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  1. Decades? Safe, driverless buses are coming sooner than we think, and they'll help put a dent on this carnage.
  2. That's a bit harsh. The drivers don't determine the bus shifts and the maintenance schedules, they just follow orders. Maybe if they weren't being paid slave wages and allowed decent rest periods. they would be better drivers.
  3. searcher22

    Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    Just a quick recap on my driving licence that I renewed today. Arrived at 1pm today (Wednesday), all done by 2:45pm. No line-ups. No hassles. Renewed my 5-year licence for another 5-year period (plus 1 year bonus as it had expired a few days earlier, so my licence now valid for 6 years, until Feb 2024). Most of the time was spent watching the educational video. Only had to do a ten-second color test. A medical certificate was not requested, since I already had a 5-year licence. The office is closed tomorrow (March 1, 2018) due to a government holiday (Makha Bucha day).
  4. Exactly. Last year I was lining up at Don Muang airport for an Air Asia flight from Chiang Mai to Beijing. It was pandemonium. Got pushed and shoved. It felt like I was taking the last flight out before an impending disaster. Never again!
  5. searcher22

    Maya Mall, neighbour from hell

    Agree. I drop by the Maya now and then. If it wasn't for the Chinese visitors, Maya would be a ghost mall. The food courts on the 4th floor and basement serve as their cafeteria. I avoid going to the Maya Rimping now because the aisles are so often crammed with the visitors that it feels like Walking Street.
  6. A better translation would have been "Medics ruled out foul play."
  7. searcher22

    Why has the bread at Rimping gotten so bad

    Here's my take: Just about every food we eat is tainted to some degree, more so in Thailand. There's no escape. My hope is that by eating a lot of fresh fruit and keeping fit, we can ward off certain illnesses. Dark chocolate is one of my few indulgences (2 squares per day), and I just can't quit that.
  8. searcher22

    Why has the bread at Rimping gotten so bad

    so you're the one emptying the shelf at the Big C bread section on Fridays! Maybe i should buy my whole wheat bread on Thursday instead! I also freeze this bread for toast. I sometimes make the trip to the Big C only to find out that they're out of stock. Same for the imported Casino brand 70% dark chocolate, selling under 100 baht for 100 g. Someone's stocking up on those too, LOL!
  9. searcher22

    TESCO LOTUS Chiang Mai Online Shopping- unimpressed

    I placed a 500-baht order with Tesco online last week for the first time, and received all the items requested, which included three packs of drinking water, refrigerated items and frozen items. I live five km south of Mae Rim and booked a no-delivery-charge time slot. However, on the down side, they couldn't communicate at all in English when they called me on delivery day (probably to confirm the address or check if I was home) AND they showed up at 2 pm instead of the 6-to-8pm time slot I had booked. I'll be using their services again in the future as I want to encourage them to keep this service going. And I dont give a rat's *ss about Lotus "points." The service is free, and it saves me time and gas money. That's good enough for me.
  10. searcher22

    How do you set your a/c unit?

    I also set my a/c to 27 C overnight, with an automatic shut-off at 4 a.m. while keeping one fan active.
  11. searcher22

    Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

    Well, it looks like it's not only a Thai thing after all: Watch 'mob' of motorcyclists take over highways in Ontario, Canada.
  12. This is absolutely the best advice. I had one of my Canadian ATM cards blocked. I never found out why. When I called my bank, they told me that my card was blocked, but could not say why. They told me to go to my bank. I told them I was in Thailand and not coming back soon. They said sorry can't help you. It's a good thing I had other ATM cards.
  13. It's sad indeed to see so many overpriced gyms in Chiang Mai. For 300 baht in Canada, I get a clean, spacious air- conditioned gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. All for 300 baht PER MONTH, not per day!
  14. Yes, the Swiss rejected UBI in a referendum, but they weren't necessarily against the concept of basic income (about half the population see it as a possible solution). Rather, they feared it would open the floodgates to economic migrants. As one politician put it, if Switzerland was an island in the middle of a vast ocean, they would have voted for it. As more countries start implementing basic income, they will have less to fear.
  15. Universal Basic Income. It's coming. It's inevitable. A dozen countries including France, Finland and Canada now have pilot projects underway, and many other countries around the world, rich and poor, are considering it. It has supporters from both the left (social justice) and the right (less government). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just announced last week that he supports the idea of a universal basic income for everyone. We must not fear machines, we must embrace them. They will liberate us from menial work, so we can do meaningful work without fear of becoming destitute. The Star Trek future we've all been dreaming about may finally be approaching.