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  1. That is already in hand.
  2. errrr- perhaps the Navy would be a better option They do that water and beach thing y'know..
  3. Weather is all over the place this year- take it as you find it.
  4. Good old 'mis-understandings'! Just wait for the t station to be done for defamation now.
  5. Unfortunately he's too busy beautifying the island!
  6. Remember when a previous Governor did this by having Palmyra Palms planted the length of Thepkassatri Road? There must be about ten left but it was a lucrative contract for a friend I'll bet. Beautify the island by clearing up traffic and parking issues- another soundbite presentation with little substance. Lets not address the main issues in case it upsets 'influential people'.
  7. its all relative and dependnt on where on the island you live.
  8. 6 posts in and the first mention of prison sex- must be a first!
  9. The above are u/s loads for the most part with quite large weights. An 80kg sedated bear is hardly a drama. 'Thai bashing'- I would have questioned this pilot's ability if he were a Martian! I certainly would not want to fly with him.
  10. I think you will find you will not get an re-entry permit based on a tourist visa. Once you get the Non- Imm O and retirement permit you can then apply for a re-entry permit (single B1900, multiple 3800).
  11. how do you feel about the ten and 12 year olds I see racing around?
  12. Summation is pretty much there. No 3 is the key- get yourself up and down the Sois. If you have friends here already they may know people with properties for rent as well. Why do you think offering people less is insulting- a lot of people over-price their properties so its expected that there will be give and take. Its definitely a renter's market where I live- not sure about the South but i'd expect it to be the same now. Electric is normally separate for a long term let, water depends on the contract