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  1. I have heard that banks do not give loans on condos, only on land. I could be wrong though, usually am !
  2. Video: Thais tricked by "farang" roadside con man

    Why on earth would they blur the face of the conman ?A reluctance to warn others of the scam ?
  3. It almost always seems to be the pickups that are involved in these accidents. Every accident I have ever had here has been with a pickup truck
  4. There are already far too many tourists in Pattaya ! How many people can this once charming little fishing village accommodate before it turns into a total nightmare ? and without sewage treatment either
  5. Unfortunately in many cases the parents of the girls are involved, anything for a buck
  6. I do think it is a great shame that he was voted in because of the things he promised to do, but once in has been prevented from carrying out his promises. It just does not make sense ! Also, in my opinion, the previous president should be tried for treason for all his efforts to unseat the president.
  7. Japanese man, 70, attacked by Thai woman on Pattaya beach

    Is that really the best that you can come up with ?
  8. I hope it is not true, but I was told last night that there were 6 people killed in this maniac,s little spree !
  9. I,m now hearing that he KILLED 6 people, and was on the run from the previous crimes !!!
  10. It just has to be in the bank for 3 months, doesn,t matter where it came from, but don,t start robbing grannies on Beach Road :)
  11. But I heard from someone who was there that he screamed up towards the light on the WRONG side of the road, in a perfectly straight line, and straight through the red lights, causing the awful accident. It sounds to me that he is just using the epilepsy excuse to try and get off the hook. Many Thais do just this, tear up on the wrong side of the road just so that they can make the green light, but in this case he wasn,t successful.
  12. I can,t see the point of all this posturing. Just ignore L.F.M. but if he fires anything off to his neighbors then swat him like the bug he is.
  13. Russians held over ATM scam

    Lock them up for 5 years, with Scottish bagpipe music playing in their cell !
  14. It,s the same story on Soi 13/4, where many of the businesses have built right out over the sidewalks, sometimes even making it their own private space. It would be nice if, as they do the Pattayaland street renewal project, they made everyone cut back to the original kerb, and in addition remove whatever they have erected to completely block the sidewalk ! Wishful thinking, it ain,t gonna happen