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  1. Noise pollution from construction work

    8-6 is within their legal time for work I think. When they were building a hotel close to my condo it was 8am-9pm with concrete pumping all night.
  2. Why don't they...?

    I had a turn signal beeper put in at the Honda shop. They knew exactly what I wanted and why and had them in stock. 300 baht installed I think.
  3. Gillette Fusion. Best razor I've ever used. Never cut myself. Blades last two months. I can shave faster than it takes to put the barbasol on and it's a perfect shave every time.
  4. Where to buy veggie burger patties?

    I buy Amy's Kitchen Sonoma Burgers at all the farang oriented groceries in Bangkok. Good but pricey, although not much more expensive than in the USA.
  5. AIS Fibre - slow international downloads this week?

    Typhoon broken international undersea cables I read.
  6. Chilindo.com - Any good?

    I wonder if the bidding is rigged with occasional bargains given. Intermittent reinforcement is a strong inducement to bidding. Looked at it a few times in the middle of the night and the bids seemed very unlikely.
  7. Is this legal, even in Thailand?

    I love the picture on my LG plasmas. I have a 42 and a 50. MaInboard on the 42 is 4500 or so installed. Surprised the 50 is so expensive.
  8. Is this legal, even in Thailand?

    Offtopic a bit, but I'm going to try baking my LG motherboard in my toaster oven to get my HDMI ports working. https://www.google.co.th/search?q=baking+lg+powerboard&rlz=1C1CHBF_enTH726TH726&oq=baking+&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i61j69i57j0l3.1734j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  9. Is this legal, even in Thailand?

    Point taken. Reasonable compared to the cost and hassle of buying the TV part and installing it myself and compared to a service call in the West, but it is relative.
  10. Is this legal, even in Thailand?

    I have two LG plasmas from around the same time as yours. I've had to replace the y sustain board on both of them and now one of them needs a new main board as the HDMI ports don't work. Exactly the problem that 1000's of others have had. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/1726-defective-lg-plasmalcd-tv-class-action-lawsuit/ That said I've found LG service to be pretty good and reasonably priced. They came when they said they would and there were no hiccups. So I recommend biting the bullet and just letting them take care of it. The boards plus installation were around 3000 or so.
  11. I find Nana Bakery so good and reasonably priced that it's my first and last stop every time I visit Chiang Mai.
  12. Happy to find them back in stock at Ploenchit Villa in Bangkok also.
  13. Truck/Mover to Move a King Sized Mattress

    https://www.lalamove.com/thailand/bangkok/en/home Cheap and easy! Assuming you are in Bangkok.
  14. Has anyone seen Mission Tortillas in Bangkok? None left at a couple of Villas, Central Chidlom, or Big C Rajadamri. They seemed to be doing a good job of keeping them in stock so I'm afraid that's that for them. Hope I'm wrong and it's just a supply glitch.
  15. Sriracha Sauce finally in Thailand!

    Are you sure it was Huy Fong?