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  1. Maybe that's why it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive from ChangPuak gate to the police station along Mae Rim road (from 6:00pm to 7:45pm). It usually takes 15 minutes at off-peak hours. I have never seen it that was a total parking lot.
  2. Many of the car commercials I see on TV feature reckless driving, and it's depicted as fun and macho.
  3. Decaf is not in the culture here, whether coffee, tea or soft drinks. Only some high-end chains are likely to offer fresh decaf, and you'll probably pay about 100B a cup. Try Tom & Toms opposite Maya, and some of the coffee boutiques on the upper floors of the malls. Be prepared to dish out another 100 b for a small portion of banana cake!
  4. If Accuweather is right, winter starts Nov 8 with a cold snap (28-30C) lasting several weeks. However, Wunderground is predicting more hot weather during that same period.
  5. A few days ago I saw a Thai biker, who had stopped at a McDonalds's to use the bathroom, engaged in a heated 20-minute discussion with a cop regarding his motorcycle papers after he stepped out. What I found interesting was that a McDonalds's employee was recording the entire event on her smartphone.
  6. 1:
  7. I went to the Promenada office yesterday to hand in my 90-day report (along with the Foreign National Information Form) and no one asked me for a picture. There is a space on the form to attach a picture, but it's not mandatory. I think it would be rather silly to ask us for a picture every three months. What's next...provide them with our height measurements every three months too??
  8. Yet another one of those notorious "top ten" lists of no value that the media keeps churning out. This is one of the worst I've seen. A compilation of random cities with descriptions like " can get hot" and Hong Kong "ranked highly for its abundance of air conditioning." !
  9. Smog-exit flights from CNX to Bangkok for as low as 190 baht in early March! (Air Asia)
  10. I bought an Otto ceramic slow cooker last year and am pleased with it. I had to visit several stores in Chiang Mai before finding one, as Thais don't have much use for such a device. Bought it at Central was the only one in stock.
  11. I know how you feel. After a few close calls, I gave up walking or riding my bike in my village too because of the soy dogs. I stay in my moobahn and use the car whenever I have to leave the premises.
  12. When even longtimers in Chiang Mai can't agree among themselves on how to use songthaews or on how much you should pay, then you know there's a problem. Until Chiang Mai gets a public transportation system worthy of the 21st century, we'll just have to cope.
  13. I was shopping at the Big C Superhighway yesterday evening. I could hear the thunder. Then suddenly the power went off. I was in total, pitch darkness for about 30 seconds before the backup lights went on. Had there been an explosion or earthquake, I wouldn't have been able to find my way out. I'm buying a small keyholder flashlite today...might be a life-saver some day! The surrounding neighbourhood with all its condos was also pitch dark.
  14. At cooled temperatures, yes Subway does use sodium benzoate (a preservative) and food colouring to keep their "veggies" looking fresh. Some describe the veggies as being "embalmed."
  15. Yes, totally agree, it's unethical to say the least. It allows Air Asia to display lower fares in their ads, which few people will actually pay. Security costs should be built into the price of a ticket. What's next? A car company that adds a $200 surcharge for air bags at the very end because they've invested a lot in safety?