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  1. rak sa_ngop

    Thai award tickets - seriously disappointed

    A good way to spend Skywards airmiles on Emirates is to upgrade from Economy to Business. Flying to the UK there are additional charges to pay, but flying to Australia recently there was no extra to pay.
  2. rak sa_ngop

    Dizziness and nausea !

    Not sure if it has been mentioned in preceding posts but maybe this is just a simple case of too much sun? Especially at this time of the year with the part cloudy skies it is easy to go outdoors for a few hours with no head protection. It has happened to me several times this year already. Slight inability to balance (not quite dizziness) and slight nausea. Takes a few days to recover, but maybe even longer for extreme exposure. OP, you mention initially you do a bit cycling. Maybe you have a touch of sun-stroke?
  3. rak sa_ngop

    Whar happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Things are looking up. The Paddy Field(s) opened next door to Foodland on Patpong 2 about 6 months ago and in the last few weeks Shennanigans has opened on Surawong Road at the far end of Patpong 1. And it looks like some other company is taking over the old Pintsman (based on a banner stretched across the entrance). So life in Silom is getting back to normal!
  4. rak sa_ngop

    Level of safety in Bangkok declining?

    I once nearly walked into an elephant in the dark on Silom road. Now you wouldn't get that happening in London. (Mind you I did have my beer goggles on at the time).
  5. rak sa_ngop

    big big wet coming

    I went down to the Chaophraya river in Bangkok on Sunday and was surprised to see the water levels the lowest I had ever seen. I could see the footings on some pillars I had never noticed before. Exceptionally low tide? Maybe. Just strange to see with all the rain reported up country.
  6. One consideration is the amount of UK tax that will be deducted from your SIPP withdrawals. In my case the company/platform I used would let me withdraw tax free up to my personal allowance (11,500 GBP) and then withheld 40 pc as tax. I then had to claim the excessive tax of 20% back with my annual tax self assessment. Maybe if you are making a regular drawdown you can get the correct tax code assigned at outset. In my case I made a one-off lump sum withdrawal. But some UK tax you will have to pay!
  7. rak sa_ngop

    Hair transplant

    I bought a Dubai-Mauritius return with Emirates airmiles and detoured to Mauritius on one of my return trips to the UK.
  8. rak sa_ngop

    Hair transplant

    "Where in Mauritius ? I have seen direct flights with Air Austral to this island. " I googled and there seem now to be 2 clinics offering hair transplants. Unfortunately I do not recognise either of them from 15 years ago. But the one I attended had a French surgeon and apparently was popular with European celebrities who could hide away in a beach resort for a week or so waiting for the first sprouts of new hair (took about 3 days in my case). They used a dedicated team of about 20 (and do NOT offer sex changes on the side). I paid about 5,000 pounds for about 2000 follicles Recommend you do your research as there are new techniques which are less invasive out there!
  9. rak sa_ngop

    plastic wrap luggage for Intl flights?

    Buy a roll of cling film and wrap the luggage yourself. You might get some stares when you do it at the airport but will save you a bunch of money!
  10. rak sa_ngop

    Hair transplant

    I had a hair transplant in a French run clinic on the island of Mauritius about 15 years ago. They used a dedicated team of about 20 to separate out and implant about 2000 hair follicles. It involved minor surgery to remove a strip from the back of the head, These days I believe there are less invasive techniques available. Check out the options first. It was the best decision I ever made. My implanted hair is still growing and gives me that sense of confidence when I look in the mirror. In all that time only one person has spotted that my 'young man's hairline' above my forehead is due to a transplant. I am not too worried about the thin-bald patch at the back, but this could have been improved by a second procedure. Don't listen to all the bitter bald men trying to put you off. Do what you feel is right for you, (but I am not sure if I would trust a Thai clinic to make the best decisions about redistributing those valuable follicles.) Modern hair transplant techniques do work..........well it worked for me.
  11. rak sa_ngop

    UK Tax

    If you have UK dividend income you can elect to forgo the tax allowance and pay full tax on your pensions (State pension excluded) and not pay any tax (currently 7.5 pc) on your dividend income. This is called 'disregarded income'. This obviously only works if your dividend income is large and your UK pension income is small. Check the government websites or consult a UK tax expert.
  12. Elderly, infirm and people with with walking aids were let in first at 8.30 am when I was there last month. Maybe buy yourself a walking stick or some crutches and give it a go. Just don't give the game away by forgetting and leaving your props beside the official's table when you walk away!
  13. rak sa_ngop

    Sim for travel to Malaysia and Cambodia

    Wow, I paid 2 usd at Siem Reap airport. I got ripped off!
  14. rak sa_ngop

    Secure student transportation!

    Beat this!
  15. Just to clarify, the stamps to be transferred into a new passport are the "Extension to Stay Permitted up to..." stamp and the "Re-Entry Permit stamp." What about the Non-Immigrant Category O Visa granted in the UK in 2013 (for my situation)? Does this have to be shown every year for retirement extension purposes from the old passport. You say it cannot be transferred so does it remain 'non-expired' until the visa extension chain is broken at some point in the future?