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  1. I like the video where the senior police officer "explains" (in the manner of a Thai phoo yai, which he is) that scouser means a fan of Liverpool Football Club. I am wondering if he is even aware that Liverpool is a city.
  2. I think the bone saw in the forensic pathologist's luggage, who just popped into the Saudi consulate along with a team of bodyguards and intelligence officers, is pretty damning.
  3. Briggsy

    Birds in your garden

    The call is definitely red-wattled lapwing. I live in quite a densely populated area and they fly over (particularly in the hours of darkness surprisingly) giving their repetitive and easily-learnt call.
  4. Briggsy

    Not so good service - what would you do?

    The chain is usually on the left, the disk is usually on the right (except if you have double disks). Whack a piece of cardboard behind the chain when spraying towards the wheel. I think you would have to be quite negligent/scattergun to get some on the disk. I have lubed chains on several different bikes hundreds of times and never sprayed the rear disk or brake. I totally disagree with your last sentence that the rear brake is somehow not important as it is used less than the front brake. I would not want a rear brake that was not working. To the OP : Look for a motorcycle repair / maintenance shop that gets a lot of local custom. I have found here that often dealers (with a big shiny showroom that looks great) have one or two mechanics who have no interest in working or doing things properly. The dealer doesn't give a **** 'cos they make their money from selling bikes on finance. This doesn't apply to all dealers but quite a lot of them. If the only way a shop is making any profit is from fixing bikes, then there is a greater incentive for them to try to do a better job. As ever in Thailand, follow the [Thai] crowd. They know who is any good.
  5. Which immigration office do you deal with?
  6. Yes, it all went fine. Immigration was unsurprisingly very busy after the long weekend. The TM30 counter (counter 10) was particularly busy. They had upped the number of staff from 2 to 3. I don't know if this is just for busy periods like today. The non-uniformed (intern??) with the glasses had gone. This also probably sped things up as she checked everything and rejected many people in the past. The uniformed replacements spent all of 10 seconds checking the supporting documents (rental contract, owner's I.D., etc) and then stamp, stamp, stamp, scribble, rip, staple and you're all done in about 90 seconds, maybe less. Shows how important the procedure is. There were at least 40 ticket numbers issued for that desk before 8:45 so they needed to keep things moving. The queue was blocking the reception area.
  7. Briggsy

    Getting Frisked.

    It was the tie-dye pants and the dreads.
  8. I passed through immigration (at Suvannaphum) on Friday evening (12 Oct). I got to where I stay in Chonburi around 9pm on Friday. Immigration is usually not open on a Saturday, is never open on a Sunday and will be closed on Mon 15th Oct. If I go to do a TM30 on Tue 16 Oct (4 days after arriving) at Jomtien, how will they view my reporting? Will a fine of 1600 Baht be in the offing despite it being the first opportunity to report? It will be mad busy too but I have no choice. (I have to do a TM30 as I plan to extend my permission to stay and Jomtien won't process extensions of tourist visas without a TM30 report and receipt slip as proof.)
  9. I think you will find it is khon tangchart คนต่างชาติ
  10. The BBC relegated this story very quickly, no doubt on British Government advice after senior ministers no doubt received some phone calls from Riyadh. Can't upset the Saudis. Death of a Princess and all that.
  11. I do not believe a Thai immigration officer used the words or phrases, "exploiting a loophole", "tea money" or "placate". Jackanory.
  12. How do we know Melania is not compromised and working for the Russians?
  13. Briggsy

    Help! Ripped Off

    OP has long since left the building.
  14. If you read the Thai, she refers to others [in similar situations] having dependents. She does not specifically refer to herself in that regard.