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  1. There is a one hour walk you can do from Silom Road to Terminal 21 without passing a single 7/11 shop. Something to tell your grandchildren!
  2. wallpaper

    My wall-papered condo is about 15 years old and the 'paper' was starting to look shabby in the living room. So against all smart advice I painted the walls with a matt vinyl and am very pleased with the results. No blistering etc. as predicted by the experts. Cleaning the gecko shit trails is pretty effective. But when I was touching up some paper tears I realised that the 'paper' was in fact plastic backed, so this probably helped. Quote
  3. checked luggage scam?

    Newton got it wrong. There is no such thing as a gravitational force. It's all to do with the curvature of space-time.
  4. Watsons vs Boots 5 blade razor systems - views?

    I suspect that when people like Gillette bring out a new model they intentionally use a lower grade of steel for their existing models. So suddenly the 5 blade model gives a better shave than the 2 blade model, even though when the 2 blade model was introduced it gave a very good shave. But I do like the Gillette 5 blade model as each razor lasts me over a month. I buy them in the UK in the 25 pound promotion packs: 13 blades plus one handle.
  5. Sidegra side effects

    Sounds like you got the real thing. Those side effects are what I experienced when trying out Viagra. Try Cialis or Levitra to see if the side effects are reduced. If no side effects I would suspect fakes.
  6. Bangkok aims to halve road deaths

    I was told by a friend to be very careful crossing a road: to look left, right, front, back and UP!
  7. When UK Sterling plunged in value the rates from Superich were at variance to the official bank rates. This suggests to me that these non-bank linked exchange companies set their own rates depending on local supply and demand. i.e they buy paper currency and reprice to sell at a price that people are prepared to pay. In the case of Sterling because of the sharp price drop it was obvious that there was a strong demand to buy Sterling so it was priced accordingly (and not linked to international bank rates). So I think they only deal in paper money. What they buy they price to quickly sell. That is how they can offer such narrow spreads.
  8. Well that should certainly help convince them that you are just a tourist. A bit like speaking Thai to them. How many genuine tourists spend long enough in Thailand to learn to speak the language fluently enough to converse with immigration officials? But of course TIT so who knows!
  9. Do you give money to beggars on the street?

    That was me ringing the phone that she stole from me while I was sitting in a coffee shop!
  10. What bizarre things have happened to you in Thailand?

    My mate ordered two coffees, one black one white. So of course he got 4 coffees. I found that quite funny! He was a bit peed off!
  11. Movies filmed in Bangkok/Thailand

    Stallone, legend action movie star who cancelled a trip to Thailand just after the military coup due to concerns for his own safety!
  12. Flight upgrades...

    Last year on Emirates I met a couple of young lads who were on their gap year. They were both upgraded to business on the A-380. They loved the experience, trying out all the free drinks at the bar in the on-board business lounge. Although they were well behaved it got to the point where they were pretty merry. The Emirates hostie behind the had a good solution to this problem, she just left the bar so no one there to serve more drinks. Poor lads left standing at the bar wondering why they couldn't get another drink. Quite funny!
  13. Hanoi supermarket Hoan Kiem area

    There is one supermarket just off to the side of Hoan Kiem Lake (about 30m down a side alley). I thought it was called Happro but on google maps it shows up as Intimex Bo Ho Supermarket. I shopped in it 2 months ago.
  14. laos Kip.

    20,000 kip is worth less than 2 quid. Hopefully you have more than a couple of these if you want to raise 7 pounds. Maybe head down Khao San Road and ask around if anybody is heading to Laos. Of course if you hang around KSR and have a few beers the money will be soon gone!
  15. Offshore Banking

    If you open a Sterling Money Market Call Account with LLoyds International you can make on-line international transfers. The problem comes when you want to transfer money from an ordinary LLoyds International savings account (Premier) to your Market Call Account. This requires a phone call which requires answering security questions to 2 LLoyds departments, so takes 5 to 10 minutes to make one transfer. (No on-line transfer available) Two solutions, pay you pension into the Market Call Account, or do what I do: make a free BACS on-line transfer to another UK bank, and after the money arrives on-line transfer it back to LLoyds but into your Market Call Account and then make an international on-line transfer. This will all take a few days but no lengthy telephone calls to the UK.