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  1. Our 50kVA transformer was 230,000 about 9 months ago.
  2. The Fat Controller

    Thailand elite visa - Advice needed

    Very odd that YOU didn't check the "admitted until" date in your passport and immigration missed the problem when you did your last 90 day report. As many other TE members are commenting on Facebook where somebody copied the post, all entries are for 1 year and it is clear in your TE pack. Good luck !
  3. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    Well, he went to immigration in his wheelchair, he is very unwell. He explained his situation and apparently he has been given two weeks to sort out his status. Only getting sketchy second hand information, so not sure if he is trying to marry his new lady and stay on a marriage extension or revert to retirement.
  4. The Fat Controller

    BBC iPlayer

    Still working OK on AIS fibre, Google Chrome and the free HOLA VPN addon, both for live feed and catch up.
  5. The Fat Controller

    AIS Fiber experience? Locations?

    We have 50/20 AIS fibre in both of our buildings (20 rooms for rent in one, 18 in the other) Building 1 has 4 WiFi SIDDs from the master router and 2 LAN connected slaves, one of which which we use exclusively for our Playbox and desktop, the CCTV recorder is also on the LAN, nobody is complaing about lack of bandwidth with half the rooms are occupied. Building 2 has the same number of SSIDs from master and one slave access point which is connected via a LAN switch which runs 8 CCTV cameras and a recorder. I am in our house between the 2 buildings, using the WiFi from building 2 at a distance of about 60 feet and no issues watching BBC iPlayer in decent quality. No issues with the service at all, keep an eye of the ever-changing packages, we just moved building 2 from 30/10 to 50/20 for an extra 9 baht per month, now 599 + VAT (no playbox) The latest supplied router is dual band and works well, system is very reliable and the call centre, although busy can support you in English. If you need an extra wireless access point, can thoroughly recommend EDIMAX dual band AC, good coverage and easy to set up. We are in Warin Chamrap, south side of Ubon Ratchathani.
  6. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    The saga continues, US idiot managed to get a copy with the signature from the amphur. He has yellow book, in his possession, with address of ex wife, she doesn't want him associated with her at all, can she do anything to remove the link without him being involved ? As for his immigration status, if she decided to tell them they have divorced (don't think he will do it) what is likely to happen ?
  7. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    Thanks for the info, we had lunch at his ex wife's house today and I had the dubious pleasure of speaking to him on the phone. When they divorced, they only got the printed divorce certificates but his lawyer in the US needs a copy of the signed agreement they completed at the amphur, neither were offered a copy... Even if he had it, not sure what his lawyer could do if it's in Thai, but that's his problem. As you all now realise, we are friendly with the ex wife, not him, he is a verbally abusive womaniser who just will not listen. Once again, thanks for the advice and information so far, but some people seem to be beyond help.
  8. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    @ubonjoe, can I call on your wisdom regarding his permission to stay. He renewed his permission based on marriage to the wife he has just divorced, but still has around 10 months remaining, so where exactly does he stand ?
  9. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    No, sequential relationships, time is of the essence due to his health issues, simple as that.
  10. The Fat Controller

    Divorce and remarriage, strange scenario

    Slight confusion from my post,sorry. The newly divorced man wants to marry someone else as a matter of urgency. Just wondering if, as the amphur has just done the divorce it is obvious he is single and free again, why is it still necessary to do the affirmation etc ? Due to illness, travelling to and around Bangkok is problematic.
  11. If a US citizen divorces his Thai wife at the local amphur and then wants to marry again immediately, is the divorce document sufficient evidence of his single status to be able to remarry at the same place ?
  12. I read the full report years ago, they sent the data to Boeing and they replied "yep, using that speed and configuration you're going off the end with what you did" Also flew on it from Heathrow (BA codeshare) cheekily looked for wrinkles which amused the CSD, he told me not to mention the golf course !
  13. The Fat Controller

    802.11 ac

    Your devices need to be dual band, as was the technicians phone, to be able to receive the 5Ghz signal. Simple as that. If the signal and speeds are low on the 2.4Ghz band in certain areas of your home the best solution is to run a LAN cable from the existing router and at the end of that connect a wireless access point. We have several Edimax access points which work well, all dual band as we are providing WiFi to our renters. Powerline systems as in your link could work, but depends on how the building is wired.
  14. The Fat Controller

    Shuttle Bus time schedule ??

    http://www.pausethemoment.com/bkk-to-dmk-for-free/ Seems to be up to date. I have used it a few times, never taken longer than an hour but do allow a bit more time at peak times.
  15. The Fat Controller

    How much would be a taxi drive to Pattaya?

    Last time I used Mr T (Oct 2017) I paid 1300 Baht each way. I believe all-in the prices have recently increased by 100 Baht due the opening of the new tolls at the Pattaya end of the motorway. Sometimes the drivers are reluctant to park in the airport, last time nobody was there and I had to call the office and it transpired the driver was waiting off-airport, which is against Mr T policy. Luckliy I had a Thai mobile so I could call cheaply.