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  1. Chazz Palminteri, I can't wait for three years when he will reach 65 yrs old.
  2.   If I were to use toilet paper all it would do is tear into very small, fine pieces and then I'd have to use the sprayer again to get it off.  Yes, I know...better quality toilet paper.  The little water left over takes almost no time to dry on the underwear.  I feel a hell of a lot cleaner than I did in the US using paper.  I'd love to bring one of those sprayers home if I ever went back.  All you need to do to control the pressure is give it it's own cut-off valve and use the valve to control the pressure.     I have installed Thai bum guns in my home in California. After seven years in Thailand I found I couldn't do without it. And adding a cut-off valve to control the pressure works well too. On my many subsequent journeys to LOS I have brought back about 20 bum guns for friends in the US.  What's most important is to buy the very best brushed chrome--no plastic parts and small nozzle bum guns because the heads sometimes blow off the cheaper ones and we don't have drains in the floor to take away the flood in an accident. I do worry about that sometimes but I'm not giving up the bum gun and so far have been lucky. The best manufacturer I have found is VRH. Not the least expensive but worth the cost.  
  3. Last summer my partner and I flew from the U.S. to Mexico and he was not asked for a visa. He had an educational visa to study in the U.S. and this was between terms at his university. But the Mexicans didn't ask to see it, just stamped his Thai passport.
  4. popshirt

    Home Refrigerator

    I now have a refrigerator (freezer on the bottom) that is HUGE. Probably the best advice I was given in Thailand was to get the largest I could afford because so much needs to be stored under refrigeration if only to keep the bugs out of dry foodstuffs. The brand I bought is Fischer-Paykel. I had never heard of it before but learned it is a New Zealand company that manufactures in Australia and now somewhere in Southeast Asia as well. It cost the earth. But it is also the most beautiful appliance I have ever owned. It is sleek brushed stainless steel with no avatars or hood ornaments showing. I think it would not look out of place in a museum of modern art. Besides all that it performs beautifully
  5. popshirt

    Thai Student Uniforms 'too Sexy'

    Two observations: 1. uniforms = conformity (very important in Thai society) 2. what about the boys in tight short shorts?
  6. popshirt

    Best Sandwich Shoppe In Pattaya?

    Yes, I second that. Au Bon Pain has excellent sandwiches, their Arizona chicken is my favourite with LOTS of jalapenos!
  7. popshirt

    Central Festival Pattaya Beach

    I just returned from several hours inspecting Central and I really think it will be a success. In fact, it already is! I noticed that almost every restaurant was filled with the exception of some very high end ones but this was lunchtime) and I noted the volume of shopping bags from stores in the mall and it seems that people were buying goods as well. I was delighted to see a Yayoi restaurant as I enjoy them in Bangkok. Parking was easy even though the structure was a bit crowded; entry from Second Rd and exit to Beach Rd was not difficult at all. As I moved through the various levels of the mall I was holding my breath hoping to find a Kinokuniya book store. Alas, there is none, just a same same Asia Books. The Food Hall is every bit as good as Central Chid Lom in Bangkok. And they deliver! Thumbs up from me on this one.
  8. popshirt

    Central Festival Pattaya Beach

    Hmmmm....I just assumed there would be a Central Department Store in there somewhere. I haven't been able to see for myself, but from reading these posts, it seems there is no department store! I happen to like Central and was looking forward to one locally. Yes or no?
  9. popshirt

    The Grumpiest Ex-pat In Bangkok

    Does the Oriental coffee shop have wi-fi? If so can someone take a laptop and keep us updated in virtual time?
  10. popshirt

    How Many Of You Eat Thai Food 3x A Day?

    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I came to Thailand around 5 years ago a big fan of Thai food. In fact it was one of the reasons I relocated to LOS. But I have tired of it, find most of it greasy, too sweet or too hot. Most of all my in-laws in Isaan have really put me off the food there. I simply cannot eat the fatty grisly meat bits they serve at every meal. Any offer to buy food or to cook it is met with a polite refusal, so I exist mostly on rice and whatever fruit and vegetables happen to be in season and grown on the farm. One evening I was startled by the most vile smell and discovered that uncle Sai was stir frying some bugs he had found in the garden. Cooking them delivered this putrid odour throughout the house and I nearly had to go outdoors. Then he proceeded to sit and enjoy his bugs, mashing them into sticky rice and licking his fingers. I also think it is very unhealthy to fry food in palm oil. I have, at the other end of the scale, enjoyed what is known as "royal Thai cuisine" but it is very expensive, too costly for everyday consumption. So, I eat western food most of the time and enjoy it. I also like Chinese food and Indian food. My favourite cuisine however, is Vietnamese. I simply LOVE it.
  11. popshirt

    Jomtien Condo Owners Sue For Sea View

    I own three units in VT5-C (used to be A) and know others in the building who have talked with owners in VT2 about their experience. A number of us are ready to join up with whatever group decides to go ahead and wrest management away from View Talay. In my opinion the place is already going to pot. I live in Bangkok and don't spend that much time (yet) in Jomtien but will be there more in the future. In the meantime if anyone decides to spearhead such an effort, count me in and keep me informed.
  12. Even if such a rail line is built and even if it is a roaring success, one would find oneself dumped in Pattaya in a snarl of baht buses. In my experience this is a nasty introduction to third world transport. Until there are meter taxis available people such as myself will continue to drive a car to Pattaya as it is necessary to have one in order to enjoy Pattaya/Jomtien in its expanded version. The baht buses just don't make the grade; actually they are a disgrace.
  13. UPDATE: Sorry for repeating my earlier post, but I wanted interested parties here to know the final outcome with Bank of America. When I was in the US a few months ago I determined to get to the bottom of the problem. After many calls (my local branch could do nothing for me as internet banking is another business apparently) I finally came to speak with a surly individual who was part of the "security department" or something like that. He informed me that I had been "coded" and that this was a serious thing and furthermore there was nothing that could be done to remove such a code. I have been "coded" for money laundering! At least that is what he presumed. Me, who has never transferred more than 5K a month to Thailand! He responded to me as one would to a criminal, already convicted, and lucky to be out of jail. He also suggested I close my account with B of A and use some other bank as there is no way I could be removed from such a dreadful "no fly" list in my lifetime. And this after being a customer of B of A for almost 40 years! Being coded means not only are international transfers prohibited but it is also impossible to make a transfer to my US Citibank account. No transfers outside the bank, period. End of story. End of relationship.
  14. popshirt

    Jomtien Condo Owners Sue For Sea View

    I think this question still needs to be answered and is the only important thing to keep this topic alive. I agree that all other subjects are irrelevant and should be ignored or be discussed in a new topic. YES. Please. Maybe the Mods can help us out here. I am tired to reading so much extraneous drivel in this thread instead of finding out what happens of import to Jomtien and Pattaya.
  15. popshirt

    I Need Some Advice, Please!

    I have had a Thai bf for 3 years and our relationship is very very good. We live together. BUT I have found it important to me to spend some time at my California home for a variety of reasons, one of which is to be with my intellectually stimulating friends (I also have friends in this category in Bkk but not many). I have The New Yorker delivered to Thailand and devour it every week. I go to films/concerts at the Goethe Institut, Alliance Francaise, Thai Cultural Center, etc. But I do miss the indie films, especially those from Latin America, Europe, Australia and I catch up on those when I return to California. I think your plan is a good one. Don't burn bridges. Variety is important in my life and that is why I really like living in two places that are so very different. I am just sorry US Visa restrictions are so nasty as I would love to introduce my bf to my life in the US. But we are working on that, in the meantime he is getting on with his career and doing well at it. Because my income is in US dollars and prices have gone up in Bkk anyway, I don't find a great deal of difference in the cost of living here. For one year I lived "Thai style" paying under 10,000 baht/mo for an apartment and it was ok, a good experience, but have moved to what my bf calls a "hi-so" bldg with lots of space and a great view and enjoy it more. The rent is comparable to what I would pay in the US. That was my choice and worth it to me. I also travel when I am in Bkk, for example a trip to the Middle East this past year. I love Thailand but find it a bit cloying if I don't get away from time to time. But that is just me. You will find your own preferences. Good luck.