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  1. my friend I

    What's Happening in Nan?

    There are lots of restaurants, few bars but some nightlife. Foreigners in Nan tend to interact with Thais more than other areas of Thailand. There's golf and practice range.
  2. my friend I

    Aeroflot airlines?

    Good food, friendly staff. Worth getting a stopover in Moscow.
  3. my friend I

    Laos to reduce border tensions

    I thought this was going to be about the ripoffs in the Lao border post at Nong Nok Khiene
  4. Seems risky to fly halfway around the world with two brain clots. DVT for example. Good hospitals in Vietnam.
  5. my friend I

    Visa agents in Penang

    Banana office closed. Moved up to banana hotel
  6. They have lots of Chinese workers and they work 24/7. They are racing along on Bokor.
  7. Den Chai to Chiang Khong would be about a five hour trip.
  8. my friend I

    The 12 Wild Boars return to their class-rooms

    BANGKOK: Thailand Wednesday granted citizenship to stateless members of the football team rescued from a cave last month in a saga which gripped the world. Today all of you get Thai citizenship," Mae Sai district chief Somsak Khanakham said in a ceremony on Wednesday at a local office, as they were handed national ID cards. Somsak told AFP that the "Wild Boars incident" had nothing to do with the development and said they had merely qualified. Many of Thailand's stateless people are from nomadic hill tribes and other ethnic groups who have for centuries lived around the borders of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China. The family of one of the four footballers granted papers, Adul Som-on, is from Myanmar's Wa State, a self-governing region.
  9. They need to do what they have done in Malaysia. No road crossing. Underpasses or overpasses only. They have built some near Kuiburi.
  10. It's shorter to take cargo from China to Bangkok and v.v.
  11. They are double tracking now in the south
  12. Consider this https://www.apec.org/Groups/Committee-on-Trade-and-Investment/Business-Mobility-Group/ABTC
  13. Stamp out of Thailand on the right. Go about 200 metres forward. Nice beach on the right. Cambodian immigration is a small building on the left. Up two steps to the window. Look at the camera. Put fingers/thumbs on reader. Welcome to the KoW.
  14. Keep your boarding passes, just in case.
  15. I just went and they didn't want anything except the money.Took a photo while I was sitting at the desk. Only wanted to know my address. Had photocopys, passport photos, pen, etc.