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  1. Another thread on your attempt to send funds out ! Surely, if the funds came in legally you should be able to get the required proof ?
  2. Funniest thing I have read today ! Give us your name, address and email and I'll send consumer protection your details, haha. You admit to buying a fake product, so you'll just have to take the consequences !
  3. Getting married soon, need a few things comfirming

    Don't forget to take your passport at every stage !
  4. If you want to buy a house and can afford to walk away should everything goes tits-up, then by all means do it. However, if you have time, rent somewhere close to where you plan to buy and see how you get on with living in Thailand. Personally, I am struggling to adapt to life in Thailand, the lack of other English speakers close by is a problem for me, even though I am in a big city (Ubon). Luckily, my wife and her family are all successful middle class and never ask for handouts, no family dramas at all. My advice, try living there first before buying.
  5. @pumpjack, how did you bring the funds into Thailand ? It you did it by a legal transfer with the reason (as required on all UK to Thailand transfers) specified as "condominium purchase" you should have no problem sending the money out !
  6. If you had a condo in the "foreign" allocation, you should have originally transferred the funds from overseas and consequently have the relevant foreign exchange transfer document. That, along with the sale details should be sufficient for the bank to allow you to transfer out at least the original amount and maybe the whole sum. If Matrix did you a dodgy deal with dodgy funds, then it looks like you are stuffed regarding a SWIFT transfer. Move the funds to another bank and you will likely come up against the same issue, you have to prove the money came from overseas to send it out again.
  7. Visa Policy and Changes

    This has got to be the funniest thread in a long time ! I am afraid you are totally delusional thinking you can change the immigration policy of Thailand or your home country. I hope you can put whatever you suggest in the Thai language, at least then they can have a bit of a laugh before they put it in the bin.
  8. Laptop has slowed to near stop...Help

    I had this problem on Windows 7, have a look at what is happening in Task Manager https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/188059-help-me-with-javawsexe/
  9. No problems at all with our one year old Daikin Inverters, quiet and economical and the temperature control is excellent. The only issue for me, the instructions are in Thai only, which I do not read, eventually found an English version on the Daikin Australia website. In the business, we have a mixture of Mitsubishi and Haier "normal" units, both have been very reliable but the Mitsu compressors are noisier when cutting in and out.
  10. Huge water bill

    Have your neighbours got unexpectedly verdant gardens ? Turn off everything in your property and see if the meter is still moving.
  11. China Air: JFK to BKK via PEK

    @Ace of Pop, CHINA AIRLINES are from Taiwan and do not fly through PEK ! Not sure they would be allowed there, even in an emergency. I think the OP means AIR CHINA, despite his misleading title.
  12. In the UK, you cannot fly closer than 500 feet to any vehicle, vessel, person or structure unless taking off or landing. However, the response from the US ship if you flew towards it would depend on their perceived threat, so a definitive answer is impossible.
  13. Krungthai bank - Beware!!!

    It would have been the same with any bank, they offer DCC at a rate which is very favourable to them. Always say "NO" and let your home bank do the conversion. Any easy and costly mistake to make.
  14. Transferring money back to UK

    Are you sure your Thai bank account is still active ? Some banks make then dormant after inactivity. Think you need to be in Thailand to get it all sorted.
  15. Visa stamp expires on weekend. Overstay?

    The original thread is 2.75 years old ! Be careful folks, tourist visas have changed a lot since then !