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  1. Accident Insurance Policy

    I wonder if you are confusing the death and dismemberment BUPA limits on motorcycle injuries with the medical benefits? Medical benefits are the same for motorcycle accidents as for any other accident I believe. They are only limited by the amount of coverage the policy offers. Maybe I'm wrong though?
  2. Anytime Fitness Lumphini Opening

    Answering my own question: 16000 or so paid in advance for 13 months. I didn't ask about the various pay as you go prices. Still in construction phase but I was told it would be open sometime in November. Looks to be fairly small with, I was told, Life Fitness equipment. Nothing has been installed yet that I could see. Life Fitness has a variety of quality levels so I'm looking forward to seeing what they put in Everybody at the sales stand seemed normal, friendly and not as though they had gone through the worst of a fitness center sales boot camp. The sales desk is located close to the basement canteen of the Sindhorn complex, but the gym is located in the building at the corner of Sarasin and Wittayu. There is a high end bike shop in that building visible from Sarasin at the red light. It's inside across from the bike shop.
  3. Anytime Fitness Lumphini Opening

    Thanks. The techno dance music they chose for their introductory videos on their Facebook page deters me but I am curious as its close to my condo. How much was your membership? Fixed pricing or California Wow style?
  4. Gearbest?

    I did buy a Cube iplay 10 from Gearbest last month. https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_639367.html No problems paying for it with my Bangkok Bank Visa debit card. There was some weirdness in their shipping and communicating with me about the shipping that was annoying. Ultimately it was delivered after about three weeks and I'm happy with it. Great tablet considering it was about $100. Mostly it was a test run before I buy a more expensive 2 in 1 from them but reading reviews of their shipping and customer service didn't fill me with confidence. I'm going to play around with this for awhile and see if I really want a better one.
  5. Decathlon, but I'm not sure if they deliver to Samui. https://www.decathlon.co.th/en/
  6. Bad Experience With Uber

    Just depends on what your tolerance for bad driving and weirdness is. My experience has been that using Uber definitely increases the odds of a relatively normal experience but I can see where others have a higher tolerance for craziness than I do.
  7. Bad Experience With Uber

    I've read many stories about Uber. People love to hate them. But the story I've literally never read from anywhere in the world is Uber has an accident/no insurance/passenger had to pay themselves for injuries. Never read that story/couldn't find that story with a short search on Google. That tells me it's not an issue.
  8. Bad Experience With Uber

    The driver sees the destination and map when he starts the trip by confirming on the app that he had arrived at the pickup location and the trip has started.
  9. Bad Experience With Uber

    Your experience is so different from mine it makes me wonder if we are using the same company called Uber?
  10. Bad Experience With Uber

    Uber drivers do not know the destination before they pick you up. However, UberX drivers don't have to take you outside their service zone after they learn your destination. I know this because I used to use UberX to go to Thammasat Rangsit and had a couple of drivers refuse after I got in. Uber then sent me a map of the service zone for UberX when I complained. The service zone ends about at Future Rangsit. However I found that if I called the driver first to check if he wanted to go to Thammasat Rangsit about 90 percent had no problem with the trip. Interesting think about AllThaiTaxi. When they first started all drivers were employees on salary, now they've moved to all owner operators. The employee model didn't work out.
  11. "The court case is now finished and a judgement resulting in a monetary settlement has been granted to Ms Reisig." Hard to figure out what the sentence means. She left Thailand with some money or she didn't?
  12. I just paid the Visa service at Bumrangrad Hospital 600 baht to do it for me. I live fairly close to the hospital so it seemed easiest and not that expensive as a that's about what a taxi to Changwattana and back would cost me.
  13. I can't do it online and I forgot to mail it in. What day and time is generally the fastest for 90 day reporting at Chaengwattana? Thanks!
  14. Noise pollution from construction work

    8-6 is within their legal time for work I think. When they were building a hotel close to my condo it was 8am-9pm with concrete pumping all night.
  15. Why don't they...?

    I had a turn signal beeper put in at the Honda shop. They knew exactly what I wanted and why and had them in stock. 300 baht installed I think.