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  1. Windows 10 Upgrade.

    Did you check via Windows Update that it was genuine ? Even the most recent enormous W10 Fall Creators Update (1709) did not wipe any data for me. I would go back to the Update History and make sure what happened was actually from Microsoft !
  2. I am aware you can extend a Non O 90 day entry by 60 days. Is it possible to get the same 60 day extension on a SETV 60 day entry or even on the 30 day Visa Exempt entry ? I am from the UK and legally married.
  3. Thai lion check in allowance

    On the day I posted this info, Thai Lion Air have reduced the free checked baggage allowance on domestic flight to 10kg. http://www.lionairthai.com/en/ThaiLionAir-Experience/Baggage-Allowance Just found this out today (10 Dec) when I booked my flight, however there is a sale on right now, the basic flight from Don Mueang to Ubon was 555 Baht and the extra 15kg of baggage was 520 Baht. Paid with a UK issued MasterCard, no extra fee for doing so.
  4. Thai lion check in allowance

    15 kg is included in ticket price. +5 = 250 baht +10 = 350 baht I have used them to Ubon many times, no issues at all.
  5. Minimising sizing of aircon

    We had a good experience with Home Pro, they came to our property and measured the room sizes. For the larger room, we agreed on the size required but for the smaller room, they recommended one size down as being sufficient, no attempt to oversell. We told them we were looking for inverter type and their recommendation was Daikin, which we purchased in the "hot season" sale, price included fitting and they did an excellent job.
  6. AIS Playbox - experience ?

    According to the AIS Fibre website, third party APPS will not be able to be installed on the Playbox from 20th November. http://www.ais.co.th/playbox/en/ Not clear if this will be a retrospective change for existing boxes.
  7. WRONG ! All major Thai banks have a charge of 0.25 % with a max of 300-500 Baht on incoming foreign currency. You won't see it itemised but I can assure you that for the last 13 years it has been taken, last time Krung Thai also charged 50 Baht to transfer the funds from Head Office in Bangkok to the branch in Ubon. All on their website.
  8. Wouldn't have worked for my last 3 transfers, the limit seems to be 2 million Baht at a time ! Rate does look good, even with fees of £255.07 on a transfer that receives 2 million Baht.
  9. If you use online banking with Nationwide, once the transfer has been actioned there will be a message in your online inbox.
  10. I use NW and KTB. Used online form, sent to NW before the cut off for processing, 1pm Funds were available at KTB the following morning at opening of business. Never been charged anything apart from the standard SWIFT fee at NW, and the usual receiving fee at KTB.
  11. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    Landing : The normal glide path angle is 3 degrees, which equates to roughly 300 feet per mile, so at 10 miles from touchdown the aircraft with be at 3000 feet. Once descending on the glide path (normally from 3000 feet or thereabouts) flaps and landing gear are selected which increase both lift and drag and therefore some power is required and more noise is generated, aircraft DO NOT make glide approaches once on final approach, the target speed on final is determined by aircraft weight and actual wind at the airfield. Steeper approaches are only required due to terrain constraints, such as at London City Airport. Departures : In the UK, there are very strict track-keeping criteria to minimise noise along with minimum heights at certain points. At Heathrow for instance, there is a lot of noise monitoring and airlines can be fined for transgressions. As for Thailand, it is in ICAO and will arrange arrival and departure routes according to International standards, HOWEVER, noise considerations and building regulations may be completely different.
  12. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    Let's all be thankful we live in the age of the high bypass ratio turbofan engines which are so quiet compared to their predecessors. People want to fly, there will be noise, we just have to live with it !
  13. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    Some incredible <deleted> in this thread. The aviation ideal for economical operation is continuous climb and descent, with arrival and departure routes never having to cross, all of which are impossible. If you are really interested in the way it all works, search for SID, STAR, RNAV Routes, 3 degree glide path and stable approach criteria.
  14. Another thread on your attempt to send funds out ! Surely, if the funds came in legally you should be able to get the required proof ?
  15. Funniest thing I have read today ! Give us your name, address and email and I'll send consumer protection your details, haha. You admit to buying a fake product, so you'll just have to take the consequences !