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  1. Northern Thailand; clouded up late yesterday. Four AM this morning, intense thunderstorm with downpours. The rains have lessened in intensity but not stopped. It is blowing, windy and it looks like it is going to be like this for the rest of the day.
  2. Shimon was arrested last year for the murder of Eliyahu Cohen, 63, who was found dead under the stairs at Bitton's house in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi they want the case INVOLVING THIER DAUGHTER reopened
  3. That is why the Junta allowed it.
  4. Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

    You read these things and wonder, who do they get to write them up? Pattaya’s growth was indeed fueled by R&R ing troops in the Vietnamese theater. The US got out in 1973. Saigon falls in 75, but this article says US number dropped overnight in 76. In 1976 The US closed out its Thai air bases, (UTapao) long after the Pattaya R&R ing US servicemen numbers had dropped.
  5. Your kidding? They talk about EXTRADITION tell they get blue, but do they ever Extradite?! NO - they served one to Cambodia for Thaksin, in what amounted to a PR gimmick for the populace of Thailand. They claim they give requests to Interpol, and Interpol says they have never recieved one. How can they "bring them back" or "return" them? unless they actually try to? That said Boss might run out of money, return and they could arrest him. That is not the same as bringing Boss in.
  6. He could be from Seattle and Just excited that the Squawks traded with the Jets for Sheldon Richardson. With news like that who could be bothered waiting in a Big C checkout line!?? Hawks Defense is going to be a Beast this season.
  7. As I have driven that road, it does not suprise me in the least that someone could plow through a guardrail and over the cliff due to inattention and carelessness. It happens almost every year.
  8. Well Maybe it was a UFO ... or a Mastodon. As you have no evidence at all, why not a vortex?! Ridiculous deflections aside, that road is dangerous, you have to be driving serious. If they were not paying attention, taking a phone photo, a moments inattention would be fatal.
  9. Social Acceptance as in no one looks further to see if it is actually TRUE .... cause usually it is NOT.
  10. This excuse/defense always recieves Social Acceptance. The Mekong Poster Girls from the early 80's, may have posed naked, shock, gasp, but .... wait for it ... only did it to help out their poor family, Touching, Powerful, old as the hills.
  11. So you are saying they Were Not Allowed to Escape .... Shock Gasp Horror .... Fascinating, I thought that deflection was discarded within the first 5 minutes.
  12. Thai police seek Interpol help to find Yingluck

    Not at all because they never formally ask Interpol. They talk about it a lot, but then they talk about ..... Extradition ...... a lot too. OoooooooH !! Great stuff to talk about.
  13. The legal system in Thailand may be 'different' from many other countries, but arresting someone because there is a suspicion that the person may abscond doesn't cut it, even in Thailand. It cuts it everytime. If they do not want you to abscond, they have you in custody or guarded. This is Thailand. If absconding will be the best interests of the powers that be, then you are able to abscond.
  14. Nothing but that is what so cool about it - NOW it is the NCA who are responsible ..... hehe. The BiB are laughing today!
  15. Wow ... maybe they will try and, ....... wait for it ............EXTRADITE ! ....... That will take a few years to debate and play with. By then the fact that they let her escape will be old news. Just the usual song and dance.