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  1. Re-read my post to which you replied! I said nothing about drinking tap water anywhere! The local water in Pichai came from the river and was purified, and as for Patts - obvious really.
  2. Well I stay mainly in Pattaya and wouldn't dream of drinking tap water there! However, a late friend used to live in Pichai and he and his family used to drink the local water without any harm being caused. I drank it there too and was fine. UK plastic bag ban began in October 2015 - rather than type it all out, there is lots of information here. Our recycling practice pretty much mirrors yours above.
  3. Not trying to score points here, but in UK, big shops stopped giving away "single-use" plastic bags a couple of years ago. Aldi and Lidl never did anyway. Lots of people, myself included, objected at the time, but further thought and the smallest change of habits has resulted in a massive reduction in the number of bags used and therefore abandoned. It took time and will take time in Thailand..... Oh and @Thian you are being sarcastic about the tap water I trust? Aren't you?
  4. Thanks @transam I've now had a chance to explore the options in AdwCleaner and search around the 'net for more info. I ran AdwCleaner and let it remove the Chrome extensions, ran it again to find them gone - correct. They are indeed now missing from my Chrome browser - again correct. In that respect, it's working correctly, so I reinstalled the extension I wanted (Shortcuts for Google) from the Chrome store, ran AdwCleaner again, and there it was, being reported as a PUP. Theoretically this is also correct and I do realise that "PUP" is only a Potentially Unwanted Program, but I still do find it odd that valid extensions from the Chrome store are being marked as such. That is what makes me question the veracity and usefulness of AdwCleaner itself which is what I meant above when I said I thought it reported false positives.
  5. Despite all the other comments, I rather think you've nailed it there. Just possible that there will developments supporting your theory very soon.
  6. @transam and @petermik A question for one or other of you....... I've just tried MalwareBytes AdwCleaner (7.2.0) as you seem to like. Trouble is that it finds several of my Chrome extensions (from the official Chrome Web Store) as PUPs. Example: "Shortcuts for Google" This is odd because neither Norton nor the regular MalwareBytes finds them. I think they're false positives, and when I have time later, shall do some research. I'd be interested to hear your take(s) on that please.
  7. With Norton, i get no crapware, the only emails I get are ones I've agreed to, and the only popups are very discreet ones when it finds a problem (ie, blocks something). And @maxcorrigan A/V programs are hard to uninstall because if they were too easy, a virus could be constructed to uninstall them. When I run CCleaner's Registry Cleaner, it never cleans this entry "ActiveX/COM Issue InProcServer32\C:\Program Files\Norton Security with Backup\Engine\\......." unless I go into Norton's settings and effectively unlock its tamper prevention.
  8. Used CCleaner since the Windows 98 days, through XP, W7 and now W10. They dropped the ball once in September 2017 with version 5.33.6162 which contained malware https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2017/9/18/security-notification-for-ccleaner-v5336162-and-ccleaner-cloud-v1073191-for-32-bit-windows-users but they sorted it out PDQ and importantly did not try to hide their embarrassing mistake! Be aware - CCleaner is not an antivirus tool in any way! My preferred setup on Windows is as follows: Paid-for Norton Security which includes AV, F/Wall, / A/Spam, Exploit prevention. This runs in the background, and as it's paid-for - no adverts. Then Free Malwarebytes - run on demand Then Free CCleaner - set the way i want it as regards cookies, privacy, monitoring, scheduling - run on demand, usually daily before shutdown and manual backup.
  9. So true. I railed against having to pay for plastic bags for a while, but it's now become second nature to bring a bag shopping - I keep a "bag of bags" by the front door, and another in the car. When they're worn out - use 'em for general rubbish. Also have a bag of "single use" water bottles for future use - those that I buy now go in the recycling bin when empty. The other point is that where I live, in the UK, by the way, the local authority provides the means for me to recycle easily and free. Instead of throwing plastic into the main rubbish "wheelie" bin, I throw it into another, literally green, "wheelie bin". Both bins are emptied weekly - paid for out of Council Tax. If an authority makes it easy and free, busy then possibly people will do it - otherwise human nature kicks in - I would be and was just the same! Sadly, however much rhetoric there is, I don't see Thailand making that much of an effort to make recycling easy in the immediate future - i may be wrong, but I haven't seen it.
  10. VBF

    Internet Romance Scam

    Firstly well done for helping this lady withdraw from what might have been a very dangerous situation. And kudos to her for listening to your good advice and getting out. Regarding the parcel - who cares? The scammer may have sent it but he's lost it and that in itself serves him right! But a further thought occurs to me, and I'm not an expert so it's just my thinking. The lady's ID card may have been compromised by her giving the details over. Would it be both possible and sensible for her to get that card cancelled and a new one issued? I have no idea what the mechanism would be for this but I do know that any sort of government-issued ID document is valuable "currency" to unscrupulous scammers the world over. IMO, she should not say it has been stolen because it could be shown that she herself sent it to the scammer - that sort of a lie could backfire and make her look guilty of a crime which clearly she is not. Hopefully someone here will have the knowledge on how to get this done - despite negative opinion of Thai law enforcement, involving them voluntarily might, in this case be wise.
  11. VBF

    Shop Loyalty Cards

    Some of the free loyalty cards in UK (IE Nectar, Co-Op) give you points when you scan the card at the checkout - eventually the points add up and you can use them as cash on a future shop. At least that's how the UK ones work so it might be worthwhile for those in Thailand to check and see if you should be scanning every time you shop at a particular outlet. You may just be missing out!
  12. VBF

    Shop Loyalty Cards

    You beat me to it!!!!! It's like paying for a shirt or hat that advertises a business - if you want free advertising, fair enough but give me the item - don't expect me to pay you for the privilege of providing the advertising. That has long been a "peeve" of mine.
  13. And that bit is easy and actually, I've been doing it for a while now anyway. When they've put 1 small item in a bag and then reach for another bag, simply tell them not to and to put it all together. And insist on it if they waver! Mind you I did that once and the cashier put everything in one bag as I'd asked, smiled and threw the second bag away - TIT!
  14. VBF

    EU data law HITS HOME

    No way! There are some misunderstandings around GDPR. You have to opt-IN , therefore, as you say, chose to accept. In theory, if you do not, then you must be removed from the company's database. But, if you have actually signed up in the past, then you have opted in - as in the case of ThaiVisa - I've asked to receive emails from them and wish to continue doing so. in that situation, the organisation has complied simply by letting you know that their privacy terms have changed - as did ThaiVisa with an email and as have my banks, clubs where I'm a member etc. Actually, I'm loving it!!! Every email i'm getting from those who have farmed my details without my knowledge is getting this standard reply: "REMOVE ME FROM ALL YOUR SYSTEMS IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY - GDPR RULES" For the 5% of those from whom I want to receive communications, I'm either clicking "Accept" or responding positively to the email. I do know from whom I wish to receive regular emails! If I don't recognise them, they can **** off!! It works especially well for me as I can now rid what was my former business email address of all the agents, so-called financial advisers and other parasites. As I say.......loving it!