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  1. 2nd floor just beyond Amazon coffee shop and across from Dukes. Grab a number from the table just inside on the right and await your turn.
  2. Not SE Asia but India has 5 year visa but typically limited to 180 day stay at a time.
  3. British Consulate shut down couple of years back. Bangkok only option.
  4. There's a shop in Kad Suan Kaew that can print poster size to a decent quality. It's either on the second or third floor but easy to find. As you enter from the main entrance go to the escalator and as you reach the second or third floor go straight and the shop which is open fronted will be a couple of yards to your left.
  5. Not really. End result was reasonable but took way longer than quoted and were about as messy a crew as I've seen. Wouldn't recommend them.
  6. Agoda and are the same company so you might want to look elsewhere.
  7. Yummy Pizza for Italian fare and the best Sunday roast in town. Is Cuisine de Garden still in Star Avenue?
  8. Hi folks, I have 30sq mts of ceramic tile that needs laying but tiler I have previously used is unavailable. Anyone has someone they can recommend? I am in Thapae area. thanks
  9. Supersports in KSK have steel toe boots.
  10. Before you sign up with Pulse be aware the sports channels are not HD.
  11. If you dont mind paying 10,000baht/year look at PulseTV. It's absolute plug and play plus they have an online chat line for any enquiries. Box works over wifi or Ethernet and features heaps of UK channels - all the BBC, ITV Sky - plus movies on demand and has 24hour catch up.
  12. I had 2 UK passports for 20 years while working offshore as visas were often required for next assignment. Each passport was valid for full 10 year term and each had its unique number. I am not certain your argument for a second US passport is valid but no harm in trying.
  13. Do you know where Kaseems is in Warorot market? If so if you were exiting turn left and 25mts along there are 2 shops opposite each other that sell items that are typically donated at temples. The one on the same side as Kaseems sells Buddha images, no idea about the other, but can't guarantee 150cm but no doubt they would be able to give you an idea where to search.
  14. The shop on Thapae mentioned gives guarantees if that's of value to you.
  15. Some Silk Air flights arrive Singapore1545 but agree late arrival especially somewhere where a hotel room costs a small fortune not ideal. Return trip is around 10k.