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  1. Certainly a possible. (If that makes sense)
  2. Very poor riding (almost certainly highly inexperienced) by the "big bike" rider. Can anyone identify the model of bike?
  3. I don't doubt what you say. But the working conditions (10-20 customers a day) and payments to pimps (virtually all earnings) are not what they expect and do drive many to suicide. There is a lot of difference between being a well-paid hooker and being trapped into sexual slavery.
  4. No translation required for Laos. I have entered Laos many times on my bike. You get 30 days in Laos. Effectively it is impossible to take a Thai bike to Vietnam (except in special circumstances).
  5. She probably rejected a pass from some thug in a uniform knowing Cambodia and this is the spiteful payback knowing Cambodia again.
  6. I have taken my bike to Laos many times. (CB500X) Motorcycle passport scheme finished years ago. The key document is the green book in your name. There are no special border books for French nationals. These are for locals or commercial vehicles. Where did you want to cross? Only some crossings permit bikes. Edit: I see you want to go to Vientiane. Nong Khai should be possible if your bike is big enough.
  7. The cab started in Bangkok but the passengers started in Tak so the cab had to go to Tak to pick them up. Foolish to try that in one day.
  8. For goodness' sake. It is a Bangkok cab. The couple were in Tak. The girlfriend or bloke must have had the cabbie's number. They booked him to take them from Tak to Pattaya. He tried to do the whole thing in one day (perhaps after finishing a night shift). He ended up killing one of his customers and smashing up his taxi because he is an idiot. The accident happened in Kamphaeng Phet which is between Tak and Pattaya.
  9. Sri Racha 300 Baht 4 years ago. Haven't needed one since. Ready within the hour.
  10. I recently obtained an METV from the Liverpool Consulate. I fulfilled the 7 criteria for the METV listed on their website. I had the impression the checking was a little more cursory than 12 months' previous when the METV was still fairly new and the issuing of METV's by consulates may have been subject to greater London Embassy oversight and sample auditing. On a related note, when I flew out of Suwannaphum to the UK, I was subjected to an odd series of questions e.g. "Why you go walking Mukdahan?" I think this meant, "Why did you do an in-and-out at Mukdahan?" But the questions were all wrong as I did not do an in and out at Mukdahan. The officer seemed quite het up about something. Another one, "Why you no visa?" But I always have a visa when I enter Thailand and I never use visa exemptions. So the whole incident was confusing and disturbing. The catalyst for the questions seemed to be the number of tourist visas in my passport, 8. It would have been easier if she had spoken Thai. There was a short delay on the way back in, 4 weeks later, again at Suwannaphum. "What you do Thailand?" This question seemed to have been prompted by the number of Thai stickers in the passport, now 9. Time for a new passport, I think.
  11. That must be the quickest settlement in the history of the airline industry. United must have badly wanted this one done and dusted. Bearing in mind, the guy is a seasoned poker player, United must have come in really high. I would love to know the amount.
  12. If you are saying that the US will launch some sort of missile or other attack on N. Korea resulting in the deaths of thousands of Koreans (North or South), then yes, I will have a bet with you. Care to put a time limit on your prediction / settlement date of the bet, say, 6 months from today? Trump will talk / tweet up a storm but do nothing. Trump is just grandstanding, playing to the crowd as a "strong" American president. Trump's guiding light is pure self-interest.
  13. I disagree. Trump loves to threaten to bomb stuff and talk tough. It goes down really well with many of the people who voted for him. But one of the consistent messages of his campaign was disengagement and no more messy protracted overseas military campaigns. There is no way Trump is going to set off a massive war on the Korean Peninsula. No way. It is just more empty words which he will contradict within a few days. He needs to take the attention away from his opaque deals and obligations to Russia. This is why he creates a drama every week. He leads the media with the skill of the world's best conductors.
  14. Pretty much all fitness centres in Thailand have a zero equipment maintenance policy as part of their business model. No point singling out one gym.
  15. What will happen ---- Absolutely squat. At the very worst, a border skirmish, as we have seen before and a handful of Korean soldiers on either side get killed. Trump is under great pressure from an investigation into his undisclosed links with Russia. He has to make huge amounts of noise and dominate the headlines with other stuff. He has shown he is extremely adept when it comes to leading the press by the nose. This situation has been ongoing since 1954. Don't buy into Trump's bloviating empty talk.