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  1. Muse Pass: Enter 63 Museums Nationwide For 299 Baht

    I thought that was a furniture outlet. I have been enlightened.
  2. I changed some £1 notes in 2015 (27 years after they ceased to be legal tender) and some big 50p coins (18 years after withdrawal) in a small local branch of the Natwest. Teller never raised any issuing with changing them just expressed surprise at seeing old currency she hadn't seen for years.
  3. Yes. And, in addition, whilst branches of commercial banks all over the UK are not obliged to accept the paper tenners after March 1, the reality is they will change them for years to come unless you get a recalcitrant teller.
  4. It is commonly recounted by Thai males conscripted in to the army that in the first couple of weeks of basic training 10% of the conscripts show obvious symptoms of methamphetamine withdrawal. One of the symptoms is trying to escape to go and score some more meth or ya ba, if you will. They are invariably caught and severely beaten as a punishment and the result shown as an example to the other conscripts.
  5. The Thai public are pulled in 2 ways, do the right thing and dispose of trash properly or do the most convenient thing and just toss it. The latter usually wins. The Thai public sector are pulled in 2 ways, do their job and spend the budget on ways to clean up the trash or do the more profitable thing and plunder the budget. The latter usually wins. The first issue requires a cultural shift and enforcement of enviromental legislation and littering laws. The second issue would require an enormous change in the way the bureaucracy works.
  6. I expect any legislation (which won't get passed any way) to be so watered down, it will be pointless. I expect more "changes in course" from Trump who seems to have little in the way of policy consistency (or policy!). I expect more completely irrational posts from the gun lobby. Nowhere in this proposed legislation (which won't get passed) is there any mention of gun confiscation. Although I agree this is just a pathetic gesture.
  7. I think the US imposed sanctions on senior Cambodian govt. figures over Cambodia's unwillingness to receive back deportees. Looks to me like when you have no rule of law, mess big Western countries around and position yourself within China's sphere of influence, sanctions ensue.
  8. Birds in your garden

    A large-billed crow has taken to perching on the balconies of my condo building. This is the first time in 7 years a crow has visited. The pigeons, the permanent residents, definitely are not comfortable being near the crow and fly off en masse to the other side of the building. I rather hope the crow is predating the pigeons' eggs and young. Some other birds nest on the balconies of empty rooms. Scaly-breasted munias and common mynas on the 17th floor! House swifts also. Many more just visit like the large-billed crow. A standout memory was an olive-backed sunbird pulling a purple thread from an item of my washing hung out to dry.
  9. Lots of info missing or inaccurate here. So many things don't add up. My complete guess is that Mr Lane was collecting money he believed was owed.
  10. Back in the 90's this was a bottom-end private university in Bangkok, 60 in a class, degrees in business administration subjects (no equipment, no specialist facilities like labs, no extra costs). Not nowadays. (you have used present tense)
  11. I worked in a Thai university back in the 90's. 99% of the students got the loans. The university specifically targeted students from poorer rural areas. This included loans for tuition plus 4000 / month living expenses. I calculated that at the end of the 4-year course a debt of 400,000 Baht would be normal. All the students thought they would never have to repay it. (I still believe they won't). If they were forced to repay it, they believed the repayments would be paltry. (So do I) And in any case at an interest rate of 1% p.a. they didn't care. And there was the typical corruption through wealth transfer from the Thai taxpayer to connected politicians. Who do you think owns all these private degree mills dishing out useless qualifications? I imagine the majority just went back to the family farm or became a market trader.
  12. Where to complain against Thai post service

    I used to live in Bangkok. To my amazement, unregistered and untracked parcels and letters to me from the UK regularly arrived at my apartment with no problem. I now live in Sri Racha. 3 months ago, I ordered a book online from the UK. It never arrived. It was not registered mail. I went to the local post office but they were not interested without a tracking number. I cannot believe the failure of the book to arrives was just an unfortunate mishap.
  13. Once again, if you want a Thai government entity to do their job, just get on Facebook. Contacting them direct does not work.
  14. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    In the UK, a unit of alcohol is 1 cl. of alcohol. Thus a can of Tiger is 32 cl. at 5 % abv. = 1.6 cl. or units of alcohol.
  15. Indeed In addition, as their social status in Thailand outranks senior police, they cannot be cowed or coerced into making untrue statements. Neither can what they say be simply ignored. The judge would demand their testimony, giving it greater weight than that of the police. I could go on about moral courage as well.