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  1. I read an article not so long ago which said that a very large percentage of pilots out there are flying with forged (ie Khaosan Road) credentials, especially high among indian "pilots"
  2. It,s the rest of them, not her, that need evaluation !
  3. How about being charged with just out and out common theft ? How greedy can a ma n get !
  4. phantomfiddler

    Missing arrival departure card

    No problem ! I have lost the card a couple of times and just told them when I reapplied for the retirement visa. No problem, they said
  5. Now isn,t that a surprise ! and it is going to happen in Pattaya also. Many years ago it was full of Farangs spending up to $12,000 a month or more, but look at it now
  6. Amazing how many drivers out there on the streets just not looking where they are going, probably on their smart phones
  7. phantomfiddler

    Cat finds bag of 'cocaine and heroin' and brings it home

    How much for the cat ?
  8. phantomfiddler

    Waterfront towering construction crane being dismantled

    Should never have been given permission to build in the first place. An outstanding eyesore, an unpleasant blot on the otherwise picturesque view of Pattaya Bay.
  9. phantomfiddler

    Flooding imperils Pattaya Beach rebuild

    Why oh why cannot they funnel the stormwater flowing from Beach Road into three concrete channels (North, central, and south) extending out into the bay so that the water could be disposed of without taking all the valuable sand with it ?
  10. Nice to know there are still people out there with a sense of humour
  11. phantomfiddler

    'Brutality'at Army camps continues

    There is usually one instigator, one person compelling the rest of his buddies to do the damage.
  12. phantomfiddler

    Government proposes $177 minimum wage

    But that,s not even 300 bht per day
  13. phantomfiddler

    Storm Floods Pattaya As Typhoon Bears Down (Photos)

    The City Manager should resign as incompetent. Storm drainage is not rocket science !
  14. phantomfiddler


    Robbery ! Had 2 cups of coffe, one in Bangkok and one in Chengdu, paying around $4 for each, and I couldn,t even taste any coffee. Never again.
  15. Best to go to a totally reliable establishment such as "Celebrity Ink", that tattoo is gonna be there for a while !