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  1. LomSak27

    Christmas Day Lunch

    I found the Chiang Puak magazine site, that lists up a bunch also.
  2. LomSak27

    Christmas Day Lunch

    Thanks for your response. Sorry been living in the wastelands for too long. It slipped my mind I would have a “CHOICE “. What a concept. I guess 500 to 2000 B, I'm not a difficult diner. I’m looking for low key. I’m here alone. The G Friend is at her sisters. Usually I wouldn’t bother. That said. I have reason to celebrate, have a good meal. I am back in CM after a decade in Nakhon Nowhere, have my R extension, condo I like, and going to be traveling a lot in 2019. Looking for a nice place to have a meal, and be thankful.
  3. LomSak27

    Christmas Day Lunch

    Any Hotels that have a special Christmas day meal?
  4. Boggler - read the Manchester news article, then make your snarky comments. Nothing about it whatsoever. Were they being arrested, or is this what Nigels from Manchester put on avocado toast?! Its a flipping mystery. Now get on it Sherlock.
  5. I want a hot sandwich at BK's and McD's in Thailand. Am I a jerk? You are a jerk, sure, but that has nothing to do with ordering a a hot sandwich at BK's and McD's. It's the fact you made a post out of it that puts you in the jerk category. BTW Are hopes and prayers are with you
  6. That Taxis drivers of Thailand come through with another story of joy and happiness. Back off you nattering Nabobs of negativity ... I'm feeling seriously warm and fuzzy tonight
  7. Here we go. Time to get bent over and pounded