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  1. In Canada you are free to choose your GP doctor. This woman went into a walk-in clinic. Walk-in clinics are busy and operate on a first come first served with the next doctor available in rotation. You take what you get.
  2. If you think a call for MLK style civil disobedience is a disgraceful call for blood in the streets you are not much of a student of US history.
  3. If you were investigating the make up of the moon and said it was cheese and I obstructed your investigation, whether it was cheese or not, I would be guilty of obstruction.
  4. Nixon investigation = 2yrs Bill Clinton investigation = 4yrs Benghazi investigation = 4yrs Email server investigation = 3yrs Please explain why you think 4 weeks qualifies as "after all this time".
  5. Stop and think for a moment. Obstruction of justice... obstruction of an investigation... An investigation does not have a predetermined outcome. Whatever the outcome of an investigation you certainly can obstruct it. The two things are mutually exclusive.
  6. I think you'll find you are conflating two different subjects. 55J was referring to Dylann Roof.
  7. Thanks for the reasoned response. I certainly agree with your last line. But I have a bit of trouble with, "I also put the blame for this new "low bar" in American politics at the feet of both Candidate and President Trump." Not that either are without blame, far from it, but I see the timeline of this "low bar" going back further. I see the start of it at the beginning of 44's term and the birtherism movement, progressing to the ACA debate and repeated futile attempts to scuttle it, and then blossoming in the resolute obstructionism of the GOP, fertilize this with Benghazi, email server, and theft of SCOTUS nomination... add in the bizarre GOP and DNC nomination races and finally the presidential race itself and the "low bar" is set in place.
  8. Interesting. Would you consider Dylann Roof's attack terrorism?
  9. I remember that!! The northeast blackout of 2003. I took out my neighbors on both sides with my bare hands, barricaded the house with sandbags and set up the 50 cal!! See, I can live in a fantasy world too!!
  10. Was Mueller Barr's boss at the time? Supreme commander by any chance? See the thang is the boss-subordinate relationship is very important in discerning the difference between a random colleague saying, "don't go hard on these guys", and your boss telling you in a private meeting, which he cleared the room purposely for, that he "hopes" you'll let an investigation go. Your/their "gotcha" is a red herring.
  11. Few if any are spouting vitriol because 45 won. They are spouting vitriol over his actions and policies. Vive la liberté.
  12. Someone missed a headline opportunity...
  13. All I can say is K.I.S.S. Your suspicion would require a number of people and a conspiracy. I suspect the answer is somewhat simpler.