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  1. I could think of many better words than Junk to describe Lakorn soaps!
  2. Are they still an unreliable overpriced bike with plenty of breakdowns, or has that been improved on these days? Just curious. I remember the British Triumph were troublesome bikes back in the day.
  3. I used to deliver newspapers as a kid to his small white Mansion in Danson road Bexleyheath when he was married to Dorothy Squires. So I could say I've had a kind of contact with James Bond RIP sir.
  4. Got bitten on the ankle by a large Centipede here some years ago whilst going out for an evening walk, just after it stopped raining. Very painful experience & couldn't walk properly for 3 days even though I was given antibiotics, painkillers and Tetanus injection. Nasty aggressive creatures!
  5. Can I ask why a full face helmet is more trouble than it's worth? as I'm about to buy another full face one and not sure the reasons not too.
  6. No need for an investigation, the video says it all. Just look at his head movements as he's unlocking the cell door, constantly checking that the coast is clear.
  7. Chop his dick off so he's only got his arse available in prison
  8. Is that the only dirty toilet you've found here? Best not to think about all the hygiene issues with thai WC's or you'd never eat at any restaurants again. Think of all those added extras for free though!
  9. The paint brush! I never go anywhere without my helmet, but this time I did as the shop was only a few hundred meters from the house. Out of my estate & on to the main road, a white pick up truck was at least 500 meters behind so I continued out ,I indicated and moved to the middle of the road to turn right into the shop, a blast of the trucks horn sent me wobbling around the road. He was on me like it just materialised from nowhere missing me by litery inches trying to over take my right side when a double decker bus could have easily passed on my left. The truck ended up skidding along the verge on the other side, and very slowly carried on for a hundred yards obviously looking in his mirror at me. Perhaps the driver was shocked too. Had I not anticipated his speed?, maybe not. I am usually very cautious and careful here when on the bike. My wife had told me to never stop in the middle of the road just wait on the left for your chance to cross or turn because of the drivers playing with mobile, or just generally not paying attention.( I'm not talking about junctions or right hand turns to another road by the way). Now I'm confused Maybe I wouldn't be writing this If I had of been hit the other day. This was my closest near miss ever. I just wanted a ฿30 paintbrush. So close to home with no helmet.
  10. Along with numerous other habits & advancements 50 years ago, but things have moved on here. We have internet Broadband & the weather is good.
  11. Not a Monk, just another thug in daily news.
  12. One of my bikes is a PCX I use a disk lock too. Not found any disadvantages, but I'd like to know what many others are?
  13. Only if it's another lawless country. Thailand must be up there in the top ten.
  14. ฿40,000 would have easily bought him a plane ticket back to Germany. Bloody scrounger!
  15. It's a one on one fight, that means the use weapons is needed. Both retarded cowards with no regards to their passengers. RTP please it's a prison sentence for these two morons not a fine like the usual.