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  1. dsfbrit

    Where has all the decaf gone?

    Thinkingman - thanks for the reply. I tried downstairs in Central - well I asked a friend of mine to look when he went there. It is a Tops I think? I did not see the decaf ground coffee in Foodland - I could have a look at that. Get a coffee m/c as well and make it more of an 'event' when I have a cuppa. daocat555 - thanks for that. I never think of buying stuff at Lazada. I don't know why not - I prefer wandering into shops I suppose? Lazada certainly has what I want - so thanks again, edit - I just noticed Lazada has decaf Tea, hmm... for an Englishman like me - that could be just what I really need !!!
  2. I am not allowed coffee for health reasons. Fair enough. For the last 6 years I have been buying 200 gram jars of Moccona decaf coffee. I used to be able to get Tesco home brand decaf as well. I have been to all the outlets that I can think of in Pattaya - BigC, Tesco, Tops, Foodland, Makro etc... over the last few months. It is nowhere to be seen. I haven't tried Robinsons yet. Any ideas. I would be quite happy to drive somewhere and stock up on it if you know where I can get this. Thanks for you help.
  3. Watcharacters thanks for the reply. I am going into Pattaya today or tomorrow and will try one these places. It seems the Kodak sign is the key to their quality. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the reply dabhand. I will go down there tomorrow. I think the place I went to today had a Kodak sign outside. Maybe he would have been OK - I just wasn't sure.
  5. I just went down to Soi Post Office in Pattaya to get my photos for the renewal of my 10 year UK passport. I have seen the rules about the size etc... on the UK.GOV website. This place did not seem to know what I was talking about when I asked them if their pictures conformed to these rules. Is there a place in Pattaya you could recommend that does definitely provide paspport sized photos that conform to these rules? Thanks for your help
  6. topt - thanks for the reply. I think I always get charged for transfers to other banks - as this would be. I think I will do it as several transfers over a few days. It won't take that much extra time and I can make sure each transfer arrives before I do the next one OR draw out the money in one go and walk to the other bank nearby. Thanks again to everyone for your advice - much appreciated.
  7. KhunBenq. Thanks for the reply. I am being a bit over cautious perhaps, They always show me the screen when I am doing a smaller transfer and I check it is going to the right person - so what is different now. Yes you are right - I just need to make sure I have filled the form in correctly and check the screen as ususal. When I do internet transfers I usually transfer just a small amount initially - 10 pounds say - to make sure that arrives OK and then do the major transfer when the 10 pounds has arrived 'safely'.
  8. AsiaExpat, thanks for the reply. Sounds like a good method. As I explained above - I was trying to keep the paper trail if possible. I don't know that it matters that much though. The money will be in the savings account in one bank and moved to the new bank on the same day even if I withdraw it and carry it do the new bank.
  9. Nemises, thanks for the reply. I have just had some problems extending my visa based on marriage. I am fed up with the hassle of it - I have been doing this for 14 years now and there always seems to be a new rule to adhere to. So I am switching to the retirement extension. I will do the extension next week. I will have to prove the money has been in Thailand for 2 or 3 months - so I figured by doing a transfer there would be a paper trail to prove this.
  10. I am about to transfer 700K Baht from my Kasikorn bank account here in Pattaya to my Bangkok bank account also here in Pattaya. I have tranferred money many times here in Thailand, but for much smaller amounts. Is there a method you would recommend that will ensure this money arrives safely? A money transfer order or something that I could hand carry to the Bangkok Bank branch. Maybe I am being a bit over cautious and I should just use the normal transfer method. What could go wrong??? Thanks for your help.
  11. Apologies for not replying to the replies. I was out of the country for a few days and just did not not want to think about any of this until I got back. To Tanoshi I would say that you really have no idea of the effort and hassle there is involved in going to immigration EVERY year with all the paperwork to be told there is something else they want you to do. I don't usually moan about immigration, but the hoop jumping gets quite tiring and degrading year after year. In my case I have had this for 14 years. Anyway, my wife and I have decided we can't face it any more so will switch to a retirement extension. I can do this for the first time this year as I now get all my pensions so I have a documented income over the required amount to do the extension. Until now my income was savings interest and dividends that was too much hassle to prove. Thanks again for all the replies and I wish all of you having to do the extension based on marriage every year all the best with your future immigration visits.
  12. Berybert, See Will, Tanoshi thanks very much for the replies. Berybert - the IO said she wanted a picture outside my house in front of the number and the Thai person to be in the picture and give their ID number. That was it. Tanoshi - that is what she wants it seems. So it could be the security guard then I guess?? No mention of Tabien Bahn of witness though. See Will - I don't think that the IO wants this. She wants a picture outside our house showing the number - nowhere else? I have just read some other threads on this - what a mess it seems to be. I think I will ask my wife to go down to immigration and get them to explain in detail what they want. Thanks again for your help. (I could probably switch to retirement extension - maybe I should - it will mean some extra paperwork and cost, but this is just so much hassle now).
  13. Thanks very much for the reply Ubonjoe. She said she wanted a picture with me and my wife and the witness in it in front of the house. She said the witness had to provide their ID number. That is all. I speak Thai and normally would have asked a few more questions, but I was just so fed up to be honest - I just shook my head and walked out before I said something I regretted. I am usually so laid back with all this, but today I was just not in the mood for it. I figured I would ask on Thai Visa as you normally have the answers to all this visa minefield. I am pretty sure when I read about this witness thing a year or so ago - it was quite involved and did not just involve a picture and a Thai ID number. I will try and find some threads on it now I have cheered up a bit... Thanks again
  14. CC Nice one - not sure if it is the same as my situation - I think I am likely to take over the ops thread if I am not careful, so I won't reply to any more stuff about my situation on this thread.
  15. Johng That was a really helpful reply. Thank you very much for your assistance.