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  1. Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Ubonjoe, Again thanks for information. Gwynt
  2. Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Hi, Is the wife passport mandatory as my wife's has expired?
  3. Just read this in another thread. Seems there is to be some confusion which I am sure someone will capitalise on. "Pattaya clearly was unprepared to do anything about smoking on the beach. By Nov. 2 no signs had been erected on any beach and plenty of sunbathers and vendors were puffing away as normal".
  4. Or global cooling which ever is flavor of tge month 😋
  5. Agreed can get Yorkshire in Pattaya at exorbitant price. Whenever anyone from UK is due the order is for Yorkshire or Glengetti teas also specialist cheeses, goat or smoked and of course couple bottles good wine Rioja or Chianti to go with the cheese. I also drink a lot of local (Chaing Rai) green tea with black ginger very good for circulation.
  6. Lucky they wern't picking mushrooms. 😲
  7. Not only statues they have now added 15milBhat toilets to the equation
  8. Have a look at this site Acres U.S.A. ok not Thailand buta wealth of information on organic and eco farming.
  9. Why dont theyjust put signs at swampy tell tourists of all the restrictions, smoking, drinking etc and recomend that they just get a flight to Cambodia/Vietnam as they are not really wanted here other than to charge and fine.?
  10. gf son is pregnant

    I had a similar problem but with B in L family of girl he was sleeping with him both young. Wanted money so my wife said that makes your daughter a prostitute and if my husband has to pay does that mean he can sleep with your daughter also? They soon went away.
  11. No alcohol sales for 9 days in Hua Hin??????

    And what about the international tourists that arrive on day one of the ban with no chance of "buying in advance" who expect to have a drink on thier holiday?
  12. My brother in law came fro Loei by bus to Pattaya 500Tb mo.cy taxi to our place 5km 300Tb they rip off everyone just falang more so
  13. Or you could use Siam CC road, if they ever finish it!!!
  14. My wife had similar op 2years ago ( moto cycle accident) She was taken to BHPattaya where the surgeon showed me the xray, I said to go ahead with op, before they would start I had to deposit 350k, the op completed plus the after care and when we went for final settlement there was a refund of 70k so not too over the top. Plus she has never had any problem with the shoulder since.
  15. There is also the problem of farmers feeding pigs food laced with antibiotics which aids in the build up of resistance when the drug is prescribed. Plus on the one occasion I needed antibiotics I was given 1000mg tablets?? I halved them which worked fine.