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  1. I was with a Thai / international company who tried to say that in my contract I would not be subject to severance pay. I pointed out at tge time that this was against Thai law but ignored. I continued for 15 months until the contract completed and sure enough they tried to dismiss me withe no severance. I and two Thai colleagues went to the labour court where I was treated exactly the same as my Thai counterparts and approx 9 months later was awarded 1.6 mThai baht my colleagues pro-rata, so all treated equally.
  2. gwynt

    MSG Good or Bad ?

    My G.Mother would not have known what the were or where to buy them. My mother made her own stock from bones and herbs from the garden. But then I'm an old fart so I am going back a bit.
  3. gwynt

    MSG Good or Bad ?

    My question is always did your mother/grandmother ever use MSG and did thier food taste great? So why use it?
  4. Stop the sale of plastic, return to pre plastic packaging, then there will be no plastic to manage.
  5. That German was a big young guy why the hell did he not defend himself.
  6. Strange this, I am currently staying at a small apartment inBKK renting by the day the building is owned and run by government dept???
  7. Wonder if that means that CBD Oil will now be generally available by internet or only available through restricted channels?
  8. When I passed 60 the employer stopped deductions said I was too old to have to pay
  9. gwynt

    What VPN do you use?

    I have used Express for 2 years V good and great support.
  10. gwynt

    Swimming pool enclosure for mozzies

    I found that growing lots of lemon grass around the pool area really helps. Mozzies don't like it.
  11. It is the parents who cause the pressure
  12. Well he is hardly going to say it is dangerous is he
  13. gwynt

    Buying a car 2.5m baht budget

    I bought a Kia Sorento at 1.7mb never regretted it loads of poke 0 to 100 less than 9 sec with 2.2 l engine great economy 5 years warranty. I think now at 1.8mb
  14. The scary thing is that they believed they are above tge law and could get away with it.
  15. gwynt

    anyone here know how to resuscitate

    Was taught at senior school and been to refresher since, but would happily stand aside if there was someone more experienced. Also equally would take over from someone who was clearly messing it up.