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  1. Thanks @ubonjoe I have an Australian Passport so intend on entering and getting the 30 day Visa exempt stamp. Just wasnt sure if the officers had the authority to 'void & cancel' the extension so to speak or if I have to go to immigration office in Bangkok.
  2. Afternoon Previously I worked in Thailand so in my passport have a current valid extension of Stay until 4th February 2019 with a multiple entry stamp until same date. I left Thailand when finished with my employer so have not been residing there since leaving in October (though have made a few holiday trips and the IO office has always stamped me as Non-RE) Now I wish to come on Holiday again late January and during this time my extension will obviously expire as I fly out on 7th February. Is it simply possible to ask the IO to stamp me with a Tourist Visa (hold an Aus Passport). Obviously I have no need for the extension of stay Alternatively should I enter on the re-entry stamp then go to Immigration and convert to Tourist Visa or 'overstay' by 3 days (which I dont want to do) Thanks in advance for any advice