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  1. Has invadeit.co.th gone tits up?

    Indeed - makes TV seem like a speed demon. Suspect holiday weekend blues.
  2. Land is by number plot in each district (first number) and as divided for housing the second numbers are added as needed and often do not correspond to streets. There has been an attempt to assign numbers by streets here in Bangkok but post office does not like and most people refuse to use.
  3. Indeed they are professional - but they are charging 5 times the price. 3km taxi fare June 2017 $1.76-$2,94 Bangkok $9.08-$11.80 Tokyo $10.39-$15.58 London https://www.priceoftravel.com/555/world-taxi-prices-what-a-3-kilometer-ride-costs-in-72-big-cities/
  4. Which is no fault of the taxi driver but the result of Thai land numbering system - you find locations here by landmarks as house numbers have little or nothing to do with streets - and attempts in recent years to re-number have not been very successful. If you have the name of a major hotel/building all is good but without that you will often have to provide directions.
  5. Did you pay extra for your luggage service?
  6. Meters had been a requirement (all had if legal taxi) but believe they gave up on them during the 70's until they mandated them about 25 years ago, when they also required cars to be of recent vintage. In the old days you had to be careful getting in and out and floorboards were often rusted out as streets were often flooded for weeks and water above floor during some drives.
  7. Actually the taxi in Bangkok when I first came in 1969 indeed did have meters - and taxi drivers had a dress code including a hat - the meter provided a resting place for the hat and both were almost never used. Haggle was a part of the culture and not reserved to taxi fares; but for most tourists a major pain.
  8. Have been riding taxi here for over 40 years and believe 98 to 99% have been fine. But yes there are always exceptions - especially when fare is as cheap as it is here. Assume you never had the pleasure of Japanese taxi drivers in the 60's? Lived 2 years on Hokkaido using below and running full tilt over the back dirt roads was an adventure like none other.
  9. Polishing scratches out of reading glasses

    Yes - sorry worded it bad - the off the shelf ready made market types are cheap. Are the frames worth buying new lens? Expect a glasses shop could do that - but they are really expensive for anything - I buy mail order from Zenni for last decade - but do use local sold reading glasses currently and find the microfiber cloths work good for cleaning.
  10. Domicile of wife?

    As I read above your wife lives in Thailand? So that would be her domicile regardless of your status - she would not be moving to the UK. So perhaps you are asking about your legal domicile?
  11. Polishing scratches out of reading glasses

    Expect you have prescription type? Off the shelf they sell for 1-200 baht everywhere so likely is not much room to charge a fee. Google has DIY options such as:
  12. Low Water Pressure

    Could be the check valve - during day mains pressure enough to prevent backflow to soi but at night when city water pressure is low your pump is trying to provide them pressure. I am a firm believer in not using such valve myself and always use cut off - I can then always have good water pressure from my pump and if power fails I can bypass and turn that valve on to obtain city water pressure.
  13. Internet and tv in khon kaen

    Have been using True internet here in Bangkok for many years and fully happy with it - does not seem to have any more issues than any others and price is competitive. If you need sports then yes it does become costly as most are part of the more expensive options. Am not sure that 3BB has TV options other than using your computer connection. AIS seems to be better regarded lately as a True alternative and expect that may be available up there. There is a dedicated area for discussion that you might want to read.
  14. Old but not that old - sorry - Thailand is 31st in world per April 2017 Wiki: The point is addition is a real concern everywhere - you find the same screen staring outside of Thailand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_smartphone_penetration
  15. It is a worldwide issue - Thailand does not even rate in the top 20 per below link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/photo-essays/2011-02-14/the-20-countries-with-the-highest-per-capita-cell-phone-use