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  1. Have no idea on legal status but at two hospitals I have been tested prior to surgery special paperwork had to be signed and you had to say on them how test results could be shared.
  2. Some places like Lotus sell universal type remotes that might work if unable to find what you need quickly. But am sure those that sell that brand can get remote for you and might have on hand. At least some can be operated without the remote if you open cover.
  3. The normal lines are in front of all counters - just inside the entry door - there were 3 in operation and all were serving the normal extensions of stay AFAIK. I used counter closest to the retirement side myself as that is closest to entry door. No lease or home question/documents - but I am on record as married and living with wife so has never been asked. Only new twist seemed to be retirement desk closest to entry being used to return passports after final signature - some people had a queue number called and presented passport there first and waited - suspect that was for after 30 day review for marriage service.
  4. You have not provided any hospital information so you would have to contact your provider as we have mentioned. Again that web site is just a mail order agent portal - there was no way for anyone to know what kind of policy you actually had - and even now it is not clear other than issued by Thailife apparently. There contact page is: Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited (Head Office) 123 Rachadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400 Thailand Tel: 02 247 0247 Fax: 02 246 9946 E-mail: carecenter@thailife.com
  5. Not sure what above has to do with OP - but I would suggest looking at USA before Thailand - they have a great ability to send items to the wrong country. Have never had anything go missing except from USA in my 50 years of experience here and frequently order mail order items (avoiding those from USA when possible).
  6. In other words they are not an insurance provider and are not even located in Thailand? All the more reason he needs to get real provider card/policy/information.
  7. First you need the full name of your insurance company and likely card and give that to hospital - they should be able to arrange direct payment if this is real insurance company (Google did not find "THI" as such so probably need full name). This is not normally an inpatient procedure so you will need to check your policy, or ask your insurance company if hospital can not obtain guarantee, if it is a covered procedure.
  8. If held by customs believe there would be two fee's involved - the customs charge plus a storage fee. Have never experienced so can not comment on how it would be billed.
  9. None of mine have ever attracted customs but most are below 1500 baht value.
  10. Actually you are buying from third parties at a markup on Lazada for items shipped from China - and often this is 100% or more - check carefully. I love Lazada for items shipped from Thailand (but even there you need to compare different sellers price). The items from China I am talking about would not have any import duties as low value. Aliexpress and Ebay are valid alternatives and have had good luck using both.
  11. Believe there are actually two types of UnionPay cards available - the one above is same as mine so believe it is the Thai version for international use - but they also have a Chinese version available for use for those that need to use inside China as was asked if needed that.
  12. Normal merchant free shipping should be fine - if by air I normally get delivered here in Bangkok within 7-10 days and for normal China mail about 2 weeks.
  13. If you have a serious issue highly recommend trip to Bangkok to use Rutnin; one of the best dedicated eye facilities. If unable the best such doctors will normally be found in major hospitals. In most cases they are not overly expensive for consultations and most treatments. http://www.rutnin.com/en/home/
  14. Poster is not talking about Kasikorn. Krung Thai Bank is not the same financial organization. You can set up standing orders for transfers for a year using BBL for any normal Thai bank account - it does not have to be to BBL - have been doing this for years.