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  1. Can I borrow your tinfoil hat please- the last one I borrowed has worn through.
  2. No, he rushed back to report a scam or possible innocent mistake- just like most people would do.
  3. The official list of requirements is the latest one and included the information about the picture with your house number. I did it last week (as commented on on the other thread) and it is correct. As I have stayed here long enough I am aware that things change. I actually took more than is on the list (map, etc) but it was not needed.
  4. 'loyal supporters'? yep, bussed in at B500 a head. Can't beat that sort of 'loyalty'.
  5. I see the tinfoil hats are securely fastened as usual.
  6. Not meaningless- the whole thing has been covered in the other thread.
  7. Wow- 16 posts before he was mentioned- must be a record!
  8. People hammer along that road all the time and some of the bends are quite severe. Wind beats brake failure!
  9. You really are becoming quite annoying aren't you?
  10. Taxi drivers in Kamala are set back up in their regular haunts and have been for a long time- although they are no longer stealing electric to power tvs and fans. The problem is that once a 'crackdown' happens and they see no followup they are back to their usual ways.
  11. There were 10 'China buses' chugging up the hill in front of me the other day- I didn't feel safe til I was past them. They were doing about 10 kph- a hazard to everyone, especially when one that could do about 12 kphstarted to overtake another one. People riding inside these buses must be terrified at times. As for 'expats call for action' does the publisher of the article really think authorities give a hoot what they think!
  12. Google is your friend. Well that was your answer when someone asked you a perfectly reasonable question!
  13. It's all about perception. its so ingrained in society that its not perceived to be corruption therefore it doesn't exist.
  14. I noticed a while back that The Deli, near the Post Office had gone. I rarely used it as I always thought the goods were over-priced. I suppose the western deli style things in Makro and Big C would have affected them over time. I always preferred Patong Meats for my treats.