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  1. LOL. So wrong. All sorted now. Take it to the Chiang Mai forum. That's where all the grumpy folks hang out. You will like it there.
  2. This is the boat, I think.
  3. He will pay a fine and be on his way. There is no profit in detaining and prosecuting him.
  4. Yes, this is the case. When you understand that each police station is like a mini-fiefdom rather than part of a national integrated crime suppression agency, it becomes clearer. They don't want any other police station interfering in their money-making business and they don't stick their nose into other police station's business. I don't recall any other country where large signs are erected all over the country showing the demarcation of the limits of jurisdiction of police stations. PNC checks are therefore not required.(in Thailand)
  5. This morning I had 2 things to do at Chonburi immigration (Jomtien). As a result I interacted with 6 members of staff or affiliates, the 2 reception staff, the extension form receiver, the extensions supervisor, the photocopy guy and the residence letter application checker. Each one was efficient and courteous if not outright friendly. There was no passive aggression, surliness or hostility. I had prepared everything well which helped matters. I didn't want any special favours. What a pleasant surprise. Well done Jomtien immigration. Keep it up.
  6. The letter is valid until the 'end of the permission to stay' date. However different DLT offices may have stricter limits.
  7. 20-year-olds don't worry about stuff like that. He probably thought he would 'lose' his passport or just stroll up at Suvannaphum. Neither would work of course.
  8. Take it to the Chiang Mai forum.
  9. Sounds like he may think he is flagged for some reason on the Cambodian immigration database (if such a thing exists).
  10. Inability to drive to conditions (full speed ahead "captain" in all weathers! Gun that throttle!) caused the boat to capsize and subsequently sink.
  11. Yes, you can get it in one hour at Jomtien. The "bollocking about" is after handing the letter to the dealer who eventually sends it to their Head Office who then takes weeks to stick it in to the Land Transport Dept. who then take a few days to process it who then reject it as by that time the letter is out of date. It is possible you have misunderstood the conversation. The delay and the resulting problems are nothing to do with immigration. Your comment suggests you have misread the thread.
  12. Went into the dealer (Sri Racha). Woman said, "Oh we have been waiting for you. We were going to call you but we didn't because you might have been out of the country [because you are a foreigner]." (That makes sense ) As I predicted, someone in the chain decided to sit on my documents for 6 weeks and when they were submitted they were already out of date and thus rejected. So I am back to square one. I have to go to Jomtien and get a new letter (300 Baht and a wasted couple of hours). I did ask if the same thing will re-occur. The dealer (Sri Racha) said it won't as they will be straight on to it upon receipt of the new letter. She also laid the blame squarely on the Head Office of the dealership in Chonburi for messing it up (She would, wouldn't she). They (Chonburi) have assured her (Sri Racha) next time documents will be actioned immediately upon receipt. As before, I will get back with an update in due course. In the meantime, I have to prepare new application documents for a new residence letter.
  13. I would add that Yamaha's support network for big bikes in Thailand is more developed than Suzuki's. This is an important point for me.
  14. I have test ridden them both. The MT07 is by far the 'most fun' of the two. For an extra 20,000 Baht, the choice between the two is a no-brainer. It has to be the Yamaha and I say that as a fan of the Suzuki. I think the MT07 won bike of the year in the UK a couple of years ago. It really is the standout bike of the middleweight naked sector.
  15. I strongly suspect this was a motorbike and not a bicycle. The article has not been written by a native speaker or a translation program has been used. So, it appears to be a translation problem. Transporting children around on motorbikes is ubiquitous in Thailand. Child deaths from motorbike accidents are numerous. The only difference here is it has been reported in English. There is no political will from any quarter to change the situation (police, populus, parents, government, civil society).