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  1. Don't worry...eventually he will get something very bigly done
  2. Oh jeez the tiring old beat them in an's not the election that is the issue. It's following democratic law through the governance period that the Shinawatra mafia have a problem with.
  3. Now I am 62 years old and I shake my head in disbelieve at the adolescent behavior of an elected president, that this morning even has his own party begging him to stop his vile tweets as he drags not only himself and his party, but also his country further into the gutter. The big difference was 5 or 6 months my shake of the head like yours was with a smile but now it is shaken beyond belief that not only there is that much immaturity in the US that saw this moron elected but that people still support this mess.
  4. Nah...he was not a terrorist and didn't use a truck and knives so all's good...carry on shooting.
  5. Good luck Theresa May...more balls than her male opposition.
  6. And that was the message that I watched Mr. Khan give on the News here. One would think that anybody applying a bit of intelligent to that could understand that the "no reason to be alarmed" was to the "armed police" presence. That Trump and those that support his stupidity can not see that is understandable. T
  7. Social equality in the Land of Patronage .... even I one of Kuhn Prayuts strongest supporters call bullcrap on that especially when accompanied by comments on those at the bottom and nothing at those at the top who are the enforces of said patronage.
  8. A view from the other side of the world So why is it bad for the US? Firstly, it puts the country on an isolationist path from the other nations of the world. It may not matter that Nicaragua and Syria are out, but the US is now out of step with the rest of the G7, and now, China. The withdrawal has been roundly condemned in diplomatic terms by the UN, France, Italy and Germany. It is also pushing the EU and China closer together in a common cause. Former president Barack Obama had put the US in a global leadership role, together with China, at the Paris Climate Agreement. Now Trump, in "acting like a CEO", has surrendered this leadership role to China and the EU. It undermines the US's standing in the world. It will now sink in the respect of the world and be marginalised in any climate talks unless there is a change in attitude of the leadership, or a change in leadership. Very damaging in global diplomacy. The decision, with the reduction of environmental protection regulations for "drill, baby, drill", also surrenders the huge potential in clean energy jobs in the US. China and India are moving - both of them much, much faster than anyone expected. China's closing down coal mines at rapid speed. These countries are moving much faster into electrical mobility in the big cities than anyone thought. So don't underestimate China and India. They're fast catching up with the United States. And in the end, if the US is not vigilant, all the fantastic new jobs in the renewable energies will simply go to China and India. The total number of clean energy jobs threatened in the states that supported Trump are estimated at 1.2 million - much more than in the dying dinosaur fossil fuel industry. By 2025, many of the jobs in these sectors will not be there. This is recognised by oil giants Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips. If ever there was a decision contrary to the US's business and economic interests, this may be it. Corporate America already knows this. That's why many leading US companies like General Electric and 3M urged the president to stay in the Paris Agreement, which would allow the US a greater say in how the agreement evolves. This withdrawal puts American businesses last. Fortunately, there is huge pushback within the US, most notably the state of California. It has been joined by the states of New York, Oregon and Washington. Riding the latest high-tech boom and an overall state-wide surge, California has leapfrogged France and Brazil to become the world's sixth-largest economy, representing 5.3 per cent of global GDP – and high growth in renewable jobs. Congratulations to Governor Jerry Brown. This is the great hope. Trump wishes to make America great again, but his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement - although bad for the planet - is disastrous for the US: he is rapidly making America insignificant again. Is Jerry Brown at 79 to old to stand for the presidency next time around? It is going to take some one special to return the US from the cesspit it is currently being dragged into. The US needs to wake up big time...friendships will be getting realigned to and among the better corporate citizens on the block. The US is slipping from respected to tolerated at an alarming rate...below tolerated is not somewhere the US needs to be.
  9. Well said. We have the same debates here in my home country which is similar trend wise in economic fortune or lose which is driven more by wider issues than which side is in power. The debate also is not so much who is in power in times of gain but if they have the wisdom to utilise that gain for the greater benefit of all. And the only reply in this whole seven pages that got to the point. Thailand is a cesspool and it doesn't matter who is in Governance as thai society as a whole with their out dated patronage system will continue to hold them in the hole they are in. You are unfair on one point being as I am sure you know with your reference of family is get an honest Thai family as yours and you are one very lucky person. So another good point for Thailand. On a side note it is funny to come back to this forum after boring absences and see the same ignorance portrayed that elections are all that defines the right to governance. Even under the much publicised idiocy that is being played out in the US it is obvious that even in that lowly failing democracy, statues and laws and constitutions have to be followed.
  10. The only error Merkel made regards the mass immigration that occurred was she possibly failed to foresee the mass influx that occurred so quickly. Germany's birth rate has collapsed more than any other country in the world and with the massively productive country it is the economy was screaming out for workers. That Germany has absorbed that 1 million influx and moved on will be a positive in forward thinking Germans minds. However they are still short a few million and that will be the challenge for Merkel to address if she is re elected. I hope she is as along with Britians May they are miles ahead as the best leaders in the world. Especially when you look at the likes of the idiot in the US.
  11. The youngest Trump doesn't have a job yet....
  12. No its not....we could play that all night and day. But depends how you measure it bodies being heaped up at the hands of Thaksins thugs and the Army and Bangkok at a stand still...or is it incompetence but good intent by a military government, or endless milking the country for the benefit of the Shinawatras and their cronies all the time while the poor still remain poor in a reasonably wealthy country. As for the actual article totally agree with the stance of the Junta. Every time they coup and then hand power back to the politicians the scumbag politicians are within short time back to enriching themselves and their cronies at the expense of the country. So a long term solution is required. And as usual the ignorant posters on here comment without researching or understanding what is being proposed. It is a committee with a 20 year strategy working in conjunction with an elected government. Five only are military being the heads of the army, navy, air force, the permanent secretary for defense and the Supreme Commander. These five are already out numbered by 12 so far identified other nominees from the PM, deputy PM or their nominee, House and Senate speaker, and several other from boards of the likes of Tourism, Banks, Trades, Industries etc. That committee will review every five years and recommended changes will have to go through Parliament. Regardless the country has tried both short term options of elected governments and army juntas and they constantly fail so this time around applying a long term process where business, army and politicians all have input would seem more logical than the ridiculous merry go round process that has bound Thailand for the last century.
  13. You will find the Japanese have possibly the second best hi tech fleet behind the USA and it is heavily built on missile defensive systems. Japan is up there with the USA and Germany in high quality technology and among their fleet are the best undetectable submarines. And they have several of them. The Japanese are in this fleet as well and while they are telling us what can be seen on the surface given the provocation that fat boy is poking at Japan as well there will be several of their subs in the area. Would be a chance also for the Japanese to test their defense missile systems. So think the plan for 100 or 200 of fat boys missiles is well catered for but not sure if that leaves short distance targets in South Korea safe. Would be good if the USA could stick a drone up his, his extended family and key advisers back sides in one hit.
  14. Oh jeez guys get back on bloody topic...totally disappointed as I was opening this topic thinking I was going to laugh all the way through breakfast coffee over the attacks on those lying dishonest Yankees sabotaging the Syrian chemical investigation against the incredibly honest intent of those totally trustworthy moral Ruskies....
  15. As a person who actually spends a lot of times walking (granted that will be a surprise to most that think like thais) not only around the streets of Bangkok but also other cities in Isaan I would like to see them gone. Admittedly I no longer bang my head on the little peoples sun covers like 15 to 20 years ago but more the foot path stalls are a pain as you are up and down off the foot path and at the mercy of the street traffic. Put them into areas that dont impede foot and vehicle traffic. Personally I fail to see the need for them as even in the smallest village there are foot courts or the village granny selling anything you could want.