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  1. If all the internet detectives can figure it out by looking at the footage prior to the crash the real cops could as well if they wanted to, but they don't- it's Burmese and they couldn't give a toss. No way the roads will ever be cleaned up with the cops refusing to get their act together. This goes on all over the country every day. It's a farkin disgrace and a national embarrassment.
  2. Why not just type in the subject line in english (or does it default to Thai script), then just type in the message as with any email?
  3. Good tv series

    Finally got around to Narcos S3- was up late last nite. Go on- just one more episode. Comrade Detective has some good writus but i'm wary of American tongue in cheek, they have a different take on it. Guy Martin's WW1 Tank is worth a look as well.
  4. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I've given up on doing anything at the Patong Office, not worth the effort.
  5. Natural selection- at least he won't be a danger to others anymore. May sound a bit callous but he must have been travelling at extremely high speeds (and a danger to other road users) to do that sort of damage. Rain as well so not driving within the road conditions- no sympathy.
  6. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I wish they would just be above board and legalise the cost- then there would not be a problem (as pointed out above one can press the issue and not pay but why should it be free?). After all we have to pay for a bank letter and statement, why not this?
  7. Pedant head on 'Patong Police Station' IS Kathu Police Station, 'Kathu Police Station' is actually Thung Thong Police Station (unless its changed recently).
  8. Bhutanese man crushed by 22-wheeler juggernaut

    Pictures on the rescue site, even pixillated, weren't pretty- they were basically picking up chunks of meat. RiP.
  9. Errrr- you may want to check out what the changeover fees for Chon Buri cops are.
  10. Fear of it happening nation-wide? It's an industry in itself!
  11. 'Sir, you were smoking on the beach'. 'Prove it'.
  12. Black skies near Kamala around 1700, quick shower and that was it. Seen lightning flash so it may come in hard later.
  13. How dare you say nice pleasant things about the process - there will be mutterings and splutterings from the masses!
  14. The Expanding 10% Beach Sun Lounger Zones

    Don't even get me started on that one! The tent massages and restaurant/bar just by the cemetery were there open fri afternoon.
  15. It doesn't work. Cameras were installed in 5 blackspots in Phuket. Not only did they not budget for the paper to print the (thousands) of tickets they made the fatal error of telling people! Cops sit at the lights by one location but never stop the locals as they are scared of 'powerful people'- it's complete BS. Situation normal now- no helmets, blowing off red traffic signals and speeding just as before. Not telling people that there were no tickets would have still been a deterrent. Mind you someone will have received a nice kickback from the camera installation so in Thai eyes that's OK.