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  1. One more time for those who are unaware: Prior to 2008-09 the players came on the field AFTER the playing of the national anthem. The Department of Defense PAID the NFL to change their Operations Manual to require the players to be on the field to boost their sign-up-to-fight efforts. The whole political controversy is a construct of DoD propaganda and a total misunderstanding of why Kaepernick started taking a knee (hint: it is NOT disrespect to the troops, the flag or the US in general).
  2. Nothing to do with honour, just facts.
  3. You called it the "Rulebook" until more informed posters pointed out it was the "Operations Manual". This section of the Operations manual was drafted circa 2008-2009 as a result of PAID sponsorship from the DoD to the NFL. Prior to this teams stayed in the dressing room until AFTER the national anthem was played.
  4. Unfortunately the moron(s) seem to be behind the keyboard, and like to pretend they don't know what is being protested.
  5. A wee bit of research would have told them how much the King was revered and a wee bit more would have revealed that October would be a sketchy month for Full Moon style partying. You see it as someone else's responsibility to make sure your vaycay goes well. I see it as a personal responsibility. I'll stick with my dumbass assessment.
  6. "Unexpected"? Huh? "Many booked... months before". Well, a wee bit-o-research would have let them know a YEAR ago this was gonna happen. Dumbasses.
  7. Its really off topic but the world's former colonial powers mentioned were effectually powerless post WWII. No need to blame them.
  8. So USA wanted a united Korea under democracy. USSR wanted a united Korea under communism. They both share blame for playing their stupid Cold War games through innocent proxies.
  9. Nope. Still having the best times of my life! Love the nostalgic tunes, love the new tunes!
  10. Simple response to a poster who does not seem to understand history. Would it be better to let historical inaccuracies go unchecked? Lack of said understanding is a common cause of mistakes in current policy decisions.
  11. Not all conflicts are/were backed by two unique world powers trying to exercise dominance over each other using surrogate actors. The “war” was not started by a single shot but by the events leading up to that shot.
  12. I don’t think the current occupant has this on his desk:
  13. I do not think you 100% understand that the CONFLICT started BEFORE the war and that both sides were complicit.
  14. But why would you stop there? It’s almost like you don’t want to explain that the north and south were surrogate actors for the world powers and their post WWII games.