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  1. A quick update. finally managed to get this set up for the landlord- I sat down with a Thai friend to double check all the drop downs and other boxes. Second time lucky it worked and the landlord got the user id and password (which is changed on first log on) within 48 hrs. Password didn't work the first time but a quick call to the help desk (in Thai) got it sorted and the apartment is now on the system. Got back yesterday and have now got myself registered this morning. copied it as a pdf I take it I can show the pdf to imm to prove I am registered there.
  2. The guy works approx 9am to 5pm- ie the working day. Most people would be out. YOU choose to be at home but want peace and quiet to do your studying. Methinks if it wasn't the whistle it would be something else. The poor guy has a job to do irritating or not.
  3. Damned if they do, damned if they don't- typical Thaigeezer responses. Lets wait until this ends to cast the first stone.
  4. I often see the PEA or their contractors out clearing powerlines- it's an on-going job, not a one-off, as it is in other countries..
  5. B30k to get your passport back, 555.
  6. Aircraft crashes, Thaigeezers make ill informed comments about rescues. Next along will be the people who make comments about old aircraft then beatch about buying new equipment!
  7. Yep, I'll do that when I get back. Just wen to the site and it seems to be down at the moment.
  8. Owner makes statement- Thaigeezer immediate action= knock it. Just another day on the interweb. Actually reading the article may have proved insightful but far better to knock, eh?
  9. Psimbo

    ’Central Patong’ project rises in Phuket

    ..... and two weeks to turn them off, 555!
  10. It's the acknowledgement and issue of password and username I'm after personally for the landlord (well me) to use. One would have thought if they didn't like the info they would contact the landlord but nothing so far. I know the bit you have mentioned above is fairly straight forward and a screenshot will suffice for tenants- juts irritates me when I try to do the right thing and we get no response.
  11. Psimbo


  12. Yep- forecasts are always 100% accurate aren't they!
  13. I submitted the online registration for the landlord a week ago-he still has had nothing back from them (all the right bits done in Thai and the right immigration office came up when clicked on). There doesn't seem to be a submit button once you put the security number in at the bottom of the online form. Hitting the 'save' button shows a whirring 'working' icon which I thought was submitting it but that may not be right. Ahh the vagaries of dealing with immigration- try to do the right thing and it's still wrong!
  14. Far Kim-this was all planned months ago and has nothing to do with his most recent buffoonery.