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  1. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    It's first floor across from Dukes and beyond the Amazon coffee shop. Walk in and grab a number from the desk on the right, check at the desks what number they are presently at then either take a seat or go for a wander. Dont mean to further muddy the ever murky waters but I abide by the 'once registered you have 7 days to renew' and I am a frequent international traveller and never an issue.
  2. pulsetv.net

    Up and running....
  3. pulsetv.net

    Mines down and seeing 'connection problem' but connections confirmed as being ok.
  4. Have you ever considered that 'the woman' may be just a figurehead of convenience and actually has zero, as in absolute zero, control over such things as the Burmese army? Just a thought.
  5. Good endocrinologist In Chiang Mai

    Was the Ram Doctor female with first initial V? If not I'll send you a name.
  6. Hua Mae Kham festival

    Cant answer your question but TAT office may be able to. Chiang Rai office number is 05371 7433, 05374 4674-5
  7. These are the rules Chiang Mai adhere to: TM30 to be updated after overseas travel only. Once registered you have 7 days on return to update. Fine for failure to comply is 1,600baht.
  8. Looking For Blu Tack

    Ratnaporn has the 'industrial strength' as we as regular. It's opposite that newish supermarket near Bangkok Bank. Personally if the pictures are framed I wouldn't trust blu tak.
  9. In Kashmir, India they serve a tea called Kahwa which is my absolute favourite. Green tea, cinammon, cardamom, saffron and sliced almonds. Wonderful.
  10. Personally I didn't care for the air quality in town whatever the reading for the past 2 years from early March through to mid May. If memory serves end of April air quality usd to improve but certainly the last 2 years it wasn't until mid May. Just another opinion and this ones mine.
  11. If it's the Economist link page 7 then I need to change my travel habits. I've been to 7 of the 11 most dangerous listed but only 2 of the safest!
  12. watgate, you are worrying yourself unnecessarily. Get on the plane and enjoy Burma and by all means report back on your experience. Edit just to add I am typing this from Pakistan, not Karachi admittedly, and this is my second trip here in 2 years and love the places I have visited despite there not being a positive report anywhere out there which obviously hasn't stopped me visiting.
  13. Pune - India

    e visa are $25-75 and good for double entry and 60 days total but not accepted at Wagah land border.
  14. Pune - India

    Depends on nationality. Brits 6,700 for single/double good for 6 month stay, Thais pay 1,700 for same.
  15. Pune - India

    It's not only e visas that are expensive. I just picked up a 3 month double entry visa for 6,800baht.