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  1. Are you sure your Thai bank account is still active ? Some banks make then dormant after inactivity. Think you need to be in Thailand to get it all sorted.
  2. The original thread is 2.75 years old ! Be careful folks, tourist visas have changed a lot since then !
  3. Mine is back ! I added to my address book as advised by forum staff and they also knew of a potential issue which required a "tweak" on their side.
  4. I am subscribed to the newsletter using my AOL.COM address, but for a month or so it has never arrived and, yes, I have checked the spam folder. I had to add a gmail address in order to get it. It appears to be lost in cyberspace, wonder if any of the forum staff can see if they are being refused by the AOL mail system.
  5. During my many bored winter days back in the UK last winter watching Judge Judy (don't laugh), it seems that the engagement ring is ALWAYS awarded to the man when it goes to court if the wedding has not taken place.
  6. You need a new visa, obtained from somewhere outside of Thailand.
  7. My wife (45) was a former public servant and there are legacy rules regarding spouses being covered for government health insurance. I am now registered and have a 13 digit number on the national database, the process took about 4 months. I am required to register at the hospital I wish to attend, however mutiple registrations are permitted, so I am now on the books at Siriraj in Bangkok, the public hospital on Soi Buakhow in Pattaya and 3 hospitals in Ubon where we live most of the time, hopefully that'll cover most of the bases !
  8. @paul18620 , could you kindly explain why cash is no good ? A "tourist" could easily be travelling without access to a bank account and after all, the OP is applying for a SETV ! If somebody showed a THAI bank account then surely that would be even more suspicious.
  9. We had the same nightmare ! If the pump bladder is holding pressure, then you probably have a leak. Are you on a government water supply and if so, do you have a supply line that completely bypasses the tank and pump ? I only "proved" my leak by making sure the house was only connected to the government water supply by shutting off the tank inlet and pump outlet valves and seeing the meter still going round. That was the easy part, breaking through reinforced concrete and digging to find the 3 branches into the house, then cutting and capping them to find which area the leak was in was no fun at all.
  10. You have to leave Thailand by the "admitted until" date of the extension. You cannot have a second 30 day extension. Doing a same day "out-in" border bounce is possible if you have the required proof of funds and a ticket out of Thailand within the 30 allowed on a visa exempt entry, however if you have done a foot crossing before you may get questioned. Mentioning you have a Thai wife may get a "get the proper visa for marriage" response from the immigration officer.
  11. Where are you now? Never seen any booths in Pattaya or Bangkok offering NI note rates, very few do Scottish and those that do offer a lower rate. Best bet would be a specialist money exchange, not a Thai bank. Alternatively, find someone who is about to go home and see if they have any Bank of England notes they are prepared to swap.
  12. The fees for cashing TC's are pretty steep, I think it is 153 Baht per cheque, so if you do bring them get them in the largest denomination possible.
  13. That's a whole different discussion. It certainly will have to be explained on subsequent applications if there is a large discrepancy in the time requested as against the actual stay.
  14. Yes
  15. If you wish to buy a condo in your own name (foreign allocation) you will need to transfer your funds in US$ and have the conversion done at the Thai bank. When making the transfer, add "condominium purchase" in the "reason for transfer" box, this is essential ! You will require a Foreign Exchange certificate to present at the land office. If you are buying a house, then you are into the nightmare of not being able to own the land as a foreigner. You could just transfer the money to your wife and let her buy it all in her name (land and house) but you should still transfer in US$ and a FE form is required for amounts greater than 50,000 dollars. I recently transferred an amount larger than that to my wife at Krung Thai Bank, we called the main branch and agreed the money would be held on arrival. We were able to negotiate a little on the rate when she called them from her local branch when she went to complete the form.