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  1. So far nobody seems (I think) to have addressed the 'elephant-in-the-room' question. For nearly 20 years I have been catching the Ekamai- Pattaya North bus and it has NEVER stopped for refueling. But now since the start of this year most buses (admittedly not all but many) stop to gas up with CNV (compressed natural gas) about 10 km from Pattaya. What's going on? (Because if I understood why it would probably not p*** me off so much).
  2. I was once stretched out on a flat bench in Lumphini park, eyes shut listening to my mp3 player (yes, it was a few years ago and the bl**dy park warden came and roused me. No sleeping in the park! Of course when Thais do it, it does not seem to be a problem!
  3. You can go to a Samsung Service Centre and order a genuine Samsung replacement battery there. The one I once ordered for my Galaxy S-2 was even cheaper than the generics offered in Power Buy etc. Not sure if you can trust a Samsung shop to sell you a genuine one or not.
  4. .....and if you read the link that you have so kindly provided you will find out about the 30 million baht bonus prize.
  5. Fly from Vientiane to Bangkok and get 30 days Visa Exempt Entry (I think ozzies get 30 days but not 100pc). Probably cheaper as Thai AirAsia now flies to Vientiane (according to the net).
  6. Actually the Palladium shopping mall does have a jewellery floor in the basement. Palladium is diagonally across the busy junction from the Platinum Malls which are in the Pratunam Area near Pantip Plaza. As to whether they have platinum or palladium rings I do not know, but you might find a nice handbag for the future missus.
  7. Bus to Udon Thani or Nong Khai. There is a direct service to Vientiane from both these places. But you need to get an Lao entry visa before hand as they probably will not wait too long for you at the Laos border to get a visa-on-entry. However you can always do the final leg to Vientiane yourself (about 20 km), but make sure you have grabbed all you bags off the bus.
  8. Jewellery Trade Centre (Galleria) next to Holiday Inn on Silom Road (river end). Lots of shops, outlets catering for the trade so competitive prices. But most shops/stall are open mon-fri about 11am to 6.00pm, only some open Sat, and almost none on Sunday.
  9. Google without quotes and the whole google world will open up to you!
  10. I usually just standby/hibernate, but I did try shutdown/restart but the same incorrect time came back. I have now changed to "time.nist.gov" and updated to get the correct time. With my old computer incorrect time/date (usually totally wrong) was caused by the internal BIOS ? battery starting to die (after about 6 years). Maybe this is the first sign of a dying battery? Thanks for all the suggestions.
  11. Google "The Arab bars soi cowboy", I just did. Lots of reports about the rip-off bars with names of the ones to avoid.
  12. Running Windows 10. I have just noticed that my computer clock is 1 hour later than it should be for Thailand time. I am set to Bangkok time UTC +7 and set to automatically synchronise with time.windows. It was showing the correct time a few days ago. This is driving me crazy. Thanks
  13. Next time fly Emirates to Hong Kong in Business Class. Wonderful food and champagne in the lounges, great experience in the A-380 on-board lounge/bar and not too expensive. Less than 15,000 baht return.
  14. Emirates are good when planes are flying on time. But when there are delays and you have to be rebooked onto a different flight in Dubai, that's when the omnishambles starts. Even with one delayed flight (Gatwick needed a emergency runway patch up) and therefore with about 8 hours notice when arriving in Dubai, the ground staff are in a complete disarray. Even though they have may have rebooked many people onto different flights already, there is nobody in charge organising the rapid handing out of new boarding passes. Had to wait about 3 hours to get a boarding pass that had been printed out already! A few years before it was even worse when sea fog had rolled into Dubai and many flights were affected. People standing for hours in-line to get new boarding passes. Where were the managers when these situations happen????
  15. But one can easily get around this with a 'will'. I know of for a fact one condo that had 2 parties (non-Thai) listed on the chanote, where the relatives of the deceased party were unable to claim the 'inherited' half the property. Some trickery may have been involved. In that case the condo was initially purchased with joint names. I would like to know how easy/common/expensive is it to add the name of a second party years after the condo has been purchased by one party. I remember reading in another thread that somebody had achieved this. But I have not been able to locate the thread or the post reporting this. If adding the name of a second party (who obviously may want to move into 'your' condo) can be achieved, it would provide an alternative way of bequeathing your condo to your chosen beneficiary.