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  1. UK tourists have been reduced by 50 per cent and that for a couple years now. Add to that figure the big drop in Scandinavian tourists and you have the explanation for TAT's search for "new" tourists. As they never mentioned either of these recent trends. I believe we can conclude TAT and the Thai government do not care if western European Tourist numbers drop.
  2. “ The video ended up on Facebook with onliners shaking their heads at what has become of Thai society.” Let’s call her P. She was a volunteer here going on 40 years ago. Back then being a volunteer was a two-and-a-half-year commitment and you needed a skill. She was a med tech, now a doctor, working at an upcountry health clinic. As part of her job, yes, she treated a number of monks for venereal disease acquired at the local brothel. That is just how it was back in those “good old days” Has It changed now? Not at all, except for the technology. What has changed is how the past is remembered. Just like in the west, the appeal of an idealized version of the past is wildly popular among some segments of society.
  3. Really and why would you think that? Based on this individuals previous posts I would be hard pressed to think it anything other than a deflection. What actually happend to Trevor is still unknown and likely to remain so.
  4. You have absolutely no clue about this person or this case at all but that doesn't stop you jumping on here to claim - oh yes case closed. And another prat quickly jumps in to 2nd your quackery, bingo. You need to explain the red marks on the arm and the missing car before you post up any case closed malarky. Yeesh.
  5. This precipitated President Trumps rage late Tuesday, one that even a twitter post could not calm. Nope he went all in and fired Comey even though it is like waving a red flag and screaming “yes I am guilty.” “Federal prosecutors have issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seeking business records, as part of the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year's election, according to people familiar with the matter. CNN learned of the subpoenas hours before President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The subpoenas represent the first sign of a significant escalation of activity in the FBI's broader investigation begun last July into possible ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia”
  6. Ah, Yes, the weekends here so, time to whip up OUTRAGE – be outraged about these disrespectable tourist = westerner = farang and what they do. Has it been a week since “beg packers” … sure ok so time to hit it again. Here we go. Que up TV posters to piously proclaim ‘they are backpackers’, different and distinct from us, we the wise expat. We are different and the Thais understand this ------right -----they also say the biggest lies in Thailand are the ones Expats tell themselves
  7. I would say less than a 1 in 4 chance and only that if a friend or family member recongnizes her and e mails. A Brit paper said she was French, did the French Media and papers put the story out? and even if they did would said airhead pay attention to it? They most definetly DID NOT in my city or country. This whole story made the NO news pile.
  8. Are you feeling the love?! We have a new video about why Thais should feel OUTRAGED about westerners disrespecting their country and what fun. I can't recall one westerner begging in the last 17 years but, obviously its a NEW TREND in adventure tourism.
  9. I had to laugh when I read this. Salmonella, or any food poisoning are not going to produce instant death. Salmonella would take a minimum of 6 hours. Nope …. That leaves a pre existing condition; heart attack, stroke, or something else. That something else can indeed be some “condiment” added to the Som Tom. Uh oh, oh no. Oh Yes! TV Johnny detective squad assemble! You have work to do.
  10. Something our English Language newspapers are careful not to mention. This ”sect” if you call it that is composed of lower middle class people and mostly former Red supporters. This seems to have bothered the government so much they went after them. In a “reconciliation mode” like they have been reconciling with that other party, heh, …Once you know that, do you think these monks and abbots are really guilty of anything? Besides being a potential threat in the eyes of the powers that be?! I have never been big fan of organized religion, but between this sect and the Boys in Brown and the military that backs them up, I would say there is a good chance this is nothing more than a set up, just based on reputation and history. For all you Pats and Trollers that buy the Government story and wonder why they have not made a raid in force on the place. Check out how they have done the reconciliation process and that should give you the answer. They just keep chipping away while smiling and lying. You deny half the population its political party and then their religion? That does not seem like a winning combo to me. I wonder where it will all end.
  11. Well, she's definitely not Australian. It occurs to me , frequently, that Australia is one of the last bastions of good manners and polite behaviour I have ran into many Aussies who are just as ignorant, if more self--righteous, than said cluelessfarang in question .. But you miss the point it could be Brit, Aussie, French Yank, German ..... whatever That said this article was put up on a Brit Newspaper web site before it appeared on Thai Visa ... And THEY said she was FRENCH! ...... FACT.
  12. You miss my point, ................. deliberately, nuff said
  13. This women will likely never know the vid exists ... this vid is done so Thais can feel outraged ..... as I am sure you know
  14. The guy in the picture does not ask the Frenchwomen to put her feet down. Nor does he complain to the driver or steward of the bus. Instead he makes a video, then posts it up. Of course it goes viral because “let’s be outraged” by tourist’s behavior is a Thai cultural tradition of recent origin. I just don’t get it … or maybe I do get it. Recently drunk tourists pissed in the fountain and statue of the Native American chief who gives my old city it’s name. They were arrested, fined for drunkenness but that was it. While noted in the news it did not go viral because there is NO tradition of being outraged about tourists disrespecting the country, unlike Thailand. They don’t pump it for all it is worth. I see this week after week, month after month year after year I wonder where it will lead too. Food for thought …. I’m thankful I rent and do not own a condo or a home here.
  15. Come on after the "internet viral panic" about missing persons and MURDER - turns out that all is well in a sick and unhealthy way. They both are scumbags, but both are alive and likely conning people and acting scumbagy like scumbags do ..... Maye they are even in love, who knows?! As for the TV hang em high crowd sorry to dissapoint ... time to shift gears and get into the deport the former Rapist rage mode. .... or ask THAT ULTIMATE QUESTION .... Does he have a proper work Visa?! Monday is here Keep that Internet Rage Rolling. Have a good week.