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  1. As opposed to an incredibly naive remark?
  2. Renew UK passport - any Phuket agents ?

    Mine went to the UK on 4 Sep by hand, along with online renewal form and photos (stamped in to Thailand on another passport at present). New passport sent to UK address within 8 days of receipt, arrives by hand next week. Job jobbed and perfectly legal with no trips to Bangkok. Total cost 85 quid plus UK postal rates. As a bonus I renewed my driving licence at the same time and that is headed out as well. Not that it affected me this time but if you have one of the more recent passports you can apply for a new licence online and DVLA will access your picture held by the passport office. Big Brother is out there and 7 quid cheaper than a postal application!
  3. My only surprise is that Boss hasn't been brought into the discussion yet. Errrr- oops!
  4. They've started this up only recently in Phuket (cue pedants on 'recent'). I am in the same boat but no one I know has been fined yet. One friend has been back in the country a couple of weeks and wasn't aware of the change- he went into the Phuket Town office and sorted it out without any problems. I'm just going to be contrite and polite and sort it on on my 90 day report.
  5. Interesting comment- I got a taxi from Pattaya to Utapao and it was more for a shorter distance.
  6. Phuket weather 2017

    I see from some of the rescue foundation videos that despite the extensive flooding people are still driving like loons. Logic here seem to be 'oh, less traffic on the road due to the rain- we can drive faster'! Extensive flooding up near Yacht Haven and the roundabout at the north end of Patong from what I saw. Looks like a stay-in day.
  7. Good luck with that one come the next renewal attempt!
  8. Which bit of this did you fail to comprehend? "I do not have any hospital records to prove that I was sick. I was taken care of by friends."
  9. Get off Samui and to immigration at a departure point before the lawyer bubbles you for overstay now she has lost her 30k bung. Dress well, shave, don't stink of booze and be contrite and polite when sorting it out on departure.
  10. Judging by the majority of comments above did anyone actually bother to read the article first? I guess not but that doesn't allow for the usual angst, arm chair experts and outrage does it? The bus was parked on the side of the road btw.
  11. Mickey Mouse museum opens in Lamphun

    I thought the Police already had a museum.
  12. 2 mentions of Red Bull already- more to come I suppose. Two completely different cases but lets get him mentioned anyway.
  13. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    Some people are quite happy here and have no wish to go outside the country- what's wrong with that? I went 3 years at one point and its been 12 months so far this time. I didn't even bother getting a re-entry permit in Jul. Just because you feel the need to do other stuff doesn't mean others do.
  14. Ex-attorney general appeal for fairness for prosecutors mis-handling Boss’s case Fixed that!