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  1. lopburi3

    New Site Feedback

    Site has been flaky again today - but not nearly as bad as a few days ago - if you wait awhile the post usually shows up.
  2. If that were the case you would get a receipt and it would be openly available. Blinders does not make it anything else.
  3. And made life a total hassle for everyone else. Wonderful.
  4. lopburi3

    US consulate meeting Income Affidavit

    Did you really mean to say that? AFAIK most if not all accept income applications with embassy letter (with various additional requirements in a few cases). Edit: suspect you mean without an embassy letter?
  5. That is immigration thinking and why wife is often required to sign off. In our case it was one less trip each year and saved the wife getting car sick from the travel. For some with working wives it is not easy to get the time off. Or an aversion to offical contacts.
  6. OK do not know what you mean by lines but if 7 was change and 8 is normal extension of stay I would indeed do as told and use 8.
  7. As said there is no TM86 for change from marriage to retirement - you use the same entry non immigrant O visa originally issued by Consulate. You are not changing visa - only the reason for extension of stay. But did you perhaps start without a non immigrant O visa and get it issued from immigration on basis of marriage? That is the only way I can imagine there might be a question.
  8. lopburi3

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    That however is for legal tint (not the blackout used here) and not valid for sun directly on pax - film does help greatly in that regard; (why do you think people have umbrellas out in the sun), and is the reason most taxi have some kind of shield they can place in window when sun directly on them. I agree nobody should be using dark tint; but Germany is not talking Thailand.
  9. lopburi3

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    One could speculate that might be due to the number of police and VIP who drive such vehicles.
  10. The Triton appears to have been used by the thieves - there is no indication it belonged to either house. Police always impound vehicles used in crimes. Most tourist rentals include furnishings.
  11. lopburi3

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    The only time I have had dark film on windows was at Clark AB in 1987 after the killings of 3 Americans and would never have again. You can not safely drive at night and even in daytime not nice. Normal lite tint that is normally used here in Thailand is not nearly as bad and can live with that. I did not remove myself but on my 1985 Subaru in Philippines the rear defroster wires were broken by those that did remove the film. Not a big deal as was next using in Florida
  12. Wife will only use top loaders and previously had many National (Panasonic) units that never lasted long. Bought 13kg Hitachi in 2006 and still working fine (this for family of nine with several loads most days). Have expected issues as it can be noisy and take a few tries getting load balanced for high speed spin; but holding up well.
  13. lopburi3

    Lung Biopsy (needle)

    PET is not 100% (what is?) but it is an important tool and I have had one time (six months after removal of bladder cancer and due to CT scan image of questionable area). It is a rather high does of radiation exposure (at Bangkok Cancer Hospital done in an underground location) so may not be first choice for someone without known cancer (although OP seems at risk - but not a doctor so can not speculate on that).
  14. lopburi3

    Online shopping on Powerbuy

    With the laws of Thailand probably not a good idea, especially for a foreigner.
  15. Basic ice box refrigerator helps to explain - hot air rises and cold drops. So you want cooling from high on wall as done with split systems here. Windows are much lower (in Thailand they always mounted window units high in a wall hole for that reason - in USA most places only use a few days a year so not as important). This type of portable unit is even lower so it may work well for the mice; probably not so good for humans.