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  1. The Fat Controller

    Scotland banks that refund ATM fee?

    I do not know of any UK bank that refunds the ATM fee. There are some cards that are available without any foreign transaction charges, but as for the ATM fee, we appear to be stuffed.
  2. The Fat Controller

    Purchase of unlocked Samsung phone in UK

    There are different frequency bands in use in different countries, you can check what will work where here. https://willmyphonework.net/ Some Thai operators are rationalising their GSM service, my wife recently had to replace her NON SMART phone to keep service. If your SIM works on 4G now, putting it into any unlocked Samsung will not be a problem.
  3. The Fat Controller

    Is 95 octane the highest avaialble in Thailand?

    Tesco Momentum is 99 RON and available at most Tesco petrol stations. Sainsbury offer 97 RON. BP and SHELL also have products higher than 95 91 RON has been discontinued, basic unleaded is 95
  4. The Fat Controller

    WiFi Access Point/Repeaters

    EDIMAX, any dual band AC model.
  5. May 1 2018 https://www.tilleke.com/sites/default/files/Feb_18_Residential_Building_Leasing_Business_Subject_to_Contract_Controls_0.pdf
  6. The Fat Controller

    6 month uk visa

    Even with a longer visa, you are not expected to be spending any more than 180 days per calendar year in the UK on any visitor visa.
  7. The Fat Controller

    6 month uk visa

    You are correct about the multiple entry part, however you CANNOT stay beyond the expiry date of the visa.
  8. I am pretty sure that a FET form is now REQUIRED for any incoming transfer with a value of more than 50,000 USD Rates are certainly negotiable with Krung Thai Bank, although not by much, contact the relevant department at head office before the funds arrive and they will hold off on conversion until you call them. Always send in Sterling ! The latest rates (TT) are available here https://daytodaydata.net/
  9. The Fat Controller

    Battery Running Down Very Quickly.

    You were lucky to get anything after such a long time off and a 5 year old battery. Even if it's removal, finding a battery will be difficult for such an old model. Time to get a new device !
  10. The Fat Controller

    Holiday Traffic

    No U-Turns on the motorway, he lost it and jumped the concrete barrier into oncoming traffic.
  11. The Fat Controller

    Anyone bought a (cheap) Kingston SD card from Lazada

    Caveat emptor ! God knows what will be on it or how much memory you will actually get.
  12. The Fat Controller

    Is TunnelBear reliable enough for use in Thailand?

    My free 7 day trial of ZenMate Premium worked well for a connection to the UK. As I am only here for a short visit, I bought the 1 month/1 device TVMUCHO package, which has most main UK TV channels (Not SKY) and also 7 day catch up. It cost 9.99 Euro, processed securely on a MasterCard within 2 minutes, no VPN is needed for TVMUCHO.
  13. The check in agents may also have a concern about a damaged passport and could refer it to the authorities at your departure point. Suggest you replace it asap as you have been warned.
  14. The Fat Controller

    Extermination Company in Chum Phae (or Khon Kaen) ?

    This stuff, Chaindrite Stedfast. http://www.sherwoodthai.com/product_detail.php?category_id=1&product_id=23
  15. The Fat Controller

    Surprise bathroom visitor: identify please

    The huntsman likes to come inside in the rainy season, had quite a few in my house, they always run away from humans. Nothing to worry about.