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  1. ATM fraud near Holiday Inn

    BTW - how did you manage to get 31,000B out of a machine here?
  2. ATM fraud near Holiday Inn

    If it was a fake machine, and you did not notice it, call the Police.
  3. ATM fraud near Holiday Inn

    Whose Bank was the machine? What ever it was, there is a telephone number on the ATM - Call it.
  4. Chiang Rai Immigration

    boomer: Here's my confusion. If I go to Lao for a visit. In returning I must report to immigration at the border. Report to Chiang Rai Immigration at the border. Are you suggesting that I must additionally to to the Chiang Rai Immigration office and report AGAIN?
  5. Chiang Rai Immigration

    I am assuming this only applies to visits to overseas... to quote boomerangutang.......... "....that person is required to, right away, report to Imm Office" My ex-Thai visits have been solely to LaoPDR or Myanmar. When returning to Thailand, it is impossible not to report to Chiang Rai Immigration on one's return. So that requirement is fulfilled - automatically.
  6. Tremor

    If you feel inclined to monitor local quakes... https://earthquaketrack.com/th-03-chiang-rai/recent
  7. Origin of Thai people

    "Thai" is actually a composite word -the Thai are composed of many ethnic groups. The local inhabitants here are not Ayutthaya but rather La Na. Very different.
  8. Internet

    Whatever provider you decide on, avoid 3BB at all costs. They are in a major battle with TOT about cable hanging rights .... 3BB has a terrible track record - if they feel they are not making enough money in your area, they will stop service without notice and without compensation. My experience..........
  9. Internet

    Echo the fiber optic. I have TOT - my speeds are 60/25 mine today - your results will vary... :-) and I pay 750B/month.
  10. Info on tropical fish stores

    The largest shop in CM is in Kham Thien market - just a couple hundred meters from the Tesco Lotus store. Large selection.
  11. Re: Thailand Lottery

    Would you please stop shouting!
  12. We have also noticed that the amount of smoke in the air is much less this year than the past 5 or 6. There is no field burning going on right now - hopefully a harbinger of the "dirty months" - March-April.
  13. Chiang Rai Immigration

    I would assume so - but since I haven't needed one, can't confirm that.
  14. Chiang Rai Immigration

    The Canadian Consulate in Chiang Mai city can assist you with all Passport-related inquiries. They will provide you with the documentation, review the completed forms with you to ensure correctness, transfer the documents to the Bangkok Embassy and notify you when the new passport arrives. The process takes only days and except for the passport fee itself, is free. The consulate number is 053 850 147, open mornings.
  15. Bee Swarming Help & Advice Needed

    The swarm will move on in time. Ours stayed 5 weeks, but the location was optimal for bees. Normally they will stay 2-3 weeks. Please do not spray them - they are rapidly becoming an endangered species here.