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  1. Thong Lor is an At Risk Community? More like one with bigger brown envelopes available.
  2. Well, actually I looked at all the range of bikes from 800 to 1800 and picked a Harley. For comfort, short term torque, long distance ridability, customizability, and ease of use. I've had Hondas, Yamahas, Ducatis and Nortons, and rented other marques, so I have a clue what I want. Not 100% sure of the quality will stay the same in a Thailand factory. But there are many Harley fans here and most Thais are quite well heeled, due to the cost of post import duty costs of the bikes, etc. I think they will insist on quality for their bikes, and Harley reps here know that. And from what I can see the Thailand car market is generally well made. I less flush times, post 2008 crash there is less cash for 'luxury transport', and Harley is in that niche. So hardly a wonder they have sold less in USA than the last decade. But no doubt many used ones changed hands.
  3. More likely they split because he has a bad temper, drank and beat her. The ending certainly speaks to his violent inclinations and disrespect for their lives.
  4. There are Anti mold paints from the major Thailand suppliers. But killing existing mold first is important. We are spraying 1 gallon (4 liters) 2 part (ltr) water, 1 part (ltr) 5% distilled vinegar 1 part (ltr) hydrogen peroxide. And 1 cup of Boric Acid Powder per gallon (4 ltr +/-). 5% hydrogen peroxide should be enough, found at pharmacies. But is small amounts and expensive. We have 25 liter barrel of 50% HP, But it is dangerous to use, and is overkill. Even if it was only 900 baht from a pool supply company.
  5. Especially if his ID saying he's 43 proves totally false and he is much older, as he appears, and very wanted... Speculation, but it fits the scenario.
  6. "... certified income of 40k baht pm..." What do they consider " certified "? Does a printout of a long term bank account, showing a consistent deposit history, officially stamped by a bank officer, count?
  7. Sounds more like some Pattaya hands are extended asking for a gratuity before signing off on repairs. Stand and deliver, or we will back burner your whole plan.
  8. Too little too late. Sell the rice and give the proceeds to the families of the farmers who hung themselves in despair when her rice pledging scheme went off the rails. Nothing but a publicity stunt, to piss off the general and make it seem she isn't afraid of the huge fine levied on her for ; squandering the nations money, tanking the rice market for Thai rice, so her brother and minions can buy votes.
  9. Well at least Kaisitch was viable. and someone who can work with others. Too right for me of course. But at least and adult in the room. But the base was not looking for an adult, they did sure love the demagogue. Kaisich just got caught up running in times that he couldn't deal with, ie so far right there is nothing rational to say that they will hang on to.
  10. Exactly as I see it. The 2nd and 3rd generations of Dixiecrats can no longer stay moored to the Country Club GOP moderates, and monied interests, because of their obtuse insistence on supporting, despite all evidence, Reagan era Trickle Down Economics. That trickle down never went down to their southern Dixiecrat brethren base, and it never seemed to register with the Neo-Dixiecrats who was causing this defeat of their dreams. The GOP did kow tow to the religious right, but never the increasingly economically destitute right, and those two groups merged into the perfect storm of stupid racists and broke wage earners in a low economy. Mix in some 'conservative for life or bust' types who are incapable of retaining new information. The GOP then doubled down on blindly hobbling the economy, and their base, to spite Obama.... Figuring that ignoring their base's needs because they had for so long blamed the Democrats for their own fiscal actions and inactions, and convinced the purse poor Dixiecrat base to back them. Plus they taught them to hate any GOP people who compromised with the Dems. They then imagined that chimera of chunky B.S. would hold under scrutiny. Well guess what. The moves they needed to make 'to please their base', actually enraged that base. They turned out to be so brain washed against compromise, and the needed functions of Representatives in Congress, that they refused to let them do anything because they believed it was all a liberal plot to take more of their money. Forget reality after decades of spin. This hardened when there was a 'dark skinned man' as national leader. An image they couldn't abide. Particularly because he was extremely smart, articulate and unfazed by their abuse. So shooting themselves in the economic foot suddenly became patrioticly saving of the nation from liberal and ethnic change at all costs. So yes, there will be a GOP schism, the nutters will likely not get the name, but will get the nutters, and zealots, and become a true 3rd party. Far right, alt-right, religious right, etc, then a return to a Centrist GOP and Centrist Democrats moving more left, with a growing leftist fringe of millenials. The millenials will grow up and Dems will move with them, but remain functional. The Tea putzes will flock together and lose their collective minds quickly. And the silent majority will hang in the middle where they have always been. Removing the Alt-right from the GOP will make for a far smaller GOP, but because of the Alt-Right refusal to compromise, the power to block against the Dems, will be greatly reduced, even Hillary won't be able to enrage them enough to be effective. Because the infighting around the schism will be too profound. So we watch and wait, and see if Trumpery brings the entire GOP down to a 'Chirac Beats LaPen 80% rout,' or not. and then full split. Or will it go so pear-shaped before the election and the split starts NOW. "May you live in interesting times."
  11. So if you go visit a friend for the weekend in another city you must re-register at his address, and then back to your home afterwards? The absurdity of that speaks volumes. Out of control control-freaks flailing at a solution.
  12. It wasn't Bangkok as much as the up-country mega large scale rice growers worried their paddy would be washed away before harvest, or made too damp to store, and not make it to the double price rice pledging scheme market. DOUBLE payback for services. Most of that does NOT go to the farmer, but the millers and shippers and storage people. But who do THEY control? Millions of farmer voters, most desperate to survive and vote as told in the hopes their life will improve,. It was obvious to even the causal observer that the dams levels were being manipulated idiotically. And no conscious dam operator would have done so except under orders from WAY up the food chain. At government levels. Yes, there were 4 hurricane remnants that had come across northern Thailand, that were being held back, but higher output earlier would not have effected Bangkok significantly. But it surely would have 'trashed the paddy just before harvest' <<< there is the real loss leader, and the Rice Pledging Scheme was the quid pro quo to the rice millers/shippers/truckers network to deliver their 'rice growers network of voters' to the Shinawatra led coalition to ensure it's election. Little doubt why the Yingluck government milked the Rice Scheme as long as possible, even after the floods. And why they kept at it till their were brought down by it. It is the biggest cash cow in Issan, and that's where their cult of personality must be maintained to hold power. This is why there has to be reasonably large amounts of statistical evidence to support these charges. It is not surprising this is coming out, only surprising it took them so long to start on it.
  13. Well it might be worth your while to read about the context behind what you read, and then read for content when you do, before critiquing something you clearly don't understand. Sandbagged by Thaksin BEFORE this, he then tried to recover and did it wrong. I also have no doubts that Thaksin was making SURE just taking the usual route to financial recovery would have been as difficult as possible. Also this was WAY before Suthep's protests against Thaksin's sister, nearly a decade earlier. And the actions I speak of nearly a decade before that. Yes they are about Thaksin governance, and his puppet governments but also Chavalit's government where Thaksin was a player. In any event, your time frame references are far off. He was removing a partner in one business, but also probable financial rival from the satellite market, and was not going to make it easy for him. A classic Thaksin M.O., shown over decades. Sondhi got much of his revenge with P.A.D. and Thaksin no doubt holds that grudge till his deathbed. But this stuff is out there documented and it is up to you to look for it. Don't bother asking my to do your due diligence for you.
  14. Well so far most all reports seem to be about places either open after legal hours regularly, and/or underaged sex trade. So I guess we shouldn't whine too hard. I have no particular problem with after hours clubs, as long as they are discreet and don't disturb neighbors. But this also goes to cutting back on the tea money streams of police who look the other way in their districts. And those that percentages filter up to above them of course.