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  1. RIP to the pilot and condolence to his family and friends. Wish the co-pilot full recovery.
  2. A week jailed is the best to do, but not only for foreigners please. But BIB think that smoking on the beach is a bigger crime.
  3. ikwiljou

    The air is heavily polluted today

    Chiang Mai today.
  4. ikwiljou

    Wear a mask, northerners warned

    Even worth now in Chiang Mai:
  5. AQI Air Pollution Level Air Pollution Category Health Implications Recommended Precautions 0–50 Level 1 Excellent No health implications. Everyone can continue their outdoor activities normally. 51–100 Level 2 Good Some pollutants may slightly affect very few hypersensitive individuals. Only very few hypersensitive people should reduce outdoor activities. 101–150 Level 3 Lightly Polluted Healthy people may experience slight irritations and sensitive individuals will be slightly affected to a larger extent. Children, seniors and individuals with respiratory or heart diseases should reduce sustained and high-intensity outdoor exercises. 151–200 Level 4 Moderately Polluted Sensitive individuals will experience more serious conditions. The hearts and respiratory systems of healthy people may be affected. Children, seniors and individuals with respiratory or heart diseases should avoid sustained and high-intensity outdoor exercises. General population should moderately reduce outdoor activities. 201–300 Level 5 Heavily Polluted Healthy people will commonly show symptoms. People with respiratory or heart diseases will be significantly affected and will experience reduced endurance in activities. Children, seniors and individuals with heart or lung diseases should stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities. General population should reduce outdoor activities. >300 Level 6 Severely Polluted Healthy people will experience reduced endurance in activities and may also show noticeably strong symptoms. Other illnesses may be triggered in healthy people. Elders and the sick should remain indoors and avoid exercise. Healthy individuals should avoid outdoor activities. Children, seniors and the sick should stay indoors and avoid physical exertion. General population should avoid outdoor activities.
  6. ikwiljou

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Soon 1st April hahaha
  7. ikwiljou

    True Visions lack of customer care!

    Yes they cover F1
  8. Looks perfect to shorten trip to e.g AMSTERDAM but ....... transit times make it a much longer trip than flying via BKK. And at much lower fares.
  9. If it's a wooden house than at least you could move the house if things go wrong. We have moved houses within Thailand.
  10. Usefull information found here http://www.thaiappraisal.org/english/the2001/default.php
  11. Fully agree with your suggestion. I have perfect experience at CMU Special Medical Service. Could also recomment Dr. Phanumet Srisawang.
  12. Perfect idea. And don't forget to tell the inmates what he did!
  13. In India the ban around elections is 3 days.