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  1. Meaning what? That because police corruption is worse in other countries that we shouldn't be too harsh about Thailand?
  2. Two men face perjury charge in Jomsap case

    Some years back this was an issue after it was raised by various NGOs. Some of these groups even put the scapegoat figure at a higher level. If I remember correctly, the Department of Corrections entered the picture, with its then director suggesting that he too believed there were an enormous number of innocent people in the country's jails. Other anecdotal evidence and personal knowledge would lend some weight to this, with many stories (a few of which I was quite close to) of the police grabbing the first available person to charge to save them the trouble of doing real police work. It's one of the reason why I have such a deep-seated hatred of the Thai police..
  3. Two men face perjury charge in Jomsap case

    The interesting point here is that in another story it quoted someone as saying that there appeared to be a gang in operation which can help you get off a charge by having a person take the rap for you. Police are investigating this, it seems. So along with the usual scapegoats (estimated by some to be up to 50% of inmates) in prison, there are now professionals for hire to do time for you. Bit late for the Red Bull rotter, though (second posting, folks -- is this a record? ).
  4. @nisakiman -- the obvious answer is that the law is what the individual with enough power wants it to be. That's the way it is, and I can't see it ever changing because the elites see it as a way to allow the lower classes a chance to share in the country's enormous corruption without them having to "get down and dirty" and engage with the hoi polloi. Remember all the BS concerning the tesakit in Bangkok over the years? Despite prolonged protest and bitching from tourists, no one in authority, least of all any Bangkok governor, bothered to do anything about it.
  5. Charged senior medical officer transferred

    No caption for the 3rd photo. So let's write one: And the award for victim of the week goes to security guard Somchai, whose family is shown receiving the winner's cheque from the proud sponsor .... Sorry for the sarcasm, as that photo seems to me to be very inappropriate, or at the very least cynical in itself.
  6. There could be a fourth level -- vigilante gangs with power to flog offenders on the spot. Scouts could be secreted in disguised pits in the sand, ready to leap out at the first whiff of smoke. Specially trained dogs could also be employed -- after detecting a criminal trying to smoke discretely, the dogs would bite the offender in the groin. US drone experts could also be brought in to train locals on how to use heat-seeking drones. But the best weapon against smoking on the beach would be the Navy SEALS -- they could lie in wait off the beach ready to storm ashore at the first sign of smoking. Ahh Thailand. Where no crime goes unpunished.
  7. This Shark From Prehistoric Times Is Back To Freak Us All Out

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ....
  8. Yet Thailand is far from being the highest consumer of sugar -- 29.3 grams per person compared to 126.4 grams pp. It is also well down on the consumption of fat. That's the statistical evidence. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Mind you, I don't mind a chubby masseuse -- they seem to be much more fun.
  9. Relax. He's taking them on holiday. The dentist can expect a picture from Tierra del Fuego any time soon. "Having a wonderful time, mummy. Wish you were here."
  10. Congratulations to your son. I'm sure he would now be well-placed to understand the sarcasm in my post. Let's hope he doesn't get any roles that require him to play the dominant alpha male and threaten violence. Let's hope instead that he gets to play the handsome, dashing and scrupulously honest police officer who exposes corruption in the military. Cheers.
  11. It's well accepted that Thais do not expend any more energy than is absolutely necessary. They also have an extraordinary capacity for tolerating inconvenience -- another well-known attribute. That's why you never hear them complain. Given time, they will adapt to their new-found situation - adapting is something we all have to do from time to time. ** Conversely, have you heard anyone complaining about how much easier it is to commute these days?
  12. Roid rage in scrabble is destroying the game. Why, one player even gave me a dirty look one day -- shocking!!!
  13. Prayut is not only desperate to keep his hand on the tiller, I fear he is starting to feel that the love is deserting him -- and that's devastating for a Thai male.
  14. There are a handful of pros and quite a few semi-pros in scrabble. There are huge tournaments with quite reasonable prize money around the world, including in Thailand where the game is lively and where there are a number of champions and top-ranked players. A lot of schoolkids play the game in Thailand and enter the various tournaments, and like all kids, they look up to their idols. For these reasons, not to mention the moral issues, this story is important around the world and in this country (and on this forum). Sure, scrabble is not big, and sure it's more of a homey thing, but to suggest this story isn't news is wide of the mark.