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  1. This one will be like a hot potato at the Supreme Court. It will get passed round the judges like an unwanted pet. They know if they deal with it properly, their political masters will punish them. If they deal with it as their masters want, they become a joke. It is lose - lose. The good news for the judges is individual accountability for judgements and the naming of judges is shrouded in opacity in Thai courts so they can avoid any blame. Expect a very long wait.
  2. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Yes, this is true.
  3. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Gosh, what you find "a pain in the ass" and "hard", I did for 15 years in Bangkok. I guess it is all about motivation and what you are used to. Perhaps I was raised with the denial of luxuries. Anyway, may I congratulate you for not only experimenting with your lifestyle, not only posting it here but also your candid self-assessment over what you found bearable and where you did not feel you could maintain a level of frugality.
  4. Their tactic is to have maximum access to tourists, particularly well-heeled, inexperienced ones. If they can position themselves and their vehicles directly in front of the hotel on the hotel grounds, they can offer their services (read : hassle) any tourist that ventures out of the front door of the hotel. It also infers some 'official' status if they are on the grounds of the hotel. And as you pointed out, they can keep a very keen and watchful eye on anybody else transporting tourists from the resort whether they be the Mai Khao resort staff, Uber or staff of tourist services such as boat trip staff.
  5. I see he knocked her up when she was 13 and basically carried on for 3 decades.
  6. You think Thai politicians and senior Thai military and police don't have substantial beneficial ownership and substantial share of earnings from casinos just over the Thai border? Just remember simply closing the border to Thai gamblers, stopping the free vans picking up Thai gamblers from all over Bangkok and the central region, just making negative noises about Thais visiting foreign casinos would close these casinos overnight. Your post has erroneously assumed that all revenue from these casinos goes to the Cambodian Treasury. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rule of law and transparent corporate governance - Cambodia, he he, I don't think so.
  7. Trump will not launch an attack on North Korea. Few people give any weight to his words these days. The media is obliged to report what he says as he holds the office of president (for now). The speech is to comfort his own ego, to annoy intellectual types at the U.N. who he fears for the intelligence and restraint he does not have and, of course, for his base, both voters and in the right-wing blogosphere who will love this despite North Korea being as irrelevant to them as fried noodles. As he is increasingly reduced to a smaller space, prior to his removal from office, his words will become even less relevant to any actual substantive world events or decisions and thus more removed from reality. He is already an irrelevance, the lamest of lame ducks, less than a year into office, ignored, dismissed and patronised by other world leaders, the institutions of American government and even the Senate and the House which his own party holds majorities in.
  8. Residence Certificate Charges

    You can get a receipt from your embassy but they will charge more than 500 Baht and it is unlikely to be same day service. In addition you will need to go to Bangkok probably.
  9. South East Asian countries will always have their leaders abuse their authority, as they lack a significant minority of the population possessing moral courage and self-discipline. This means there is no effective opposing force to the abuse of state power and state and non-governmental institutions always remain weak and ineffective in comparison to the personal power of the head of state. Result : Dictatorship
  10. The explanation for over 90% of behaviour in Thailand is "can't be arsed". This is the correct explanation here.
  11. Thai learn to drive by copying their older relatives and friends. It is like Chinese whispers. There is no rhyme nor reason. Whatever they observed their father/uncle/phee chai doing that is what they do. Everything else is 'wrong'.
  12. Abandoned Spa/Resort

    Doi is the Northern word for mountain. There are no "Dois" on the dark side.
  13. They will insist on armed teachers and armed guards for the schools.
  14. Golden Frog, Local Squirrel Ignite Lotto Fever

    Chicken or egg? What is going on here? A) Bangkok reporter (well-educated, cosmopolitan, Sino-Thai surname) stereotypes the bumpkins from Udon and cranks out story after story about the locals flocking hither and thither seeking lucky lottery numbers. It is easy work and won't get you shot or charged with defamation. A large percentage of the locals really are obsessed with winning the lottery and also believe that signs, omens and strange phenomena can lead them to buying winning tickets or choosing the right 2 or 3 number combo on the underground lottery. And this behaviour is so common that the press is duty bound to report it. I suspect it is more the former than the latter.
  15. Unusually in Thai journalism, this is a) a follow-up story, with pertinent information and c) critical of the government's failures. Well done, Thai Rath. My personal view is that successive governments have done little to improve public minivan safety and it is best to minimise use of this form of public transport.