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  1. Obtuse? Or did the point just miss you by a lightyear?
  2. Its called freedom of speech. No one is telling the USA what to do with their crap. They are however advising on the possible consequences of such decisions.
  3. Uk birth certificate authentication

    OK. I assume the original birth cert is a Thai one not one from UK, correct?
  4. Uk birth certificate authentication

    Do you have the original in your possession?
  5. The Financial Times has a good article regarding this and I would tend to believe them and their sources over SHS and/or 45's lawyer.
  6. Again no. Invented long before the USA was. Look into what ancient societies did when colonizing.
  7. I doubt it is a USA invention. Marginalizing native populations is what colonists did/do.
  8. So in all your posts up to this point and here in your underlined portion you do not understand the word "can". Nowhere does your quote indicate that: " "
  9. Tobacco lobby, fossil fuel lobby, pharmaceutical lobby, wall st. lobby... ad infinitum.
  10. No it is not a "special interest" to desire rights identical to the rest of the population. The organizations, rallies, lobbyists and mags are part of a community.
  11. Ohhh, please direct me to one of these "progressive "gestapos"!!
  12. Strange. 11 years on sport bikes in the kingdom and horn has worked just fine for me.
  13. Too bad your bike didn’t come with one of those, what are they called... oh yeah - horns. They work for avoiding t-bones too!
  14. No, apparently only a nuisance to the Swiss guy. His opinion does not make it a public nuisance.