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  1. Sudarat has appealed for support to oppose the election of an “outsider” leader....yet gets her own not of approval from a fugitive ex-leader. Who’s the outsider again? Thailand deserves the crap hand it keeps dealing itself.
  2. Jeez...it’s becoming insane here. She is the media’s queen....we have constant articles about Jacinda and baby, Jacinda, Jacinda and her first husband, Jacinda and how women can do anything, Jacinda and how I’m going to breast feed my baby, ..it’s not like women before were not getting on and doing crap...
  3. Retirees in Thailand

    We will be covering both options. Spent considerable time in Thailand in the 90’s, married a Thai lass and raised our (her) two daughters here in Kiwiland. We have homes in both places and when I retire in a few years will spend the Kiwi winter of about 4 months in Thailand but the remaining bulk of the year here in NZ. The reason for wanting to be more in NZ is it is where out daughters and future grandchildren are, where I live in this beautiful country is bloody awesome with a gorgeous summer climate and wonderful fishing, beaches, food and lifestyle, we have free health care here which is a major need for my wife, and here does not have the corruption, upper class ignorance and senseless behaviour that has to be tolerated in Thailand. That I can tolerate in Thailand for periods, and that’s fair to my wife who has strong family and friend ties in Thailand, and with them spread throughout the country we get to spend most of the 4 months in holiday mode. As long as I stay in that mode, find plenty of bike tracks and trails to ride, get plenty of cold beers then Thailand is great to winter in.
  4. With abstention also has worked on their two b...bossum buddies - one across the Tasman and one on their border.
  5. Kim Kardashian would be a shoe in....
  6. Perhaps its the comments made from within their hierarchy that Germans should be proud of what they did during the two WW's. The consensus taken from that is that one should be proud of gasing Jews, gypsies and homosexuals.
  7. Your giggle giver is mostly correct in that yes they are all non comsumable or durable vs consumable being non durable.
  8. Another with the same view. In a modern western country all people are born equal and not a few with a silver spoon in their mouth. And in her case dizzy blonde rings true.
  9. Interesting article on Stuff here in NZ this morning raising the theory that the US could have an insurrection on its hand if trying to impeach. Mostly on the back of Roger Stone's comments and the white supremacist underbelly that is raising itself yet again in US politics. Best solution might be to let him keep on self destructing and losing Republican and White House backing, and the support of the greater public and let the ballot box take its course. Likewise the only way that the public who swung voted to him are going to learn is through the full term of what they voted for.
  10. Haha...you put it more politely than I would of with Chalerm foreseeing the some unknowns shooting and bombing Shinawatra opposition miraculously before it happened like clockwork.
  11. You mean like the US President takes advise on most of the other country invasion stuff ups that US presidents of the last 50 to 60 years have cocked up? And Americans had the bloody cheek to tell us non Americans to butt out of American elections when you were busy electing this bloody clown to Nuke button controller. The rest of us are getting bloody sick to death of war mongering US governments and this moron you have now is starting to get to the final straw on our previous good nature towards Americans. There is more than way to skin a cat and two baboons throwing threats at each other with weapons that will impact on the rest of us in the Asia Pacific region is not the way to go about it. Its about time that Americans reign in your own idiot.
  12. And the issue would now have even see the light of day if Arden had not stated to women's mags a few months ago that she did not want the leadership as she wanted to have a family. A lot of ado about nothing at her own doing.
  13. Interesting seeing this item here. And the amount of garbage the media print and the idiotic responses that misinformation gives. For the truth. The guy did not get 40 something job offers. He got two. And the one he was accepting was for scaffolding in the Eastern suburbs of Auckland, and so much for the lazy ass comments as he was biking to work. At least one comment on here got some info partly right with the need to clear it with his parole officers as they had ridiculous report time of mid day twice during the week. And the reason of getting the tattoo while drunk in prison was a stupid mistake. But then we who comment never did anything dumb in our teenage years...aye. The tattoo was being removed by several sittings free from a tattooist. Yes the guy stuffed up at 17, but now he is getting of his butt and turning his life around and that should be encouraged. But hey congratulations you lot with your misinformed negative comments were no different than all the sheeple here in New Zealand.
  14. Is this true? Has the Mooch been cut from the show?
  15. I don't want the "Don" to be impeached or to resign. It would be awesome for him to have a second term and even to have the rules changed so that we could have a third and fourth season of the series. Especially considering that the other intriguing series Game of Thrones is going to be completed in the next year or so then what will we do for fantasy entertainment if the "Don" came to an end as well. I think having the likes of the Kim "Kartrashcans" show take over would not have as much bite. Its great waking up on this side of the world grabbing a coffee and heading to the computer to see the latest episode of intrigue the "Don" has produced. Loving the introduction of the gangster dude in the "Mooch". The Don and the Mooch....long may it continue.