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  1. Just sometimes, I'm pleased to be the age I am because I rather feel that in 30 years the attractions of Soi 6 will no longer appeal to me! On the other hand if I actually get to be a nonagenarian, and those attractions do still appeal.........
  2. Sadly, that is already happening in Pattaya - Hooters being a very good example of a very bad example....if you see what I mean? The very existence of places like The Hilton are and will continue to influence the changes. For we "party people" the changes are not good, for others they may be.
  3. Sihanouk airport upgrade on track

    I was referring to the island itself rather than the airport - agree with your comments about Phuket airport - I've never been to SHV - when I went to Sihanoukville, it was by bus from PP. My overall comment was that I feel that Sihanoukville is "developing" in much the same way as Phuket Island has, particularly the tourist areas you mentioned. I remember Phuket when it was a relatively unspoilt tropical island - even Patong had few paved roads - Soi Bangla was a dirt road in 1988 - sadly, no more The SHV airport upgrade will, IMO, exacerbate the development of "Snooky" and i think that's when it will look like the Phuket of today - Not a good thing IMO
  4. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    That's referred to here
  5. Best to ask at the branch of CIMB where you have the account as they all seem to differ, or possibly look at their website?
  6. Mickey Mouse museum opens in Lamphun

    Is that children of all ages? Seriously, I just love people who have unconventional hobbies - good luck to Naren
  7. Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" says it neatly, especially, IMO applied to Phuket: They paved paradise And put up a parking lot With a pink hotel, a boutique And a swinging hot spot Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you've got til its gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot
  8. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    Most Hashes do welcome men (Hashers) and Women (Hariettes) to join in the fun. Phuket for example, has several Hashes - some for everyone, some just for men and some just for women Have a look at the Information page on here... Phuket Hash House Harriers On On....
  9. Sihanouk airport upgrade on track

    Ah well, Sihanoukville will become even more like the hell-hole that Phuket became. When I first went to "Snooky" 10 years ago, my first thought was "its like Phuket in the eighties" - seems as if it's going the same way.
  10. Shouldn't the title of this thread be: "What price safety human lives? Thai government in dangerous routine U-turn on passenger safety
  11. There are many, many versions of this song about, but as Geraint Watkins is an old acquaintance....... and whilst with the Alligators, this has GOT to be relevant to Thailand! And one more with Mr Watkins and another great rocker....... (Actually I prefer Johnny Allen's version of this old Chuck Berry song!) But is it the Promised Land?
  12. And of course, some of the Doo Wop bands had an interesting take on it all....