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  1. In Chiang Mai Supersports stock Merrill brand hiking boots which I find decent quality. Expect to pay around 5,000baht.
  2. It's all good mate. Life goes on.
  3. Don't wear glasses rose tint or otherwise sorry. I have used building 3 on 4 occasions and each time I have been out of there literally within 5 minutes and for this reason was simply enquiring if they were open for business as the photo above shows roof firmly in place and cars parked in front. Thats it.
  4. Thanks. just to add that visas for big brother to the north have changed recently for the better. E visa now good for 60 days stay and re entry allowed plus tourist visa up to 5 year validity. Link to VFS Bangkok not uploading from Vietnam where I am. cheers.
  5. Well if they were open for business I would as previous visits there were an absolute breeze and never took more than 5 minutes.
  6. Couple of years back there was visa on arrival option. Still in place?
  7. Is building 3 still open for business?
  8. Take a look at the Grand Pacific Sovereign. Fabulous place.
  9. You asked for Charlie's number and I gave it.
  10. 082 766 0426.
  11. Charlie also went couple of years back to the chippy in the sky but was a frequent visitor at the location featured.
  12. Air Asia, Nok and Thai all connect but first 2 may be point to point but all arrive around 2000. Preferred Vietnam Airlines from BKK due to mid afternoon arrival time and 2,800baht one way fare decent also so booked Thai from Chiang Mai and will have to check back in. Cheers folks.
  13. Bangkok to Hanoi will be with Vietnam Airlines and wondering if anyone knows what airline I can fly Chiang Mai to BKK to allow through connection. I.e. Clear immigration in Chiang Mai and not have to exit BKK and check back in. Thanks
  14. Nothing cryptic there. She still owns Nest but has relocated. Simple as that.
  15. Think you'll find the person in question has relocated to Mae Rim.