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  1. 25,000 baht seems rather low. I would like to know who to contact. I have been quoted everything from 57,000 to 280,000 baht for a company registration incl all (VAT, Social, one Visa and WP).
  2. Getting quotations from China on a prefabricated steel building with sheet metal walls and roof for $35/sqm or $40/sqm for sandwich walls and roof with 2 normal door and 2 4x4m "garage doors". Anyone here who have order any similar from China and assembled here in Thailand?
  3. Ok, playing around with a new software and using a more common roof design. Not sure if beams or trusses is the best way to build it in Thailand though. Added a 5x40=200sqm second office and storage floor as well. All parts bolted so it can be moved if needed as it will be built on a rented land.
  4. Happy to help making you feel better about your self, if that is what you need. I am not native English so I may have difficulties expressing my self correctly in this, for me, foreign language. But what is so ridiculous about it? Yea it may be a whining post, but this is my reflection over the years. Yesterday I had a chat with a hotell owner who told me that his bookkeeping agent had urged him to pay 45,000 baht a few days ago for penalties for some late social securities payments. He got suspicious and he and gf went to the social security office, but there were no penalties issued to them. This had happen before as well but with smaller amounts.... Needless to say, but he is also asking around for bookkeeping agent recommendations.
  5. Do you have the same problems with law and bookkeeping firms as me? I have had 4 businesses in Thailand during my soon 14 years in Thailand. I have many business friends as well in Thailand within a wide range of different businesses, everything from Hotels, food production, software, to renting out oil-rig items. One thing that strikes me, is how we all constantly have problems with bookkeeping firms and law-offices. I have worked with a handful firms over the years NO ONE have delivered or they have been right up fraudulent, or even ran away with deposits/tax/soc payments or scaring/blackmailing/misinforms us to extract money from us. I hear and read the same story again and again from my friends and others. How can a whole business sector be so screwed up? In my home country I have been working with one law office and one bookkeeping office for 20 years. They always puts the customers first and maintains the relation with care. I'm going to register a new company again and asking my friends if they can recommend a decent firm to handle it for me..... No one would recommend anyone and mentions that they have the same problems as me and are also looking around for one to replace the current one. So, I emailed 8 agents found on Google, One week later 2 have answered with just a copy/paste answer with no regards of my questions, one quoted a 6-8 times higher than normal price (Almost 300,000 baht plus government fees for a 51% Thai / 49% Foreigner company with one visa and WP) and one answered with an engaged answer and with decent pricing and i'm hoping for this one to be good. I called another one (seems to be only Thais running it) of the ones who did not answered yesterday and they promised to answer my email today, but still (3:20pm) no answers. I have worked with some of the old sponsors here as well..... And no thanks. My friends with larger companies do not recommend outsourcing the administration at all but to keep it in-house and I agree. But that would be hard for startups. I had 3 great administration girls in-house before, but one got married and now work for her husband and the other two moved abroad, so I have to start from zero again.... So, Do you have the same problems with law and bookkeeping firms? Let us know. If not, please let us know who you are working with and for how long.
  6. Yea, How to protect my right to the land? Have heard about "Usifrut" I that applyable in my case do you think? Heading out to look at two land lots right now.
  7. Yes, If designing concrete columns correctly, We might even be able in the future to mount a small crane/lifting device just under the roof if we want.
  8. We have been looking around for a warehouse to rent but it would cost us 1-1,5 million baht (100-150 baht/sqm) per year. If we can build this for just above 1 million, we would probably rent a piece of land and go for it.... Budget so far.... I have looked around and Thais are building roofs with much less material. Need to put some effort on the roof design and also add a few supports in between. How much for concrete workers, welders and crane rent? Amount Price Total Notes Concrete (m3) 170 1 600 272 000 - 20cm thick, Also Incl a 200 m3 water reservoir Bricks (pcs) 6 000 13 78 000 Colums (meters) 112 890 99 680 Insulated Roof Panels (m2) 1 140 180 205 200 - or 102 000 ininsolated Steel roof ? ? ? - Any ide about price per ton? Doors, inner office walls ? ? ? - We might build a platform 10x20m on 4 meters level for office and some storage. Work force ? ? ? - 500 baht per day and head I have read, plausible or not? Machine/Crane rent ? ? ? - What can a crane cost per day? Total 654 880
  9. Look at post 16 and 18. click on the ling for pictures. I cant add pictures of some reson
  10. What about precasted columns and roof beams in concrete? More costly?
  11. 6000 bricks later and more steel beams.... Need to work on the details and then run some load simulations and hopefully reduce the roof weight significantly. Picture-4
  12. I will probably make a 4 meters brick wall as well and the transparent plastic sheet panels on the upper wall and some on the roof...
  13. Hi, I do not intend to build it my self. I just wanted some input on what material so I can make a rough cost estimation. I have never build a house before and will probably never do. I did played around little with my CAD-tools for a few hours, my first rood design ever :-) and this steel construction weights 18,5 metric tons made by 120x80 i-beams and the columns are 400x155mm. To that comes roof panels. Heavy indeed. Picture-1 Picture-2 Picture-3
  14. Thanks for the information. How big was the roof and what did it cost to build?
  15. Hi, We need to build a large 800 sqm (20x40m and 8 meters high) roof and want to do it at as low cost as possible. I'm a mechanical designer but I have never designed a house or roof before. Should I use steel or concrete pillars, prefab or made at site? What kind of roof trusses? Sheet-metal or ceramic roof panels? We might make a concrete slab as well if not too expensive. Location, Sattahip Chonburi Please advice me :-)