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  1. Did anywhere the beer price go up?

    However, a small bottle is now 320ml rather than the earlier on 330ml, and just a few years ago for Singha, 350ml. Mac
  2. Here's an earlier thread on the subject: Mac
  3. In your stated circumstances, using a tourist visa for your wife to enter the U.S. then apply for a Green Card, aka Adjustment of Status, would not be proper, and would likely be rejected by U.S. immigration. Note, I say "likely" as some folks do manage to slip through this gate. Really depends on what is said at the CIS interview. The important point is that use of a tourist visa is just that, for a short term stay for tourism. Use to jump the more normal queue for an immigrant visa is improper use of a tourist visa. Note, too, that since you appear to be resident in Thailand, you could file for your wife's immigrant visa at the local CIS office on Wireless Road. File there, in a week or so, it's sent to the Consular Section at the embassy for processing. Assuming that you meet all the criteria, financial, place to stay in the U.S., etc, the process can be completed in about three months. Take a wander through www.visajourney.com Do a search for: -- Adjustment of Status -- Consular Direct Filing Here's one hit for the latter: -- https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/immigrate/immigrant-process/petition/file/filing-immigrant-petitions-outside-the-u-s.html another one: -- http://www.visajourney.com/content/dcf Mac
  4. Honey Hotel, Sukumvit Soi 19

    It's still open, stayed there last night. But, only through 31 December 2017, then it follows its cousin, the Federal on Suk Soi 11, bulldozed and becomes a condo. Mac
  5. Problem is, how to prove you're retired. At the U.S. Embassy, American Citizen Services section, guess you could just sign a $50 notary stating that you're retired. The ACS isn't guarantying anything, except that it was you signing the affidavit. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/notaries-public/ Mac
  6. Visa for Thai wife use

    Job2cu "Partner," not married, right? How long have you been together? Partner also has residency in Australia? What is your visa status here in Thailand? Why six months? Longish time for a tourist visit. They way it often works is that the interviewing consular officer will look at you and your status, your ties to your partner, figuring that if you are going to depart the U.S. after your permitted period of stay, the partner will exit with you. Mac
  7. World Medical Center

    Looks impressive from their www site, Google it. Out on Chang Wattana, Pak Kret end. Anyone been there for service? Mac
  8. thai id card for foreigners

    Used my pink ID card yesterday, withdrew a batch of baht from SCB, then went to SuperRich to exchange for US $$$. No problem, altho both places initially asked for my passport. Mac
  9. Health Insurance with OPD Cover in Thailand

    Several good comments on the issue of medical insurance in this long thread under Thai News, here's just page 39: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/986427-report-all-foreign-tourists-will-soon-need-insurance-in-order-to-enter-thailand/?page=39 Mac
  10. Renewing a Lao passport in Bangkok?

    Well, if you are the first, please report back how it went. Mac
  11. Renewing a Lao passport in Bangkok?

    Can't find their www site so might be best to phone or visit with your Q. Laotian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand 520,502/1-3 Soi Sahakarnpramoon Pracha-Uthit Road Wang Thonglang Bangkok 10310 Thailand TELEPHONE (+66) 2539 6679 (+66) 2539 6667-8 FAX (+66) 2539 3827 (+66) 2539 6678
  12. Testosterone Gel

    Duplicate topic, already answered yesterday by Sheryl. Mac
  13. new 90 reporting requirements

    How 'bout a photo of the notice? Mac
  14. Where can I buy prosthetic supplies?

    I think I'd head to one of the major hospitals, ask for their orthopedic section, and check there. They probably could recommend a source. Mac
  15. kokesaat Please keep the board posted when it opens. I note additional photos on Facebook: tinyurl.com/yb9367ud Mac