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  1. Yes he does. If you use him be specific with both dimensions and material requirements and he will give you a written quote and projected timeframe. His shop is on the north side of the highway with numerous spirit houses out front.
  2. Carpenter that I have used on 3 occasions and recommended here several times is Khun Kan 053 218 394. He has an office on the superhighway 100mts east of where it crosses 107.
  3. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Shan State?
  4. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Heading for Lashio?
  5. Mall Opening Times

    Thursday also. Was there for an hour last night listening to 3 kids banging out some rock and roll classics and pretty decent considering their age.
  6. For the dates I chose above, 28 March returning a week later 7,200baht on Air Asia with 5 hour layover each way and that doesn't include any of the add ons.
  7. Flights start at 7,700baht return.
  8. Worarot Market evening hours

    The indoor market has always closed any time after 1700 but the outside stalls including the food outlets close closer to 2300.
  9. Kad Chin Haw open?

    Likely referring to the extension of the Muslim market off Soi 1 Changklan. It sits behind Kalare.
  10. Bagels

    Is Bagel House still operating? http://bagelhouse.restaurantwebexperts.com/
  11. Am I breaking the law.

    Just a heads up that building 3 at the airport immigration office still processes the TM30. I just returned back in country Saturday and visited at 2 this afternoon and just a single falang lady there who was chatting with one of the officers. I was out in literally 3 minutes. As you enter the facility building 3 is at the back of the compound and to the right of the ongoing construction and I parked at the door.
  12. Thaipusam 31st

    Does anyone know details of the Hindu Thaipusam festival that is scheduled for next Wednesday. Locations and timings would be appreciated as Google for once doesn't provide the answer. thanks
  13. Try Burma especially the smaller towns. I am in Dawei at present and local folk are brilliant. Simple smile and a 'mingalapar' and you get the same in return.
  14. I need a zip of the type used on packs. Where to buy?

    Worawat market. Find the seamstress ladies on the 1st floor and they'll point you to the shop 10 yards away that sell zips including YKK which are decent. Walk up the escalator that hasn't worked for 10 years and the ladies will be all the way to the right facing Chiang Moi Road. Alternately see the lady who sets up shop opposite Macormick hospital and she'll buy the zips and fix your pack for you and quote YKK if that's your preference. I just had 4 zips replaced on my pack and it took 3 days but happy with her work.
  15. which color taxi in bangkok? to airport

    Try booking one of the light green cabs. Drivers are decently dressed and always use the metre plus the cabs are very well kept. Used them loads of times and never a problem. 02 424 2222