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  1. VBF

    Tea vs. Coffee

    And the same tongue, which, I trust, is firmly in your cheek? How can anyone whose name contains "Britman" re-use a tea-bag.....mumble, mumble.....
  2. VBF

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Probably and they were certainly not out for trouble at the Barupa event - just enjoying the music like me. The footwear combined with the leathers just amused me. And @thaiguzzi - point taken.
  3. VBF

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    I can say on good authority that Pattaya HA are identifiable by their natty choice in footwear Taken at the February 2018 Burapa Music Festival in Jomtien
  4. VBF

    Jetski Mafia

    My first time in Pattaya in 1985 (!) I took out a couple of Jetskis and they were great fun - not really dangerous unless you ride like an idiot (or cannot swim!) Since then, having "been there, done that" I've not been tempted and whatever the "authorities" might say, the likelihood of being scammed is, to me, not worth it. Older and wiser? Well older, for sure! As for the beach, pick your spot either at Naklua, or Jomtien, you can have a nice relaxing spell in a deckchair but being in the middle of Pattaya is a bit like trying to relax in a the fast lane of a motorway! As for swimming in that cesspool? Noooooooo! Slightly but what's Koh Larn like these days? Last time i went was before the hoards of Russians and Chinese descended and the beach on the far side from the dock was clean and relaxing. Oh and I think the boat either way was 40 Baht. Anyone been recently?
  5. I always knew football was nuts! Nut Cracker.mp4
  6. VBF

    New Site Feedback

    UPDATE (FYI) "Clear Notifications" now works correctly
  7. VBF

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Or perhaps "mai pen rai"?
  8. VBF

    New Site Feedback

    Not entirely sure if this is the correct place to mention this but @Tech Doctor perhaps you'd move it if it isn't please. So when I try to Clear Notifications thus: I get the following message: I HAVE reported it via the Contact Us button. FYI - Windows 10, Chrome with absolutely NO changes to my config since last week when the function worked perfectly. If you need more info, feel free to PM me.
  9. I always thought that quote applied to Insurance Companies. Then again...similar mindsets.
  10. Or sell it to raise compensation for innocent people injured through other people's bad driving.
  11. Cambodia does that when you arrive at Phnom Penh airport as well as photographs. Quite impressed actually.