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  1. If you are over here in Thailand and you are NOT watching Fox news 24/7, then this has nothing to do with Trump, uber liberals, and Kevin Spacey. It has everything to do with Thailand's Generals finding a washed up Hollywood star that will give them some cheap PR when they were desperate for it. There is a down side to that, which we are now seeing. The Trump/Spacey/ Uber liberals/ Seagal thread would be over on General Topics, or World News. Sorry you got lost.
  2. I doubt that 99.8 per cent of tourists coming to Thailand know this. If was spelled out like you did about 50 per cent would quit coming. So nothing is said to them, nothing published in books and no tourist agencies mention it. The Thai Governement would go ballistic if it was. But that doesn't stop you from saying; they all know about it and it is their own fault if they come here and tough bugsmear if they die. Classic Don't ever get rational, Keep the insanity!
  3. Medical package for visitors from China

    Since most of the Chinese Tourists are on those two week minimum baht tours. This is just a way to get some money into Government coffers.
  4. I generaly expect places I stay in to not kill you. I can understand you do not feel this way. Have fun, and on the upside, at least its quicker than the long con. Cheers
  5. First if you re read my posts I am not on a high horse, but you certainly are. Obviously the thought , the idea that people are scamming upsets the bejeus out of you. Great, calm down ! More than that it is nothing more than an agitated deflection so common on these forums today. In this case the hotel itself caused the mans death. Yet you do not consider them scammers. Actually they are, they scammed the public with their shoddy unsafe accommodation and a persion died because of it. That fits the term premeditated. They knew it was cheap and shoddy and did not care. I doubt that they bothered themselves much as they carted the corpse out and went back to business as usual. Lucky for them they have TT defenders here on a supposed expat forum.
  6. Last I heard the Driver worked for the Company. The Company is responsible for their drivers, and thier actions. That is how it works in most countries, Is Thailand different in this regard?
  7. Thanks for the dose of reality here in Blame The Victim Central.
  8. Thai jasmine rice named the world’s best rice

    Is this our Professional Troll Team, breaking character : ) ? Or is it just expats from Brit/Oz orbit? Basmati is the high end rice from the subcontinent. If you like Indian food, or your country has a bunch of Indian restaraunts, likely you will think Basmati is the best. If you like other rice based cuisines; Chinese, Japanese Korean, SEAsian then not so much. Instead you believe long grain rice is Numba One.
  9. I am shocked it took more than 10 posts (11 in fact) before the tourists themselves were blamed for their untimely and horrific deaths.. The standard of our resident Troll Team continues to slip. Where will it end?
  10. The only person that is on a high horse is you. Stop blaming other posters for your own problems. Now are you going to answer my question or just deflect again?
  11. Ahh so the family of the victim is scamming ... with absolutely no evidence, classic TV troll redirect. Any comments on the Hotel that killed the tourist? Hey they weren't scamming they were just killing people, which is not a bad thing, not like scamming.
  12. Ahh so it is the Tourist who is at fault for not having dead body return insurance Not the hotel which caused the accident. Is this Thai law or Thai cultural expectations ? Fascinating either way.
  13. You got a link on that or name - was it here on TVisa - I missed that one. Always like to keep up on these stories.
  14. Another shooting and no good guys with guns around, shocking. This is getting to be a broken record. Maybe reducing guns in US society is the way forward, unless NRA members can stop talking the talk and actually walk the walk.
  15. Thailand has had a trade surpplus with the USA for decades, while Trump would like to change that most advisors regard the best way to do business with the Thais is to ..... drumrollplease ..... buy goods from other countries. Vietnam and Indonesia are already cutting heavily into Thailand Agricultural exports to the US.t