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  1. If you can post or deliver them to the Bank of England "The bank said it would accept the old notes indefinitely." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/old-10-notes-deadline-legal-tender-circulation-jane-austen-plastic-banknotes-a8217476.html
  2. Just so happens i was on "Soi Blue Cow" (well I cannot spell it either ) when the job was being done...... Do please observe that all Health and Safety rules were being followed! Apologies for the poor photography, by the way!
  3. Similarly when in Seam Reap some years ago, sitting and having a cold drink, 2 young children, aged perhaps 8-ish approached my (ex) Thai GF and asked her for the empty bottles. She didn't understand, so they asked me in French with which i have a passing acquaintance. I handed them the bottles, said "There you are" to which I got a perfect "Thank you Sir" Remarkable
  4. I understand that Singaporeans are similar.
  5. In my (albeit limited) experience of Cambodia, I found the people to have much more of a learning ethic compared with Thailand. I'm not an expert so don't know why but possibly it's due to the horrific events they endured in the 20th century (Khmer Rouge etc) when the country basically had to rebuild itself? Or possibly it's due to their Colonial past? I've seen the same learning and work ethic in Indian people, but it does appear to be sadly lacking in Thais.
  6. Where then?

    Or possibly................. there's just something else you need
  7. Bringing cheese into LOS

    Apparently, it is (or was at the time) much more expensive in Thailand.
  8. Bringing cheese into LOS

    I brought some Mature Cheddar from UK some years ago for a friend and as suggested above, kept it in my fridge until leaving, then wrapped it, (still in its original packing) in silver foil, then in a plastic bag, then then packed it in my checked baggage. Arrived intact and reportedly was delicious. By the way, I did exactly the same with some bars of chocolate.
  9. To a point! I posted because the warnings will look scary to those who haven't seen them before, AND if someone spoofs a legitimate site, it may become possible for people to effectively ignore (click through) genuine warnings. Clearly, one of the reasons certificates exist is to save users the bother of checking a website in intimate detail.
  10. I just received this article in my daily "The Register" email Beware the looming Google Chrome HTTPS certificate apocalypse! If you go to the list of affected websites, you can see that lazada.co.th is amongst those affected and I've noticed that many people on ThaiVisa use it
  11. Nooooooooooo....... I don't beleeeeeeve it!
  12. Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    I realise that quoting myself is a bit odd but yesterday I gave Bake'n Brew a try. It was nearly empty and unlike before, I got good service and piping hot coffee. Tried the bread buffet and the choices of bread are excellent: fresh and tasty. The coffee isn't (IMO) brilliant though - I found it a little bitter. But, I am happy to give it a positive assessment (unlike before) - I'd say "it's on my list of places to breakfast in Pattaya". Then again, perhaps the title of this thread should be "The breakfasts I like the best in Pattaya" Bon appetit
  13. Thanks for that detailed explanation @Pib- tbh I did actually know about the difference between purchases and cash advances, and I've long since shied away from using credit cards for cash. My UK-issued Barclaycard charges silly amounts for that. I was also aware of the pre-paying strategy, which, interestingly is actually against Barclay's "rules". One is not supposed to pre-pay but of course the card issuer wants to make as much money out of their customers as possible so want us to have to pay interest. I of course, don't! My confusion was that reading what @misterphil said in post #75 "Any money exchange. Its charged to your credit or debit card as an overseas purchase." I mistakenly took to mean that somehow, the money changers were making cash advances appear to the card issuers as if they were retail purchases rather than cash advances.. That of course would be too good to be true which was why I questioned it.
  14. Oh! You and @misterphil seem to think the exact opposite of each other, so i'm still in the dark unless I try it for myself I suppose.
  15. That's useful to know - thanks