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  1. my friend I

    Ubon To Paske (Laos)

    Does "do not dawdle at the border", mean you have time to get a visa? (Assuming there is a visa service at that border). I will be in Ubon for a few weeks staying with the in-laws, and originally thought of crossing at the Friendship bridge at Mukdahan, but then thought it would be quicker and easier (and nicer) to go to Pakse. Also I'd like to have a look at the Bolaven plateau. But I'd rather we didn't get left behind at the border because my visa was taking too long! Any hotel recommendations for Pakse, anyone? There is a time to get a visa. Not to go shopping. You have to walk from Thai office over to Lao office. And viceversa. If you are going to stay at Paksong up on the Bolaven there is a good hotel on the east side of town about a mile from the center. Its off the road on the north side. Lots of hotels in Pakse. Most western people stay in the historic part of town.
  2. my friend I

    Initial Reason For Settling In Isaan

    My parents were in the improving dry rice yields business with a UN group and was born here. I went to live in the north for a few years but prefer the friendlier people here so came back.
  3. my friend I

    Bangkok To Singapore By Train.

    That's odd, as Sungai Kolok isnt a station, its a terminal. Its the end of the line. There is no railway track across the border to Malaysia from there. You have to pick up a completely different line in Malaysia several kilometers away. Sungai Kolok used to be a border station ^^ " long way back now" as Padang Basar is on the west coast. Too much onion, palm oil and cookie smuggling. The station was then moved about 1/2 a mile to the north.
  4. my friend I

    Ko Samet To Surin

    If you are in a hurry . Iloveyellowbus.com have buses direct from Rayong.
  5. my friend I

    Ubon To Paske (Laos)

    And don't go to the toilet.... it's way out into the forest, and I very nearly did miss the bus! I came down to Pakse from Savannakhet. (When you buy your bus ticket, you get a life insurance certificate thrown in) Apart from the fact that the bus terminal from the north is several kms out of town, and there is no regular transport.... well, Pakse was a delight after moribund Savannakhet. Perhaps it is because much of the centre of town is Vietnamese-dominated. There is no need to get out at that bus terminal in the north. The bus will continue into downtown then go to the terminal east of town. Those Vietnamese tend to throw off your Issarn/Thai language skills.
  6. my friend I

    Ubon To Paske (Laos)

    If you take the bus do not dawdle around at the border. The driver may leave without you. Driving is easy but cattle and buffalo like to stand on the road. Bolaven plateau is cool almost cold and the whole area can get rain in May coming in from the NE monsoon hitting Vietnam. Can be flash flooding.Plenty of ok places to stay. The Pakse morning market is worth a visit. When you come in over the Japanese bridge the market is 2 blocks down on the left. It goes most of the day. Sitting in a riverside restaurant is very popular. Watch the sunset while eating bbq fish. There is sometimes a riverboat doing sunset cruises and dinner. It leaves down near the heritage part of town near where the other river comes down.
  7. my friend I

    Lotus Martial Arts ; Still In Ubon?

    Is the Lotus still going in Ubon.? Either the original or a new place. I think its still going in the States.