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  1. Toyota Sienta

    Would love to hear from any owners who have run their vehicles for a bit..........
  2. DFSK DFM V27 Mini MiniVan

    So...in short - you know nothing about the topic but are more than willing to give your UN-informed opinion about something totally different. Just for the heck of it. Based on your response, I will assume you are involved in a Suzuki dealership; or; got stuck with one and are now desirous of sucking others into that crap. Nuf'said.
  3. DFSK DFM V27 Mini MiniVan

    I believe the question asked by the OP was "Has anyone ever used a V27?". I don't recall the question including "What's you OPINION of other similar vehicles!" No, I have not driven the V27 nor do I know anyone who has. My Thai brother-in-law has a DFSK closed van that he used to haul his tools from job to job. He says it is not the nicest running/handling vehicle, but for the price, not too bad!
  4. There are many good surgical dentists in CM - just avoid Elite Smile. I would start at the CM RAM Hospital dental clinic.
  5. After reading about all the problems Thai-registered cars have getting into Cambodia, we worried driving from Surin to Kap Choeng on our way to Siem Reap. Yes, you can take a Thai vehicle into Cambodia through Kap Choeng/ O'smach - or at least you could 3 months ago. Visa on arrival available there as well. Just make sure your documents are in order - especially the car passport and ownership documents. The two vehicles in front of us - both Thai - were turned away so we started to worry. Seems one didn't have a car passport; the other car didn't have the owner in it. We got through with no issues at all. I was told by another Thai car driver in Siem Reap that they were refused entry with no reason given. They drove to a restaurant a few hundred meters away, had lunch, and came back and were let though. So it can be hit and miss.
  6. Why has the bread at Rimping gotten so bad

    And what, may I ask, is there?
  7. Dengue Fever

    Yes and no. There is a vaccine that is about 60% effective if the directions are followed 100%. It is required to have multiple injections over a year, each quite expensive. I understand the Thai government is working on their own, fully systemic, vaccine. Regardless, at the moment, there is no fully effective dengue vaccine.
  8. Mild quake in Chiang Rai

    Ditto - my father-in-law says he can remember one about 50 years ago (about 2510) that rocked the area. Nothing before or since.
  9. Mild quake in Chiang Rai

    They seem to be coming near the border of Mae Suay and Mae Lao - right where the biggie cam that canuk was referring to. We live about 50 km from there are have not felt any of the recent ones - but we DID feel several of the shocks three years ago (along with minor damage).
  10. Kaspersky 2017 Secure Connection

    Sounds like a promotion.........
  11. Marriage versus Retirement extension

    Not sure, but are you suggesting a marriage visa costs 4525,000 B?
  12. Hasn't anyone noticed that Channel 36 provides complete, live, coverage of EPL games. Free, Channel 36. And all legal since they own the rights.
  13. The Fortuner is equipped with a unit made by Garmin, as are most - but not all - GPS units in vehicles. All Garmin units can be updated as described above. This is not a matter of dealer choice, but sim[ple the way Garmin builds their software. If you have an in-dash GPS, try it.
  14. Eye Specialist

    Oops... typo.. DR. Rachada.... I have been seeing her for over 6 years (glaucoma).
  15. Eye Specialist

    ALL glacoma meds (including Xalacom and Xalatan) are available in Thailand and as my experience goes, for at least 15 years. For thew top glacoma specialist in CM, see Mr. Rachada at the RAM.