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  1. You are an oddity. What exactly is "the majority" these days? "If you do in fact have black friends, you should ask them for examples of black females whom they consider attractive"... yep I'll run right out and do your "research" for you. Yeesh! WHEN have I bashed on Thais? I defend them cowboy. Get your facts straight. I'm not sensitive but rather facing up to a racist. Everything you stated is just your opinion. BTW... the only women you mentioned I'd touch are Halle Berry and Alicia Keys. Have you seen the others without all the make-up. Not attractive at all.
  2. That's an odd analogy but I'll roll with it. The anti-depressant pill can't give you an STD. The anti-depressant doesn't cost 2,300 baht. The anti-depressant pill won't ever stalk you. The anti-depressant pill in no way can ever have a jealous boyfriend or husband. Have a great day.
  3. HuskerDo

    New start Chris

    Sounds like a potential long term keeper then. Take it slow and wait on the kids for a while to make sure things continue to go well. Best of luck.
  4. HuskerDo

    New start Chris

    How/where did you meet her? Online? Does she speak English or you Thai? As long as you are happy that's all that counts. It isn't like you are forking over a ton of cash to her parents. Having a child with her would complicate things greatly in case one day things went sour. At this point if things go sour you just pick up and move on. No issues. Just one opinion.
  5. Thanks for your concern Ben but you are wrong. In England it might be "maths" but in the US it's "math". Thanks again for your assistance. Much appreciated.
  6. You don't think some of those "surveys" aren't funded by the porn industry who want people to go see "what it's all about" thus they pad the numbers to try to raise interest? Let's be clear. Not all people in the world are perverts who are consumed by the thought of sex. That is an absolute fact. I'm sure you'll want to see a "survey" instead of using common sense. I'm not even sure WHY you are so interested in the "porn stats" that are out there. There are over 7.5 BILLION people in the world. Many don't even have access to the internet. So the 64 mil you refer to are a tiny fraction so again your argument holds no value and rest assured the 64 mil aren't unique users each day but rather repeat viewers. You've just shown that there are 64 million sad, unfortunate pervs out there. Go review your numbers. Maybe the 64 mil think about sex non stop all day long but that isn't the normal/average person. Get it right sir.
  7. "Every single person in planet Earth have at-least once watched a porn scene".... that is so far from reality it doesn't deserve a response. For the record most of us are "on" planet Earth and not "in" it. "Men think about sex 8000 times a day". Really? Where did you did up those stats? I know, you got them from a porn site. Let's do the math ok? Assuming a guy sleeps 8 hours a day that leaves 16 hours for him to "think" as you say. That means a guy thinks about sex 500 times each and every hour. That's 8.3 times every minute. If that were true nothing else in the world would be done as there would be no time as their thoughts would be elsewhere. Can you watch TV, have a conversation, have breakfast, do you job without having over 8 thoughts of sex every minute? If so you're the last person on this planet anyone would want to be near. You aren't living in reality sir. Not sure where you got your stats but please try again.
  8. I thought there was a little earthquake here but then I realized it was me shaking in my boots per your comment. I think it's very funny how people can make such a "tough guy" comment without even knowing who they are making it to. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.
  9. "Whether i'm playing pool, having a kayak trip, or watching a football game, i prefer the company of the lads." By "lads" you meant "ladyboys" right?
  10. Good for you Puch. Good for you. I wish/hope others heed your words.
  11. You already admitted that your "junk" no longer works so...…..
  12. You provided statistics which I never argued with. What I argue with is your comment that "Light-skinned blacks have always been considered more attractive WITHIN their own community". You'd have to interview every single black make that claim. I don't see it that way and I have many black friends. You also need to apologize to the black community for using such a bigoted and racist remark as "normal black". Tell me what a "normal white" or "normal asian" is.
  13. Money for sex.. money for sex... that's your life. You asked someone recently as to what his "secret" was to working out a situation with his lady that he is now happily married to. Why were you interested? You seem happy to pay for it and don't know how to treat a real lady anyway. It's doubtful you'll ever know a real woman but are rather happy with the "paid for" types. I feel bad you have such a life. I truly do. Your life and your choice. Enjoy.
  14. Asian women indeed look far younger than they are. My experience is on average 15 - 20 years younger. We were at a restaurant not all that long ago and I'm not sure how the topic came up but one guy asked us to guess how old his wife was (he was very proud of her looks as he should have been). I guessed 38 and others were a tad higher but none over 42. Turns out (and it was proven with her ID) that she was 60. INCREDIBLE and that's not a unique situation.