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  1. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Donald is America,s only hope ! obama was clearly on the side of the enemies of America !
  2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separate

    Hi Jennifer, I,m not busy this evening !
  3. China, now the world,s major bully !
  4. I would say that most Thai women have problems dating because of the fact that a large percentage of Thai men are spoiled rotten, selfish, shallow, and basically a waste of time. Luckily more and more of them are being less influenced by the stigma attached to being seen with a Farang, and I know some well educated ladies who say there is no way they would ever date a Thai man.
  5. Surely the attacker,s friends, who took photos and thought the whole incident amusing, should be charged with accessory to murder ! Shocking and disgusting behaviour !
  6. Australian man victim of violent assault in popular Pattaya bar - report

    4 -5 foreign men, very vague !
  7. Say nothing. If you do tell him, she will tell him that you put the moves on here and are pissed because she turned you down, and you will then lose the friend. The girls are very good at this manouver and you will be the loser.
  8. Rightly so ! This man should never be allowed out.
  9. DNA shows first modern Briton had “dark to black” skin

    Kilroy unearthed at last ! Gough,s is a great cave, remains of sabre toothed tigers and all sorts of goodies, all in the finest part of UK !
  10. Hunter knocked unconscious by bird that fell from sky after being shot

    Cuz they are already messed up enough with their prime minister haha !
  11. Not wishing to be deemed pedantic, but should the therd werd be "should" ?
  12. This looks like a small town scenario, and the farang being on a bicycle must also be a local resident. This must surely bring down the number of possible suspects to where the guilty party could be identified.
  13. PE teacher "not at fault" in death of 11 year old student

    Regrettably these things do sometimes happen, and it is no-one,s fault and no need to try and find a scapegoat.
  14. Truly amazing that no-one went to her assistance. T.I.T.