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  1. Would expect direct SS deposit will be easy (was for me for OPM). Been a long time but believe they have option to set up ACH as send only (which is what you want).
  2. My point was the amount involved would not that big an issue for most people - we are used to paying extra. If this would help the older person I would encourage. But perhaps I am just too protective of us older folk.
  3. Even with the one extension only if you apply for an extension believe they will allow 7 days to exit as is the normal case of a non-approval. That would avoid overstay and not cost much more.
  4. Bangkok Bank New York does not have personal accounts - it is just used as an ACH address to make transfers to accounts held in Thailand Bangkok Bank accounts.
  5. I you or family had military service it might open USAA but expect that may not be the case. There are several other options mentioned recently (credit union type). But most US banks, even if they would open, would want you there in person to sign general paperwork to allow for wire transfers.
  6. 3% is a whole lot less than most people pay for local tax/VAT so it is really relative. But yes a 1% card would save $40 per month. But expect less work for sender might be worth it in worst case. There is no problem sending cards (card sent by account holder) or using with permission. SCB has nothing to do with SWIFT fee - that is your sending bank and a fee in large US bank that has direct contact with SCB. What SCB (or any bank) would charge is the normal 1/4% fee.
  7. In that case make it easy for them and just have them set up an account to be used for your payments and send you an ATM card to make withdrawals. Account can be in there name. Other option is wire transfers (SWIFT) but there will be her bank change and another corespondent bank charge - if you use this make sure they send USD. This could be made to any account here in Thailand.
  8. They have some of the worst air conditions in the world - not sure a mask will help that much as your eyes are likely to take a real beating. Even before they became industrialized (late 70's) many days of my 3 months in Beijing could not see across the streets. Coal burning for heat then. Currently 242 (which is not good at all). Have never bought but would try larger pharmacies near large government hospitals. http://aqicn.org/city/beijing/
  9. In that order - at least for here in Bangkok.
  10. You should be posting this to the electrical forum for expert advise. You can report the post yourself and ask that it be moved. And there are posted topics there that should help explain.
  11. There is also a possibility of a third country not being happy with overstay stamps - best not to overstay and easy enough to avoid. As said above exit during permitted time and return on Thai passport (this may require air travel however). Until ready to do this just extend stay at immigration on basis of being Thai one year at a time (cheap and easy).
  12. Bangkok Bank requires US Federal direct deposit to be into special accounts with no card access in Thailand - so yes you would have to set up such an account and personally visit bank for any transfer or withdrawal. The reason for this is Bangkok Bank is responsible for repayment to source for any deposit made after death of account holder.
  13. Using Bangkok Bank New York ACH to Thailand method for $2,000 - $5 fee at Bangkok Bank NY so $1,995 transferred $1,995 received and converted to baht at current TT rate (34.44 now) B68,707.80 Fee at Bangkok Bank in Thailand of 1/4% in range 200-500 baht B68,507.80 deposited into account.
  14. Sorry can not provide any contact, but expect there are still people doing this. At current price for good basic vacuums of about 1700 baht it might not be worth the effort. I also have a Hitachi which sounds like a jet failing to take off and recently replaced with a 1,690 baht Sharp unit from Lazada - which believe is much better in all respects.
  15. That said it works well for the 1/2k baht items that we often find a need for - and often the price will be half of what it would cost locally. If you select free shipping most of the China inexpensive items will be shown. Aliexpress is another good option as many of there sellers offer free air shipment which should arrive in a week (Ebay items, even from China, can very greatly). For more expensive items I use local source to avoid customs or theft issues - Lazada will have most items and if you have exact name you can easily find lowest price - general searching is still not great - but it does seem to be getting better.