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  1. Any Greenwing dealership - on special order only, of course. On either side of the Banphaprakan Rd/Phahon Yothin Rd intersection, there are at least 4 different motorcycle dealerships.
  2. The only time buses between these two cities would be crowded is during major holidays - Songkhran, New Years, etc. Be prepared to arrive at least 20 minutes before your desired departure - the schedule is posted online somewhere.
  3. Started with a bang (very heavy) about 17:40- started slowing down about 19:30, stopped by 7:40. Our drainage chute through the wall to the rice-fields couldn't handle - it overflowed about 1/2 meter on either side of the canal (drains almost the entire property). The rice field is flooded, but the flow to the Mae Lao river feels still functioning, so should bring the fields back to normal by morning. I have never seen anything like this in all my years here.
  4. We had 73mm according to my rain gauge (from 1800-1930
  5. Having had almost 10 years experience with Chiang Rai Immigration, first at Mae Sai and now at Chiang Rai City. I have found them always cordial; efficient; sometimes going out of their way to assist solving an issue that was not of their making (mea culpa) - and then compare that with the moaning/complaints/problems/line-ups and worse, found in other locations.... CM for example... From the OP comments, I would suggest this was one of the times Chiang Rai Immigration went out of their way to help a client. Saved you another trip, eh TP?
  6. Persian cross. A shedder (I know - I have one).
  7. Your best bet is eBay - local supplies are very limited.
  8. Water pump assembly - from dealer with no questions asked. Installed myself.
  9. What's the big deal??? Amerika invented hot chilli sauce; automobiles, television, and basically everything else in the world! Why not sausage rolls?
  10. I only wish the Thai tax system were not so ^+*&. The hybrid version of the Sienta is available in Hong Kong - wish it was here. Forget about the benzine savings - it's the additional power in a pinch that interests me.
  11. Now, a Hooters might have had a chance.............
  12. Prince is 750,000 for the G model; 865 for the loaded V model. No thanks to a lumbering tank like a tuna or mountain. BTW - it's a 7 seater - more realistically, a 6 seater. VERY easy to change seat configuration (like drop back seats, etc).
  13. Thanks - yes, read that review and all the others I could find on the net. I was wondering if someone had personal experience with it here in Thailand.
  14. According to our source, a driver rolled his car after hitting something (the curb?) striking the foreigner during the roll. EMT were on the scene quickly but to no avail. A Thai scandal sheet photographer took some pics showing the teacher lying naked on the roadway after being treated by the EMTs. Some really despicable comments were made about this (source: Line images). I do NOT know the details of the case, only what I have reported here.
  15. My wife is convinced this is the car she wants (well, mini-MPV). We test drove one today, and must say, first impressions are not bad. Any experience with the new Toyota Sienta?