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    McAfee Anti Virus

    Keep it. If you are not fully protected a virus is a major problem and you may even not be aware of it. Yes, you can build solutions with freeware, if you know how to handle it and if your time is for free.
  2. polkop11

    I'm scared of having kids

    As long as you can keep her without the kids, stick to your guns. If not, it is your call to make. Good luck, be happy!
  3. The Thai guy is lucky. I experienced the opposite: hit by a Thai who then fled. Even if all was captured on CCTV, the Police in Patong refuses to go after the culprit (and the Insurance Company MSIG refuses to pay because no guilty party)
  4. Well, well well. That is a sweeping statement. I guess that you do not have many rich friends. Think. Then you may realize that you do not know it all
  5. polkop11

    Police search for man who licked doorbell for three hours in California

    A pic of the bell please !