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  1. We have a Toshiba combination microwave; oven; steam oven, broiler; defroster, etc. Has worked perfectly for 8 years with zero problems. It is especially great at heating frozen dinner/meat pies/etc - you can use steam or not and both do the job perfectly. Purchased at Siam TV.
  2. Hey! The beer here is definitely half-decent.
  3. Strawberry or cherry licorice.
  4. I must suggest a basic requirement for posting a "fact". Have you actually tried it? If not, shop posting your opinions as fact.
  5. Oh my, a newbie troll. Yes it is true.
  6. Just a note of caution... If you use a service like Transferwise, carefully read the fees and exchange rates page before you actually transfer funds. The services - regardless of what people may tell you - are NOT free and except for very large sums that are negotiated separately from the usual transfer page, are NOT a good deal. OFX is a good alternative, were fast transfers and very reasonable fees. There are based in Australia and do transfers in all currencies.
  7. Sorry if I misunderstood, but.. Why would anyone subscribe to Truvision for football? Channel 36 shows MUCH more and it's free.
  8. Just kidding... but, who knows... The mountain folk close to use DO have the hungry snake. It love rats, mice, Lanna weasels (although they are very difficult to catch), but most of all.....
  9. Mee...Owwww! Translation: We have a king snake who is very hungry. How many are still available?
  10. Against my better judgement, I had one yesterday. No, it doesn't taste either like Singha or Chang. Does taste a lot like the mass-market US beers.
  11. Yes, the bordser crossing duty free. Don't remember the German labels, jut that they were also available in Thailand so ignored them.
  12. Sorry, as of Wednesday (April 19, no Lao Beer available there. Great bargains on some unusually-named German beers though.......
  13. Dr. Kessara who works out of the Chiang Mai Ram is definitely your best choice.
  14. If that is how you feel, you may consider buying land and staying in the US.
  15. Then Hoss, I suggest you look for land elsewhere in Thailand. 400,000 for TWO Rai is very cheap. Grub land that dopes not have direct access to a country road will, in our area of south-west Chiang Rai Province will go for 450,000 to 600,000 per Rai. Can't pay the piper? Go elsewhere. Land in Sukhothai is much cheaper.