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  1. What about the LED 'lamps' that come with motion detectors.They will switch on automatically when you get up to go for a pee. Or you can switch to normal operation. Powered by AAA batteries you can still get more than year's worth of usage before needing to replace the batteries. You can buy in places like Homepro, and I recently saw some selling in the bookshop in Tukcom (Pattata Tai).
  2. You need to do the extensions first and then take a new number for a different desk for the re-entry permits (having first photocopied the new visa extension page in your passport). Very much doubt if takes a couple of minutes, it took me an hour to do the re-entry permit yesterday at CW (Wednesday morning).
  3. This photo outside the GP is from a few years ago. But the wily strangers are probably still there!
  4. He is selling travel photos outside Silom Complex these days!
  5. Yes, as far as I know this is still the case. It is called 'disregarded income'. As you say you have to forego your personal tax allowance. Moving your shares outside the UK may not be such a smart move as many countries automatically deduct 10 to 20 pc tax from your divided payments. Whether you can easily claim this back I don't know.
  6. The last tax year 2016/17 is the first year that the previous system of UK tax credits no longer applies. Dividend income from UK funds is now taxable at the initial rate of 7.5 pc and more. This is for UK registered funds even if they invest overseas, as opposed to off-shore funds. I hold Vanguard funds in the UK and expect to pay tax on them this year even though I have been a non resident for 27 years.
  7. Great, lots of good info from you guys. One question I have is where would one locate one of these arrestor devices in an 8 floor building? I assume that if I had one of these devices installed for just for my own water supply, other units above or below me could still trigger the water shocks? Also talking to my condo management there was a suggestion that I might have to pay for installation of this device (I am the only unit to have complained), whereas I would argue that the problem was probably caused about 5 years ago when the mains water pipes were replaced, so is a condo-structural problem. Many thanks
  8. My bad
  9. Thai government or some agency provided insurance might actually increase visitor numbers. Think of all those people who cannot get their own insurance due to age or medical history. They could come to Thailand, buy insurance at the airport and then have that heart by-pass they have been waiting for. Count me in!
  10. I am living on the 5th floor of an 8 floor condo. I have been here about 10 years but about 5 years ago the water pipes above my condo developed a thump. This is loudest when the water is suddenly turned off e.g when using the bum gun or when the washing machine program switches the inlet water on and off. This noise seemed to become less of an irritant a few years later, but is now back again. It always seems to come from above the entrance of my condo. I can make the noise but it is also triggered from the condo/condos above me. Strangely I never hear this thump from condos beside me or below me. Yes, I have complained to the management office. They have explained that my water comes at hydrostatic pressure (no pump at my level but higher levels maybe are pumped) and that the water pressure is not too high, and anyway cannot be reduced. I have suggested that there is a unsecured pipe somewhere in the system, but they assure me they have checked and everything is secure. I get the feeling that they have done all they are prepared to do and they will just hope I forget about it. But I don't see why they can't fix this problem as no other condos beside me or in any of the other 3 buildings here seems to have this problem. Maybe I can get some suggestions from the TV experts that I can pass on to my building maintenance engineers? Thanks
  11. Thailand Post used to have a great website. Just punch in the weight and destination and the page would come back with all the sending options and prices. I have just had a quick look for the website but can't find it. Maybe somebody else will be able to help. I have just found the bookmark on my computer and the website seems to have been taken down!
  12. I lived in Hanoi over 10 years ago and one of my favourite restaurants was Highway 4 on Hang Tre. I was pleased to find on a trip last month that it was still open. Although it did not have many of the bizarre and exotic Ruou Dan Toc jars of various animal and insect alcohol-steeped concoctions on display. The food is inspired from the Northern mountain provinces but can be very tasty and well presented ( the snail spring rolls were good but a bit too chewy for my liking). It makes for a very enjoyable dining experience, especially when assisted by a few shots of the Minh Manh. The original and best H4 is on Hang Tre close to the Old Quarter, but other branches are also available.
  13. Come on guys, he surely can't be talking about the American tasteless rice water they call Budweiser. He must be talking about the tasty original Czech Budweiser beer, so 100 baht a bottle is great value.
  14. Best solution would be to go to one of those electronic fix-it places where they have stacks of out-of-date equipment and buy an old dvd player that still works for all zones. Yes I had the same problem, the 2 Sony players I bought years ago are all zones, but the latest one I bought is only good for Asian discs. I had to repair one of my old players just to play my BBC discs!
  15. The Rejoice Foundation/Rejoice Charity based in Chiang Mai are a UK registered charity. They do good work with the hill tribes of North Thailand. They are well worth supporting.