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  1. No its not....we could play that all night and day. But depends how you measure it bodies being heaped up at the hands of Thaksins thugs and the Army and Bangkok at a stand still...or is it incompetence but good intent by a military government, or endless milking the country for the benefit of the Shinawatras and their cronies all the time while the poor still remain poor in a reasonably wealthy country. As for the actual article totally agree with the stance of the Junta. Every time they coup and then hand power back to the politicians the scumbag politicians are within short time back to enriching themselves and their cronies at the expense of the country. So a long term solution is required. And as usual the ignorant posters on here comment without researching or understanding what is being proposed. It is a committee with a 20 year strategy working in conjunction with an elected government. Five only are military being the heads of the army, navy, air force, the permanent secretary for defense and the Supreme Commander. These five are already out numbered by 12 so far identified other nominees from the PM, deputy PM or their nominee, House and Senate speaker, and several other from boards of the likes of Tourism, Banks, Trades, Industries etc. That committee will review every five years and recommended changes will have to go through Parliament. Regardless the country has tried both short term options of elected governments and army juntas and they constantly fail so this time around applying a long term process where business, army and politicians all have input would seem more logical than the ridiculous merry go round process that has bound Thailand for the last century.
  2. You will find the Japanese have possibly the second best hi tech fleet behind the USA and it is heavily built on missile defensive systems. Japan is up there with the USA and Germany in high quality technology and among their fleet are the best undetectable submarines. And they have several of them. The Japanese are in this fleet as well and while they are telling us what can be seen on the surface given the provocation that fat boy is poking at Japan as well there will be several of their subs in the area. Would be a chance also for the Japanese to test their defense missile systems. So think the plan for 100 or 200 of fat boys missiles is well catered for but not sure if that leaves short distance targets in South Korea safe. Would be good if the USA could stick a drone up his, his extended family and key advisers back sides in one hit.
  3. Oh jeez guys get back on bloody topic...totally disappointed as I was opening this topic thinking I was going to laugh all the way through breakfast coffee over the attacks on those lying dishonest Yankees sabotaging the Syrian chemical investigation against the incredibly honest intent of those totally trustworthy moral Ruskies....
  4. As a person who actually spends a lot of times walking (granted that will be a surprise to most that think like thais) not only around the streets of Bangkok but also other cities in Isaan I would like to see them gone. Admittedly I no longer bang my head on the little peoples sun covers like 15 to 20 years ago but more the foot path stalls are a pain as you are up and down off the foot path and at the mercy of the street traffic. Put them into areas that dont impede foot and vehicle traffic. Personally I fail to see the need for them as even in the smallest village there are foot courts or the village granny selling anything you could want.
  5. illegal boat load of immigrants will now think they are getting a better deal....set sail for Oz and eventually get to the US. Should have sent the whole lot back where they came from.
  6. Well said and agree with when my partner and daughters came here they have no trouble picking and choosing for work. Admittedly in minimum wage starting positions but developing their work experience to move into higher paying positions. It is also worse than that as here in the Bay of Plenty the large seasonal employers dont want Kiwi youth as they get a first pay and are away boozed and stoned and dont turn up for work and are abusive and ignorant towards the migrant and seasonal visa workers who turn up and get work done. Then the constant one gets from the government reliant left is the wages are crap which fails to recognise that minimum wage for a youth at close to $16 is a solid starting point to start getting a work culture. NZ has a major drug and also welfare dependency problem and also as you point out bloody laziness and honestly just straight out no idea what so ever stupidity that is at the core of youth unemployment. No wonder we are bringing in so many immigrants. That aside these immigration tightening rules are window dressing only and will do absolutely nothing to slow the huge immigration numbers into NZ which is at 70k per year and still increasing month of month in spite of even stronger rule tightening last year. To put it into scale NZ immigration is three times that of Britian by population percentages. And the Brits voted for Brexit to resolve the issue for them. NZs issue with infrastructure needs is three time what Britian was dealing with and they all want to live in Orcland. All this is going to do is see employers increase wages up to the levels stated to bring in the same immigrants numbers or pay that higher stated wage to recruit from, and move onto work visas the overseas visa students coming out of our varsities. Reality is the government is in a no win as employers are screaming out for workers in a strong economy and on the other side Joe Citizen who isnt on the property market is screaming off some out of date 1960s hymn sheet that this is not NZ the way we grew up. Will be an interesting election this year with immigration right at the fore front in spite of the strong economic current governance.
  7. Cometh the hour, cometh the But she is showing she is head and shoulders the best world leader by a country mile and just the person for Brexit. Britain is fortunate she was sitting in waiting.
  8. So I guess as more and more evidence piles up against what was obvious all along that Assad used chemical weapons the conspiracy dreamers and theorist will now be polishing up the'but you cant trust the British and the UN' to help make their but Putin and Assad would never do that cause they have so much to lose and they are nicer and more believable people than anybody in the west.
  9. They have also been joined by the Japanese....and while it is a MSDF status fleet some would debate it is one of the top fleets in the world behind the USA and definitely best in the Asian region and would out preform the Chinese fleet.
  10. Obama used the ''stern words'' and that did not work. Possibly relying on the pathetic UN to remove all of Assads chemical weapons was not fair on Obama in that instance. I do not see where the body bags are going to come from. Trump is carrying out the same policy as Obama with the use of certain weapons not being tolerated and if so then a US response fore coming. It is obvious as it will be with the fat little Korean boy that it will be via missiles and not feet on the ground. It would be fair to say that the US has learnt that Americans dont want body bags and the western world as a whole are sick of supporting a vengeance seeking US in invading countries, especially where it is going to cause more chaos than a current hard line regime is applying. And precision GPS guided missiles will achieve their objectives as much as is required as much as the Russians and Chinese want to jump up and down and threaten the US. At the end of the day the reality is the US has the best toys and everyone including Putin know that.
  11. Wow...."'flying the friendly skys"'....
  12. Easter Saturday here but also the Day of The Sun. Will be interesting if the little Korean boy decides to celebrate the Day of the Son with a rocket or two with the Carl Vinson in the area. Cant help but think there will be a missile strike back as with Assad to give Kim also a friendly reminder if he decides to push his luck.
  13. From Kiwi message boards the general concencous for which I concur is that Trump is still an idiot but in this case America did the right thing. Granted thou there is still a large group who can't differentiate between America playing cowboy whether warranted or not.
  14. Review the video footage of the attacks as they occurred. They clearly show the four missiles after denotation and the distinctive smoke difference between the one with the suspected surin gas as a white mist and the others with typical missile smoke plume. Also afterwards the clear evidence of the missile crater. It was Assad and yes he is an ass and also a dumb ass.
  15. Well done America with the missile attack on Syria. Assad needs removal and if thats means direct confrontation with Putin then so be it.