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  1. Buttermilk Powder - where to buy in BKK

  2. Agree that Thailand has much more than sex for sale. Not sure Pattaya does without substantial improvements to the beach and water condition. Sewage treatment is a must. Beach needs to be restored. Could use a bit of sand. The Middle East is always reclaiming land from the sea. Could be done here.
  3. Trump's travel ban is designed terrorism if I am not mistaken. The worst terrorist attack was 9/11. 17 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals but Saudi's name is missing from the list of banned travelers. What good is the ban?
  4. Govt approves 10 year visas for foreigners over 50 

    I suppose there are many people that could afford this, myself included, but I will be damned if I lock up 3,000,000 in a Thai bank drawing no interest for 10 years
  5. Govt approves 10 year visas for foreigners over 50 

    You normally walk around with 3,000,000 in your pocket? I am duly impressed.
  6. pick up liner

    Never seen spray on liners here. Where can you have it done?
  7. Smoking ..

    Google bbqthailand. He has apple sometimes. Out Soi Siam Country Club
  8. Bakeware

    Check Central online?
  9. Pattaya Man Dies in Bizarre Circumstances

    What is bizarre is that someone lost their life and TV posters joke about it
  10. Brooks Brothers

    Is that where all the ladyboys hang out? Just so that I know to avoid it. That there is the definition of witless. +1
  11. Harbor Mall Is Buzzing!

    To use a Yogi-ism, no one goes to Big C Extra anymore. There is no room to park
  12. Import a 2004 Harley Davidson in Thailand

    My apologies. Was not aware of a change in law
  13. Import a 2004 Harley Davidson in Thailand

    Nothing to wonder about... Laws have changed over the years. What was once possible now is not possible. Bad advice telling him to go to a shop to try and do something illegal Mr. Lawyer, Please tell me what i instructed the OP to do that is illegal.