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  1. I usually use Mr T - when you email to book, include your Thai phone number and switch your phone on as soon as you land. I usually get a call from the driver when I'm in Immigration or baggage reclaim.
  2. best place to exchange british pounds for baht

    I also agree with using TT exchange - my chosen way to change £ to Baht. Suggestion: change mid-week as usually the rates are better - certainly avoid Friday to Sunday as they fix their rate for the weekend and obviously in their favour. It doesn't make an enormous difference unless you're changing hundreds of pounds but every little helps as they say.
  3. Well said - it took 6 pages before someone pointed that out. The Western governments have constantly got their hands in our pockets for thousands of pound, dollars, euros or whatever but that's OK - they're taxes not bribes. And of course without clever tax advisers, they're usually unavoidable, especially for we little people. It would be different if these taxes were all spent for our good but such a lot is wasted on the benefit of those in power. What, apart from scale is the difference...really?
  4. As a newbie (well so your signature says), you may not know that the penalties for possession of weed in LOS are draconian! There is no concept of "just a bit for personal use", so I rather suspect that Thaiguzzi is being sensibly cautious. I think the best advice to anyone considering weed, hash, dope, whatever you call it, is think....think..... think again..........and then DON'T! Just marking yer card there mate!
  5. That logic sums it up for me too. When I'm in Thailand, i'm in "relaxed, holiday mode" and going out for a drink is soooooo much more fun than in UK (whether female company is involved or not) So i'm out every night, even if only for 1 or 2 drinks, but sometimes a lot more. Oddly, in Thailand, I never think of keeping booze in my room - always go out, but in UK pretty much the opposite is the case. Then again a bottle of spirits can last 6 months so it's pretty much an occasional tipple. I'm lucky though - I've always had an inbuilt "enough mechanism" that sets off an alarm telling me "Don't have another drink, you'll be sorry" Usually (!) I heed it but there are certain occasions when.........
  6. Funny.....but sadly, all too true
  7. Cannot sign off.

    Thanks UJ - works a treat
  8. Some great comments in this thread....but someone's got to post it......
  9. @misterphil As you're in Pattaya, to be clear, do you mean places like TT Exchange? Is it totally free of fees and do you get the standard interbank rate, for "x" amount of Baht or do they convert to home currency (UKP in my case)? And that is a Debit card, not a Credit card? Sounds almost too good to be true!
  10. @JamJarThat's what I thought. I believe that banks in Thailand will take a Credit card over the counter but not a Debit card. SCB used to allow OTC cash advances on foreign Debit cards but I thought that stopped some years ago. in fact I was told at SCB, Bangkok Bank and KBank branches in Pattaya, that it was no longer possible. I'd love to be able to do that next trip, but as I'm not in Thailand at present I cannot check for myself. So with respect to @sanemaxwho seems fairly sure, does anyone else have a definitive answer to this and recent experience of actually getting cash, OTC on a foreign, preferably UK, Debit Card? If so, which banks and where please?
  11. Cannot sign off.

    In fact, only the RH one has the drop-down caret - clicking the LH one takes you to your "Profile" at least that's the case with my account Why HAVE avatars gone anyway? Is that intentional or a bug covered in another thread that I've missed?
  12. Bookshop

    Yes it was good and I've unfortunately lost contact with Mike - hopefully I'll catch up with him next trip to Thailand. Sadly, I'm one of the people who are his nemesis inasmuch as i just don't buy paper books any more. I can carry a couple of hundred of them on my e-reader and for travel purposes that's ideal. Sign of the times, which, ironically Mike and i discussed several years ago.
  13. I should hope not! That WAS how I found the manual, by the way
  14. My turn to agree! My original comment was based on the premise that a given disk drive had already been tried and tested in a given USB socket. In that instance, introducing a 30cm high quality USB extension wouldn't (and didn't) cause any problems. Certainly the gent on Sony's help-desk was quite impressed with my reasoning! I've never actually tried plugging a hub into a TV USB...never needed to...I assume from your comment that I could if it became necessary..
  15. Yes! I do it all the time for the same reason. It also means that you're not constantly plugging in and out of a USB socket on the TV motherboard - I'd rather wear out a cheap cable than my TV's motherboard.