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  1. That wheel was smoking hot it must have been making a hell of a noise prior to breaking loose. The driver didn't notice??
  2. Best way to get rid of ants I have found is with borax mixed with sugar into a paste and place it near the nest/trees. I don't use any chemical sprays.
  3. I have had one accident/scrape since I have been here 15 years, other guy, Thai was too blame no questions he paid, there were two police directing the traffic though they just informed the insurance guy not my fault. So not always "Farang fault"
  4. Everyone who travels in my car wears a seat belt or the car don't move.
  5. Received the seeds great service so will see how things go when the rain stops.
  6. Just another way of making tea money. I know 2 expats stopped within the last weeks who walked after negotiating a 5k "fine"
  7. Except when your a red bull heir. 😎
  8. When does the checks on infuential characters start on Koh Tau???
  9. Thanks for the link, I have ordered and made payment so just wait and see for the delivery. They have a great selection so hopefully all goes well.
  10. Thanks anyway I will try as suggested plant seed world .com 😊
  11. Where do you get the tomato seeds, every time I try on line tere is a restriction on deliveries to Thailand?
  12. There is still the report from the UK to come, somehow doubt that will make it to the Thai media reports.
  13. I use Viber wherever I am to other viber no's it's free and Viber out is a few cents a min. Plus you just use your normal contact list. Regards
  14. Report on Thai new puts the blame firmly on the bridge for being too steep, I joke not 😲
  15. Why is it relevent that the person killed was a "Migrant" worker are they less important than a Thai Worker?