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  1. oh the joy!! we've waited years for this, a well deserved victory over the best team in the uk in their own backyard.
  2. lets hope so, but in the meantime , in a show of good spirit that has long characterised the generosity and sense of fair play of the leeds fan, lets have a group hug and say to all those chelsea fans as they sink into the chasm of despair and disappointment. we feel your pain.
  3. to lose like that must be very painful. signed, a leeds fan.
  4. hua hin also require lots of certified and notarised translations. i enquired today about getting a yellow book. passport , copies of relevent pages of passport certified by the embassy. those copied pages must then be translated into thai , along with the visa page , these translations must then be notarised and the whole lot sent off to the ministry of foreign affairs in bangkok for certification. a notarised translation of parents names are also required. the companies that do the notarised translations will send everything off to the ministry in bangkok for certification. the notarised , translated and certified documents are then taken to the tessaban office and the yellow book will be issued. i will start the process as soon as i have completed my course in advanced hoop jumping.
  5. lets just have a jellyfish forum
  6. casa mia pizza , on the pala-u road about half a mile from the railway tracks. excellent food , excellent service , excellent value in a professionally run unpretentious relaxing restaurant. 3 girls restaurant , on the canal road behind the hua hin hospital , a strange set up for a resaurant , with a large swimming pool for guests , a big stage for music , lakeside salas , an air conditioned room and a flower shop. good service and a large menu of thai and western food , good food , service and pricing. there are more and more good eating places with easy parking outside the increasingly overpriced town centre these days. however , one to avoid is BAAN -ESAAN on phetkasem rd , on the left on the way out of town about half a kilo before the hin naam sai suay condo. awful food ( on the night we went) , a very loud thai band , moronic service , an unfriendly manageress , and possibly the most disgusting urinals in with toilets like that one can only be suspicious of the cleanliness of the kitchens and the cooking staff . count your drinks and ice buckets carefully before paying , our drinks bill was padded , but they removed the empty bottles from the trolley before bringing the bill. 100% disappointment from a place that looks very inviting. the baan-esaan past the airport tunnel on the way to cha am is part of the same business but much better in all respects. down to the managers probably.
  7. sure is. when wound up those old biddies sure get their knickers in a twist
  8. hes probably happily carrying on as before in another coffee shop where he is re arranging the furniture to his hearts content without the interference of the bangkok branch of the spanish inquisition. another victory for the evil forces of grumpdom over the even more abhorrent interfering old biddies of thai visa. you're like that bunch of oldies on the long running bbc tv series "last of the summer wine".
  9. yeah , 20 pages of armchair supporters cheering from the back , and about 2 people who have actually shown up , sat down , had a cup of tea and promptly buggered off. comparing it to sports , after 10 days of "action" there is still no score. the sunday league lives on.
  10. please dont encourage them ( the vietnam vets) , or soon we'll all be up to our necks in muck and bullets as the washington square mob get into tearful reminiscence mode. their military expertise could be better used to help flush out the object of this thread.
  11. cluezo thankfully i never served in any unit. i'm not criticizing your service record and i know you had no choice , but the way you worded your post left your defences wide open for a quick counterattack.
  12. cluezo ....... squirted them with napalm now and again , but disrespect .... never.
  13. carlbkk well , you have spent the best part of a week lurking around the emporium , mapping out little known entrances , noting the times that doors open , the times that guards show up , planning strategies that will deprive this customer of his "regular"place , obtaining and reporting on the content of phone calls between this customer and the staff , questioning the staff as to the movements of the customer , co-ordinating with other posters as to when to turn up , how to get there first , how to arrange the seating and posting regular updates on a website. i could go on , but i dont want to appear obsessed with this topic.
  14. sorry , they were posted by "who , me?"
  15. westerner westerner i can hardly contain my indifference.