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  1. rak sa_ngop

    Condo Joint Ownership

    I am personally aware of one condo in my Bangkok building that was jointly owned by two foreigners. When one joint owner passed away the second joint owner managed to get the Chanote amended to make him the sole owner. This was achieved about 4 years after the death of the other joint owner. As far as I am aware there was no need to show additional funds from overseas to accomplish this re-registration (but I do not know the full details). So yes it can be done, but this was in Bangkok and maybe some 'special payments' were involved. That is why I am trying to garner some information before approaching lawyers. For ever lawyer I suspect there may be a different reply.
  2. I am interested in buying a condo (foreign quota) and putting it in my name together with a friend's (farang) name as joint ownership. The objective is to let the condo ownership pass automatically from one party to the other when one party dies. I have heard that this can be done (somehow) at the Bangkok Land Department but I am specifically interested in how this can be achieved in the Pattaya (Jomtien) area. Questions I have include: Does the money to purchase the condo have to come from both parties i.e.half-half, or can one party pay the total amount? Does there have to be a separate 'agreement' drawn up to detail the joint ownership. By a lawyer or just a hand written agreement? Upon death of one party does the surviving party have to change of ownership from 2 names to one name with the land department, or can the survivor just carry on using the condo with both names registered? If the survivor wanted to sell the condo I can see that some legal processes would then be required but at this stage I am not concerned about this. Any experience/advice about this would be gratefully received. Note that I am also not concerned about the condo being sold from under me by the joint owner if we have a bust-up. The person in question is already named in my will to inherit my far more expensive Bangkok condo. Joint ownership seems like a convenient way to pass on property without the normal transfer requirements. Thanks
  3. As one TV wag posted a number of months ago, they should have been made to chop off 5 floors.....the bottom 5 floors!
  4. rak sa_ngop

    Dentist prescribed antibiotics for tooth filling....

    It used to be recommended to take antibiotics if you had certain heart conditions such as a leaky heart valve. Any infection through the gums due to bleeding caused by dental procedures could cause serious problems to the heart. But I think I read on the BBC website that this advice has now been downplayed? With deep cleaning around my dental implant, gum bleeding does occur so popping a few tablets seems like a sensible precaution.
  5. rak sa_ngop

    Any Bangkok experts know where this is taken from?

    I have taken the boat (Yellow Flag?) from Saphan Taksin down to Big C at Ratburana a couple of times. You have to check on the time of sailing because there seemed to be only one boat about 5 or 6.00 pm going that way. Not sure about the return trip, I always took a taxi.
  6. I used to teach English at a Blind Institute in Hanoi. The students used to have this great software called Jaws (I think) that allowed them to navigate round windows and read anything on the screen. Used to speak out commands and select options in a terrible American accent!
  7. rak sa_ngop

    RF ablation for atrial fibrillation

    I went to the Bangkok Heart Hospital Bangkok in December last year. The price estimate for the ablation AFib procedure with 2 nights stay, came within the range of 538,000 to 728,000 baht with some additional costs not included. So far I have managed to control my short lived AFib episodes and I have decided not to proceed. The surgeon's name is Dr Koonlawee Nademanee and I was told that he has trained/performed the procedure in the US where it cost 3 times as much. I also read recently in the British "Daily Mail" about a new procedure that uses 'cold' to freeze tissue to produce the same benefits as RF burning. Title of the article was "Icy balloon to help calm a racing heart". This article appeared about 2 weeks ago, I read it in a pub. Hope this helps.
  8. rak sa_ngop

    money and visa for siem reap

    Definitely change your money at Superich in Bangkok or similar money exchange. It will mean a double exchange i.e. NZD to THB to USD but this is carried out in one operation. The THB to USD rate is so narrow between buy and sell that you lose very little by this double exchange. Much better than Cambo I reckon. The online visa 35 usd just requires a digital photo, so a phone selfie suitably edited will do. It takes a couple of minutes to get it granted and the entry paperwork sent back to you for printing (2 copies b/w will do). Just make sure you find the official Cambodian visa website. If it is more than 35 USD it's a visa shop.
  9. rak sa_ngop

    Two dollar bills rejected

    I have 2 of these 2 dollar bills. Any offers?
  10. I think they still must be using Windows NT from the 90's on their system.They have to input account data into fields on a b/w screen. If they cannot read a bar code (e.g. airline payment) they cannot just input a string of numbers from the bar code, they have to separate the code into fields for input.
  11. rak sa_ngop

    Ghost Condo Projects

    So what is the story behind Pattaya Posh (next to North Pattaya bus station)? Looks finished to me?
  12. rak sa_ngop

    Best option for flying to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap

    For Siem Reap the choice is simple using this equation: Price (Bangkok Air) - Price (Air Asia) = 200 glasses of beer (happy hour price @ 50 cents/glass).
  13. I have just spent 5 days in Siem Reap and observed that 2 usd dollar notes are not accepted by some bars/restaurants. This seems contrary to the situation years ago when in Vietnam I found that people used to collect these notes due to their scarcity and appeal. What is the reason for this rejection?
  14. Not sure if it has been mentioned already, but the UK double taxation agreement only applies to Civil Service UK pensions and only to those individuals holding Thai citizenship. So effectively there is no double taxation agreement for UK pensions income. This was explained to me by my UK accountant/financial advisors.
  15. rak sa_ngop

    Dunhill Cigarettes in Bangkok - where to buy

    I used to buy d/f cigarettes in Dubai when transiting through, a carton of 200 Players Gold Leaf used to cost less than 10 GBP. However most of the people I used to buy for either gave up or died. Bit of a shame really that nobody I know wants to 'exchange' 500 baht for a carton of top quality high class English cigarettes these days. So I don't bother anymore.