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  1. I missed this; when was it downgraded? Does anyone have a year?
  2. Or maybe not Perhaps their jobs depended not on how profitable they were, but the fact it was a National Carrier so no matter what, it kept flying. I remember when Thai was great, a model for customer service; mid 90's it peaked and started a long downward slide. I flew them in 2014 to Europe, ok flight, cheap ticket. However, today I would not.
  3. I wouldn't be all that sold on what they have dished up but I digress .... The article is trying to equate the modern meanings of expat with migrant or immigrant. There is an agenda behind doing that by the way. However, to backtrack I worked overseas in the 80's. At that time, it was common to denote expats as "working expats" they had a job. That was the old definition of expat. Retirees were "retirees" there weren't that many of them back in those days. Today if you are a retiree living in another country than you hold a passport for you get lumped as an expat. The language has changed. However Expat is different than migrant as used today because migrant is used to define people who migrate permanently for work and do not hold a passport and or visa. More importantly they do not have the money to support themselves, initially Expats are expected to either have a job that the government allows/sanctions or have the money to support themselves. Migrants on the other hand likely have neither. Nor do they just leave if you non renew their visa. They likely do not have a visa and our trying to claim citizenship in a country. Also instead of supporting themselves in many cases they will receive government money for house, food, schooling and medical from the government of whatever country they’re living in. In short they don’t have 800K in bank or pension and if you non renew their visa they do not all go home ….. so there is a difference between Migrant and expat, no matter what The Atlantic argues ….. its an op/ed piece and can be lumped as the liberal version of alternative news sic
  4. Won't happen , a good lawyer should get him out of this mess. After all how can a young tourist understand he spray painted an historic or holy wall ? If it was just a normal wall , he would pay a small fine and they would let him go. I can't see it happening, they will let him go after paying a hefty fine , but not 1 million.... None of that, he will get off easy ..... but only after the powers that be milk it down to the last drop of negative press, then show their charity and forbearance by letting the scouse go home to scouseland. Woohoo and what fun
  5. That started 20 years ago, (discouraging) the E's, a little late to change things now. Unfortunately if you put your eggs in one basket ....
  6. Yes and no ... the great hotel and boutique hotel building and re conversion boom, plus condo boom in Chiang Mai was predicated on an increasing number of Chinese tourists. In case you are not getting it just walk around the inner moat and note the 'new' boutique hotels and conversions (like the M or old Montri now) which are absolutely and completely empty. Low season sure but they were empty three months ago too. Unless they get all the Chinese touristS back and then ADD 10,000, to fill the new beds .... things are going to be seriously not good.
  7. He was obviously on a very long nature hike, unable to get to his destination. I thought he was posting on Thaivisa ..... Just another member of our T Team
  8. Bring in another group of Usual Suspects.
  9. I would not profess to know about how this will affect Saskatoba or places farther east, whatever they are. However, in the only province that matters; British Columbia, I don't have to smuggle legal smoke across the border. No I can just pick it up in province when heading to Kootenay National Park or Valhalla Provincial Park. Tim Hortons stands to get a food trip boost in sales.
  10. The only economic policy Republicans have any more is cutting taxes which according to their PR makes jobs. The fact that it benefits the wealthy and damages the middle and lower clases exponentially is of course true but not anything they like to mention. Just grin all the way to the bank.
  11. I just don't get this ... and it happened on another case on that same island and years ago up in CM. The Brit police get involved, don't protect their national and in essence give credibility to the Thai side. I mean <deleted>. Somebody should have briefed the victim and mother on how to do this and then been the security. Plus a solicitor to vet questions. Hell they should have had questions in advance. It's just bloody incompetence, or fumble fart understanding of what is actually going on. I generally have a low opinion of US police and lawyers but these guys are clowns in comparison.
  12. LomSak27

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Ok so what about exercise in my room but with a 3M filters for air conditioners, or get a dedicated air filter from Home Pro or Siam TV or something. Good bad or otherwise.??
  13. So he was drunk huh, if you know so much better get in touch with the police. Or have another Leo and ....
  14. LomSak27

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Question I need to be exercising. And I will be moving to CM in November. Most of the condos I have looked at have their own enclosed gym with air con but does that filter out the bad smog once Feb-May hits? Or for that matter do gyms do that. I would pay money to join a private gym if they have good filters as I need to have somewhere to walk-run -exercise - at least 5 days a week for HBP and health. Any comments on this would be appreciated as it is something I most definitely will be concerned about in the months ahead.
  15. As those are also French colors ... and British ... and American and the list goes on. I doubt that explanation will be made or make a difference for the enraged netizens because hey getting a good rage going is what it is all about!