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  1. rak sa_ngop

    Anyone "lost" a parcel from iHerb?

    I had an iHerb incorrect item delivered. I sent a few emails but no reply. I ended up talking to them and they explained that there is a link on the order page for reporting errors in shipments etc. BUT the link only appears a (few) days after the 'estimated delivery date' has passed by. So best wait and see if you get this reporting link. Take it from there.
  2. rak sa_ngop

    Pattaya CMP and stool examination services

    Clinic Lifecare Laboratory Pattaya. I had a full blood test program, (inc urine) and stool occult blood for 700 baht total last week. Located in a soi off Third road just past the South Pattaya Road junction as you go south. Best google.
  3. It is such a "no brainer". I read somewhere that the average retiree costs the NHS about 7,000 or 8,000 pounds a year in medical costs. And I can believe it based on some of my now deceased parents friends who were in the doctors surgery almost every week with a new complaint. The British government should be bending over backwards to help British retirees stay overseas. Every retiree that is forced back to the UK will add extra stress and cost to the overloaded National Health Service. And furthermore they should be giving all pensioners the State pension increments to encourage them to stay overseas. In fact they should pay pensioners extra to retire overseas. Such short sightedness!!!
  4. rak sa_ngop

    Strange Aircon Behavior

    Maybe the internal memory has been corrupted, even though you think the timer is turned off. Try resetting the timer by switching off the unit at the mains breaker box and restarting. If you just switch off at the unit, the memory might still be receiving power and will not reset.
  5. Checkout :"Rejoice Charity". They do good work supporting and educating children and families in the hill-tribe areas of North Thailand especially those affected by HIV and Aids. They have a newsletter which details their current work. You can also sponsor children and follow their progress. They are a UK registered charity, charity number:1106175 Google Rejoicecharity
  6. Is there an additional charge by the Thai bank when transferring money from overseas using Transferwise? This charge is normally about 500 baht when sending Sterling from abroad but as Transferwise money is sent internally as baht from a Thai bank to your receiving bank I assume such a charge does not apply and you receive the full quoted Thai amount?
  7. rak sa_ngop

    How to stop mosquitos sucking my blood

    In a group of people there will always be one person who is 'tastier' than the rest and attract most mozzies. Just have to identify and hang round with such a person. Maybe there is an app or a social network you can join to find such a person?
  8. I still have my Natwest account from my student days in the 70's. I changed my account address to a Thai address about 10 years ago. A few years ago they closed the campus branch down and transferred my account to a nearby street branch, but I kept the same account number and sort code. About 8 months ago they requested certified copies of passport etc. plus a TIN tax number from my place of tax residence i.e. Thailand. I tried fobbing them off with a 'No taxable income in Thailand' excuse for not having a TIN number. About 4 months later I received another request for the TIN number so I relented, popped down to my local tax office and within 15 mins had a TIN number. So far so good, no further threats from Natwest but who knows! Just to add that I still have a Natwest Visa Debit card and Mastercard credit card with them. The credit card was renewed last month but the replacement card was sent to a UK branch for my pick-up while I was visiting the UK
  9. rak sa_ngop

    Thai award tickets - seriously disappointed

    A good way to spend Skywards airmiles on Emirates is to upgrade from Economy to Business. Flying to the UK there are additional charges to pay, but flying to Australia recently there was no extra to pay.
  10. rak sa_ngop

    Dizziness and nausea !

    Not sure if it has been mentioned in preceding posts but maybe this is just a simple case of too much sun? Especially at this time of the year with the part cloudy skies it is easy to go outdoors for a few hours with no head protection. It has happened to me several times this year already. Slight inability to balance (not quite dizziness) and slight nausea. Takes a few days to recover, but maybe even longer for extreme exposure. OP, you mention initially you do a bit cycling. Maybe you have a touch of sun-stroke?
  11. rak sa_ngop

    What happened to Silom bars: all closing?

    Things are looking up. The Paddy Field(s) opened next door to Foodland on Patpong 2 about 6 months ago and in the last few weeks Shennanigans has opened on Surawong Road at the far end of Patpong 1. And it looks like some other company is taking over the old Pintsman (based on a banner stretched across the entrance). So life in Silom is getting back to normal!
  12. rak sa_ngop

    Level of safety in Bangkok declining?

    I once nearly walked into an elephant in the dark on Silom road. Now you wouldn't get that happening in London. (Mind you I did have my beer goggles on at the time).
  13. rak sa_ngop

    big big wet coming

    I went down to the Chaophraya river in Bangkok on Sunday and was surprised to see the water levels the lowest I had ever seen. I could see the footings on some pillars I had never noticed before. Exceptionally low tide? Maybe. Just strange to see with all the rain reported up country.
  14. One consideration is the amount of UK tax that will be deducted from your SIPP withdrawals. In my case the company/platform I used would let me withdraw tax free up to my personal allowance (11,500 GBP) and then withheld 40 pc as tax. I then had to claim the excessive tax of 20% back with my annual tax self assessment. Maybe if you are making a regular drawdown you can get the correct tax code assigned at outset. In my case I made a one-off lump sum withdrawal. But some UK tax you will have to pay!
  15. rak sa_ngop

    Hair transplant

    I bought a Dubai-Mauritius return with Emirates airmiles and detoured to Mauritius on one of my return trips to the UK.