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  1. In every mass tourism destination in Thailand where there is a beach, access to trade upon it is controlled by thuggery. No difference here to any beach in Phuket, Samui, Pattaya, etc.
  2. Donald is owned by Putin. It is time to undo him.
  3. To be honest, Thai food hygiene is taken quite seriously and it is taught in school and again to vendors under local regulations. Compare Thailand to other countries with similar climates and it fares much, much better, e.g. India, Laos, Cambodia, etc (or God forbid sub-Saharan Africa). The problem with school catering is that they contract out to the lowest bidder whilst the school director pockets the difference. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys (and norovirus, campylobacter, E. coli, tapeworms and so on)
  4. Indeed, I have done this.
  5. I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

  6. Norwegians are generally very nice and reasonable people. However their Achilles heel is their gullibility. They trust everybody and often, as a result, get taken to the cleaners by Thais.
  7. Yes, this. This is the standard tactic by schools to defeat the employee's case and avoid severance pay. Usually, in the many, many sheets you are told to sign to apply for the work permit is a resignation letter, undated, written in Thai. You are not allowed to read it, only sign here and here and here, 43 times. The resignation letter is kept and used to rebuff any claim.
  8. I have been doing that for years. Notes not coins. They have been stealing banknotes out of hand luggage in the x-ray machine for years. I don't know about this case but in the past it was definitely organised and went up the chain to supervisor level.
  9. What Bird Sounds Like This?

    That is a plaintive cuckoo. It is particularly noisy and visible at this time of the year due to mating season. (Do you think it sounds plaintive?)
  10. I have zero visa exemptions. I never use visa exemptions.
  11. SURVEY: What are your Songkran Plans?

    Me too. In addition, we haven't even got on to the Thai adaptation of taharrush gamea. Leave them to it.
  12. This is a rational comment to make but clearly the IO was making a point about me staying on continuous Tourist Visas. The arrival stamp was plain to see. She was focussed on the number of Tourist Visas in the passport. It was strange because this harassment is not usually on the way OUT. I was leaving. Is that not what they want?
  13. The same thing happened to me and more. I stay here on METV's. On leaving Suwannaphum and flying back to the UK, the IO is going back and forth in my passport tutting and shaking her head. This display goes on for so long (about 3 minutes) I am forced to ask in Thai politely, "Is anything the problem?" The reply was, "Where you visa?" in poor English. I replied in polite Thai that I had a visa and I had not overstayed. The reply in poor English, "Why you no visa?" "Why you go Laos?" I replied in polite Thai that I had a visa. "Next time you visa," was the next shot. I replied in polite Thai that I had a visa. She finally stamped me out and I left. There were no repercussions.