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  1. If there are still visa run companies in Pattaya the driver or pax may be interested.
  2. New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    Just as I read this ^ there is an ad here for property investors, list in Chinese.
  3. New ring road west of downtown C.Rai

    I've been in Cambodia for the CR smoke season. Some towns there have roundabouts. They work great. Not aggro drivers like Thais but CR people could learn with the right incentive.
  4. VOA two times a year rule

    Firstly you don't get VOA you get a visa exemption entry. The two entries per calendar year are for entries by land. There is no known limit on entries by air. Your travel itinerary should mean you have no problems entering.
  5. Thailand to China through Laos

    About 24 hours to kunming. It's an overcrowded, nothing of a place. Only reason to go that far is if you want to go to the Thai consulate. Better to fly from Chiang Rai city if that's the plan. Jing Hong is about 8 hours. That area has a lot to offer. The people are similar to Northern Thais not like the Chinese I meet in airports.
  6. http://www.fishingcatcambodia.org
  7. Cambodia’s 2018 economic forecast at +7%

    Price of land increase in the last few years has been impressive even in not popular places.
  8. Australian detained by Cambodian police

    Granma moves to Siem Reap and runs a business selling drugs, allegedly. Australian websites not too worried about publishing her name, etc.
  9. If you found the food dull in Siem Reap next time look for the classy restaurant that has landmine burgers on the menu.
  10. Thailand to China through Laos

    There are sleeper buses from Huay Xai to Kunming via Jing Hong. Used to be 8am and 1pm. Don't be tall.
  11. Service suspended in Feb. by air asia.
  12. https://wikitravel.org/en/Phimai This is close to Korat. Korat has become a large, charmless city but ok for a day. Buriram city is an ok place can walk around close to the train station. In Ubon Best to stay in the old part of town near the river and thung sri muang. Always something happening in the park, there is a weekend walking street and a nightly food market. Plenty of good places to eat in the area and the morning market near the river is worth a look. The hotels in the area are ok, not deluxe. The T.A.T. is on Khuanthani st in that area. Good maps.
  13. Cambodian VOA at Hat Lek / Koh Kong

    It is not nonsense. I am talking about now not sometime in the distant past. There is a printed form that everyone is required to complete. They also spray the tyres and bottom of any vehicles entering Vietnam.
  14. Vietnam has a big pork industry already.
  15. Month to Month Condos - Ubon

    Not a condo but Chatsuree mansion and Ubon Best place rent monthly