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  1. If no joy check the shop on Changklan that may be associated. From Pantip lights it's 100mts south and on the left.
  2. Suksawad is definitely the place for timber and it's only 15km straight run from Doi Saket. Just turn right on 11 and it's a kilometre or so on your left. Massive selection and no doubt they'll deliver if need be.
  3. Mahseer

    UK Pounds

    Super Rich also has an outlet directly opposite SK at the Iron Bridge.
  4. I have a Union Pay card through Bangkok Bank and tried to change the PIN but was told not possible with this card.
  5. Mahseer

    minibus in Chiangmai

    Have rented van and driver from North Wheels several times and never a problem. You'll find them on the east side of the moat just up from Thapae. They have 10 seater Toyota minibus which are decent regards comfort and leg room. I tend to give the driver a rough day's agenda ahead of time just so he has an idea on destinations and expected driving time.
  6. Mahseer

    Wanted! Used Car Broker Chiang Mai. Ideas?

    You can try the used car dealers on the 1001 Mae Jo Road if you wish. I just sold a 5 year old Vios with 85k on the clock for exactly 50% of what I paid. Inspection was absolutely minimal and they didn't even test drive the vehicle. Toyota Sure offered 40k less. Payment was by cheque and one of the staff went with us to the bank to ensure it cleared. No complaints at all. From the Super Highway turn onto 1001 and there are several dealers couple of hundred yards up on the left.
  7. I would add the fabulous Hall of Opium Museum in Chang Sean to the list. Stunning displays and easy to spend 2 hours there. There are/used to be other opium museums in the area but make sure you go to this one and assure you will not be disappointed even with the slightest of interests. http://www.maefahluang.org/?p=315
  8. Kan Air folded well over a year ago which is a huge shame as used to love that flight in their Cessna. Bangkok Airways fly there using a high wing 60 seat or so aircraft.
  9. Great stuff how long did that take? Trips these days by 4x4 take 5-8 days from the border depending on side trips. I was in Nepal in 83 and considered heading north but settled on wandering the Annapurnas details of which I can still recall to this day. Amazing times. Cheers
  10. PNG and Tibet are on my list. PNG coupling a Sing-Sing with a river trip and maybe one of the islands to the east would make for a memorable trip but well expensive. Tibet likely to happen this year and will include an overland leg from Kathmandu to Lhasa and exploring northern regions and taking in a festival or two. Most interesting countries I have visited? Well having been to Burma and India in excess of a dozen times each they would feature. Burma I prefer the more remote regions to the noth west and India anywhere in the Himalayas. Also visited Pakistan twice in the past 3 years and never felt so welcomed especially by the wonderful Kalash.
  11. Mahseer

    Clean Macbook Filter

    Give Mac Cafe a shot on Hussadhisawee Road. They sell second hand Apple products and have workshop on site. Turning left exiting Chiang Mai Ram go straight at the lights and they are 200 yards down on the left.
  12. Mahseer

    TM30 reports -Building 3 Old/New offices

    Just to the right of the new building at the back. Use the same entrance as previous and you'll see the building directly in front of you and you can typically park immediately in front. Building 3 is clearly marked.
  13. Mahseer

    TM30 reports -Building 3 Old/New offices

    It's an absolute breeze to file the TM30 at building 3. Just pull in and park right out front, stroll inside and likely one of the students will take your passport and you will be on your way in minutes flat. Done it numerous times and nothing could be easier.
  14. Mahseer

    The air is heavily polluted today

    Last 2 years its been the middle of May before completely clearing.
  15. Mahseer

    Berry and Citrus Farm Open Day (Samoeng)

    Never seen local raspberries for sale here. Last ones I picked up at Rimping were from Indonesia and before that Australia. Are yours decent quality and available to purchase?