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  1. So I still have my METV in my passport to expire on the end of April. But they wrote on my departure card that I need a non immigrant visa next time. And they told me that they made an entry into the system that I would only be allowed back into the country with a non immigrant visa. Do you think I can extend my current 60 days and then go to Laos or Pailin (Cambodia) and would be able to come back here on the current METV? I cannot afford the Elite visa without selling the house, which is my retirement plan. Thanks so much for your sympathies :). I hope I can figure this out. I really want to stay, as this is my home.
  2. I just came back from Vietnam via Don Muang airport and was denied entry to Thailand. I have been in Thailand for 20 years, first coming to study (Bachelors degree at Mahidol Uni), then taking some time to travel and then continuing to study (Master degree at Thammasat Uni). Now I live in Thailand on multiple entry tourist visas as there is no other option for me. I own a 3-family house in my home country, that is why I do not have to work to support myself here. I lived here half my life and then you get denied, just like that. No warning. I speak fluent Thai and know how to speak to public officials in a respectful way. I guess that saved me, after consulting a senior officer who convinced the lady that denied me entry to give me one last stamp. They also added that they made an entry into my history to not let me enter Thailand without a non-immigrant visa again. When asking them what visa I shall apply for they suggested to marry (which I can't without a person that I love) or to learn Thai (which I obviously speak already). They said that I can read online about that law that limits the number of entries one can do on tourist visas. They even counted the days that I have been in Thailand. I guess that is it for me. After 20 years in the country I call home and that I love, just like that.
  3. Yes I agree. But that was a scan made to verify a picture and match it with a person. I do not think that a passport photo will be scanned and compared to a database of hundrets of millions of passport pictures in the Immigration database. This would even nowadays take hours. I am sure that they compare the person standing in front of the desk to the passport photo in the passport. That should be straightforward. My question is rather how the new passport can be connected to the old one. The picture can not really be used for this, as the database to compare it to would be just too big imo.
  4. I do not think that an IO would search for a connected passport. They put the passport into the reading machine and then something should pop up. If nothing pops up then there shouldn't be a reason to look something up. Not sure how many "John Smith"s are out there with the exact same birth date but there must be some, so the computer should not be able to make a definite match through just matching names and birth dates. Does anyone have some substantiated info on this?
  5. How will the history of an old passport pop up when you use a new one? The new passport should have a different passport number and a clean history.
  6. Biometrics refers to the physical appearance. A new passport has a new photo. No biometrics system in the world can identify the exact same person amongst 7 billion using 2 different photos.