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  1. Live TV, movie viewing habits to continue sharp decline in 2018 This is in the US - TV capital of the world. It has a whole industry petrified. It has been in decline since 2014 and before that viewing was "stationary" at best. This is backed up by my trips back home. There might be a sports game on but nothing else friends and family are watching. Cheesehead needs to get out more often, I bet its the same in the UK.
  2. Ya missed a zero - 10,000 Thai Baht equals 404.99 Australian Dollar
  3. Anyone with indexed mutual funds? It's been good hasn't it, and now, likely not going to be good. I have a couple K in USD floating around for trips outside. Tomorrow taking half of it down, chunking into baht in the Thai Bank Account. gurgle .... arf. The acid re-flux problems of dealing with a semi senile, mentally unstable, ADD afflicted spud, who can't read three paragraphs in a row. f
  4. LomSak27

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    Well love to here more about this. Not applying in Chiang Mai, but close by - While I have bank accounts and Mutual Fund Accounts, and a nice chunk in a Thai bank account. I have no record of payments going into my Thai account monthly because I am JUST applying for my 1st 90 day non O, to get it ext for Retirement . Is it a good idea to just slam over and top off my thai account at 800 K and go from there? Or put deposit 65 K baht to my current account get a print out, I'll be up at 300K there. Print Money Market, and Mutual Fund account pages and take with. Question - I don't like giving them my account numbers. Can I ink out the last 3 digits? Note not Chiang Mai but close by and this Immigration is NOT friendly.
  5. Read page 4 about who these :"Hollywood producers" are ... Got the point that you hate them ... but no, no Hollywood Producers here.
  6. US, Canada, New Zealand,Australia,Singapore, Hong Kong,Jamaica,Cayman Islands,Botswana,and many others all use a currency called dollar. All are different values. Way off topic so no futher replies. Air Asia will charge you in about any currency you want. However Euros and US Dollars pop up as your 3rd and 4th choices (their online software does that) . If flying from Thailand they offer the ticket in Baht, then whatever country your are flying to followed by dollars and Euros. Those are not "loonies" either. No further discussion.
  7. On the other hand ... they might know something. At least three of the kids are stateless from Myanmar originally. Adul the guy who was working as translator for the Brit divers was living in a Baptist church in Mae Sai. His parents dropped him there to keep him away form the Myanmar forces and being sucked into the Guerrillas who would fight the Myanmar army. So they do have an angle
  8. You are getting a little sad now. I grew up in a rural area, doing things that today just would have people howling. All the more reason to take care of your own life, give away that responsibility to others and you might not have one. By the way, more than a few of these kids are stateless right? so your laundry list of dangers should include, border jumping, landmines, Myanmar military on search and destroy machines etc. ... going to school ...
  9. It appears you cannot read numerous posters on here have said jail him, you should take time to think about that before posting nonsnse. Sorry I assumed that you were responding to my post. I stand by my comment. Now back you go to posting nonsense.
  10. So a group of kids on the hike in the cave, left and went home. Thanks I did not know that.
  11. no one is saying that except you.
  12. > Was that cave next to the pitch? No. So he led them to the danger. And could a kid on that team say, “no coach, I don’t want to go any further its too dangerous” kids cannot do that, they're not old and mature enough. In the west or the east. For all your examples and then trying to drag up and flog a West vs East distraction, no answers I used my fathers comment because he was making me aware of how I was putting my life in the care of my so called friends. Right we trust them with our life. You better think well and good about that cause if you are trusting them with your life you may well end up without one. That applies to the west and east. So smile, clap, enjoy the fact they made it out alive and know it could have ended much differently. And make your own judgments and decisions, because no one else is going to care about your life as much as you.
  13. I don't blame him, who is going to demand he be prosecuted. That said he is a person my father warned my about long ago. "You trust your life with him and he'll kill you" So he kept them alive, great. He also came close to killing them all. If my kid was on the team ... He would find finding a new team, his life is too valuable to be in the hands of that guy.
  14. So most probably the only thing they are after is a documentary, which is a positive, and Thaivisa saw a chance to sensationalize it. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I looked up the company and was APPALLED. Then looked at their films. This is grade C schlock - straight to video. I assume that there will be documentaries made and far better than anything these jokers could put out. I was amazed how and who got the idea they were Hollywood. Then I saw the source. Some news site for outback aussies. Not a single but a double face palm here. Hollywood, Movies, the big time! Hold on here .... reality check time.
  15. That is who the "Hollywood Producers" are - Pure Flix out of Scottsdale AZ.