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  1. phantomfiddler

    Man shoots pregnant girlfriend dead, injures her father

    Obviously a failure to embrace the responsibilities involved in fatherhood, which most Thais achieve simply by doing a runner
  2. Whatever Trump says, there will be hordes of detractors, but he is still the best president U.S. has ever had
  3. They also need to understand that it is not a crime to ask a question ! Most Thais that I know absolutely refuse to roll down the window and ask a local for directions when they are lost. They seem to be of the mindset that by asking a question they are proving their ignorance, sad !
  4. Just imagine, such conduct could produce a Russian with manners
  5. phantomfiddler

    Nigerian Man Buries His Father in Brand New $90,000 BMW

    Where, exactly ?
  6. The sad truth is that the water quality along the beach will still be far from satisfactory for safe swimming, but good work on cleaning up the trash
  7. phantomfiddler

    Satun man killed while cleaning grenade

    Is alive and well !
  8. Hope no-one was in the pickup
  9. Forget about the "delicate topic" and protect yourself at all times, and remember(or be hereby advised) that any lease over 3 years, to be of any value, must be registered on the back of the "Chanote" at the Land Office. In a country where the failure rate approaches 99% one cannot leave anything to chance. Do everything through a respectable lawyer.
  10. Decision cannot be reversed ? Good news indeed
  11. Keep it up, Theresa, soon we will be shot of all those parasitic losers
  12. They say, if one doesn,t have anything good to say about starbucks, say nothing.
  13. I don,t see his problem. The lease ran out and Hong Kong returns to China, end of story.
  14. Let,s face it, trudeau is a total dork, especially after giving an isis terrorist 10.5 million dollars. Trump calls it as it is !
  15. General Sheridan was right !