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  1. Sometimes, quoting about something you know zero about can make you out to be a big fool on the internet. Have you seen the actual photo of the boat?
  2. Window open, having a smoke. Window closed, not. Simple as.
  3. Sounds to me as the RTP have done a pretty good job on this one. They found the two warehouses, found who they belonged to (rented by), found out how the shipments were being, made three arrests and taken nearly 15 million pills off the street. And that is just from the information that has been made public, I'm sure there is also information we don't know about. I know it goes against the grain here, but good job RTP
  4. South

    Craft beer in Khon Kaen ?

    Pullman Hotel has craft beers downstairs sometimes with good offers. I don't drink the stuff so don't know what it tastes like.
  5. We've tried to help you. Forget what the previous posters have said. Tata, the way of the future.
  6. Easily done with minimum outlay but location/location/location and market/market/market. A small place in a tourist destination may struggle whereas a small place in a 'Thai' town might flourish. Check out the competition, area and pricing and you might well succeed. It's a tough market though.
  7. Go for a Toyota. Super reliable and a dealer in pretty much every Changwat. Don't believe me, 'Google' Ford/Isuzu dealers in the country. Few and far between compared to Toyota .... not that you will need a dealer, super reliable. My present Toyota, not even a light-bulb in 5+ years. You're not in Kansas any more.
  8. South

    Are 'tent' used car dealers all bad?

    Simon, you've been here long enough, you should know. Never had a problem with the tents. Insurance, warranties etc all covered. Think of it this way, 'Rot tent' or a big flashy downtown showroom? Who has the biggest expenses? There is your answer.
  9. It must be a quiet day at TV headquarters.
  10. Pixelated is not the correct word, omelated possibly could be closer to the truth. The UK is in a very deep descending spiral at the moment and I am more than happy that I am a long way from her once welcoming shores .
  11. You missed carrying the umbrella!
  12. South

    Haggling,do you feel guilty?

    Your first sentence mentioned 'Pattaya'. Therein is your answer. Nothing ever good has come out of that, erm 'Family resort'.
  13. Couldn't find the 'yawn' emoji. Instead of being a 'frequent visitor' become a permanent 'visitor' and you will see a big difference .... all depending where you go of course.
  14. ..... and the free/cheap credit that all these vehicles have been bought on .... the balloon is getting big, bigger, bigger, bigger and BANG! It happened before and it will happen again. Cheap/free credit in the long term does not work.
  15. South

    buriram motogp oct advice

    I got our tickets via one of the big bike showrooms. Vacant accommodation for the GP dates within Buriram is/was non-existent last month. You will have to look further afield and as October nears that distance is only going to get bigger.