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  1. Now, a Hooters might have had a chance.............
  2. Prince is 750,000 for the G model; 865 for the loaded V model. No thanks to a lumbering tank like a tuna or mountain. BTW - it's a 7 seater - more realistically, a 6 seater. VERY easy to change seat configuration (like drop back seats, etc).
  3. Thanks - yes, read that review and all the others I could find on the net. I was wondering if someone had personal experience with it here in Thailand.
  4. According to our source, a driver rolled his car after hitting something (the curb?) striking the foreigner during the roll. EMT were on the scene quickly but to no avail. A Thai scandal sheet photographer took some pics showing the teacher lying naked on the roadway after being treated by the EMTs. Some really despicable comments were made about this (source: Line images). I do NOT know the details of the case, only what I have reported here.
  5. My wife is convinced this is the car she wants (well, mini-MPV). We test drove one today, and must say, first impressions are not bad. Any experience with the new Toyota Sienta?
  6. Ditto. We looked for it last week - no luck. Anyone have a location?
  7. Heavy emphasis on the "this"? Either it IS Sriracha sauce or it isn't. If it is real Sriracha sauce. it is made in Thailand. Calling a pig a horse is grammatically correct but it doesn't change the facts.
  8. Invented in Thailand. American have invented it, of course.
  9. Actually pretty simple - Suvarnabhumi Airport ws built on a huge swamp. The nick-name is no reflection on the Airport itself.
  10. Based on the current problems faced by Qatar, both the nation and the airline. I doubt very much they will be expanding.
  11. Since this is the Chiang Mai forum, I can only assume that "down south" is Hang Dong... Either than, or the poster has mis-posted.
  12. Take your ATM card and use it in France. The exchange rate is still better than exchanging for Euros here.
  13. It's not listed on as it was not over 4.0. It is listed on the government of Thailand's site ( )
  14. A 4.0 at 2017-05-27 15:14:09 UTC epicentered in Amphoe Mae Suai.