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  1. Well we had no plans to get married. ( Just a visit) I would not have broken the law and married. I could marry here anytime. We just wanted a tourist visa. Visit my 4 bro 4 sisters & Sightseeing Honestly simple as that.
  2. Reading there were 2 ways to go.her on her own or boyfriend support right from start with invite. Another poster like you sponsored 3 ppl as well all recvd visa doing this way also. Who knows.. I wouldn't have her apply again without a job of some years. Big neg for sure no job. Alot of + to. But never got figured in to equation going the route of boyfriend. Honesty doesn't count I guess Anyway on to other visa choices BTW She never had a bar job. Just a normal girl No criminal history
  3. mines was denied this week. I think like some have said they decide if you get it from ds-160 form only. Didnt look at anything you bring with you land chanotes etc. only thing look at was my 2 passports. stamped 6 month here 6 month there for more than 15 years. 30 yr land lease here. 15 yrs into it. She owns her own house outright. Been out of country several times and returned. (granted no first world countries but been and back other countries.) I am 57 she 43 not married and no kids either of us. her last job was for 15 yrs same company living together at my address 2 yrs + shes not working been staying with me taking care of home garden me pets etc. none of it mattered they don't look at any of it refused to look invite letter. and there is no where to explain situation on ds-160 except under why your unemployed. Then no clear reason why denied so you could rectify it and try again. So now its on to Fiance visa or cr1. So instead of giving a visit visa and her returning. can get a green card and can stay forever..... that makes alot of sense disappointing, the whole system. 5555
  4. INDI12

    Best monthly smartphone package with Unlimited data

    If u have true wallet app and can read Thai or get someone to do it for you there 4mbps is 299 30 days. And have credit 20 bht in wallet for next fill It's only in Thai though ( For Thais) ... Apparently Hang on I think my girl had to use here id card # Though if memory serves me So....
  5. INDI12

    Handyman wanted to remove sliding doors

    Sent you a pm
  6. INDI12

    Another snake id

    Cat flushed it out.. U know what it is?
  7. INDI12

    MIG welding supplies

    how about flux cored welding wire? no gas for shielding. anyone know where to find spools of that? im in chiang mai. i still have quite a bit but will run out be nice to find it instead of bringing with me
  8. +1 for gas. gas bottle outside. unit vented. great strong hot hot showers. AND no electric danger in shower area. decades ago here mostly had gas heaters. then all went electric and was harder to find the gas units. but there available.
  9. The main gun and it's targeting on the abrahms tank is German made.. probably other stuff as well Didn't know that. Was on military history channel..
  10. INDI12

    Explain transformer or other options

    555 yeah that too. just setup not complete either...
  11. INDI12

    Explain transformer or other options

    I switched out my electric and went lpg water heater. Safer work better IMHO As cheap or cheaper than elect unit and more BTU. But the venting. Remember decades ago that seemed to b the only choice or were alot more prevalent back then. then they all went electric. I use one on my small inflatable tub And in bath shower. Tub plumbing work in progress..55 Work well
  12. yeah i just ordered something online stateside. order would not go through. soon as i turned on VPN bingo........
  13. INDI12

    Re-grouting my bathroom

    here it is.... if you want it i could leave for you at gekko garden restaurant or meet there. next to panthip plaza end of night market road. Owner there can give to you. only thing i ask it gets returned promptly after using
  14. INDI12

    Re-grouting my bathroom

    global house has rubber floats last time i looked. removal tool ...not sure for what its worth when future cleaning the cleaner here are way too strong and eat the grout out. i dilute it with water you could borrow mine from state side if you dont find one...... prob could use the grout cleaners here straight with a stiff putty knife to get it out......55555