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  1. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    Only if you are trying to deflect ... well are you? Trying to deflect?. It is highly doubtful we are going to get anything one way or another given the time involved and decomposition. It could just as easily be murder, or a heart attack.
  2. Hmmm - your language might be one thing but that you did not learn how to relax in 32 years...(?) well considering the number of SAS, Navy Seals and Special Forces residing in the Kingdom, he might just lead a attack in Divisional strength. Say what you will it is always good for the Leo brigade to have an active fantasy life.
  3. Good God, this is how Thailand thinks?! They never were "notorious" for fake goods. Did they have a lot of fakes .. yep ... Do they have a lot ... yep. Are they going to get pissy when Taylor Swift comes to town and says she wants to buy a fake Rolex a la Lady Gaga .... yep Only difference is Humpty Dumpty is now in charge and doesn't care what previous administrations have said or done. When Humpty takes a big fall the next administration will put them right back on "The List" again, natch.
  4. Dental Implants Chiang Mai - 75K

    Time goes by, as it has been 3 years, so prices go up but it was defintely less than 46000 per implant. They were excellent. Dental 4 you Clinic 382-384 Thapae Rd., T.Changmoi, A.Muang, Chiangmai 50300 Tel. 0-5387-4149 About 2 minute walk from Thapae gate.
  5. I judge a country on street food. A couple trips to Cambodia back 15 odd years ago and each time minor stomach issues. A friend had the same. I'm sure things have improved and we might have went to the wrong places but .... that is how you form opinons. Heh
  6. This law was put on back in 05 (?) when it was very easy to just take a trip to your local boder and do the 30 day. It was aimed at long timers, expats whatever, to "encourage them" to get a retirement visa, marriage visa, some type of long term visa. They used it very little back then ... and whenever they feel the need they dust it off and parade it around.
  7. If you are over here in Thailand and you are NOT watching Fox news 24/7, then this has nothing to do with Trump, uber liberals, and Kevin Spacey. It has everything to do with Thailand's Generals finding a washed up Hollywood star that will give them some cheap PR when they were desperate for it. There is a down side to that, which we are now seeing. The Trump/Spacey/ Uber liberals/ Seagal thread would be over on General Topics, or World News. Sorry you got lost.
  8. I doubt that 99.8 per cent of tourists coming to Thailand know this. If was spelled out like you did about 50 per cent would quit coming. So nothing is said to them, nothing published in books and no tourist agencies mention it. The Thai Governement would go ballistic if it was. But that doesn't stop you from saying; they all know about it and it is their own fault if they come here and tough bugsmear if they die. Classic Don't ever get rational, Keep the insanity!
  9. Medical package for visitors from China

    Since most of the Chinese Tourists are on those two week minimum baht tours. This is just a way to get some money into Government coffers.
  10. I generaly expect places I stay in to not kill you. I can understand you do not feel this way. Have fun, and on the upside, at least its quicker than the long con. Cheers
  11. First if you re read my posts I am not on a high horse, but you certainly are. Obviously the thought , the idea that people are scamming upsets the bejeus out of you. Great, calm down ! More than that it is nothing more than an agitated deflection so common on these forums today. In this case the hotel itself caused the mans death. Yet you do not consider them scammers. Actually they are, they scammed the public with their shoddy unsafe accommodation and a persion died because of it. That fits the term premeditated. They knew it was cheap and shoddy and did not care. I doubt that they bothered themselves much as they carted the corpse out and went back to business as usual. Lucky for them they have TT defenders here on a supposed expat forum.
  12. Last I heard the Driver worked for the Company. The Company is responsible for their drivers, and thier actions. That is how it works in most countries, Is Thailand different in this regard?
  13. Thanks for the dose of reality here in Blame The Victim Central.
  14. Thai jasmine rice named the world’s best rice

    Is this our Professional Troll Team, breaking character : ) ? Or is it just expats from Brit/Oz orbit? Basmati is the high end rice from the subcontinent. If you like Indian food, or your country has a bunch of Indian restaraunts, likely you will think Basmati is the best. If you like other rice based cuisines; Chinese, Japanese Korean, SEAsian then not so much. Instead you believe long grain rice is Numba One.
  15. I am shocked it took more than 10 posts (11 in fact) before the tourists themselves were blamed for their untimely and horrific deaths.. The standard of our resident Troll Team continues to slip. Where will it end?