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  1. I've employed both local and Burmese staff on the same rate. The locals disappear on a whim and the Burmese, they are much more loyal and stay as they are here to work AND make money. Burmese any day. Having said that, outside of the tourist areas, there are also a hell of a lot of hard working locals working two + jobs so that they can support their families. Some working 12-15 hour days with only one day off a week. The minimum salary in Thailand differs depending on the province.
  2. Hmmm, all you peeps comparing this system to your home countries. I'm sure 99% of you decided to relocate here not only for the 'fun' but also for the relaxed laws. Yet, everyday I read nothing except farangs living here complaining that the local system is not the same as they have in farangland ..... which is why they/you decided to move here in the first place. Breathe it in or ..... (fill in the space).
  3. South

    Advice needed please.

    I've done that leg both ways many times but on 30,000+ tonne container ships. Personally wouldn't want to do it on anything much smaller. Might be fun, but I value my life. Incidentally, here in Thailand I noticed a caravan 'showroom' near Singburi and I have seen a few camper vans et al, all from Europe: A German couple in a German registered converted Unimog. (Songkhla) Two French couples (traveling together) in two French registered Renault campers. (Khanom) A Slovenian (Slovakian?) family, mom and pop and two young kids in a Slovenian (Slovakian?) registered 40' bus (Surin Beach, Phuket) Having said that, I haven't seen anything else for quite a while. Might be an adventure of kinds a few years ago but these days I prefer secure beds, hot water, tv and a/c ....... but then I'm getting old!
  4. South

    Harley Davidson

    Harleys have always had a problem 'keeping up'.
  5. South

    Amazing Thai Driving Test

    Yes, makes for some entertaining viewing! :)
  6. South

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    ...... and the common denominator in pretty much all similar crimes is?? And there in lies your answer.
  7. Best of luck to him, there is some stiff competition out there. Remember James Wattana when he also had his five minutes.
  8. I've been on both sides, believe me.
  9. Sorry KhunPer, you are wrong. The building on the left in the OP is in fact The Pink Mango bar. And where the car is stopped, it looks like it has come to a stop in the opposite lane to which it was going. RIP Pete.
  10. You honestly think you would be giving up just 4 hours a week? I'd think again if I were you. Genuine generosity, maybe. Feeling privileged, maybe. Being taken for a ride, most definitely. Consider just one death - by the time you have consoled the bereaved/family, worked with the relevant hospitals, organized transfer of the body to Nathon and then repatriation, co-ordinated with the police and a host of other things not including your own personal traveling and time doing paperwork etc and you will soon find that 4 hours is nowhere near enough time to do all of that. Then add to that all the drunks and other assorted idiots et al who end up behind bars or whatever on a pretty much daily basis and the thought of working just 4 hours a week (for free!) very quickly becomes nothing but a distant dream. Thanks, but no thanks.
  11. Amazing what a few years can do to a place!
  12. Personally speaking, I'd say 'Don't ask for advice, don't use guide books, don't do any research and don't be nannied around.' The reason being that traveling is meant to be an adventure. By doing research of any kind, you already have an idea of what to expect at your destination thus taking away the 'adventure' from your travels. Some of the 'nicest' parts in the south are way way off the tourist trail and can only be found by getting off that aforementioned trail. Find yourself a map of the south, close your eyes, point to an area and go there. The people, sights and experiences etc you will encounter on the way will far outweigh any info you will find here or elsewhere. Just my opinion ..... or, you can follow the masses and the very well trodden tourist trail. Up to you as they say.
  13. Let's see: So far this fiscal year, over 100 million yaba pills and more than 4,000 kilograms of “ice” worth Bt7.6 billion has been confiscated (up nearly 3 fold on the previous year) along with some suppliers/mules. I'd say that is pretty good going by those involved. Keep it up.
  14. Emirates has a sale on now, 5 days remaining for travel between now and March 18th 2018. LHR rtn 21,710 Biz 88,025 MAN rtn 26,685 AMS rtn 20,205
  15. All flights from NST go to Don Muang, no flights to KL from NST unless you go via Bangkok.