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  1. Are you talking about Siam Paragon, which is not really 'just down the road' or maybe you mean Pratunam, Platinum or Palladium which are nearby?
  2. Thais Zombies in Bangkok

    Lumphini park.
  3. I know somebody who had double glazing installed in their condo next to a busy road. They can now sit in silence watching the sunset admiring the finger prints left by the installers sealed between the sheets of glass!
  4. My aircon unit has developed a mind of its own!

    I think I may have solved the problem, The clue was in the fact that 3 days in a row the unit started up by itself at about the same time. So there must be a timer in the control unit that has been activated somehow. I set the Sleep function on the remote to zero but still auto start-ups. I do not have any other timer buttons on the remote so I tried removing the batteries. Still auto starting up. I switched the unit off and then switched power off at the breaker box. On reconnecting power it still auto started a few times. I then suspected that if powering off the unit with the remote surely there would be a memory function that would keep the timer settings stored. So finally I left the unit powered on, and then disconnected power at the breaker box and then reconnected. So last night the aircon stayed on all night with no interruptions and so far it has stayed off all day after I switched it off. So this procedure looks like it has deleted or reset the timer memory. I hope it does not spring into life again. Thanks for all the suggestions
  5. I spent last weekend in Singapore. On entry I had to try 3 times before my fingerprints were accepted by the machine. Coming back on Sunday after 3 unsuccessful attempts to match up my prints I was marched to a special counter for further processing before they let me through. Maybe they should clean the glass of the reader a bit more often?
  6. My aircon unit has developed a mind of its own!

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I have switched off at the 'fuse box' but still have the problem. I have tried changing to my spare remote but not sure if it has made a difference. Calling a technician seems like a path to more frustration, misery and expense as I will have difficulty reproducing the fault. I doubt if they will be able to fix a problem they can't see (or believe). One thought is that maybe some (cleaning) water has affected the electronics? Maybe with time it will dry out?
  7. My aircon unit has developed a mind of its own!

    Bl**dy thing! I switched it off 6 hours ago and now it has switched itself back on!
  8. Had my aircons cleaned last week and now one of my units is now playing up., It switched itself off 2 times last night and I woke up and I had to restart it. It was off again this morning when I woke up so I left it off, but just as I was leaving my condo an hour later it started up again. Basically it is switching on and off by itself. When I say switch off I mean power completely switched off and remote switched off - blank as well. Any ideas you guys. The unit is a Saijo-Denki, but old. Thanks
  9. teatime tv (2)

    Sometimes the streaming is a bit on and off. Usually in the evening when everybody gets home? Best to not do too much FFW or RRW as this seems to cause a less continuous stream. I am watching it now Sunday morning with virtually no interruptions.
  10. Dubai Tranfer times.

    If Emirates have booked you through with a short transit time in Dubai I suggest you do not dawdle in Duty Free etc. Some transfers require long escalator climbs and descents in addition to the a short trip on the connecting railway between terminals. If you are not at your departure gate 15 mins before departure your baggage will be offloaded pronto and you will have a problem.
  11. Fire wipes out 5,000 litres of ‘smuggled’ gasoline

    Maybe the other 3 drums vapourised?
  12. Polishing scratches out of reading glasses

    Try grinding then down yourself. You can buy small amounts of diamond powder in the jewellery supply shops near Charoenkrung and Silom roads. Buy several micron grades e.g 0-10 microns relatively coarse down to 0-2 microns which is fine enough to polish diamonds. One small tube will only cost about 100 baht. Not sure how you would do it but may suspend the powder in oil and rub around the lens with your finger? You will probably not affect the optical quality too much unless you rub for hours.
  13. You should try and watch the Japanese movie "Shining boy and Little Randy". Based on a true story of a Japanese boy who spends time on an elephant camp in North Thailand. Very moving and will probably have you in tears by the end!
  14. TMB bank has a "No Fixed Account" which pays a slightly higher rate with immediate no notice withdrawals. Not sure what the current rate is nowadays, maybe close to 2 pc? Only drawback is that when you need to make a copy of your bank book on the day of your extension, you have to go into a bank branch to deposit or withdraw a small amount to get the book updated. (so you cannot start queuing before 8.30 am). With Bangkok Bank you can get the update from one of their passbook update machines with no transaction needed.
  15. Fears alcohol tax may increase hard-liquor consumption

    Drinking beer is far healthier than drinking alcoholic spirits, especially homemade ones. Some countries have an enlightened attitude and wish to help their citizens by providing a healthy alternative to alcoholic spirits in the form of cheap beer. e.g. Laos and some African countries. And don't forget that European civilizations have developed because of beer which was a safe form of drinking water. Polluted beer is unpalatable whereas polluted water can taste like water. But in Thailand you can buy cheap gut rot rice alcohol (sato) cheaper than beer. It's a very short sighted attitude.