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  1. my friend I

    Immigration Office in Prachuap City?

    Thanks. Looks like a trip north
  2. my friend I

    Immigration Office in Prachuap City?

    Not showing me an office in PKK City
  3. Hi Has an immigration office opened in PKK City or do you have to go to Hua Hin?
  4. my friend I

    Otres Beach...

    Maybe try this, no pay. Contact on Facebook. Kampot page Volunteer needed at Ten 103 (starting 16/7) on Koh ta kiev island ~DescriptionWe are a treehouse guesthouse situated on the beach on a secluded island, outside of sihanoukville. Koh ta kiev is full with beautiful beaches, untouched and wild jungle to explore..To stay with us is a different experience, close to nature and perfect for people who want a simple lifestyle and experience the khmer culture.Who are we looking for?For friendly and motivated staff to work with us in a quiet relaxed atmosphere. The most important thing to us is that everyone has a great time on the island. WhenStarting from the 16th of July 2018What will you do and what will you get in return. You will be working at the bar / restaurant. It will be easy and mostly relaxed, as low season has just begun. This will give you the opportunity to interact with guests and getting to know our western & khmer co-workers.
  5. my friend I

    Sim for travel to Malaysia and Cambodia

    You can usually get a free SIM card at Cambodian airports and some land borders
  6. my friend I

    Otres Beach...

    There is some nightlife. It's not worth going there tho. Like Sheryl says try the islands. Koch Rong similar to to Phangan. It's changing quickly also. It's raining a lot now, wet season
  7. They are getting new trains. Delivery has been delayed.
  8. my friend I

    Otres Beach...

    The narrow beach is dirty, trash doesn't get collected, there are dirty water puddles, parts of the area are fenced off and there is a lot of construction. Seems to be a magnet for the dregs of western society
  9. my friend I

    Nan to LPB, Laos, with a car

    Huay Khon ( Chalern Prakiat) Yes
  10. There is a Cambodian fish soup that is as good as any Thai dish. Only lightly spiced. But generally Cambodian food is fairly bland. Nowhere has food better than Thailand. The price of local food is similar in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam but Cambodia gives the biggest serve. Much cheaper in the countryside. I get squid straight off a boat on the Opal Coast for 50 cents a kilo.
  11. my friend I

    Otres Beach...

  12. my friend I

    One year multiple-entries visa

    Was told Bavet is now only giving tourist visas.
  13. my friend I

    Hua Lamphong Rail station to Don Muang airport

    Try to avoid planning to take a long distance train which often run late. The most reliable trains are the commuter trains that start in Lopburi.
  14. my friend I

    Viet visa

    There are consulates in Siem Reap, Battambang and Sihanoukville also. Easy to DIY.