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  1. mr_hippo

    Liverpool F.c.

    Seen at Liverpool john lennon Airpoer under the slogan 'Above us only sky'; some wag has wrote 'And below us only West Ham'.
  2. u r an idiot

  3. mr_hippo

    What Bicycle Do You Ride In Thailand?

    Also missed out in the poll is 'tourers'. By 'trikes', does the OP mean 'recumbent trikes' or 'upright tricycles'? Mt stable:- Nashbar 6000R - retired (Again!) as of yesterday ( 7 August) after 19 years service in Saudi Arabia, UK & THailand Trek 7200 - Fitted with butterfly bars used as hack or lazy day tourer Trek 520 - bought yesterday and going for its first outing today (8th)
  4. mr_hippo

    Liverpool F.c.

    The centre circle at Anfield has been planted with potatoes so there will be something for Gerrard to lift in May.
  5. mr_hippo

    Any Bicycle Shop In Pattaya?

    ProBike sell Dahons and they gave dealers nationwide.ProBike dealers
  6. mr_hippo

    Manchester United

    Last weekend, I watched Aston Villa v United three times! The first one was from the early 2000s, the next was last weekend's live match and the third one was the 57 Cup Final!
  7. mr_hippo

    China: Politics, Etc

    Are we playing 'Twenty Questions'? Oh goody, I do love a good game of 'Twenty Questions'! No, I am not Chinese and I think it's too early to give you a clue!
  8. mr_hippo

    China: Politics, Etc

    Should we try to get real about the Beijing Olympics? Two old women who given up their home in 2001 and were rehoused but not where they were told. Of course, this would not happen anywhere else in the world, would it? Liverpool FC were successful - eventually - in moving two elderly spinsters from the house that they were born in. Anyone remember a few years ago when some 'slums' in Sukhumvit, Bangkok were demolished by 'mafia' types? Of course, no old people were affected! Other non-stories from Beijing:- The girl who lip-synched at the opening ceremony - similar things never happen in the West, do they? If an actress cannot sing, her song is dubbed by a better singer. Putting screens around building sites? Not in the West! We even put viewing 'windows' in them! Tapping away on your keyboard on this or any other forum is doing nothing to help human rights in China or anywhere else - go to China! You don't want to go to China - well help out in Thailand. Remember the Swede convicted and sentenced in Chiang Mai about 12 months ago? I did not see any protests on his behalf - why not? People here are complaining about the restrictions on the sale of alcohol - no protest marches? New visa rules - again, I don't recall any protests. You want to boycott Chinese products and sponsors of the Beijing Games - good luck to you. Please start by stripping your computer and removing all Chinese made products then you can do the same with all your household appliances and vehicles. After that go to Beijing 2008 sponsors and never again buy those products until you are happy about the state of affairs in China. and not just for the duration of the games!
  9. mr_hippo

    China: Politics, Etc

    So? Their country - their laws.
  10. mr_hippo

    China: Politics, Etc

    Can you provide a link to the BBC story - perhaps you are referring to this BBC story In many major building projects, people do get evicted/rehoused over a number of years. I was watching the Tele, I can accept evivtios, but footage showing a man being kicked in the head for not wanting to leave his home. One woman evicted overnight so the cameras would not be there, her house will be a lovely flowerbed. Try this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7515031.stm You said 1 million people have been evicted but your link says "Thousands of people have been displaced in China by Beijing's Olympic construction projects." Now there is a huge difference between 'thousands' and '1 million' - where did you get your figure from?
  11. mr_hippo

    China: Politics, Etc

    Can you provide a link to the BBC story - perhaps you are referring to this BBC story In many major building projects, people do get evicted/rehoused over a number of years.
  12. mr_hippo

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    First of all, it is Mr Hippo to you! Who won the 70 FA Cup or do you not count that? You have won a few more trophies or does your interest start in the Chelski era? My parents lived not far from Bill Foulkes's parents, I kicked a ball around with Billy and a few of the Babes in the autumn of '57. One of my uncles worked with Bill at Lea Green pit, St Helens. Now who do you think I support?
  13. mr_hippo

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Now what did you win before 2003? You waited 50 years to become champions of the top flight! You will soon be back in your rightful place - halfway down the table and having success every 50 years' Does it make any difference if it was "within the width of a goalpost of winning the Champions League." or 10 yards off? A miss is a miss!
  14. mr_hippo

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    John Terry has just signed a TV advertising deal with Kleenex.