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  1. Ban Laem today.

    Well said
  2. Ban Laem today.

    I appreciate that. I mentioned in my earlier post, there will be people from every point on the spectrum doing this. The financial spectrum, people with a net worth of $5 million dollars and people living from week to week on their teaching income. The personality spectrum, those who dish out tips in Thailand like money grew on trees and those who hate giving money to the undeserving. See this conversation as an opportunity to spread facts which will help others whatever their financial circumstances or personality type.
  3. Ban Laem today.

    The official visa fee is $30. If you fly into Phnom Penh, you will pay just $30. I don't understand your comment as I never claimed to have paid only $30. Perhaps you misread. I said I aim for $35. This is possible. I note you are quoting prices in Baht. If you pay in US$ in which the visa is officially priced, you will make savings. Again you appear to have misread. Be aware you need to pay off 2 counters. First the visa counter who also stamp you in. Then, second, the departures counter, who enforce the U-turn fee. 50 Baht is entirely possible at this second desk (departures) at Ban Laem. Their starting bid is 100 Baht! The larger bribe is the first counter, the visa on arrival and stamp in. I believe you have confused the visa bribe + the U-turn bribe with just the U-turn bribe. All up $7 would be a good result, $5 at the first desk (visa and stamp in) and $2 at the second desk (departures). The only reason to amalgamate the two bribes would be if you used the "form-filling service". Use them and you will pay at least 1700 Baht including the visa price. You need to separate out the two separate bribes.
  4. You really don't want to call her Misha, @VIBE. มิจฉา . Apologies for the semi-off topic reply.
  5. Grassroots groups are fine, but in hierarchical and centralised Thailand where the administration, particularly the police, hold a disproportionate amount of power, they will make virtually no difference. A solution is within grasp. They just need to look to Malaysia who have dramatically reduced their fatality and serious injury rate. Or virtually any other country in the developed or developing world. But without the co-operation of the police and the Land Transport Dept. it is just a drop in the ocean. p.s. they should be arrested for an illegal gathering.
  6. Do not antagonise macaques, particularly those familiar with humans. You will be bitten. I would also point out Khao Sam Mook is in Bang Saen and nowhere near Pattaya.
  7. Be aware the terms "husband" and "wife" when translated from Thai are used very loosely. Of course they could be married, but the article seems to cast doubt on the "wife's" claims.
  8. This sounds like a tryst or short-time. Who takes a loaded gun to a short-time and puts it under the pillow? A man with a lot of enemies I suppose.
  9. Migration is not a crime

    They were arrested so they would have to pay the police to escape. No absurdity there. No morality or consistency either. Mai pen rai, cash is king. Same MO as with the Rohingyas but the Thais got carried away and got a liking for mass murder there. That is what happens when there is no moral underpinning to a section of society.
  10. Selling a car

    You can definitely sell it on a tourist visa. Been there done that. You can even buy and register another one on a tourist visa. Documents : Registration book (in your name is much easier) Passport (with copies of current permission to stay and data page) If you don't want to go to the Land Transport Office, you can sign a power of attorney form and along with the copies of your passport and registration book and have the buyer do the registration transfer alone. Some offices may want proof of address but normally this is only when registering a vehicle into your name. Generally, selling is much easier than buying in terms of paperwork. Don't forget to get the money.
  11. "win" means a taxi rank (motorcycle taxi rank) in this case.
  12. The BBC is now carrying the story on its front page. I knew this would happen when the Thai government picked a number of unnecessary fights with the BBC in an attempt to subjugate it. (but that's for another thread).
  13. Ah, the die was already cast. They were not eligible to stand since they held dual nationality. Renouncing the foreign citizenship now would be too late, they would still have to resign. They have also lost a lot of credibility in the voters' eyes both by lying in the first place and then delaying admitting their status for many months. Perhaps, yes, the rule has served its purpose. However, I am sceptical about divided loyalties, I feel it is more about the potential advantages dual nationality offers.
  14. No need. She is automatically British by descent. She would need to renounce her British citizenship to stop being a dual national.