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  1. Psimbo

    Govt urged to control private hospital fees

    One hospital group really extracts the urine when it comes to milking insurance.
  2. Any vehicle journey I make I must have to swerve 5 or 6 times to avoid people opening doors without looking. It seems in this case the bike was coming up the inside (another of my pet hates) but she should still look.
  3. I may scroll back and see if anyone in PHUKET has commented about this PHUKET IMMIGRATION thread. Nope, didn't think so but we've got 7 pages out of it so far. As a PHUKET person I carry a credit card copy of my passport ID page in my wallet, along with a copy of my current 90 day report. PHUKET Police Officers have never questioned my Thai Driving Licence and asked for supporting documentation in 14 years here. If one is polite and causes no hassle with the cops here they tend to be fair- if you kick off at them prepare to be ****** about. As always I ponder why people who are completely unaffected by a story feel the need to comment on it.
  4. ..... and we're off. Cue another ten pages of thaigeezers wailing, ripping their clothes asunder and beating their chests to no avail. Get over it.
  5. Psimbo

    Night Bus Kata-Kamala

    Err, because they were stood at the side of the road with suitcases looking at their phones, nowhere near the bus shelters (one group across from the Aussie Pub, another outside Big C). Then just before the smart bus arrived they put the phones away and reached for their bags. On arrival of the smart bus they flagged it down and got on it. It doesn't get clearer than that. Just for the naysayers I decided to have a look at a couple of buses when out walking on friday. A northbound bus had at least 12 pax, and a southbound at least 16.
  6. Psimbo

    Night Bus Kata-Kamala

    Don't encourage him- he'll only have something negative to say (or mention Baht Busses ).
  7. Psimbo

    Night Bus Kata-Kamala

    I disagree- I see it getting busier by the week. At least six people were waiting for it in kamala the other day.
  8. I've found other pages the same today- maybe a node fault again.
  9. A very sad state of affiars and sympathise to the communities affected by this. I was curious on watching the news as to why coroners need to be armed- it's not as if the people they deal with constitute a threat!
  10. I see Kurt the duty loon on Phuket News has given his 'opinion' yet again. The guy spouts non-stop drivel. I am convinced he is the sub-normal brother of the editor with some of the crap he comes out with. I welcome any attempts to ease the process and with 90 days taking around a minute to process once you get to the guy this could work. Naysayers will hate it if it does!
  11. Psimbo

    Looking for cheap BBQ in Phuket

    Lazada- you'll likely have it inside 24hrs.