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  1. Psimbo

    PM Prayut eager for medical marijuana to be legal in Thailand

    I sense a boom in pizza deliveries in the near future.
  2. Psimbo

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    I'm glued to this now- dying to find out the outcome!
  3. Thank goodness we are NOT in the US where trigger happy cops act with impunity every day. It should be news- bubbas are out of control. Taking off is hardly 'resisting arrest' it's fleeing the scene.
  4. Video knocking around of him ramming bikes at a traffic lite as well. good riddance to bad rubbish. Shows who is in control when this is referred to as 'extrajudicial' and cops have to be transferred.
  5. Psimbo

    Visa run to Penang – a personal experience

    I never had any issues when dealing with Penang. Stayed at the hotel Mingood and the guy there did everything for me. Can't remember how much it cost on top but it wasn't a lot.
  6. The Thais clearly need advice off the experts at corruption. The Malaysian ex-PM makes fatty Watch-watch look like an amateur.
  7. What happened to the service that supposedly started last year- it just seemed to fade away.
  8. Complete BS- for a lot of people its a health or lifestyle choice. If you feel good when you drink but not when you don't you have serious problems- that is a dependency. Having a break is good for overall health, especially the liver. People who drink in moderation or take long breaks are giving their system a chance to heal. The liver completely regenerates in about 6 months. I regularly take long beer free breaks- currently in the middle of a 20 day break and I can assure you it is NOTHING to do with finances. Earlier in the year I was dry for almost 3 months and felt far better for it.
  9. We do have standards y'know! Nothing wrong with aspirations though.
  10. Psimbo

    Good tv series

    Just finished Ozark- plenty of plot material for another season. Moved on to the 3rd (and last) season of Shooter- seems a bit better than S2. No Offence the black comedy about Manchester cops has just started as well. The bit in a previous series when she mixed up the Fanny Fresh and breath spray was a coffee spitter.
  11. Psimbo

    Tinned fruit

    To be honest if it were me asking a lot of the questions he does I would seriously consider changing my name! Hence the lack of input from LOCAL people.
  12. That's handy to know. One thing I noticed is that despite what they say one doesn't have to go to Bkk to renew a passport- they do it with EMS and it takes about ten days Far more interested than the Brits at doing something proactive. The poor Hon Con down here had his services severely curtailed a few years back.
  13. Yep- because good things always just happen over night don't they? First the SIngs, then the Chinese, then who knows next? What is a rang btw?
  14. I take it you are aware that Osaka is a US national as well?
  15. Do you support the Death Penalty in your country of origin?