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  1. Probably keeping the comment in context might help... LOVE IT!
  2. animatic

    Visiting Thaksin Could See Pheu Thai Disbanded

    Thaksin is a megalomaniac, narcisist and can’t help himself meddling and trying to regain his lost face, by controlling Thailand yet again. Cancelling his third party of puppets, before or after the election filling dates, still removes another layer of his shills from trying to manipulate the Rice Network poor as a voting block. His one inovation was buying the puyais before the elections, rather than horse trading for them after the election. The last time they tried this quid pro quo Rice Pledging payoff to the Rice Network leadership; millers, shippers, and delivery companies, ie puyais, with a pittance going to the actual farmers, it resulted in the massive flood from attempting to protect the harvest in a grandly stupid way, Even Minkwan, Thaksin’s finance minister, quit saying it wouldn’t work don’t do it. He was ignored. Winning is more important than how you do it or the knock on effects of your methods in Thaksinland. This was populist payoff 101, in its worse aspect, and caused a nearly 800 billion baht loss for the country as a whole. And depressed the world rice market. Hence Yingluck’s negligence conviction. Thaksin has proved horrible for the country several times over, deaths upon deaths and mass penury for his efforts, but some people never learn. Some still imagine he is the rainmaker... Well except those dozens of poor farmers who hung themselves because they didn’t get paid for their harvest under Yingkuck’ regime, and of course the Shylocks always wanted their vig.
  3. Read geriatrickids post, This is replying to his non-sequiter. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Deep Purple is absolutely music. Both the music from the band and the swing era song Deep Purple. Performed by Artie Shaw and Helen Forrest, and covered by Bing Crosby and many others. The late John Lord was a classically trained organist and harpsichordist. You can clearly hear that in his work, as well as the work of jazz great Jimmy Smith. If you don’t like his rocker early stuff, Even if you don’t hear the homages to the 30-50’s blues legends, and his classical guitar training in his style, then try listening to ‘Blackmores Night’, modern Celtic music. These guys were real musicians who happened to like to rock out too. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Or Flanders and Swan Without the wit. Nit and Twit Sing Ocha Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Geez Louise, all right out of the Mao Tse Tung Crowd Control Songbook! Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. How about he decides it’s over from her increasingly violent tendencies, and she proves his instincts to leave quite correct.
  8. animatic

    CPAP Machine

    It does help, no question. BUT, but there is a specific difference. If you have cardio-vascular diseases in other words it works well but does not ”stop reccurant heart attacks and strokes” in those with severely blocked arteries. which DOES NOT say ; CPAP doesn’t prevent strokes or heart attacks in those who do NOT have badly blocked arteries. Sleep apnea can kill you if you have normal arteries and doesn’t work as well of you have porked-out on bad cholesterols for 40 years. Thats what that study says. it stops/reduced some apnea’s related problens, but does cure all other problems that cause heart attacks and strokes. I’ve had a CPAP for 22 years kept me going without question. But I also reduce bad cholesterol too.
  9. animatic

    Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    Clearly the other drivers fault. Pulling out before he has a proper place to enter his lane and abruptly blocking the right of way of Mr. Aunay. Who appeared to be driving at the speed of other traffic on that direction. Tres triste, RIP monseur A.
  10. The bi-anual teamoney price increase. Room dividers and water usage? A couple of new hooks to try. Seems the BiB are running out of reasons to cadge cash injections. People keeping their accounts paid up, but thats never enough. But ALL massage parlours in one fell swoop, sounds like topping up the retirement accounts of some top dogs, since teamony always flows up hill.
  11. Tea money from a auccessful concern. Move in nothing to see here
  12. Actually you would be surprised. While life got much better here from no-yanks after Bush was out and Obama in, the main aggravation soon came from the far right nutters. And they never let up. The Alt-Right indoctrination reached here in full force. Non-viva l'internet... Yes, right many, many like this here in Thailand, who went appoplectic over anything slightly pro-progress. And with no more than just the flimsiest, transparent, veneer covering their racist bile. They like their Thai girls, but all others can sod off. They were just unsupportable for 8 years, but with Trump they are over the top rude unlisitening, vituporous, hateful against any disagreement, or just plain self-blinding to reality. And THEY ARE ALREADY HERE...
  13. 'She will never set foot in the country again unless and until there is a stable "democratic government" that that is controlled by her brother's political machine.'