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  1. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    Have ordered dozens of items from them all within or before the delivery timescale, except for one item from overseas which usually you can only pay in advance. My overseas item was stuck at processing for one month, then suddenly cancelled. Then an email a week later, still waiting for refund. Overall, trustworthy & it's the closest we've got here to Amazon. COD is always the safest option though.
  2. I wonder what the ranking would be for fly tipping on all of Thailand's land mass.
  3. The lowest of the low class & ultimate cowardness when it needs all the family members to pile in on one person. I doubt we'll even here of any punishment, outcome for this horrible crime.
  4. So he's made many millions on his acting & books. A very high opinion of himself & he lives in Pattaya.
  5. debt collection in thailand

    So he really doesn't have a cat in hell's chance to get more than a ฿100 back
  6. The first investigation that needs to be solved is the Nigerian's correct name James Chukwunweike Chijioke Chijioke James Chukwunweike Chijcke Jamer Hukwunwe
  7. I'm no boxing expert & don't watch this sport much, but clearly mcgregor has limited boxing skills. Puny jabs that left no bruising at all on Mayweather. The round before the fight was stopped was a predictable outcome, no energy to even keep his guard up. Happy to see this big headed loudmouth finished off
  8. I always thought the 'biggest event in the history of sport' is the FIFA World Cup & the World olympics. This minor, easily forgettable event is a million miles away from the two above.
  9. Even the Thai people know how dangerous the roads are, so were the couple even looking as they were strolling across the road.
  10. There's a lot of children in charge here, with childish descision making.
  11. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    No mention of the $10,000 medical insurance in support of the application. Maybe on the next approval it'll be $20k
  12. Five year Thai driving licence

    I read somewhere that if you lapse the now 2 year temporary licence over 1 day, the application & all the tests have to be done again, it's a complete re-start. Is this true?
  13. Only 5. Is that even enough for one ship
  14. There will be a lot of shafted land purchaser's that are now a little happier.
  15. 21 complaints & only an investigation. I'm sure with all those angry parents, there will be a little get together & the teacher might not be able to use his hands for a while. Nasty Cretinous individual.