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  1. My understanding from the Honda websites is that the 300 is available at all official Honda scooter dealers and the 500 at at Honda Big Wing dealers.
  2. Sheryl, so sorry you didn't see the sarcasm in my post. Fortunately I agree with everything else you've said!
  3. I would consider getting a custom bicycle jersey or tshirt with "if unconscious take me to govt hospital" printed in Thai in very large type front and back. Future issues solved.
  4. Guy across from Seashell museum gets my endorsement. He has worked on a twin for me a few yrs ago.
  5. Almost all auto parts stores have body filler. On Phuket I can recommend the guy, directly across from Tesco - Lotus Park beside Phuket California Villa.
  6. Understood, but for Bannon greed is a subplot. His overwhelming ideology is ethnic nationalism. That, not greed, is what has defined Steve's life and work.
  7. BTW - I do not see Bannon winning the fight with Kushner. Despots love the security of surrounding themselves with family members in a dynastic fantasy... Also Kushner's faith must really eat at Bannon... in his mind he is losing to the 'globalists'...
  8. Which BOTH sides want to do but their motivations are entirely different. Corporatists want it because of greed, Bannon wants it because he knows it paves the way to greater control of the 'others'.
  9. Of course there are other intrigues, but it seems the major battle is over who gets the ear of he-who-listens-to-the-last-person-in-the-room. Kushner reps the side of traditional corrupt corporatists whose main thrust is unfettered self-enrichment and Bannon reps the side of corrupt alt-right nationalists whose main thrust is unfettered, white cultural hegemony.
  10. Although not clear in the article the plan would be to have ferries on both coasts (Andaman and Gulf of Thailand) and connect them using buses and minivans.
  11. If you are firm on using BTS take it all the way to Don Muang then take 15 min taxi from there.
  12. Cool Ken!! Please let us know what you think of her after you put some KMs on it!!
  13. Good example. Pub laws in the U.K. have always been so straight forward and logical...
  14. Cool. Then you'll have no problem with me temporarily leaving you outside in subzero temperatures naked.