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  1. lopburi3

    Health check

    Normal health checks are often listed on hospital websites with full details and prices. But as with anything it is the doctor reviewing results that is key so if specific concerns might be best to provide as many details as you are comfortable with as moderator/members can then make more specific recommendations. For detailed cancer checks MRI or CT may be required and CT (although maybe cheaper) will equal radiation exposure so normally not used without valid concerns. I have had cancer and a number of CT scans but in 70's so not too concerned with residual radiation issues but for someone of that age expect there would be more concern.
  2. Does not sound suspect to me - expect for them to sign loan as paid they need proof payment made - cash is immediate proof - a check or electronic payment can be rescinded so would probably require a few days wait (and person paying probably would not want that). People walk around with such sums of cash often here.
  3. lopburi3

    fix computer pantip plaza bangkok?

    It should mean it is made by the firm that made screens for the computer you have (often this would not be the same name brand as the computer itself).
  4. Should not as said Bangkok Bank clearly indicates that it is an international transfer so even if an officer demanded foreign funds it is listed as such.
  5. Poster did not mention any need for FET and his bank or company would not be providing in any case. Transfers using Transferwise are clearly marked as "International Transfer" when received in Thai account (but have had no need to ask for FET so can not answer if available or not).
  6. The Tylenol 8 hour inset in front of me says "ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking the blood thinning drug warfarin."
  7. lopburi3

    TM7 and TM8 Applications

    TM7 passport/data TM7 visa entry (original entry) was non immigrant O and provide last entry data/arrival card number. You have not obtained any visa in Thailand - that is only an extension of stay and a re-entry permit to allow travel/return. When asked for visa it is your original entry.
  8. lopburi3

    Dentists for Crown. Bangkok dental hospital?

    Dental, like medical, costs have increased a great deal in the last decade and it also makes a big difference in the type of crown installed (low grade or no gold is much cheaper than high grade gold) and if RCT/PIN is required that will be more thousands of baht.
  9. lopburi3

    Storm dumps 20 tons of garbage on Pattaya Beach

    It's all those nasty tourist butts.
  10. lopburi3

    Voltage protector

    1 Amp draw I suspect is the key - almost nothing. Expect Naam is talking whole house units as I used for communications prior to retirement in 1992 - and they sure did not convert 80v to 230v.
  11. lopburi3

    Voltage protector

    The I (travel) and we (home) in OP made me believe there would be someone in house who could switch breaker off. Yes there will be noise as units try to start and always good to remove power - but as said it is common and most people do not seem to have serious issues. Have been living here since 1975 and have never had a refrigerator, or other, compressor failure and only pump failures have been electrical shorts.
  12. lopburi3

    Voltage protector

    Your compressors/pumps are not going to be able to start at 80v and will have overheat protection so do not believe they will be damaged. This is very common here (70-80v) when one fuse blows on a transformer and if it were a serious issue there would not be any appliances surviving - but that is not happening. Relax. If concerned you can kill the main breaker (every house has that) and wait until neighbors report electric working again.
  13. lopburi3

    Storm dumps 20 tons of garbage on Pattaya Beach

    Especially storms more than 1,500km away - they are surly the culpirt.
  14. lopburi3

    Storm dumps 20 tons of garbage on Pattaya Beach

    Week old news copyright today. ?
  15. That is not what MIMS says it contains: Tramadol HCl 37.5 mg, paracetamol 325 mg It is also classified as a dangerous drug and requires a 1st class pharmacist on duty full time (almost no pharmacies have this) and all sales are to be recorded.