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  1. So how does a couple who by your own admission were smuggling get 'fleeced'? Serves them right.
  2. A shame the headline didn't read 'Excise Official disciplined for committing an act of corruption and blackening the name of the Country' but we won't see that in this galaxy!
  3. So now its possible that the Summit may be back on- the Orange Muppet doesn't know if he is coming or going. Asked on Friday if North Korea was playing games ahead of the summit, Trump responded, “Everyone plays games.” Talk about a dick measuring competition- ' “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used,” Trump wrote." What a Rooster.
  4. 'You no unnastan Thai peeper' was the reply.
  5. Pyong Yang's 'open hostility'- he should be briefed on what his own men Bolton and Pence have said over the past week. This was on the cards for ages. I'm surprised fatty didn't tell him to stuff the summit up his backside. To do it on the day the DPRK blows up its (already wrecked) nuclear installation is just another of the Orange Buffoon's foot in mouth moments. As a pundit pointed out last month a summit was never going to work. First you sent the staffers in to do the grunt work, THEN you send the leaders in to make the announcements- in Trump-World the opposite is happening. He has ballsed up Iran, the Koreans have seen what happened in Libya (not on his watch I know) as well. The only person with a hard-on for him at the moment is Benny the Thug. Edit: noting the comments about Trump above its clear who the Americans and non-Americans are!
  6. 29 million was the annual budget- no money in it!
  7. From the rumours i have been hearing about the recent checks on encroachment in Kamala there is more than a hint of green (if you get my drift) involved in this lifeguard scenario- it lends credence to this thing being based in Bangkok. Hark back to the end of March when the volunteers were removed from Kamala beach. I've heard nothing substantial to support this but there seems to be more than a whiff of truth behind it and there's clearly a huge amount of money involved. My ear is currently to the ground.
  8. Psimbo

    Crashed Air Force jet may have hit power cables

    A '40 year old aircraft' that has been extensively refurbished by the Israelis? See the separate article about the F-5 refurbishment. I could also refer you to non-Thai B-52s, Tornados, F 15, F16, F18.........................................................
  9. Another CCTV money pit. Funny how these Billy Whiz systems always appear to be down when they are actually needed. Someone has made fortunes off these scams over the years. Remember the recent traffic cameras with no tickets due to a lack of budget?
  10. Great forward planning as usual- the crossing was blocked before they bothered t tell anyone! Chalk up another one to the Marine Office.
  11. What does the crash of a military aircraft have to do with civil carriers like Air Asia setting up a maintenance hub? It's a fact of life that by the type of training military pilots do aircraft malfunction and crash from time to time, either from internal or external circumstances. It would appear that this was a technical failure of either type and they may have been attempting to make an emergency landing on the golf course. This may be why one pilot ejected- again it can be a common occurrence to lighten the aircraft or (unfortunately not in this case) lessen the risk of casualties. The unfortunately named Albatross is one of the most common training aircraft in the world, used by over 40 countries. The Thai ones have been upgraded with Israeli systems. It is a reliable 40 year old design ideal for what it was designed for.
  12. Nope, that's why I suggested a map would have been handy. I do tend to read articles before commenting and the description wasn't that helpful. The way I work it out is from the school north to the little Tsunami park and everything either side of the 'Beach Road' in between. There is still a small undeveloped bit of land behind there that might be the 'coconut tree garden'. That's a hell of a lot of businesses if it is all that area but the woman The Palms, for example, is a condo/hotel complex. Buyer beware yet again.
  13. What - the beginning of the school year? How about raising some of the 'many questions' if you are that concerned- or just another tinfoil hat theory?
  14. Iwas trying to work it out- it seems to be saying the center of Kamala 'beach road' is illegal, lol. I know a certain Thai lady who will be laughing her bits off at her sister's misfortune if true! A map would have been a helpful addition to the article.
  15. No Sir, not me Sir- 'Bigger Boys did it'.