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  1. Because I saw him yesterday in the hospital for an hour or so. I am not a publicist, I did work with him twice in the last 2 months on other technical aspects related to his current show. But publicity is not my thing. He's a nice guy, many people aren't good to work with. Having broken my leg and spent time in hospitals I knew he'd like a visit. "Nobody cares", fits your attitude will. And I care about nice people, even if you don't.
  2. 46,000 is far closer to the real figure from '4 hours emergency treatment' in hospital 1. but the ridiculously inflated figures get more clicks. (not in either case BHS) He is resting reasonably comfortably in hosptial 2, in a nice room. Not luxury suite, nor is he destitute in a group ward. The doctor at hospital 1 trying to blame Paul for being allegedly unclear, after he was in shock with a compound fracture and without food for 3 days, and because of another 'totally unconfirmed' medical-condition, prompted by a tabloid reporter, that as a doctor he should never have spoken of, is most likely defamation. And so unneccessary I might add. Trying to address the tabloid press and it's whole cloth fabrications as if this saves the hospitals face is ludicous, but blaming it on the gravely injured patient is far worse. And Paul is IN NO WAY doing a Help Fund Me begging session to pay his bills. Those suggestions are false. He has a current show, Ackley Bridge, he is the lead, and it was renewed for a second season. He was not driving a motorcycle in the jungle. He doesn't drink alcohol. He got robbed prior to the accident and is still waiting for credit card replacements etc. And lost his phone during the accident, it died in the water. But hey, some of you get your jolly's kicking someone when they're down.
  3. The reporting is uniformly wrong from almost every source stated here, and the assumptions drawn here are even farther from the truth, including that saving face doctor's comments. The last two comments above are truly off-base and total foolishness... You would think people would pride themselves on being actually informed before speaking publicly... Guess not.
  4. Most of the reporting and particularly the member comments, including those about the doctor's comments, embassy involvement and hospital charges is 100% wrong. You should know better than using The Sun reports as a reference. I saw Paul yesterday. He decided there was no reason to pay double price for a private hospital's room, just to get IV and pills for two weeks. When you are in a lot of pain how pretty the room is doesn't matter. And their estimated cost of total cost till recovery, is not what he was charged for 4 hours in the first hospital, which was not BSH as many have implied. He is 100% lucid, and aware enough to not want to waste money. I told him some of the B'S I have been reading and he laughed at least till it hurt literally. PS. He has the money. But he was robbed in Malaysia and lost his insurance info and contacts, his phone was trashed in the fall. So why don't you all stop the bashing based on rumors and bad reporting.
  5. Yes, the money reporting is all wrong. The expensive hospital on Samui, more so that Thai Inter, would charge $11,000 for a completely shattered jaw rebuild, including peeling the face back, adding a custom metal brace and wire through bones. FAR more complex and difficult than a compound fracture broken leg. Intensive care runs around 28,000 a night and regular rooms around 6-12,000 baht depending on extras. 90,000 baht is about £2,057, but if you were robbed of cards etc recently, that becomes more difficult to front up. There are some top notch orthopedic surgeons here, but it was a long time from break to setting and he would likely need infection care first, and getting his strength back first. The reporting above is clearly off the mark and confused, as so often happens here. There is no there, there. Wishing Paul a complete recovery.
  6. Actually no. He is working now, and is the lead in a TV show, I doubt it's topics wouldn't interest you, but Paul is the principal lead actor. I was working with him a few days before this accident. I was wondering what happened with him. I wish him the best recovery.
  7. New guy in the chair MUST say something big and show his strength. Yada yada yada. Appearances are everything, and makes a good excuse for busywork. And of course teamoney for the rank and file.... One of the few fluid things in life that flows up hill not down
  8. You are still the parent of a thai child, you don't need to change visa. Non-O is the most versatile one. You may do any foreigner legal job or legal study.
  9. You can lible or slander people, But NOT places. The absurdity is beyond words. AKA means " also known as" Which means it has been heard as this from multiple others.
  10. Looks like he grabbed her butt as he came past her and then said something. She lost it and snapped. He lost his way almost instantly. Misogynist ass.
  11. Actually very glad I did the test. My needs had changed, my box couldn't supply that and I have a new BiPAP unit running nearly twice the pressure then before. Been sleeping so much better the last week or so. It also seems Sleep Apnea contributed to Carrie 'Princess Leia' Fischers death.
  12. So a virus is not a disease??? An infection is not a disease??? Sorry, that is completely illogical since it is doctors and pharmacies who give out anti, -virals, not plumbers, forum posters and tour guides. And infectious-disease is a medical category, studied / monitored by CDC and universities medical schools. A necrotic staph infection is most certainly a disease. Disease 1. obsolete : trouble 2. : a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms : sickness, malady infectious diseases, a rare genetic disease, heart disease 3. : a harmful development (as in a social institution) sees the city's crime as a disease diseased \-ˈzēzd\ adjective
  13. Yes an 8 year old Thai orphan will have the presence of mind and knowledge to question a doctor, while simultaneously being run out if town by a witch hunt.... Not her fault. We can't superimpose our general knowledge on a preteen raised in a country where showing silent respect to all elders and especially those in power is paramount in life's scheme. Poor kid had no reason to not believe she had it, since almost every adult in her life believed she had it and showed fear at her very presence. And 100% the doctors fault, he/she should have done multiple tests, and follow up, or sent a file with the poor girl as she was shunted off by fearful villagers. The villagers reaction is also indicative of how little chance she had of questioning the diagnosis. Zero at her age. Doc dropped the ball and ruined the first 1/3 of her life. She shouldered the stigma, but also the decade and a half cost of medication and drain on her life to pay for them, all for nothing. She 100% deserves compensation. Far beyond what she will get.
  14. Go to the Sleep Clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital and do a sleep test. There is one happening next Wednesday. But I don't know if all beds are full. They can at least interview you and do an examination. This is by far your best option to find out what is with your serious sleep issues. Yes obstructive apnea can cause many of the symptoms listed above if left unchecked. I know some one who died from it while we were in discussion about him going back on the, CPAP. We'd had a 2 day discussion about it, he was against it. But died in his sleep before day three.... I have been on CPAP for 22 years, once you are used to it it is easy to deal with, particularly after about 2-3 weeks when you realize how much better you feel and think, and more so if you then try not using it one night. Next day you will know the difference. I could tell you the name of the CPAP supplier here, but you need a overnight sleep test so they know how to set the machine properly. it not is definitely NOT one size fits all.