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  1. That should cut the Thaigeezer posts by half if it happens.
  2. The only shock-horror tactic would be for the police to DO THEIR JOB! That really would be a shock!
  3. Yeah, lets just urinate all over a kind act shall we.
  4. Ever considered your attitude may have contributed to your issues?
  5. ................. and the usual crass comments appear.
  6. I could have done donuts around the place and they wouldn't have noticed!
  7. His fir His first words on addressing the pubic were ' I am Receeeeeeeeeeeh' in his best Nigerian accent! Good to see the vested interests circled around him. I give it two months before we see another application for 4am opening hours by Prab and his mates 'in the best interests of Patong' of course.. I gi
  8. Hahahahahahaha! One can't make this stuff up. A couple of people drown and there's all this fuss, whilst its carnage on the roads.
  9. Pay B200 for the honor? Think I'll stick with the PLTO. Mind you- university students ...............................!
  10. Caution Kamala Klouseaus at work.
  11. Wow- even MORE CCTV, the answer to everything. The only policeman I saw driving off island the other day was the concrete one.
  12. I have spotted the flaw in your argument!
  13. Passing out is a common phrase for finishing a military course. You know that now but seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder about Brits. Your arrogance is what puts a lot of people off Americans, and no- I'm not a Brit.
  14. On the other hand maybe he DIDN'T do it- but that would not allow Thaigeezer frothing though, would it?
  15. ..... and the Thaigeezer beatchfeast starts again- has anyone mentioned Mr redbull yet?