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  1. TMB bank has a "No Fixed Account" which pays a slightly higher rate with immediate no notice withdrawals. Not sure what the current rate is nowadays, maybe close to 2 pc? Only drawback is that when you need to make a copy of your bank book on the day of your extension, you have to go into a bank branch to deposit or withdraw a small amount to get the book updated. (so you cannot start queuing before 8.30 am). With Bangkok Bank you can get the update from one of their passbook update machines with no transaction needed.
  2. Fears alcohol tax may increase hard-liquor consumption

    Drinking beer is far healthier than drinking alcoholic spirits, especially homemade ones. Some countries have an enlightened attitude and wish to help their citizens by providing a healthy alternative to alcoholic spirits in the form of cheap beer. e.g. Laos and some African countries. And don't forget that European civilizations have developed because of beer which was a safe form of drinking water. Polluted beer is unpalatable whereas polluted water can taste like water. But in Thailand you can buy cheap gut rot rice alcohol (sato) cheaper than beer. It's a very short sighted attitude.
  3. Health/supplement stores in BKK

    Excellent service from iHerb in the US. Usually get the package within about 2 weeks. Price is far cheaper than Thai or even UK prices, and the low postage cost to Thailand means that you can split up your order into multiple low price packages that will sail past the customs sharks. I have had 5 successful no duty to pay deliveries so far this year. Just seen that online purchasing is not an option for you. Maybe get a friend to buy for you?
  4. Nothing worse than standing in line watching your coffee go cold while the person in front is trying to pay with his loyalty card/credit card/cashless payment card. So much easier and quicker to pay cash!
  5. Coming from Silom road I like to catch the 504 (yellow ac) bus that runs on past Don Mueang airport to Rangsit. Get off at Laksi (IT Square) and walk about 40 mins to get to Immigration. The bus runs about every 30 mins but sometimes have to wait up to an hour. Nice day out for me if I leave about 6.30 am and the traffic is moving freely. Coming back I catch the (free) red 166 bus from outside Immigration. No need for ac on this bus as it travels at 100 km/hour along the elevated expressway.
  6. When duty free isn't.

    Booze seems to be the only thing (also maybe cigarettes) a bit cheaper DF than in the shops...a litre bottle for the price of a 3/4 litre in the shops. But perfumes etc are a more expensive. So the mark up must be HUGE as the Perfume Shop chain in the UK can sell many at half price and still pay UK high street rents and make a profit.
  7. Price of a pint of Heineken in a Hong Kong bar up to 10 pounds (420 baht)! I will never, never, ever complain about Thailand beer prices ever again!
  8. Pronunciation of บัณฑิต

    บัณฑิต Another similar word is บัณเฑาะก์ which I assume is pronounced ban-do. This word is useful to know if you visit certain schools and need to use the toilets. I saw this on a BBC news feature about some Thai schools having to provide separate บัณเฑาะก์ signed toilets for certain male students to put on their make-up etc because the girls objected to them using their toilets.
  9. Dongtan Beach

    The new road parking lot terminates before the Rabbit Resort. They started at this far end and are still working back to the police thingy at the junction.
  10. Therapeutic Karsai Genital Massage

    There is a massage shop on Silom Soi 6 that advertises a testicular massage for health purposes. Not that I have tried it.
  11. There is a one hour walk you can do from Silom Road to Terminal 21 without passing a single 7/11 shop. Something to tell your grandchildren!
  12. wallpaper

    My wall-papered condo is about 15 years old and the 'paper' was starting to look shabby in the living room. So against all smart advice I painted the walls with a matt vinyl and am very pleased with the results. No blistering etc. as predicted by the experts. Cleaning the gecko shit trails is pretty effective. But when I was touching up some paper tears I realised that the 'paper' was in fact plastic backed, so this probably helped. Quote
  13. checked luggage scam?

    Newton got it wrong. There is no such thing as a gravitational force. It's all to do with the curvature of space-time.
  14. Watsons vs Boots 5 blade razor systems - views?

    I suspect that when people like Gillette bring out a new model they intentionally use a lower grade of steel for their existing models. So suddenly the 5 blade model gives a better shave than the 2 blade model, even though when the 2 blade model was introduced it gave a very good shave. But I do like the Gillette 5 blade model as each razor lasts me over a month. I buy them in the UK in the 25 pound promotion packs: 13 blades plus one handle.
  15. Sidegra side effects

    Sounds like you got the real thing. Those side effects are what I experienced when trying out Viagra. Try Cialis or Levitra to see if the side effects are reduced. If no side effects I would suspect fakes.