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  1. This thread was started in 2007 by sriracha john http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/157479-two-israelis-arrested-with-23000-ecstasy-pills/ it has been archived and replies to the original thread are no longer possible . the following news is from to-day . Thai court frees Israeli on death row for drug dealing Amir Ben-David, Itamar Eichner 05.05.15 Supreme Court in Bangkok acquits Vladimir Agronik after eight years in prison, accepting that he had no connection to another Israeli on death row for same offence. A 39-year-old Israeli who has spent eight years on death row in Thailand for selling drugs, was this weekend set free by a Thai court and is now heading back to Israel. The Supreme Court in Thailand acquitted Vladimir Agronik, after accepting his claim that he had no connection to the drugs found in the apartment of another Israeli, Alon Yigal Mahluf. But the court rejected the appeal by Mahluf, who has also been sentenced to death. Mahluf now has 60 days to seek clemency from the Thai king. The two Israelis were arrested in December 2007 after 23,000 ecstasy pills found in Mahluf's home. They were both found guilty and sentenced to death. They petitioned the Supreme Court after their appeal to a district court was rejected. Vladmir Agronik with Rabbi Nechemia Wilhelm in Thailand Continued here: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4654002,00.html seems the hang 'em high mob in the original thread have some humble pie to digest .
  2. Manchester City

    oops , just heard the sports headlines , was wondering why this thread was so active ...........................
  3. Manchester City

    Man City Fan's View Of Villa Clash Friday September 14 2007 vitalfootball.co.uk
  4. Manchester City

    even though the source is international , one suspects it was meant for the domestic audience .
  5. Manchester City

    Thailand coach convinced Man City serious about Thai talent September 09, 2007 tribalfootball.com
  6. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    things have been ratcheted up a notch for the Burmese junta , check the thread in general also ...........
  7. Manchester City

    Thai star to join Manchester City From correspondents in Bangkok, Thailand August 30, 2007 foxsports.com.au cafebabel.com
  8. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    link pulled already ??
  9. Manchester City

    enjoy ...
  10. Manchester City

    thanxs .............
  11. Manchester City

    pardon my ignorance mrtoad , really ????
  12. Manchester City

    been some conjecture about physical size , keep us updated please .
  13. Manchester City

    There is nothing under the sun which the Thai police cannot do. Because drug traders are ruthless to our children, so being ruthless back to them is not a bad thing . . . . It may be necessary to have casualties . . . . If there are deaths among traders, it’s normal. —Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in a speech at Ratchapat Suandusit Hall, Bangkok, January 14, 2003 cite appoligies , lets stick to football here .....................................
  14. Manchester City

    Thailand football excited about Man City opportunity July 26, 2007 tribalfooball.com
  15. Manchester City

    thanxs for that , keep an eye on them .