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  1. Paid for VPN that actually allows access to itv player

    Google Chrome and the free HOLA VPN works, both with ITV and BBC. Occasionally have to clear cookies to get it to work, but have always managed to get a connection. Using Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers, internet provider is AIS fibre, no tweaking required.
  2. best 5ghz router ??

    5Ghz has less range and worse penetration through walls and floors. We have just had fibre installed by AIS and the supplied dual-band ZTE router is excellent. We have a large building so have an Edimax connected by LAN for the other end which also works very well in Access Point mode.
  3. Don mueang to suvarnabhummi

    I have used the shuttle bus a few times, not the most comfortable but plenty of space for luggage. Never taken more the 50 minutes.
  4. How are things where you are in Thailand

    Up in Ubon, where my wife has two buildings with rooms for rent, I have been quite shocked that a lot of hard working people who stay with us are really struggling with their debt. The demographic that seems to be in trouble are in reasonable positions, teachers and nurses, who have borrowed up to their limit. Also, as in another thread running, quite a few restaurants pop up and last a couple of months then close again. We have not had a full default on rent yet, but quite a few requests for part payment due to cashflow issues such as urgent car or bike repairs. We are lucky in that we did not have to borrow to build our recently completed second building, I am not sure we could have covered the interest with even a loan of 50%
  5. Can I use a pump without a water tank?

    If you lose water supply and are directly connected, you may have to prime the pump every time it comes back on. I would not want a pump trying to start when you open a tap and there is no water feeding it. Best option, go for a tank and an on-demand pump on the outlet to the house.
  6. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    @Chivas, glad you got it clarified, Happy New Year !
  7. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    Reading through all the Facebook, Oman Air and Muscat Daily stuff this is what seems to have happened. Oman Air had a strictly enforced ONE BAG ONLY policy for Economy, with a limit of 30 kg. They have changed this to a TWO BAG policy with a combined weight of 30 kg. Some agents have interpreted this as a maximum of 15 kg per bag, which Oman Air themselves have refuted in the Facebook post. The maximum of 32 kg per bag also applies to Emirates according to their website, although anything over 23 kg, in my personal experience, gets a "HEAVY" tag
  8. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    Just found this from OMAN AIR in reply to Beatrice Leuker and Zee Igbal on their Facebook page ( 26th December ) Oman Air Hi Zee, Economy Class guests may check in 1 bag weighing up to 30kg or divide the total weight into 2 pieces. Kindly check our new baggage policy here
  9. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    OK @Chivas, kindly show me the link on the OMAN AIR website that shows anything apart from this. Standard size and weight of each bag Linear dimension: 158 cm/62 in (width + height + length) Weight: No one single bag should weigh more than 32Kg. Baggage that exceeds the standard dimensions and weight restrictions are subject to applicable fees.
  10. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    It is NOT on the OMAN AIR website ! Their website says " max 2 baggage pieces with a combined weight 30kg" How can a First/Business customer be allowed only 2 bags to make up their 50 kg allowance ? The only mention is a max weight (as with most airlines) of 32 kg per individual bag. I think your travel agent has got their knickers in a twist !
  11. Oman Air....be aware re KGS allowance

    I think you may be wrong, nothing about individual bags, except at the very bottom, max 32 kg along with linear dimensions. Would be difficult for Business/First to get to their 50 kg with their 2 bag allowance @ 15 kg per bag ! These are all above the paragraphs referring to higher memberships. http://www.omanair.com/en/travel-info/baggage-services/allowance Book or Fly with Oman Air check in 2 baggage pieces with a combined weight 30kg in Economy as your free baggage allowance. Guests travelling or booking in Economy Class can check in max 2 baggage pieces with a combined weight 30kg free of charge. Guests travelling on Oman Air’s award-winning Business or First Class: 2 bags with combined weight of up to 50kg
  12. To get a FET document, the funds MUST come in as foreign currency. Also, for the OP's father to buy the condo in his name, it would have to be sent to a Thai bank account in his father's name.
  13. On that timescale, it sounds like your wife is going to be buying the condo !
  14. Windows 10 Upgrade.

    Did you check via Windows Update that it was genuine ? Even the most recent enormous W10 Fall Creators Update (1709) did not wipe any data for me. I would go back to the Update History and make sure what happened was actually from Microsoft !
  15. I am aware you can extend a Non O 90 day entry by 60 days. Is it possible to get the same 60 day extension on a SETV 60 day entry or even on the 30 day Visa Exempt entry ? I am from the UK and legally married.