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  1. Questions to Bulk Olive oil buyer from Thessalonika, or anyone with information.; Do you bring it in with you? I mean in your checked baggage. Can you bring a gallon (or 4 liters say) of olive oil in without airlines and security people going ape s--t?. Will be in Italy/Greece in 2 months so .... would love to know if I could bring some back.
  2. Oh and by the way that Cruise missile strike after your Nerve Gas attack, courtesy of Putins Russia. ..... Right we won't get pissy about that any more. Please continue. Always Prez Donald
  3. Not to shock you but most people I know are not going to be suprised by this at all. In fact you are starting to catch up and report what people already know.
  4. It's organic, it has to be good.
  5. A decade or more back up north while constructing government office they ran into the old defensive walls of the town. This from a time they actually fought and been besieged by the Burmese and an outpost of one of those Kings they have made a movie about. However it was not saved or excavated. Nope it was pulled out, dumped and the building built. AT the time it was said something like 'if we need it we can always come back and build another one' and likely it will look better too. HooYa!
  6. Uh huh. Basically the Thai Government and Thais love to get all torqued up about something of little or no importance. I assume it takes peoples minds off real problems and issues. The Government knows this and encourages it at every opportunity.
  7. Two people caught smoking on an Airplane? Why is this even NEWS!!!!!!!
  8. It's their job! Looks like JL has deflected as much as he can and now goes for the money shot. That is a way to stop these pesky threads. I quit going to Koh Tao after only one visit and that was in 07. The reason; the motorcycle scam. which is the same as the jet ski scam. A french couple were threatend for non existent damage. Our GH owner did nothing. At that time by unoffical survey only TWO m-cycle rental shops did not claim damage and threaten you for more money on KT. And that was before there Dive master classes hit there low point, getting such a bad rep for chopping up people in boat props. And that was all was pre 2014. Frankly I am impressed that they were able to keep the place out of the news and a going concern pre 2014, but tourists are rather ignorant critters as they say Cheers
  9. Look like a deflection and the old Blame the Victim game. You should put up where, links or an address to look up, otherwise gentle ThaiVisa posters assume you are posting in a "damage control" mode
  10. Obviously you have yet to taste the joys of 1 star to 3.5 star local hotels, usually sino Thai owned and run, they have been employing foreign workers for decades - yes that is an S signifying PLURAL. so after your little hissy fit about "western capitalism", sky down to where most of the tourists, stay, heh and open your eyes. Those two Myanmar workers on Koh Tao ...they weren't working at a Western owned 5 Star joints .... ira
  11. For all this adverts around TV about making sure you have a will ... Never, and I mean never have a will written up in Thailand!. Do it back in your own country. Then file it away and, don't gab about it!. I'm sure we will have a financial excpert wang in here and say no that is all wrong, but six friends form 4 different countries can't be all wrong..
  12. So Trader Joes tried to market something called a puff dog and huh ..... Do you really think Americans have a clue what puff dogs and sausage rolls are? The money shot; do you really think they Care? Obviously The Brit Tabloids do which is why we have an article about it ..... a credulous bunch a sausage roll eaters you are. uh huh
  13. "Tax Avoidance" a "Tax Scam" ... is that what they call it? Buying stolen property, selling stolen goods, is a more apt term.
  14. Non Performing Loans The never ending saga, the gopher hole hunt continues.
  15. The BIB always looking for a way to make some money! hehe He will be happy to get back to the Netherlands and start dealing with the tax officers there and remember what a mistake it was to go to Thailand!