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  1. Yes you can do that. And expect you know, but to make it clear, you can apply for extension up to 30 days prior to your permission to stay expiration date at that office it seems.
  2. losartan

    Not sure which city Bangkok Hospital you are asking about but you can obtain brand name Cozaar online from this website. I have ordered drugs from them and got next day here in Bangkok. http://drugstorebangkok.com//?s=Cozaar
  3. Sugar free drinks

    I was the one saying they may not know what diet coke is as that has never been advertised or a popular drink here and never even available most places - what is known here is Coke Zero as it is sold at most supermarkets as well as McDonalds.
  4. Sugar free drinks

    Do not believe most Thai would know what diet coke was - the sugar free version here is Coke Zero and is served at McDonalds so it is known. There is also a Coke Lite but have never seen anywhere and have not tasted. Other than perhaps green tea do not believe there is much choice here normally, and even less demand. But Coke/Pepsi/EST all have sugar free versions now so perhaps in another decade there was be something other than cola.
  5. An alternative approach would be to have him extend his stay for retirement if over age 50. This would require normal financials proof but other than that very simple - and if he has income of 65k per month could be done immediately with income letter from Embassy.
  6. Steadily losing my teeth.

    They use to detect leakage below the crown in time to prevent serious decay in my understanding - it is the lower part that is important - under the crown you normally have a metal pin rather than tooth material.
  7. Steadily losing my teeth.

    Are you having regular cleanings and x-rays done? The x-rays are very important with crowns and should alert dentist before they become too decayed. I have cleanings every six months and normally every other time bite-wing x-rays. Implant is expense and not always an option depending on bone/sinus positions. They can also install dentures with multi implants to hold these days - also expensive. Normal 2 or 3 tooth partial denture is relatively inexpensive and will work well as long as there are some teeth to hold in place
  8. INR testing in Pattaya

    How fast you stop bleeding after that shaving nick. Seems those taking some blood thinners need to keep track. Google says: Prothrombin Time and International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR)
  9. Then a trip to immigration when receipt is not received. Been there. And I normally get all mail sent me.
  10. Mitsubishi WP Type Pump Issue

    Any local pump shop with have someone they can send to check your pump at a very low cost - and the parts to fix if required. Would recommend doing as they can be quite nasty (especially if not wired correctly) - shock/death hazard if you do not know what you are doing - very easy to have live wire still connected with switch in off position as live and neutral lines are often incorrectly connected.
  11. The End Of Exorbitant Prices For Glasses?

    You are aware of https://www.zennioptical.com/ Many of us use them and are very happy with price and quality. Frames with single vision lens from $6.95 but you would have to pay $9.95 postage so total cost would be about 510 baht.
  12. Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    A passport is the required form of ID for a foreigner and hotels are required to report that passport information to immigration for registered guests. Normal police will likely accept alternate forms of ID if not detained but once detained a passport with proof of legal stay may be required to be released. Immigration police have full authority to demand show of passport and they may accompany local police in sweeps.
  13. You can order the brand names from that drugstorebangkok.com if not available in a local pharmacy if price is OK for you. Indeed private hospitals often highly markup medicine. Aprovel 300mg is 550 baht per 14 and could be cut if required.
  14. Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    Don't you have a shirt or pants with pocket big enough for a passport? If worried about wear on passport the normal Thai bank account plastic holder fits most.