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  1. I have always done a direct transfer from my bank to the UK my acc kids acc, usually takes a day
  2. Beer Lao

    It's not Beer Lao that is out pricing it's self it is the Thai taxes. (Beer Monopolies)
  3. Strangely there is a report about how wonderful the Thai/ Ital CEO has done such a wonderful of building the company???
  4. Only last week I moved to allow one of these so called ambulance/pickup to pass only to see in the back a coffin sticking out??? Bit late for the occupant I think.
  5. I home educate my son through an online program, he is 7 year old. At the moment using www.education.com which is American based system, which is fine except that they use imperial mesurement and dollars & cents for currency. I will change to a different system for next term, probably based on UK system. There are lots at different systems on offer at varying costs. Plus he has 2 music lessons per week also, a Thai teacher comes in twice a week to teach Thai language and culture. Best of luck, plus I hope(not) my English is good enough πŸ˜‰
  6. Wouldn't be nice if the government matched this sum as a one off payment?
  7. I was in Singapore last week where I bought milk at a 7/11 that very question was asked, " do you require a bag" But then traffic stops at red lights as well 😁
  8. When I claimed my pension about 2 years ago I done so by telephone was asked ig I was married and requested my wifes NI number my reply was " she is not British" no further request. I recieve more than the standard rate. I was late claiming so received backdated payment as well. My experience.
  9. I was denied at Jontien a 60 day (married) extension of my existing extension I had everything in place except I had miss judged my renewal by two weeks so money had not been available in time.
  10. The answer to that is not OK My son and his friend were firing at targets in his garden from an attic room, missing the targets and some stray shots hit a window of a house. They were met at thier door by an armed response team. Ended with suspended sentence.
  11. Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Ubonjoe, Again thanks for information. Gwynt
  12. Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Hi, Is the wife passport mandatory as my wife's has expired?
  13. Just read this in another thread. Seems there is to be some confusion which I am sure someone will capitalise on. "Pattaya clearly was unprepared to do anything about smoking on the beach. By Nov. 2 no signs had been erected on any beach and plenty of sunbathers and vendors were puffing away as normal".
  14. Or global cooling which ever is flavor of tge month πŸ˜‹
  15. Agreed can get Yorkshire in Pattaya at exorbitant price. Whenever anyone from UK is due the order is for Yorkshire or Glengetti teas also specialist cheeses, goat or smoked and of course couple bottles good wine Rioja or Chianti to go with the cheese. I also drink a lot of local (Chaing Rai) green tea with black ginger very good for circulation.