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  1. Yes, exactly. A number of God's Gifts wandering around, or on motorbikes, but not a single one stepped in to defend the virtue of the Thai maidens. Maybe it's because Arabs (or were they Indians?) don't fight fair.
  2. Dexlowe

    Anger as MP defections set to harm Pheu Thai

    Sorry, but I see no signs of this. Thai voters are like crime investigators, they follow the money trail, and always will. The indications I'm getting from two separate villages is that the influence of the old money is still prominent, and therefore voters will once again sell their vote to the highest bidder. But it's interesting to see the political prostitutes in action again. Pheu Thai in all its manifestations knows them only too well. "Lady, if I gave you a million dollars, would you sleep with me?" "I'd have to think about it." "If I gave you one dollar would you sleep with me?" "What do you THINK I AM?" "We've already established that, now we're only haggling over the price."
  3. Dexlowe

    Thai lies!

    Over the past few decades there have been several opinion polls* on the issues of lying, corruption and general dishonesty and criminal behaviour, and the one constant in all of them was that between two-thirds and three-quarters of those people polled approved, especially if it benefited them. So if you say the majority of Thais tell lies, then there has to be some grain of truth to it, don't you think? BTW, post #42 is quite familiar. If other posters say these examples have not happened to them, then I'd suggest they are .... wait for it .... LYING. LOL *I can't recall the last time such a poll was conducted, but the general results have stuck with me over the years.
  4. Too many generations with little to do but watch the paddy growing. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the only explanation I can come up with for this kind of incident. Like others, I've seen this kind of "blind faith in Buddha" driving far too many times, and most incidents seem to involve someone who by appearance may be from a rural village. (Not stigmatizing, just trying to find reasons for this behaviour.) In small, out-of-the-way places, there are fewer vehicles and slower traffic. (Attack me, if you will, but I hope some will try to identify the reasons for this kind of blind faith.)
  5. Dexlowe

    Soy Milk on the street

    I'm probably going to get rapped over the knuckles for this, but if drinking lots of soy gives you breasts, don't you think katoeys would be gulping it down? And guess which company would be the prime sponsor of the Miss Thailand International contest?
  6. Her brother is very kind and considerate. Visits her all the time when I'm not at home to make sure she's OK. Lovely family.
  7. "Suspended without pay" is the usual term, isn't it? Fact-finding investigation has faulted the school director of five issues, including maintenance of electrical system at school did not correspond with regulation; double spending on road construction at school; self-pocketing of revenue from the sale of oil palm seeds of the school; provision of poor quality lunch for school children; and allowing sale of carbonated soft drinks in school which is prohibited by the Education Ministry. Can't have been much left in the trough for anyone else.
  8. Well, that just wasted 4 minutes. I wish Dan all the best with his vids, but this one really didn't say anything at all. No info, nothing enlightening. Sorry mate, but a bit of meat on your skewer might help.
  9. The headline is ambiguous and would never have been published by a professional newsroom, regardless of the feelings about katoeys. It's saying that ALL ladyboys are thieves -- look at it again if you can't see that. I have no love of the aggressive, in-your-face klatoeys, and I agree that Pattaya has an over-abundance of the worst ones, but there is a need for balance and objectivity when presenting news if you want to be taken seriously.
  10. Your post #107 stretches the bounds of credibility. Plus your comments and writing style are very familiar, reminiscent of previous posters stretching back quite some time. You're also remarkably calm and collected in your replies, and calculating -- the mark of someone playing a game. Gosh, calm, collected and calculating. Ah well, as I said, it's basically harmless and does draw out some interesting responses.
  11. Read back a couple of posts and "suspecting" will become redundant. This guy pops up under different names every now and then when he feels bored and wants to toy with the board members -- I've fallen for his posts a couple of times, but not worried as they can be a bit of fun. And sometimes they elicit information that can be of use to others, so no real harm done.
  12. I've only read the first and last pages of this thread, so don't know what you've been told. So I'll just throw up my suggestion anyway - work double shifts back home for 6 months, live like an ascetic (I was going to say monk but you'd need more money for that - LOL) then spend 6 months in Thailand. Two friends do (or did) this - one was a heating engineer who would stay with friends while working for 6 months, piling up the overtime. The other worked double shifts as a taxi driver in Liverpool while staying with his folks. They did this for several years (before I lost touch with them). One critical point: keep some of that severance pay for medical coverage. PS: Guess you'd need to check the visa situation first, however. I don't know how it works these days.
  13. The story would be far more interesting if it said that the village ducks were well fed that day.
  14. I just realised something -- the bike in your sig picture is a Virago. You lucky sod. I had one for 12 years in Bkk - best bike I've ever owned. How's the starter motor? (Mine was crap). Look after it.
  15. Why the use of the title Phra? Thai authorities requested a decision in 3 days because they did not want to wait the 2 months or so that the Germans take normally with these matters. No word from the Germans yet about this request. So "expected" is probably not the right word to use - "hoping" is more like it. "Let the buggars wait" is better.