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  1. Believe you mean Schick? Another choice available here might be Bic - I have had very good luck with below blades from Lotus (the 3 blade model - not the 4 blade).
  2. Simvastatin drugs are very cheap here in most pharmacies - but it is not the same statin drug as OP was asking about.
  3. Actually unless willing to pay for Lipitor; Atovastatin is often difficult to source in Thailand at a reasonable price. Currently buy Chlovas 40mg and cut. Cost is about 22 baht each
  4. Cement tiles have been used here and stand up well to storms and rain. But most homes will have a cement board ceiling below roof so any slight leakage will be absorbed by the insulation or at worst stain the cement board - no loss of ceiling as might be the case with plasterboard. As for spray insulation have not seen used and reports seem to be a bit high priced for most usage. We have normal grade cement sheet tiles on main roof that are now 40 years old and still no visible leakage - but in those days they were installed with corners removed to make a tighter fit which suspect is not done now to avoid dust.
  5. But doing the extension is a one time each year experience (not weekly) so really a lot less effort than having to plan and make border runs every 90 days or less (and I did that for many years). Don't base your decision on horror stories here - in the vast majority of cases the process is quick and easy and then you have freedom to take vacations when and if you want rather than it being a requirement.
  6. Florida has an outage for age that would fit many of us (at least it did me).
  7. 1. Marriage is the same process for male or female. 2. Extension of stay is dependent on male. 3. For a foreign male there is a financial requirement for extension of stay. 4. Stays of 90 days or less do not require such financials but only non immigrant visas, which can be issued on basis of registered marriage.
  8. The post was about health insurance - not accident insurance.
  9. Book a flight or actually pay for a flight that she took?
  10. True TV is not very high quality so any set should work fine for your use (and as you say no interest in Smart functions should be cheap to buy). As all seem to be made as cheaply as possible today there is likely not going to be much difference between the cheapest no name and higher priced branded set for your use.
  11. Be careful reading that chart - a lower increase means country is currently doing it right and education is obtaining high scores (with Viet Nam the best on list - there science average is almost 600).
  12. Chrome on Win10 not a link but if you right click there is option to open in new tab and image does appear then. And if you copy/paste to another post it appears as below - exactly as original.
  13. There are no hospitals that I can see in Din Daeng and you do not say where your accident was so suspect most of those six hospitals were facilities on Rama 9 so getting to Bumrungrand would not have been much further and they would be sure to have needed specialists available for head issues. So your medical opinion is you should lie dying with no effort made to help you until you are able to tell them exactly what you want done? I suspect you could (and should) arrange some form of payment. Expect hospitals and doctors can provide discounts with reasonable discussion.
  14. Yes you can obtain bifocals or progressive lens by mail. They do ask type of use questions (how high on nose) which probably covers issues (at least as well as done here in Thailand - where most fitting is done by a salesman - IMHO). I strongly feel adjustable nose tabs are worth the chance of screw needing tightening at some point as you are able to adjust to fit (and if one side needs to be higher it can be). Those 'nerd' plastic frames with nose built in are hot and never comfortable or fit right (unless you have a mannequin face) - they are from the 50's and well remember having to use them in my army days. Don't even want them on my cheap reading glasses today.
  15. Max stay would be 90 days without an exit for normal visas to Thailand - so you might plan trip to somewhere you could obtain again.