certainty go one of two ways: either not be enforced at all or, be enforced for only a short timespan. I suggest you stop playing the superior snark and listen to those with more understanding than yourself. You toddle off and have a nice day, now. And thanks for the opportunity to pass on my extensive experience to other newbies to Thailand. :)
  9. Thai "threats" get thrown around like confetti, so you're being naive if you think any ban is going to be instigated, let alone enforced rigorously. Let history be your guide - I've witnessed numerous "threats" against trucks going back to the mid-90s. All died a quick death. I had a close window to many of them because my office was on the Bangna highway and I worked late at night, so the effects were right in front of me.
  10. Surely you don't believe that?
  11. So, they can't do their job. They have to get "experts" (what's an expert, mummy?) to help them. Dearie me. This is pathetic. Let me explain, dear general. You advertise for a semi-retired spy (there are hundreds floating around London these days). He will slip you out the back door of your hotel to avoid the hundreds of reporters dogging your every step. You get into a nondescript car which will then be driven sedately to a quiet hotel, possibly called the Four Seasons (hehe) where Yingluck will be discretely waiting in a darkened, oak-panelled room guarded by other semi-retired spies. Amid glasses of cognac and cigar smoke, you can wai each other and no one will see it. It's that simple.
  12. I've also used Boy Air -- can recommend for both price and service. Can't quite remember the exact location, but heading north out of Pattaya, it's on the right, probably about 3km past Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.
  13. Cookin Brown rice in electric rice cooker

    That's a good read, Tropo, very informative, and written in a no-BS style which gains authoritative Brownie points from me :). (BTW, you still making kefir?)