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  1. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    Just back from Kayah state and not one of the local folk I chatted with even mentioned what is going on. Your plan takes you nowhere near Rakhine state so go ahead and enjoy your trip.
  2. Looking for a Leather shop in Chiang Mai

  3. Myanmar trip - Yes or No?

    Open my eyes? How about visiting the country in question? I just returned Saturday from 10 days in Kayah State so no need to rely on google for information. No one is doubting that there are atrocities going on in Burma but this latest round was in response to attacks made by Rohingya insurgents. I won't throw links at you but you know where to find them but for me as an independent traveller I have elected to continue to visit and support those that are in no way involved with the regime and you have equal right to make your decision. The sort of people I often visit have been know to wear uniforms and yes they do on occasion have the need to carry arms but I have never been threatened nor have I have ever been refused entry to any of their homes. Here take a look for yourself you may understand my point of view: <link removed at posters request>
  4. If this card has a compulsory use of PIN when making purchases then it most certainly would help and I don't have a problem with a debit card. I'll stop in tomorrow afternoon to follow up. Much appreciated. ---------------- This is the first time I have started a thread in this particular forum and I have to say have been mightily impressed with the detailed replies and I thank you.
  5. Well according to the below link Union Pay is accepted in 162 countries: http://m.unionpayintl.com/en/serviceCenter/cardUsingInstructions/821.shtml but doesn't mention how many merchants in any. ....and this explains how you can use the card without a PIN: http://m.unionpayintl.com/en/serviceCenter/cardUsingInstructions/815.shtml But I'll certainly look into and see how many outlets out there accept here in Asia. thanks folks
  6. Thanks Pib for your comments. While I do reside here I travel 6-7 months a year within Asia so constantly using my card and I just hate the idea of loosing it and then not only getting wiped out but also getting stranded (my next trip is Pakistan) simply due to a lack of a PIN number. I have been back to both Bangkok Bank and SCB here in Chiang Mai and requested a PIN but was told by each they do not issue or to quote 'not required' except for the obvious ATM use. During a recent trip to Kuching and KL I was told by more than one merchant thant some systems there will not accept a card without a PIN which makes absolute sense but I didn't come across that situation. Cheops, I would love to have additional security and will look into Samsung Pay, thanks for suggesting.
  7. Myanmar trip - Yes or No?

    Sounds like the sort of crap Lonely Planet used to publish 7-8 years back. What about the independent hotelier, restaurant owners and others involved with tourism if you don't go? I am a frequent visitor to Burma and aside from the occasional air fare and visa fees all of my tourist dollars go to individuals far removed from the regime and I'm always made most welcome and I will continue to visit. Love the place and the people I meet.
  8. An Art Exhibit at the UN Irish Pub?????

    It's not a Reg Smythe exhibition by any chance is it?
  9. Apologies if this has been covered previously but which Thai bank offers a credit card that uses a pin security system as in pin has to be entered when used. I have banked with SCB and Bangkok Bank and they certainly do not require. thanks
  10. Naga new year 2017

    I answered the questions I could as in "dates for the actual festival never change" and regarding permit "I would say yes you will as it's right up against the Indian border" Other points raised I skipped as I don't know the answer. Fair enough?
  11. Naga new year 2017

    .....just to add that Thamanti to the parade grounds is a 5 hour drive.
  12. Rain/frog drum

    Her you go. These are quoted as being made in Thailand and I was hoping to locate a foundry somewhere up north: https://www.easternserenity.com/rain-drums.html
  13. Naga new year 2017

    Phuketrichard, dates for the actual festival never change just the location. Yes I did need a permit back then but there's been many a change here in recent years as you are aware so no idea if you will need next year but at a guess I would say yes you will as it's right up against the Indian border. (Google maps accepts Lay Shi). To put 'tour' into perspective in 2015 I believe there were 22 foreigners there of which 11 were Thais from a Bangkok photographic society so we're not talking Chinese group style convoys. Just a note on the trip I posted above. Flights back then were once a week and the Pansat village part was just to fill time and I certainly wouldn't recommend visiting.
  14. Rain/frog drum

    Hi folks, have been asked to source the above and know I'll likely find reproductions in the tourist areas of San Khampeng for an exorbitant sum but would rather buy direct from a foundry, can anyone recommend a location please? Thanks
  15. Naga new year 2017

    In Yangon at present and was advised last night that Naga new year 2018 will be in Lashe. This was how I got there in 2015: 10.Jan - Mandalay - Homalin ( YJ 601 / 12:40/14:10 ) Yati Hotel. 11.Jan - Homalin - Thamanti by boat ( Home stay ) 12.Jan - Thamanti - Pansat village by Jeep.( Home stay ) 13.Jan - Pansat village. ( Home stay ) 14.Jan - Pansat - Lashae.by Jeep.( Home stay ) 15.Jan - Naga festival at Lashae. ( Home stay ) 16.Jan - By Jeep Lashae - Thamanti continue by boat to Homalin. ( Yati Hotel ). 17.Jan - Homalin - Mandalay.( YJ 602 / 14:25/15:25 ) Anyone venturing there be aware it's cool up in the hills in January and homestays will not have any heating so pack a sleeping bag. Enjoy