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  1. You did not have a visual field test (the puff of air is a pressure test - not very reliable in my experience) but agree a trip to Rutnin would be cost effective and medically the thing to do. They have the equipment to do CVFT test if they believe required (only about 1k). I would try to do this sooner rather than wait as it could be a matter of saving your sight; and be sure they know there has been sudden vision loss. They have a good website you can make contact on. http://www.rutnin.com/2016/eng/contact.php
  2. Indeed the price is about what I paid several years ago at mid-range Vejthani Hospital here in Bangkok (35k for operation including drugs and believe 2k for lens measurement exam prior to operation). But normally cataracts do not require removal unless actually giving you problems - but you mention over 70 so perhaps better now than later a factor. But fear she may not have understood your problem with sudden vision loss and took it as general vision loss complaint and making it a cataract issue. I would get a second opinion from someone that speaks English. You did not mention a visual field test (CVFT) but with your drug use and high eye pressure believe that should be done to check for glaucoma. Did they perhaps schedule such a test for your return?
  3. Mine (had several) worked fine for awhile but then all failed for no apparent reason - and they were only recharged a few times.
  4. Possibly because it has no real battery? - that is the type I first had and soon failed to hold more than a few minutes of almost no charge. Will not be buying another.
  5. The first item is the actual TM.2 form and this form is not required for extensions of stay. http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php?page=download
  6. TM.7 is an extension of stay request and has nothing to do with transportation (TM.2) (you provide your arrival form/copy as has always been required)
  7. First post. Now Did you really need to say that to people trying to help you?
  8. This is a security issue if you have never agreed to wire transfers and is the reason it must be done in person. If you signed a wire transfer agreement when you opened account (which may be common now - no recent experience) it may not be an issue when you actually request to use.
  9. True but Lenovo have been selling such units for many years and one I mentioned is full legal OS (as are two others that I have bought).
  10. Suspect they are no longer allowed in Thailand as those models seem to be unique to Malaysia market. Perhaps better to plan as you did for your home and install home booster pump as is normal here and a regular water heater. You do not want a defective pump spraying water into an enclosed electric heater unit.
  11. Actually US ACH transfer should be set up as send only (even though it is your account funds are going into) and that may not require the small transfers (as there is no way to recover). As said conversion to baht should be done in Thailand, regardless of the method of transfer used - unless you are very sure your system/country is an exception.
  12. Dr. Anna Jaruwarn at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is regarded by Sheryl as the top choice in Thailand (not just Pattaya). Can not comment on price but believe it will be reasonable for such a hospital.
  13. My US bank required that I have a wire transfer agreement on file and this had to be signed at there office. If this is an issue you might try Bangkok Bank ACH transfers if your bank allows that - or open an account with USAA (if meeting requirements) as they allow overseas address and free ACH transfers. If for emergency you could have someone you know send to your using SWIFT or other money transfer service. Have no idea of requirements for other countries (and do not know nationality of OP). But do contact your bank and ask them - perhaps they can do - especially if you have a phone password set up.
  14. Perhaps if he does not go there . You can have a bad experience anywhere.
  15. In Bangkok tap water should be safe to drink from tap almost anywhere. It is monitored at every pumping station in real time to meet drinking standards. Filtering is more for taste than bacteria these days, and at times the output of street filter machines is worse than the input due poor maintenance.