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  1. Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    Clearly the other drivers fault. Pulling out before he has a proper place to enter his lane and abruptly blocking the right of way of Mr. Aunay. Who appeared to be driving at the speed of other traffic on that direction. Tres triste, RIP monseur A.
  2. The bi-anual teamoney price increase. Room dividers and water usage? A couple of new hooks to try. Seems the BiB are running out of reasons to cadge cash injections. People keeping their accounts paid up, but thats never enough. But ALL massage parlours in one fell swoop, sounds like topping up the retirement accounts of some top dogs, since teamony always flows up hill.
  3. Tea money from a auccessful concern. Move in nothing to see here
  4. Actually you would be surprised. While life got much better here from no-yanks after Bush was out and Obama in, the main aggravation soon came from the far right nutters. And they never let up. The Alt-Right indoctrination reached here in full force. Non-viva l'internet... Yes, right many, many like this here in Thailand, who went appoplectic over anything slightly pro-progress. And with no more than just the flimsiest, transparent, veneer covering their racist bile. They like their Thai girls, but all others can sod off. They were just unsupportable for 8 years, but with Trump they are over the top rude unlisitening, vituporous, hateful against any disagreement, or just plain self-blinding to reality. And THEY ARE ALREADY HERE...
  5. 'She will never set foot in the country again unless and until there is a stable "democratic government" that that is controlled by her brother's political machine.'
  6. She'd just hire a Thai private chef. She is hardly worried about being brought back. About as worried as her big brother who still tried, twice, to take over the country via violence. Plus they will always whine it is political persecution, never mind the BILLIONS lost to the nation during their premierships.
  7. With a Montenegran Passport in hand, dark glasses, dressed down, traveling light with a small bag of clothes and " untracable path greasing handouts" in case she is recognized, like diamonds or metals, there is no doubt she could cross any Thailand border under a name no one would flag. And arrive in next destination with the same passport in hand. Enough money and support structure, it is easy enough. Car on one side, new car on the other, and direct to a private jet at a private airport. She could travel under a new name with an " legitimately" aquired passport and nothing more than a picture provided. Getting past a video photo at departure is doable, 'camera malfunction photo erased so sorry', and the next countries entree officials won't know her well enough to be sure
  8. It would be easy enough for her brother to have her sent a Montenegrain passport and have that presented at a compliant departure gate. Her shares in SC Assets and other companies would be seized. There are assets, but they aren't just in her name but a network of shell corps and the like. Though there is little doubt they have been preparing her exit strategy for years now.
  9. I find the apologists rather curious. The billions are gone. 680 BILLION baht... gone. The thai rice market was killed that year and much of the next. Yet to fully recover. To try and save the rice harvest as quid pro quo for delivering the election in Issan, 1/3 of the country was flooded, through government incompetence and arrogance. The rice is STILL moldering away in warehouses, unsalable. Even Minkwa,n a TRT/PPPF MP and Finance Minister for the original Rice Pledging Scheme of her brother's publicly and repeatedly said it was an unworkable program that would be a disaster, but it was recommenced anyway. Farmers didn't get paid and committed suicide when their loan shark loans couldn't be paid because Yingluck's government couldn't sell the rice or pay them otherwise. 10,000+ rice farmers started a caravan of tractors from Issan to Bangkok in protest, till some deal was cut that sent them back. Most never got paid for the entire harvest season. Yingluck's government Ministers lied repeatedly about G to G sales that never existed, or went to other countries because they were 1/2 the price or less. Yeah, I think she knew which way this was going well in advance. Who in their right mind, junta or not, would not put her on trial as the responsible person, who oversaw the entire debacle as Prime Minister.
  10. A person pulled out of a resort without looking and cut off my wife on her bike. She went down from braking too hard, and then another bike came over the hill, so fast it hit her downed bike's frame and smashed it's front wheel in 8 inches. No cash issues between them and my wife, until I I arrived in the car after being called. The bike driver then tried to hit me for 25,000 baht for his bike. Never mind that, I was never there at all, the car caused the accident and then disappeared back into the resort, my wife was lying in the road when he hit her bike. AND there was a resort video camera on the scene. Nope, they see me and suddenly think Money Tree. We told them to <deleted> off and I took my Mrs to the hospital.
  11. If westerners did that to a Thai park with a sign language legible warning, then the howling would be massive and nation wide. This was both stupid, and VERY dangerous, just glad they weren't scalded to death for their efforts.
  12. "...In response to criticism that travellers to several European countries do not require such a form, the immigration chief said those countries require travellers to apply for a visa before entering, which provides all their details. “Their authorities know in advance whom they allow to enter their countries,” he said...." Not always the case at all. For Thais they must get a visa for Shengen Europe, but not everyone. Why do they assume the same as they get applies to all?
  13. Not quite what I meant. It is better to still have hope. But if they were in the open sea then rescuers are at risk in bad seas while they search for them. Or they might never be found, so no closure for families. As horrible as the certainty is, the open sea is at least over for searchers and families, if not dealing with the tragedy. RIP to all lost.
  14. It was grandly irresponsible and caused incalculable flood damage to much of the nation. They ignored expert advice on the dams and must pay the price. They ignored expert advice on the Rice Pledging Scheme and must pay the price.
  15. What isn't clear is if the 5 people found trapped in the boat were the 5 who drowned. I guess we sadly must assume so, but at least they weren't washed away in the sea and causing a huge search.