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  1. The land database is available online. http://dolwms.dol.go.th If you know the area and the chanote number you can see a map, not sure about the boundary marker numbers though. There is also an Android app in the Play Store, search for LandsMaps
  2. Whatever your nationality, the easiest way is a SWIFT transfer from your bank account to your wife's account. Using a cheque (deleted) is laborious and time comsuming and not worth the meagre savings. Highly unlikely anybody would take any sort of card payment for such a large amount.
  3. @lkn, if your could have been bothered to actually read my post, my wife was speaking to the main office in Bangkok, we had arranged prior to the transfer that the funds would not be converted until we had called and agreed the rate. We have done the same with Krung Thai for 3 large transfers and although the rate was only marginally better, every little helps when you are transferring £100,000 Anybody sending over more than US$ 50,000 should have a word with Head Office (not your branch) and see what they can do,
  4. https://www.exch.ktb.co.th/exchangerate/#/counterRate No "tiered" rates here on the new (or previous ) website ! You get the "TT Buying rate", same as ALL Thai banks show on their sites. @lkn, you are talking rubbish. Only time I have seen different rates for the same currency is for US $ notes of different denominations.
  5. Ladyboy water volley ball Areca Lodge 2018

    For the afternoon competition around the pool, any normal day clothing, there will be drinks and snacks for sale. Most people put on a decent shirt and smart shorts or long trousers for the evening dinner, which also takes place around the pool area. The volleyball teams all get dressed up for the evening and some of them can be absolutely stunning. I have been staying at the Areca since it opened in 2002 and have attended the volleyball a couple of times with my Australian friends when our visits have coincided, it's quite a fun day and all for charity.
  6. No maximum but if the incoming transfer is over US$ 50,000 (or equivalent in another currency) then the Thai bank are required to produce a Foreign Exchange Certificate stating the reason for the transfer. My wife had to visit her branch to sign the document. We had asked for the funds to be held on arrival so that we could negotiate the best rate, they emailed us when the transfer arrived, wife went to sign and whilst at the bank called the Bangkok office and managed to get a slightly better rate than published on the Krung Thai website. KTB have been very good for the two big transfers we made for building works and our contacts at the KTB Bangkok office have even emailed us their new phone numbers when they moved location.
  7. Thai Mobile Networks

    If it's listed here you can check yourself https://willmyphonework.net/
  8. Nok Air plane stranded at Buriram runway

    Can be done, look here ! Has been done in the past by many types, including jets up to Boeing 727 size, however, modern aircraft are much heavier and the disturbance caused at the stand makes it impractical and dangerous but not impossble.
  9. So sorry I bought Daikin Aircon

    Sounds like the drain from the indoor unit is blocked, can happen with any brand. Could be bugs have made their home in the pipe, blocked with green mould etc. You'll just have to bite the bullet and pay somebody to unblock it.
  10. ITV hub and HOLA

    I had this issue a few times on my last visit. Signing out of my hub account and clearing browser cookies, followed by a HOLA country refresh and then signing back in worked most times. Occasionally this did not work but the programme became available later in the same day. In the UK right now, so cannot test, best of luck !
  11. Banking Transfers

    Yes, transfers are very expensive compared to other countries. Cashier's checks using EMS signed-for post would be the most cost-effective solution I would think.
  12. Banking Transfers

    Cashier's Cheque (CHECK if you're not British) Very cheap to buy from your bank 20 Baht at Bangkok Bank for a 1 million Baht cheque.
  13. Foreigner buying a condominium

    In all of my 22 years of visiting Thailand, I have never heard of anyone losing a condo that has been correctly purchased in the "foreign allocation" There have been some dodgy developers in Pattaya where people have bought "off plan" and lost money, but that was due to fraud. If you buy using the correct process then you will be fine.
  14. Foreigner buying a condominium

    Foreigners can own 49% of the total floor area, which is not necessarily 49% of the actual condos. If you buy in the foreign allocation, you own it outright. You cannot buy with funds already here, the transfer has to be proven to come from outside Thailand with a statement on the FET form "Reason for transfer, condominium purchase" Breaking the law using a Thai nominee or company is not a good idea in the current climate.
  15. Money Transfer UK to Thailand

    Depending on the amount, either a money transfer service or SWIFT transfer in STERLING from a UK bank. Some of the money transfer services have low limits and require ID checks for money laundering purposes, however, you can get an idea of the rates and charges on their websites. A SWIFT transfer will cost £10-30 or so in UK bank charges and if you send in Sterling, the receiving bank charges at the Thai end are around 0.25% with a maximum of 500 Baht at most banks. Your money will be converted at the TT Rate. https://daytodaydata.net/ This website is useful, just check the date of updates is current.