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  1. Jeesh....one good / nice story of the day and you have to debase it.
  2. Spot on. So many of these TV posters moan endlessly about Thailand and why 'can't it and the people do things as we do at home'; yet...they're the first to bitch about immigration in their home country ruining things and bleating on about how immigrants don't integrate.
  3. I'll bet quite a good proportion of Thai life gets on your tits by the sounds of it.
  4. Love it when respondents make statements like this without even giving just ONE example of the 'facts' you refer to. Why even bother?
  5. Could you name the more 'serious charges'?
  6. I would hope so. Less childish, ill-written and less inane content would be appreciated. Gone are the days when TV was a good read with good input when George owned it. And this Inspire Pattaya 'content' - really scraping the barrel when it comes to journalism. TV appears now to cater towards the lowest common denominator and not the overall cross section of expat society.
  7. Considering that tourism under the current government is nudging to generating 12% of GDP and more than 10% of the population is directly or indirectly generating an income from provision of services - what's your problem?
  8. Let's wait for the blood alcohol test of the Brit....his insurance coverage...his version of the incident....and any CCTV coverage of his driving before the incident. Rip to the Thai man.
  9. There is no image of the front of the truck. How do you know this?
  10. For the love of God...read the story. The motorbike driver...Robinson...pulled out in front of the pick up truck. Quote "Robinson, who could not be contacted to attend the inquest, said she checked there was no traffic before she drove across the road and claimed the driver was travelling too fast and failed to slow down, change lanes or pull into a large car park by the road." By this statement alone she knew she had erred and expected the truck driver to take evasive action. Not all driving accidents can be blamed on Thais. The only sensible, non-xenophic part of your comment is "lets hope this senseless death serves as a warning to others" - No Matter where they are when they drive...you might correctly add.
  11. Well said. I am appalled at some of the responses here. The OP has made a mistake, has lost money in the process, and evidently joined ThaiVisa to seek suggestions - not angry troll-like responses that make no one feel good. Why are so many TV contributors so angry?
  12. The body scan checks for external items strapped to the body. It doesn't see what's inside your intestines.
  13. Men wearing gold necklaces. Yep....studly and masculine.
  14. I avoid those large taxis at all cost. Thieving scoundrels.
  15. And it's made the Daily Mail - for those that use VPN - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4032192/British-man-thrown-police-cell-safety-killing-two-men-drink-drive-smash-Thai-island.html