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  1. It was 15 years ago today.....

    It was 15 years ago today ... ... Sgt Pepper taught the band to play ... And now all that's left, dear comrades, is the Lonely Hearts Club Band -- those who've loved and lost and now spend their time in tawdry Pattaya bars feeling up old chicks and pretending to be disenfranchised CIA agents. Well, that's what some would have you believe. Comrade Prem, I joined just a few months after you, and despite an interrupted career as a poster, never achieved any glorious heights of literary fame. Thus, despite what I consider wonderful witticisms on my part which tend to go over lesser mortal's heads, I remain unknown to you. Yours in ignominy, Dex.
  2. When the last straw falls

    Yes. By any definition, it's a news story.
  3. Head in sand, arsse up in the air. This attitude is just a bloody cliche. I might have more respect for this noddy and his fellow ostriches if they openly admitted that there was no possibility of Thailand ever becoming a country in which law and order rule the day.
  4. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective. It normally takes 10 Thai guys to do that kind of damage.
  5. The police should have undercover officers at every massage parlor and escort service. He must be getting as horny as hell by now and he should pop up ( ) soon.
  6. Thank you, oh wise one. The thought that I may have mislead this board fills me with mortal dread and horror. Mistress! Make it 10 lashes tonight.
  7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers on stage with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers -- sounds like a promoter's dream to me. Joining them could be the Red Hit Chilli Preppers, the Red Hit Chilli Paupers, the Red Hit Chilli Plumpers and the Red Hit Chilli Plonkers. The encore will be performed by the Jalapeno Exit Wounds.
  8. Why do many people run 'flat-footed'?

    If I were being chased by a Zulu Spear Chucker, I'd make sure at least one Hasher was between me and him. Preferably more. A whole club-full in fact.
  9. "Garnishing" their wages ? ? ? -- . What was that "g" word again? Umm -- try deduct.
  10. It's very rare for me to praise the police, but a big thanks for nabbing these filthy creatures. One more paedo off the streets.
  11. We have the same problem in NZ -- freedom campers crapping anywhere they like. Forensic examination of their droppings has failed to turn up any evidence of kiwi meat, however, just quinoa seeds and kale.
  12. Your AA experience is an entirely different kettle of fish. It can't be related to this person's situation. Despite his protestations that he's "in the process" of resigning from the Rebels (sorry, but I don't buy that BS, as once you're in a bikie gang, you're in for life), there is little chance of him severing his connections completely. With bikie gang members high up in the corporate, legal and political worlds, this guy is probably just moving aside for younger members and will become a "silent partner" kind of thing. Love your AA analogy -- it's heart-warming, in fact -- but a bikie gang is not an addiction. It's a life.
  13. I think you got it wrong, matey. Try: "My dad's richer than your dad." And if that fails to impress ... "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"