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  1. Prik Mexico may be more common. I don't know. Actually I was just in one store and asked the clerk what they are called. She and another clerk said prik jalapeno, but that might just be something unique to that store that they were taught/told.
  2. Thirty percent of the people in my country believe the earth was created in six days a few thousand years ago by a god that lives in the sky and man and dinosaurs lived together. And your stomach will cramp up and you will drown if you swim after eating....... etc.
  3. I have to pick up a motorcycle at the post office near JJ market and Tesco and they have likely drained all of the gas out. Is there a station close to there? I can usually get about 500-1000 meters out it with residual gas in the carb. I hope to ride/push it there as arranging gas in a can is a real pain as I'm coming from the airport. Last time the gas station (quite reasonably) refused to put it into my nice clean plastic bottle. Thanks! Oh, I just realized I could probably fill a plastic bottle at one of those unattended automated pumps. Anybody know of one close by and I'll have the Uber stop on the way???
  4. There was a form that they stapled to my documents that I kept and I just left with it and my driver's license. I don't think they note the failed test. If you pass you just take the documents to the next step. Nobody mentioned anything about it in Chiang Mai. I don't know the answer to whether or not you can renew at any DLT. It seems so. Bang Chak was fine with my renewing it there. The five year license I was renewing had a Bangkok address but I originally got it in Chiang Mai. At that time my work permit listed two businesses, one in Chiang Mai and one in Bangkok and my residential address in Bangkok. When I went for the renewal the Chiang Mai business work permit had been cancelled and they renewed with my Bangkok address. Nobody seemed much concerned about it.
  5. I don't understand most of the jargon, but after they upgraded me to VDSL with the Humax router, my torrent speed varies wildly but usually works fine and much faster than before. Unless I'm eager to watch something then it barely works at all...... However, very often, it is impossible to browse while downloading regardless of the torrent download speed. Pages simply won't open. Others in my building have a similar problem. Is it the router?
  6. The woman who does the peripheral vision test, which requires color distinction, seemed to enjoy rudely failing me, suggesting I come back the next day and then failing me again. I am peripherally color deficient. A surprisingly high percentage of people are. I ended up going to Chiang Mai which uses a color identification chart and I have no problem with recognizing colors. I posted about my experience at Bang Chak a couple of years ago and several people confirmed a similar unpleasant experience with that testing station. .
  7. Its interesting to see the maintenance schedule in English. I wonder if the Honda mechanics really go through the list or just ignore most of it.
  8. It took a couple of phone calls and the dealer didn't believe me, but AP Honda will send the dealer a copy of a Honda Click owner's manual in English. They won't send it directly to the customer. I just picked it up and it's for a 2014 Click but still useful. The dealer required 2 signed copies of my passport photo page and visa page to order it! It was free. Maybe it's available in a PDF on the internet, but I couldn't find it. Attached is the AP Honda cover letter.
  9. I took the A3 from its starting point at the bus stop at Lumpini Park opposite the police station on Wittayu today. There were no signs for the service. The driver said he would stop at any bus stop to drop people off or pick them up. I was the only passenger. The route down Rajadamri, through Pratunam and getting on the tollway at Din Deng is not horrible until about 3:30 at which point the traffic on that route means getting to the tollway will take, I'm guessing, about 1-1.5 hours.
  10. Doi Kham sells them pretty regularly now and cheap. I buy them in Bangkok all the time. However recently they have been scarce. Maybe out of season? Thais call them prik jalapeno and they pronounce the J.
  11. I was on the A1 yesterday from Don Muang and there was a copied A4 announcement of the new routes. The 30 was crossed out in pen and 50 was written above it so it was a last minute decision, I guess. This morning I checked out the bus stop on Wittayu at Lumpini where it appears the bus originates or at least has a defined stop from but there were no signs.
  12. Looks like exactly what I want. Thanks for your help!
  13. I could be wrong, but I don't think it is an express point-to-point service. That's why it goes down Rajadarmri past Central World through Pratunam (and back that way) instead of getting on/off the expressway at Rama 4.