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  1. You really do not understand anger at all do you?
  2. Why do some peeps think “lefty” is a pejorative? I’m proud to be a democratic socialist.
  3. 100% sure he knows less nothing. He himself proudly stated the summit only required his presence not his preparation.
  4. 2 words for you: legacy admissions.
  5. mikebike

    Thai doctor and family die in Canadian car crash

    Totally agree pegman.
  6. . I believe them too. In their location and in their personal experience. Now when you have spoken to every other border guard at every location in the country you will have more than one data point and be able to give us the real picture.
  7. Burmese, Laosians and Cambodians do it all the time... try to think outside the box of your world.
  8. 1-2% of total population of legal immigration and refugees and asylum seekers... so about 3.5-7 million annually.
  9. Regarding statistical analysis. It is all about probabilities. Ever bet on sporting events? I used to like the ponies. Used a statistical analysis service and a wise betting strategy. Did very well for a few years until my analyst retired and I couldn't find anyone as good/thorough. Definitely no guarentees tho.
  10. Lots of tiny, special countries in that top ten. Looking at populated, large economies USA is #1.
  11. Yes we have learned in the intervening 20 yrs.
  12. Statistics seem to say the opposite.
  13. Parents DO NOT use their children as bargaining chips. Governments do.
  14. Dispensaries I have used are happy to tell you strain and strength.