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  1. Pure greed when enough is never enough 😠
  2. Well noted :- "noted that many on the forbidden list Thais did not want to do anyway." Try to get Thai worker for farming, virtually imposible.
  3. Will that ne the BIB paratroopers??
  4. But he recovered "Face" most important.
  5. Afraid not a first, construction director of a company I workrd with in UK used "Brillo" pad to remove tar spots from his new company Audi. Was the laughing stock of tge office.😂
  6. Thanks for the information and clearing up some of the grey areas in the never ending maze of Thai visa regulations.
  7. We have a good Thai friend who is a professional drummer with one of the top hotels in Pattaya, my step son in UK is also semi pro drummer, been on tour with Adam Ant and a few other lesser bands, who loves coming here and would one day like to settle here. Our Thai friend has advised him that falang can get work permit through one of the big hotels, Hard Rock, etc. So may be worth your while making inquiries, if you are thinking of making a small living here.
  8. You are of course correct, but the visa needs to be renewed in Aug, I mistakenly thought Sept, which will continue the extension of stay. There has been in excess of 300K in joint acc for long time which I top up with income from UK. I planed to move this balance to my name only to meet the two month requirement. If I was to do this now I would be a few days short of the 2 month, therefore I wanted to extend the current visa by one month. I seem to remember a post which stated that if you leave and return during the last month you would recieve the 30 day extension. I am living in Thailand with my family so extension to visit wife really no applicable.
  9. Sorry for hi-jacking the subject, but I have to renew non.O marriage in Aug but I thought was Sept and have not move 400K to suitable acc in time, question is can I some how extend existing non O for one month?
  10. My son showed an early interest in music, the kindergarten had harmonium lessons which he took to, then I discovered a local tuition class which teaches piano, violin and singing. his transfer to the piano was easy to him and he is taught how to read music as well. They are a great class with three different teachers, all very good. The owner tells me she has taught piano since she was 13, so lots of experience. Don't expect him to be a concert pianist but as long as he is enjoying it then we will continue.
  11. My son attended a kindergarten at age 4 which he really enjoyed. He returned for second year and was bored to bits because the class just repeated what was covered in the first year. Since that experience we have taken him out and I am home schooling him using an on line program which we purchased. He has a solid 2hrs per day of one to one, plus he is constantly searching subjects online that catch his interest. He also has two piano lessons per week, the teacher is very strong with him, which he needs and he loves it. There was a home schoolers group, but it seems to have closed. My wife covers the Thai side. I checked with the education dept and they accept home schooling as long as he does a test at each year end verified by a school.
  12. I have used my Thai card in many countries without any charges. So charges here are rip off.
  13. Correct, no problem with product but the repair service is poor. Mine went down due to storm on Thurs and took until Tues to ge repaired
  14. What has this to do with Thailand " Thai visa"
  15. Hi are you still operating the Saturday club as I am in the process of home schooling my son and would like to find a group where he can socialize? Gwynts