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  1. Non-Imm O Marriage visa

    You have a multi entry non immigrant O visa? So any entry prior to its expiration date will get a new 90 day entry. What is not clear is why you have anything in passport about 90 day report as such a visa does not allow you to stay longer than 90 days per entry so 90 day reports would not be required. When was your last entry? What is your current permitted to stay until date? What date was visa issued and when does it expire?
  2. Could I have diabetes ?

    That appears to only be the meter and 10 test strips for 711 baht rather than the complete kit I posted. Indeed the price of strips is high if bought locally. 50 strips for this is $12.39 on AliExpress. I can not post link as makes page large but simple search for "glucose meter" should show on first page with price 12.39 - 16.95 key as the sell a lot (657 orders). Testing is when you want just as a check unless you have to use insulin to control; and then it becomes often.
  3. Could I have diabetes ?

    Have found local sourced meters/strips for testing blood sugar levels rather high priced and mostly older models needing too much blood. Ordered below from AliExpress for wife and she is very happy with it as very little blood required and lancent works without pain. Only issue is readings will be mmol/l (as in Europe) - but very easy to convert to normal mg/dl used here with chart or math. At $16.95 believe an excellent set. Readings appear to be very consistent.
  4. Info including computer firms selling was provided.
  5. Online Shopping?

    Lazada has a lot of different prices on same items depending on who is selling it, Once you get a model number you can use search to list them all.
  6. The End of Exorbitant Prices for Glasses?

    Have you looked at the Zenni website? Very good quality at lower price in frames that fit our oversized heads. Many people have reported getting good service and glasses from them - I have ordered 4 times for myself and wife over the last decade and very happy with price/quality. http://www.zennioptical.com/
  7. BaNANA IT and J.I.B Computer would not be selling fake software on Lazada. Suspect they may have Chiang Mai branch but not sure. https://www.lazada.co.th/microsoft-windows-home-10-64bit-eng-intl-1pk-dsp-oei-dvd-oem-27190743.html?ff=1&time=1513083485&sc=EVEP https://www.lazada.co.th/software-ms-windows-10-home-32bit64bit-eng-intl-usb-fpp-kw9-00478-56720699.html?ff=1&time=1513083564&sc=EVEP
  8. Online Shopping?

    Have not had much go missing in years of ordering here in Bangkok (one item was removed from a shipment of 2 one time during an extended holiday period - but seller quickly replaced). We do provide a normal year end gift envelope to mail and garbage.
  9. Mosquito fan trap warning

    Believe for pan fires the below fire blankets with pull straps are ideal as can keep on several walls across from stove and quickly have for use without any preperation.
  10. Mosquito fan trap warning

    Is the fan working OK? We get a lot with ours - but have to run full time of they just fly away when the fan is turned off.
  11. Mosquito fan trap warning

    Yes. Have not had any problem for packages of small value (1,500 baht or below). Normally look for free postage.
  12. Carbonated drink

    Yes indeed.
  13. Carbonated drink

    I was not thinking about drinking in these terms - more like a can a day. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/11/health/diet-coke-trump-health-effects/index.html
  14. Online Shopping?

    Actually I have found many Chinese source items to be about twice the cost of buying directly from Chinese sources (Aliexpress). Most are drop shipments and middle man seeking large profit. That added to the almost useless Lazada search engine makes it more larger/expensive items for me - most low cost items direct from Aliexpress or Ebay. As for Amazon little is available for shipment to Thailand and costs are often very high plus customs. They are the same as Ebay and others with independent stores selling the goods - but they do keep very tight control on them.
  15. Item 12 on the list posted above - has been a requirement for more than a decade.