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  1. The Fat Controller

    How much would be a taxi drive to Pattaya?

    Last time I used Mr T (Oct 2017) I paid 1300 Baht each way. I believe all-in the prices have recently increased by 100 Baht due the opening of the new tolls at the Pattaya end of the motorway. Sometimes the drivers are reluctant to park in the airport, last time nobody was there and I had to call the office and it transpired the driver was waiting off-airport, which is against Mr T policy. Luckliy I had a Thai mobile so I could call cheaply.
  2. Unless the advice has changed since my wife visited, the guidance notes advise NOT to book a flight prior to a visa being issued. It is not needed by VFS at the application centre. If you can afford a fully refundable flexible ticket that's fine, but it won't be cheap.
  3. The Fat Controller


    It's all getting a but silly here now. Sin sot has to be a consideration when marrying a Thai, whether anybody decides to put money on the table is a personal choice, but there is a lot to be gained from giving "face" to the future family. Thai's also get ripped off, you just have to choose your partner carefully.
  4. The Fat Controller

    windows 7

    Keep 10 and customise the desktop. There are lots of useful APPS being developed solely for 10 that do not have equivalents for 7. Unless you really need it, disable OneDrive, I found it stopped my machine from going to sleep, maybe I missed something in the set up, but I use another backup and sync anyway.
  5. The Fat Controller


    Trying to make a Thai do it the farang way doesn't work well, however a liitle bit of psychology often works. Ask them "Do you think if YOU do it that way it might work?", go away and let them have a think, it then becomes their idea and everyone is happy. In my Thai family, the only problem is the lazy brother-in-law, my wife does not speak to him as he has been abusive to their mother, he will get a shock when she passes as nobody will give him the time of day let alone a satang. All the uncles, aunts and cousins have been great, no handouts asked for at all and they are genuinely happy to see me when we meet up and find it amusing I can actually eat Thai food.
  6. The Fat Controller


    @Elkski, not the case ! No ongoing gift stream, the money is still in the bank. My wife owns 2 houses and 2 apartment buildings (total of 38 rooms for rent), so the stream runs the other way, the business income takes care of all the expenses (including me) and we still save some every month. My mother-in-law gifted us the family home after she had built her own retirement home out in the countryside (her own money) along with several plots of land. I still have my house in Scotland along with a decent company pension and currently split my time between here and Thailand, being together 24/7 365 days a year is not for either of us right now. To the OP, do whatever you feel comfortable with, make sure you know the family you are getting involved with and never bring to Thailand anything you cannot afford to walk away from.
  7. The Fat Controller


    You will gain a lot of "face" with any Thai family if Sin Sot is produced at the wedding, not a good idea to piss off the future in-laws. However, you do need to negotiate as to how much and what happens to the money, my wife and I got it all back on the day, but her brother, who married a poorer lady lost it all when the bride and her family did a runner shortly after the wedding, they had debts we did not know about. My advice is to go with the flow, you'll have a happy wife and in-laws. The nay-sayers on here told me I was mad to put several million Baht on the table, but it went straight back to my wife's bank under armed guard (police friends) on the day and had been earning interest ever since.
  8. The Fat Controller

    Used Isaan house "check list" recommendations

    Having refurbished our 25 year old house, here are my thoughts. If it's concrete base and brick/block, they over-engineer in general so that should last years. Will it flood in the rainy sason ? Electrics : We had unprotected cables in the roof space, rodents got in and chewed them. We did a total rewire with eathed sockets and correctly sized cables. Water : Where does it come from ? Is the supply reliable ? If you are on a meter, turn off all outlets and check it stops moving, we had an underground leak which was a nightmare to isolate. Waste Water : Not much to add, make sure you know what system you have. Garden : Big trees are nice to look at, but not such a good idea if they are too close to the house, watch for root damage and be aware of how they could fall in a storm.
  9. The Fat Controller

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    Thanks for that, however, all previous restore points have disappeared.
  10. The Fat Controller

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    Left it to download when I went to bed. Computer went to sleep and on waking the installation and restarts took 40 minutes. Windows asks for some new permissions and you get the usual "new features" advisory. No issues so far, Task View Icon is different as it now controls Timeline and MS dumped a new shortcut for EDGE on my desktop.
  11. The Fat Controller

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    Not here yet in UK. Further to that, wasn't at 2 pm, just tried again at 9 pm and it's there.
  12. The Fat Controller

    Wifi sharing Extender/Repeater

    Run a LAN cable from the main router to the second house and fit a wireless access point there, a cable should work up to 100m, so you have plenty of wriggle room if you have to add vertical elements to clear obstacles or allow vehicles under it. Doing it via a WiFi repeater over that disatnce through two or more walls will probably not work very well.
  13. The Fat Controller

    Phone charger / charging question.

    The charging voltage for most (if not all) Android phones is 5 It is charged using DC (no waves) but the important factor is the current, the supplied charger will be matched to the battery characteristics in your phone, so if it is deemed a fast charger that is how it is designed. If you use another charger, check the output voltage and current, they MUST not exceed the values stamped on the supplied charger, you won't damage your phone using one, but it won't charge as efficiently. Lithium batteries do not have a memory effect and they are best kept charged between 40 and 80%, no deep discharges are needed and a full charge can stress the battery a bit.
  14. The land database is available online. http://dolwms.dol.go.th If you know the area and the chanote number you can see a map, not sure about the boundary marker numbers though. There is also an Android app in the Play Store, search for LandsMaps
  15. Whatever your nationality, the easiest way is a SWIFT transfer from your bank account to your wife's account. Using a cheque (deleted) is laborious and time comsuming and not worth the meagre savings. Highly unlikely anybody would take any sort of card payment for such a large amount.