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  1. Where are you now? Never seen any booths in Pattaya or Bangkok offering NI note rates, very few do Scottish and those that do offer a lower rate. Best bet would be a specialist money exchange, not a Thai bank. Alternatively, find someone who is about to go home and see if they have any Bank of England notes they are prepared to swap.
  2. The fees for cashing TC's are pretty steep, I think it is 153 Baht per cheque, so if you do bring them get them in the largest denomination possible.
  3. That's a whole different discussion. It certainly will have to be explained on subsequent applications if there is a large discrepancy in the time requested as against the actual stay.
  4. Yes
  5. If you wish to buy a condo in your own name (foreign allocation) you will need to transfer your funds in US$ and have the conversion done at the Thai bank. When making the transfer, add "condominium purchase" in the "reason for transfer" box, this is essential ! You will require a Foreign Exchange certificate to present at the land office. If you are buying a house, then you are into the nightmare of not being able to own the land as a foreigner. You could just transfer the money to your wife and let her buy it all in her name (land and house) but you should still transfer in US$ and a FE form is required for amounts greater than 50,000 dollars. I recently transferred an amount larger than that to my wife at Krung Thai Bank, we called the main branch and agreed the money would be held on arrival. We were able to negotiate a little on the rate when she called them from her local branch when she went to complete the form.
  6. If it is a SWIFT transfer and is processed correctly today the money WILL arrive in Thailand tomorrow. It may go into a processing queue at your Thai bank, however there is no excuse for them not to credit your account tomorrow.
  7. Have a look here Treatment varies on the type and location of the warts. Cryotherapy works well, but as said above, the virus lives in the skin, so they can come back.
  8. The Transferwise fee would have been 0.6% of around £46000 = £276 + £1.50 on the maximum of 2 million baht, I needed to send over twice that amount, so my charges would have been nearly £600 ! The SWIFT fee was £20 plus 550 Baht at the Thai end. Also, Transferwise may have asked for ID checks and provenance for the funds in way of bank statements, as they say on their website for transfers over a certain amount, impossible for me to do all that from here in Ubon, however simply logging on to my UK internet banking and filling in one form was pretty painless.
  9. However, the Chanote is not in two parts ! The transfer is for the land AND whatever is built on it.
  10. Duplicate, please ignore or mod delete, sorry...
  11. @ianc66 Just had a look at Transferwise, but see the limit is 2 million Baht on a single transfer, so would not have worked for me this time. The fee on that seemed to be 0.6% in total, but they do use the mid-market rate ( Found the answer 0.6% plus £1.50) Is there a limit on how much you can pay by debit card ? ( Found it, £2000 only ) I looked into various UK companies last year, all OK for a couple of thousand Sterling, but some wanted BACS with a limit of £10,000, so I have stuck with SWIFT for now as there is no limit at all on how much you can send.
  12. Someone is pulling your pisser ! Time to have a word with your banks, no way should it take so long.
  13. I guess your friend is a foreigner, so he cannot own a house ! I think the transfer tax is 2% of the value of the property as assessed by the land office, not the sale value. When my wife bought land last April, there was some negotiation between the seller (who was going to pay the tax) and the official as to a "fair" price to put on the transfer document.
  14. Looking at all the experiences here, it would seem that SWIFT works as intended, you just have to be sure that your sending bank processes the transfer in a timely manner. There may be different rules at the various Thai banks, depending on whether a FET form is required, but as long as you are prepared to contact them, the funds should be available in Thailand no later than a day after the transfer.
  15. The funds were available on the Tuesday, if we had needed to access them, shortly after my wife had signed the FET form at the branch in Ubon and Head Office in Bangkok had pressed the conversion and transfer buttons. My previous SWIFT transfers, all from Nationwide to both Bangkok Bank and SCB have been processed in the same timescale, so any bank that delays funds is pulling your leg, SWIFT to Thailand really does work well.