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  1. Mexlark

    Thai healthcare gets a global nod of approval

    Finding ways to ward off the Big Pharma vampire will be therapeutic everywhere. Anti-depressants and opiods spring to mind immediately, but there are many others.
  2. Local version of Shelltox perhaps? Perhaps the even bigger stupidity was imaging that a place of aquaculture would make a wonderful mozzie- free resort. Run before you can walk syndrome.
  3. Suicide is always possible. Any old bike'll do! If you notice a few investigators missing, that will likely be the cause.;-)
  4. Wouldn't doubt you on the Spiny Norman comparison, but if not speeding, perhaps foresheets to the wind at that time of the morning . I often hear big bikes departing watering holes at that time. One new brand new Harley ended up in the khlong. Not to mention the huge number of times I've seen bikers on crutches from accidents I didn't witness
  5. He did the Monster Mash. It was a graveyard smash.
  6. Closely observe almost any neighborhood in this country and you will begin to realise that perhaps most new prominent business start-ups are backed by uniformed money launderers or uniforms providing their mia nois with a bye-bye gift when mia luang eventually wises up. Not to mention businesses run as a front for other nefarious activities. They might well pay a few measly baht for your vote, but will also run any real business into the ground. Playboynomics in action!
  7. More or less the same thing happened just across the road a few weeks back. The rider eventually stood up and was assisted to the ambulance But they left him on the floor for quite a long time, as he was obviously in shock. Locals were very helpful, but the cable still hasn't been properly fixed, just tied back out of harm's way Officials have been to inspect it. I've lost count of the times I've seen construction vehicles drag down cables that are never really ever properly fixed And fiber optic cable contractors are almost always lazy lackadaisical *ers.
  8. Too many disinterested males would be more like it
  9. Mexlark

    Herbal ‘doctor’ ramps up production line

    Stick to reading The Lancet
  10. Mexlark

    Herbal ‘doctor’ ramps up production line

    A recent news item suggested Olive Oil can be more effective than Viagra
  11. Thai male bewildered by the concept of 'crotch rocket' perhaps?