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  1. There is a stunningly good opium museum in Chiang Saen area called Golden Triangle Park Hall of Opium. Highly recommend a look.
  2. Mahseer

    TM30 during Weekend?

    Promenade is no more and no you cannot do the TM30 online. Do me a favour. At Promenade you were allowed 7 days to report once you were registered. Can you ask present rules. Thanks.
  3. Mahseer

    Looking for decent quality drill and bits

    Recommend 18volts or greater and also try and get one that includes a 'hammer' function which is handy for drilling through harder materials. Global House will likely have the largest selection but Homepro is a decent choice if more convenient.
  4. No. Was in the local branch this morning to ask that question and they advise Visa credit card remains as is and only debit cards disappearing.
  5. Mahseer

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Only processed between 0800-0900? Needs confirming.
  6. Have you tried Suksawat? They stock masses of timber and if they don't have what you want they may be able to advise where to look.
  7. Mahseer

    Letter From British Embassy

    Yes saw that so if immigration now accept bank book or statements as proof of pension deposits then life has just got a touch easier. Plus a saving of 1,600baht which will go towards the agent/line sitter.
  8. Mahseer

    Letter From British Embassy

    That may be a blessing in disguise considering what they used to charge but depends on what requirements immigration lay down as proof of funds.
  9. Mahseer

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Give them a chance mate they've only been open a fortnight.
  10. Mahseer

    Samsung TV Servuce Centre/ Call out service ?

    02 689 3232. It's the main Samsung service number in Bangkok and they arranged a tech for home visit to fix my tv here in CM. Excellent service and as still under warranty free of charge.
  11. Mahseer

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    You mean updating after arriving back in country? If so take a look at post 68.
  12. Mahseer

    question about elderly Samsung TV

    Amorn on the north side of the moat will look at it and give you a quote but no idea if they will collect. They are specialists in fixing out of guarantee electronics.
  13. Mahseer

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    If nothing else there is an information desk right in front as you enter the new building.
  14. The market on Changklan has moved to behind Rajavej hospital across from the Holiday Inn. I havent visited yet but the previous spot was completely cleared when I went past Sunday.
  15. Mahseer

    Yi Peng 2018

    Your photos Greenside? Excellent especially the second.