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  1. Sunglasses

    Stop bickering!!! You can but a cheap small UV torch for about 100 baht. (I bought 10 in Chinatown for about 250 baht total). Most only have white light and red IR light, so make sure you get the ones that also incorporate UV (purplish light). The UV glasses I tested reduce the UV light by about half but not completely, although this is for the torch generated frequency light, so maybe more effective at other frequencies.
  2. applied for Tax id Number

    I have had a few requests for TIN numbers from several UK banks but so far I have just replied that "I have no taxable income in Thailand and therefore have no TIN". Once they have this reply lodged on their system the banks seem to go quiet. So far I have not been hassled for more.
  3. The bigger the fish the higher up the food chain it is, and the higher the levels of mercury present in the fish. I remember reading that body builders like to eat large amounts of tinned tuna because it is cheap protein. This can result in mercury poisoning although the effects apparently are reversible. Small amounts of big fish are OK.
  4. Art Confusion in Bangkok

    Art or Arse?
  5. I need help with the correct word in English

    Mirror-touch synaesthesia? Maybe not quite the same but there is a BBC News story about Dr Joel Salinas who experiences other peoples pain. I just read it this morning so googling should find the story.
  6. What's missing in my diet?

    Carrots and pumpkin (and lots of other vegetables) can be easily cooked in a microwave. Whether you have kitchen facilities or not, you can always buy a cheap microwave yourself and start noshing away at cooked vegetables. Pumpkin is my favourite vegetable here in LOS.
  7. Best place to buy silk in Bangkok?

    Yes Old Siam, but also the nearby ChinaWorld Mall which has been completely taken over by fabric sellers (mainly Indian). Also look around the adjoining streets, lots of fabric shops.
  8. Almonds

    I have bought almonds from street sellers of food snack items. They come in 500gm vacuum packed pouches. You should pay less than 300 baht for one pack, about 280 baht from memory. Just keep your eyes out and eventually you will find someone selling them.
  9. Wine in a box

    Many years ago in Australia when wine boxes were first introduced they were advertised as "the wine will last for ever". Some wags were taking their depleted wine boxes back to the shops and complaining that the wine had not lasted and wanted a replacement.
  10. Getting GF to leave condo

    You fell in love with a girl with no prospects, invited her to live with you, probably made all sorts of promises, had free sex for a number of ?months?, and now want to dump her. Fair enough, but she will probably throw 20,000 baht back in your face. She will want a lot more than that! (and I dont't blame her!)
  11. Not sure where this 36 year figure comes from, but from my web searches of govt web sites the figure is still 35 qualifying years for a full pension. The minimum is 10 years. If you grew up in the UK and went through tertiary education (university, college etc) you will probably find that these years have been included so you may have more years than you think. Get registered on the UK Govt website and find out how many qualifying years you have. Then look at your options for topping up. Gets more complicated here with Class 2 and Class 3 contributions, plus ongoing changes in policy. Do it now!
  12. Sleeping problems elderly

    Tell him to try totally giving up alcohol for a few months. I used to wake up early about 5.00 am. I stopped drinking and found I started sleeping in late until 7.00 am. Too late for my morning walk/run round the park!
  13. 78-79 kg, 1.83 m I hope you mean?
  14. If you do not have a TIN number in Thailand and you are not paying tax, just tell the bank you have no taxable income in Thailand and therefore no requirement to have a TIN number. This has worked with several UK banks for me. (or use somebody else's TIN number and change a few digits. This is what a friend of mine did because the bank was insistent, but maybe it will come back to bite him on the bum)
  15. Now try doing on-line web check-in and see how far you get with that!