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  1. US Vets: Plan "B" or not?

    Medicare Part B $134 a YEAR? Or monthly? Mac
  2. Dentistry

    I've been going to various Thai dentists for lots of years, settled on one in the Rangsit Market. Here's a note I sent to my sister yesterday. Mac Noticed a broken tooth, upper left, 4th in, a couple days ago, no pain, zip, facing of the tooth MIA. Worried a bit about cost, perhaps extraction, then a fake tooth or bridge of some sort. Alternatively, a cap/crown, both costly. Hit the dentist this morning, in and out in 35 minutes. Looks like he treated it more like a filling, cleaned out the interior, then built it up in layers to where it was before. Seems to have worked, looks OK. Cost? Baht 1,500, about $48. Not too bad, I figure. Mac
  3. La Pavoni Spares needed

    Try here, per Mr Google's assistance: https://www.lapavoni.com/en/service-centers/#asia THAILANDIAVERASU LTD. – 83/7 Wireless Rd. Lumphini, Patumwan – 10330 BANGKOK – Tel. 0066/2-2548100 – Fax 0066/2-2531574 – E-mail [email protected] Site: www.verasu.com
  4. Tried Googling Subway HQ for Thailand, no joy, wanted to ask if and when the Italian BMT might be back on the menu. Ideas? Mac
  5. Wrong. Check the embassy's www site, they do have an Outreach program: https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/consular-outreach/ SCHEDULE UDON THANI: 7 March 2018 PHUKET: 14 March 2018 PATTAYA: June 2018 KHON KAEN: July 2018 PHUKET: July 2018 UDON THANI: November 2018 PHUKET: November 2018
  6. Parking at Nong Khai Border

    I parked there last week, five days-four nights, baht 400 total. Have been parking there for 20 years, never a problem. And, yes, park in back. Mac
  7. New TM 6 forms

    Went to Laos from Nong Khai last week, the older version TM6 departure card quite acceptable, as was the new version for a couple of folks who'd obtained it on arrival at Swampy in January. Old version for arrival at Nong Khai acceptable, I had a number of blank ones available filled out ahead of time. I did ask the Nong Khai IO folks about the new TM6, told they'd not yet arrived.... Mac
  8. Must say, the only "stupid question" is really the one you don't ask! If in doubt about an issue, ask. Mac
  9. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

    Guys Two cantankerous posts have been removed, please keep it civil. Mac
  10. Photocopies?

    I was at Pathum Immigration this afternoon with my B&W copies. The gal wanted color for several pages, but happily for me, she went and did the copies herself on the govt's machine. Mac
  11. FYI, I was just over to Pathum Thani Immigration for my annual extension, 49 km one way. The gal checking docs said I need the TM30, and of course, I didn't have my wife's tambien ban or ID card with me. Back home now, debating whether or not to go this afternoon, or tomorrow. Mac
  12. Where are you in the world? No Thai restaurant handy? That'd be my first choice.
  13. 15 or 30 days?

    What nationality are you?
  14. Separate from the visa issue, have they planned on how they're going to handle medical issues, health insurance, etc? Things do start going wrong health wise, after 60 (50? 40? Whatever??). Mac
  15. US Medicare eligibility

    The "standard," and minimum, Medicare is Part A, free. I have it, since it's free, but only good for use if I happen to visit the U.S., not good here in Thailand. Everything else with "medicare" in the name, such as Part B and so on, you need to pay extra for and I don't think these add-ons are good overseas. Mac