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  1. +1 for gas. gas bottle outside. unit vented. great strong hot hot showers. AND no electric danger in shower area. decades ago here mostly had gas heaters. then all went electric and was harder to find the gas units. but there available.
  2. The main gun and it's targeting on the abrahms tank is German made.. probably other stuff as well Didn't know that. Was on military history channel..
  3. Explain transformer or other options

    555 yeah that too. just setup not complete either...
  4. Explain transformer or other options

    I switched out my electric and went lpg water heater. Safer work better IMHO As cheap or cheaper than elect unit and more BTU. But the venting. Remember decades ago that seemed to b the only choice or were alot more prevalent back then. then they all went electric. I use one on my small inflatable tub And in bath shower. Tub plumbing work in progress..55 Work well
  5. yeah i just ordered something online stateside. order would not go through. soon as i turned on VPN bingo........
  6. Re-grouting my bathroom

    here it is.... if you want it i could leave for you at gekko garden restaurant or meet there. next to panthip plaza end of night market road. Owner there can give to you. only thing i ask it gets returned promptly after using
  7. Re-grouting my bathroom

    global house has rubber floats last time i looked. removal tool ...not sure for what its worth when future cleaning the cleaner here are way too strong and eat the grout out. i dilute it with water you could borrow mine from state side if you dont find one...... prob could use the grout cleaners here straight with a stiff putty knife to get it out......55555
  8. Somebody lose a wallet

    Gf just showed me a Facebook post 4 hrs ago Thai site Was found in front of Chang puak post office 12:15 pm If its yours its at Chang puak police station Not sure can put name But here it is Mr Jonas Some money key card ins card
  9. Where to fix an UMI Super

    I just ordered redmi note3. If I knew about this I prob would have ordered a umi...
  10. first time here some 30 yrs ago an old thai man in bkk told me how to cross the road here. Never forgot it I am still here and never a close call. go slowly across looking both ways little by little one lane at a time if need be. drivers will go around you. and in my experience they do.
  11. downright scary what he and minions are up to and not much resistance in Washington it seems to date. trove of info here ....some long reads http://spitfirelist.com/news/trumplandian-feudalism-employ-the-unemployed-while-still-starving-them/ http://spitfirelist.com/for-the-record/ftr-946-in-your-facebook-a-virtual-panopticon-part-2/
  12. Rheostat on Hatari 22" house fan

    at that price i think i would run without speed control and let wifey moan a bit about fan not quiet enough......555 or get another fan. i got the fan i have now new for free so thought id use it. maybe a different pitched blade????? Ill look at the 300 baht transformer based 4 speed switch unit specs again.
  13. Rheostat on Hatari 22" house fan

    i think it was rated 1 amp ... so a tad low? 240 watt
  14. Rheostat on Hatari 22" house fan

    thanks for reply crossy was hoping to have a bit of control over speed.
  15. Rheostat on Hatari 22" house fan

    shop did have a transformer based four speed switch unit old style in a big metal case push button style. "lucky Misu" brand...... not sure that would work or not