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  1. Where to buy vitamins and supplements

    Interesting what you say about alcohol. I have been taking large doses of magnesium as recommended for heart arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. I just stopped drinking alcohol for a month (previously every day) and my heart problems have now almost totally disappeared, literally overnight. I can now run (slowly) round Lumphini park in the evening, drink coffee and get a night's sleep with no heart flutters or fibrillation. Pity that life is now boring as sh*t.
  2. Things I love about Lao

    The amount of rubbish thrown down the banks of the Mekong in Vientiane is quite disgusting. I really find it a put-off from walking along the river at sunset. And all that plastic is going to end up being carried out to sea when the next high water comes. It's such a no-brainer for the authorities to clean up the environment and promote tourism....but it ain't happening. I have now gone off Laos, I can see all the rubbish I want in Pattaya.
  3. The last page in the book is "FOR BANK USE". However I have been able to update my balance onto that page in the past (using the Update machine) myself.
  4. ditching statins

    I have ditched Crestor and am now trying Red Yeast Rice supplements as a 'natural' source of statin. I certainly feel a lot better and spring out of bed in the mornings. I will test my cholesterol and liver functions soon after finishing off one bottle (2 months supply). Anybody else tried it?
  5. Alcohol free beer

    The OeTinger in Foodland has now gone in price up to 119 baht (same price as Tops). A bit p***d off because they obviously increased the price on old stock as they only had one can left. But that's business for you!
  6. You say that conditioner does not work. Is that after you have shampoo-ed already? I have not used shampoo in years because of its drying out effects. I just use conditioner by itself twice a day (Thai brand Lolane Natura) and this works for me.
  7. Suggestions about business class to Europe?

    Emirates Bangkok-London (LGW) Business was 124K last week. 92K this week, the cheapest I have seen it for many years!
  8. Suggestions about business class to Europe?

    I think business class on Emirates is fantastic. You get to use the first class lounge in Bangkok, UK and other destinations except for transit in Dubai where the business class lounge is less impressive. Plus if you pick the right flights you get the A-380 where you can be a bar-fly at 30,000 feet and snack on tasty morsels if you do not want a full meal. And of course you get a free limo pick-up and drop off at both start and finish airports. There were times when the Emirates business class price was even cheaper than Qatar or Turkish, but not sure if that is still the case.
  9. What happened to The Coffee Club ?

    I have visited two Coffee Clubs in Bangkok and will never go back to either of them. One was excessively noisy with it's minimalist concrete feel, and the other was infuriatingly maddening with it's boom boom boom bass speakers. Not to mention the fawning waitresses hovering around all the time.
  10. Best way to MBK from Yaowarat

    Cheapest way is to walk all the way. It's not that far, but easy to get disorientated in China town. Walking to BTS Saphan Taksin is probably even further!
  11. Alcohol free beer

    In Foodland Pat Pong the cans are located in the alcohol alcove which is fenced off outside booze selling hours. And 'non alcohol beer' may still contain up to 0.5% alcohol.
  12. Alcohol free beer

    Just bought some in Foodland. Two types available in cans, one is called OeTtinger, 99 baht for 0.5 l. The other one is Clausthaler, 84 baht for 0.33 l. Looks like beer, smells like beer, feels like beer..............but does NOT taste like beer ha ha ha!
  13. Buying coffee beans in Pattaya?

    I bought an electric coffee grinder on Lazada. About 700 baht. Ordered on Sunday afternoon, paid at the 7-11 and had it delivered about 10.00 am the following Monday morning. Don't waste your time trying to find one in the shops. From my experience in Bangkok lots of blenders, fruit smoothie makers and expensive full blown coffee machines available but few basic grinders, if any, available. Very satisfying to grind your own beans to make fresh coffee.
  14. Old UK ten pound notes still ok to change in Thailand?

    I was told by the Natwest bank that they would keep accepting them even after the 'end of legal tender' date. And of course the final option would be to take them to the Bank of England to exchange. So Don't Panic!
  15. Candy Canes - mai mee

    Saw a bucket full of candy canes being sold in the Foodmart shop on the left as you go down the hill to Jomtien (Pattaya). Makes me suspect that they should also be available in Bangkok somewhere.