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  1. The branch is the first 3 digits of your account number. Name of branch is not important here.
  2. lopburi3

    skin cancer diagnosis.

    Best choice is always mentioned as Dr, Anna at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. I have had a number of both SCC and BCC cancer found in Vejthani Hospital using DR. DUANGKAMOL THASANAPONGSAKUL who has been very careful to check anything suspect.
  3. lopburi3

    Brown wee - hepatitis or running too much?

    Although likely not the case you also need to rule out bladder cancer, especially if you have ever smoked - at least have a simple ultrasound exam which is not expensive. I say this having had this condition several years ago and having delayed hoping it was just exercise blood.
  4. lopburi3

    Hospital bills.

    In a different (old) subject this was posted June 5, 2018 so if same incident it has been a long hospital stay for OP and indeed extremely expensive.
  5. You can probably provide a copy of passbook front page for account/name/ownership/bank proof and copy from there website for SWIFT transfers. Banks can often provide A4 paper with whatever information required and signed by manager for a fee.
  6. The visa is used for entry - not for stay - the 90 day stay is allowed as long as you enter prior to visa expiration date - but you can not use visa for entry after it expires - and a one year visa validity starts on date of issue.
  7. There is no entry made in passport for 90 day reporting. And this thread is about Bangkok and there is no check for 90 day reporting when making applications for extension of stay so suspect this did not happen at Chiang Watanna.
  8. Actually I am not making any excuse but stating facts and having decades of experience do not consider the inconvenience to be that great. Of course there could be more staff in all high usage areas at times but the dectate is that there must be offices in all provinces regardless of the need. The monstrosity is 90 day reporting in itself - nobody wants this and until 'terrorists' become the buzzword it was not expected. Now we are stuck with it so reliable working online system open to all should probably be the priority, rather than more workers to read bar codes.
  9. They are very reasonable and helpful in Bangkok too (about 2 minutes average if done right) - but there are a lot more living in Bangkok than in Rayong so queues are longer; and there are a lot reporting without a clue (and not all of the clueless reporters are foreigners).
  10. lopburi3

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    We hope that is not the case. All we know for sure is he has not appeared on forum for almost 5 months. If it turned out being GBS the time to recover functions can be very extended (my friend spent 9 months in Bungrumrad 2 years ago and can still not walk without help and continues treatment in US).
  11. That is the official home of Immigration and current web site - such as it is. For Bangkok the version I prefer (although perhaps not updated) in English is that provided by actual Division 1 which is immigration for Bangkok landing page and go to their website from page. http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/intro1.html http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/base.php
  12. Actually I am less than negative and have no issues with Chiang Watanna - it was and is a far better facility than Suan Phu. Poster has already noted reasons.
  13. Online has been flakey from recent reports and believe first must be in system to do. Mail can go amiss and then you still have to report (twice) to get receipt. And for many others there is no online option if we have not travelled recently.
  14. Expect a long queue as all numbers currently must be obtained from queue line 1 for 90 day reports and last week I got my number with no wait after extension at 1030 but number was 251 with 75 still in queue. I was very lucky to finnish at exactly 1200 (one number more and would have had to wait out 12-1300 lunch break). Just have your passport and tm47 (if previous reporting would also need last receipt). Simple 2-3 minute process once number is called if all in order.
  15. They are more likely to take control and require payment than fix anything. They are not needed using today's operating systems and a serious danger to most people even when not malware.