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  1. 'Not me Mistah- somebody else's problem'. Usual limp response and lack of action. Whilst there are some places between the cemetery and the MH that need access the big problem is along the cemetery where businesses should not be set up (there are now at least 5 or 6 bar/restaurant tents set up there now). if we are not dodging bikes we are dodging wedding photographers bt no one will get a grip. Any tourist on a bike that beeps at me gets a mouthful back, locals I am a bit more circumspect.
  2. You should read 'Krazy Karl's' comments about it on the phuket news site- he managed to bring polar routes into it, lol!
  3. Pictures are from the rescue foundation facebook page.
  4. I recognise the markings- this company's buses have a habit of driving dangerously, one tried to cut me up the other day.
  5. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Oh dear, hasn't this been done to death by now? There are too many variables involved. Asking random people on the net to comment about their personal expenses is pretty rude IMHO. As for the 'BS' comment about electric prices being hiked that in itself is 'BS'. A lot of apartment landlords do try it on at B5 or more per unit (it soon mounts up). I have seen this first hand in the past and they backed down when confronted by me. I currently pay the base price and check the meter every month.
  6. Huge revenues from the canal, although cheap fuel prices are diverting traffic from the Panama and Suez canals. Article dated 2016 but still interesting reading. I see funding for the Nicaragua Canal has fallen flat. https://news.vice.com/article/ships-are-bypassing-the-suez-and-panama-canals-because-oil-is-so-cheap
  7. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    What I mean is as stated in Post 98. I WAS checked after checking in with a DL- this was Nov 17. I do carry the passport as backup but try not to produce it. It seems to depend on the establishment as to whether or not they actually report guests to Immigration. As for Post #97, given the fact that I was pinged for using my DL I would be extremely wary of using a DL with an old pport number. If Imm DO check and run the number one could end up in a world of hurt, as one will not be logged into the country. I suggest the days of relying on the DL may be gone. Having read the story about electronic passport reading and the possible demise of Arrival Cards the future could be interesting. Install readers, tap your passport and job done would be nice.
  8. Sits back and waits for Ma-Ann's next excuse as he continues to fill his pockets. He must have some dirt on people REALLY high up to continue to get away with things. Strange the 'casino' at Manik, which is probably within his grasp as well never gets raided.
  9. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    As above. Apparently there was a bit of a crackdown in Patts at the time, the use of DLs is an urban myth these days, as I found out first hand.
  10. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    As I have mentioned before they DO check driving licences- I got pulled in Nov in Patts due to an anomaly they had spotted. it was all sorted in the end but scary at the time. They then went through my passport page by page as they struggled to cope with the fact it had been issued in Bangkok! I am now staying at a place when I am up there that does not report guests (and have updated my driving licence to cancel out the anomaly.
  11. Not sure why forensics ae needed for 'fat arrogant hi-so caught red-handed in protected forest with weapons'. It will all be the driver's fault of course and he will bear the brunt of any 'punishment'.
  12. Next we'll be reading about 'fairness' for the poaching hi-so.
  13. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    Thanks for that- I'll get some stamps and get him to sign a forest worth of PoAs! It actually makes me nauseous every time another obstacle is thrown in front of us.
  14. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    So just to confirm they NOW want a POA with a tax stamp as well as everything else in Hkt Town? Maybe we shouldn't have asked them! If someone has a picture of a POA without their personal details and a tax stamp applied correctly it would be handy. This is just going to get silly again- do i have to get the owner of my place, who lives overseas, to do 10 original copies of this just in case I go away for the weekend? It's madness and they don't seem to have thought this through.