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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Thai children going to this university? My understanding is that all the classes for a B.A. in English are given in English. We all know that kids graduating mattayom in the public school system don't have great English skills. While this person is probably in the top 10%, I'm wondering if that is good enough to not be overwhelmed. Any feedback though, on experiences with the university would be appreciated.
  2. Toyota Sattahip is quoting me 2,500 baht on my 2010 Vios. They said the aircon is "very dirty". I think it's BS. I had it done around 20,000 KM/2 years ago.
  3. PMK

    Skin biopsy

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of a skin lesion biopsy at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital or another hospital or clinic in the Pattaya area. Thanks.
  4. I found it on the Internet already. Red Necked Keekback. Apparently it is both poisonous and venomous and there is no anti-venom for it. Yeah. I found it on the Internet already. Both poisonous and venomous, and there is no anti-venom. Thanks.
  5. I am having trouble with this. The spray mix I got from the plant store is only marginally reducing the growth. Can anyone suggest a good treatment for this? Thanks.
  6. PMK


    Like I said, according to vet, they can tolerate some intake, but the less the better. Thus the recommendation not to use on the feet more than once a week. Also inhaling is not the same as ingesting, and yes, they can inhale through the mouth, same as us. For example, think pepper spray!! It's a very unpleasant experience. Eating pepper, not so much. And again, like I said, the fumes are quite strong (and unpleasant). No creature will enjoy the experience of inhaling it. Why don’t you ask your vet, which is probably where you will end up buying it, - the shops generally don’t stock either, - if you have any doubts.
  7. PMK


    I've lived here 23 years with many dogs. For 21 of those, ticks were a big problem, and I spent countless hours every week picking ticks off of my dogs and around the house (and my own toes!!). Now there are a few new products on the market that are wonderful. One you can use to spray around the house and home (don't forget curtains and other high places - ticks can hang out there for up to 4 months without feeding, waiting to drop or crawl down to any animal) . That one is Bayticol by Bayer, but I suspect that the one in the shops is a knockoff. Doesn't matter, it works. I paid around 170 baht for it. (makes 15 litres!) Although the instructions say you can use it on an animal, the vets I know say don't, but if you have a major problem, use it a couple of times a week at first inside and on the lawn, etc. Eventually once a month or less will be enough. I recently went 3 months without finding a single tick anywhere. The other one is BigBang spray - about 300 baht. Spray the dog sparingly including feet/pad/toes if necessary, but maximum once a week on that area because they can tolerate a bit but the less they lick off the better. Be patient. It takes a couple of days for the ticks to die and dry up. This is the least stressful way to get ticks out of your dogs' feet if like mine, they get super upset with any messing around with their feet. Mouthwash will also kill them, BTW, but BigBang has a longer lasting effect. USE A FACE MASK when spraying these. Bigbang in particular has very strong fumes. Don't use it near the dogs' snout or mouth I don't have much of a problem with fleas, but both these seem to kill them as well.
  8. Giving a sh*t doesn't help anyone - just the opposite. It's best to try and avoid situations that are too upsetting for you to handle. There's nothing wrong with that - it is just common sense. Perhaps you should not have pets.
  9. I disagree in the case of cats/dogs that are strays. They would not get medical care in any case. If you can give them shelter, food, and some basic care, flea, tick control, etc., plus love and attention, then they can live a happy, contented life many years. One comment about Thais and pets. The rare time I go to the really expensive pet hospital here, the pet owners are 90% Thai. A lot of Thais sure do love their pets. One time I paid for mite treatment for a poor neighbour's dog and she was in tears over it as there was no way she could afford it (or even organize the schedule of shots, for that matter).
  10. The cut is on his neck, so can't use this. Thank anyway for your response. Like everyone said, go see a vet. This is not the first dog to ever have this problem. Surely a creative vet can come up with a modified hood of some sort. If not, try another one. It sounds like the infection is not too bad, so this should not cost very much to treat, including a hood. And don't worry about him/her getting upset because of banging into things if the vet does fit one. It'll adjust to it in a day or two and settle down. Some kind of bandage is also a possibility. Anyway, take the dog to a vet.
  11. Good news. Apparently it was adopted yesterday.
  12. Saw it on FB. If you are interested, PM me for FB link or phone number. You can find out more info, but I asked and it can urinate and defecate okay. Being so young, I would think it could learn to use one of those wheely thingies..
  13. Does anyone know what might be wrong with this plant? It hasn't grown or flourished since I bought it 2 years ago, at which time it looked fine. The soil here is poor, quite sandy, but we dug a fairly large hole for it - I think there was 3 bags of planting soil dumped into it plus whatever was attached to the roots. I water it every 10 days or so, and use a little bit of fertilizer every 2 weeks. Thanks.