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  1. Rotweiler

    Main Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai highway cut by run-off

    Middle of the night. Flash flood. Wonder how your reactions would be in that case.............
  2. Rotweiler

    Main Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai highway cut by run-off

    Good grief! It was a flash flood in a construction zone. It is/was a temporary bypass around a new bridge over a storm culvert.
  3. Rotweiler

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    I do believe you must be the absolutely oldest TV member ever! To what do you ascribe your longevity? MD's food and beer?
  4. Rotweiler

    Black Snake any suggestions?

    If you would like to see a real site on Thai snakes, drop in at https://www.thailandsnakes.com/ Thailand leading guide on snakes.
  5. Rotweiler

    Really? Snowy?

    Weissbier is a refreshing warm weather drink. It is slightly lower in alcohol; a totally different taste as if it had some lemonade mixed in. It will be slightly murky as the brewing process is different. Personally, I'm pleased to see different beers arriving. Although this is by no means a Schneiderweiss, it is a step in the right direction. Try it.
  6. Rotweiler

    3BB is Pathetic

    Firstly, this is not a piss-on 3BB It is what really happened to us here., It is a tale of caution and a story of ........ The caution is that many (most?) 3BB customers do not know/understand what those using other companies are really getting. So they think that crap speed is GREAT! The story. 3BB moved into this area 11 years ago with wonderful promises - which they actually managed to maintain for the first several years. Over time, then speeds started downgrading: outages became more frequent. Like REALLY frequent. Finally, in 2014. one fine summer day - there was no connection at all. Repeated telephone calls produced nothing. Finally, a 3BB operator told us they had left the area and would not be serving it anymore. No refund on your equipment; no refund on your prepaid time; no nothing. Went to TOT. Started small but now have 100mB fibre. VERY pleased. Addendum 1: Three weeks ago a 3BB team swept through this area trying to sign up customers. We welcomed them in - showed them the original invoices for equipment and time; and they immediately left. No; no comments even and certainly no refunds. Addendum 2 : The gods work in mysterious ways. Two weeks ago during a minor rain storm a car hit the small junction box about 2 km from here. Sadly the 3BB cable was damaged. Rather than repair it, they have again abandoned the area. Wonder how many customers the screwed this time?
  7. Rotweiler


    Trust you have mostly good memories, Good luck back in Aotearoa!
  8. Rotweiler

    brake pads?

    Reality is - they are marginal. Be generous to yourself - spend the 300B and buy new ones.
  9. Rotweiler

    3BB is Pathetic

    We WERE on 3BB. The connection was satisfactory; service ok. Until one fine day they decided to leave the area. They cancelled without notice; the provided NO refund for unused time already paid; they provided NO refund for the modem/router purchased from them. For months afterword, we nagged them for at least a refund. Nothing. Son of a gun! They are back in this area as of 3 weeks ago. Came to visit us too. Sadly; no offer of a refund, no nothing. Goodbye 3BB! I am most happy with the TOT fibre.
  10. Thank you, driver of the white car - for helping to keep Thailand #1!
  11. Rotweiler

    Prices for Pouring Concrete

    It appears most of the responses are irrelevant. The all-in cost (leveling; rebar; pouring on a 4" pour; and finishing) is approx. 1200B sq.meter. Just finished one here at the price - for 10 sq meters - was 21,000 Baht.
  12. Rotweiler

    Chamomile for tea

    Worroroos Market (gaaht luang) has pressed flower for about 80B/round (don't think it goes by weight but by volume).
  13. Rotweiler

    Honda Lawn Equipment

    About 5 years ago, I passed through a shop selling Honda lawn mowers. The real ones from Japan, not the ones with a Thai-made Honda engine.Can'ty find it anywhere now - and my old lawn-mover has gone to lawn-mover hell (or heaven as the case may be).... Anyone know where I can find the real thing?