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  1. It depends who the customers are, what language(s) they speak, what they require and how much they pay. When I lived in Bangkok (Wangthonglang area) there were tons of Chinese girls there working in silly expensive massage / karaoke places for Taiwanese businessmen. The places were also patronised by Thai civil servants. They got the Thai girls.
  2. Briggsy

    Pay the fine?

    Since the cop has returned your licence, the need for you to go to the police station is reduced. You can now either 1) go and pay at the police station. 2) don't pay and see what happens 3) don't pay, no reminder is sent and see what happens when you try to renew your road tax. My bet is that if you do option 3, nothing will come up when you renew your road tax it will be as normal. i.e. the fine has been filed in some huge archive of mouldy paper and will never surface. I have done option 3 about 5 times and never been asked to pay or prevented from renewing my road tax. The system of chasing up fines here is thankfully very inefficient.
  3. According to Thai sites, they reckon he was going 200 km/h. There is a CCTV clip of the crash. 18 years old with this type of bike! Almost guaranteed suicide mission particularly with the non-existent motorcycle training here. I wonder who paid for it.
  4. They have admitted this part and it is on video. Their defence is that they were misled into believing it was a prank for tv.
  5. PTT Group list 6 gasoline-category fuels for sale none with an octane above 95.
  6. The prosecution claim to have evidence to the contrary. This one is easier to refute. "Just go and smear this unidentified substance on some guy's face - in an airport. Don't get it on yourself though. We're North Korean, by the way. Oh, and definitely keep it away from us." Sounds very reckless to me. This case is not such a cut-and-dried acquittal as you might think.
  7. I think there are certain niceties and protocol like death certificates and burial licences that need to be observed. Also in a Chinese cemetery, a covert burial will mess up the Feng Shui bringing bad luck.
  8. Briggsy

    Another day on Thai roads - another 58 corpses

    I think you have attributed the comments of the poster @Enoon to me. Because your comments if addressed to me make no sense at all in relation to my comments.
  9. Yes, everything you say makes sense. I do a deal with my rental agent (2 very nice, not very-well-paid, hard-working women) that if they get fined, I pay it on their behalf or reimburse them if they actually paid the cash to Immigration. However, we (me and the agents) try to work together to avoid the fines. However, the impracticality of wasting half a day (either me or them) every time me or one of the other foreigners returns to Thailand means it is a pain in the backside.
  10. He came to the UK from Sudan in 2010. Claimed asylum. Got UK citizenship quickly in 6 years. Looked like he was an "eternal student". Family and Moslem neighbours claim he was "very quiet" and not radical. Typical <deleted>. Having got citizenship through asylum, he was planning a holiday to Sudan next year to see friends and family!!!! Persecution, my arse.
  11. Thanks. That explains why the one that isn't Sue Richardson (didn't know her name) did my visa last time.
  12. They tried to phone the rental agent. That is usually their first line of attack. I said I would deal with it. No, they never do this. I don't understand the question. The TM30 desk at Jomtien seem to be reactive not proactive. Yes, but I was way over the 3 days period. If they were the person you deal with the rental issues, I think they would. However, it would have to be you to introduce this party to their attention. Otherwise they wouldn't know.
  13. OK, I will clarify. Your example is a person who has rental income and multiple rooms and multiple tenants. That was my point. It is not a self-reporting individual. Posters are asking about self-reporting online. It is basically not possible for TM30.
  14. Yes, I got 2 residence certificates from Jomtien in May and August last year. 300 Baht each and served with a smile. I used my rental contract. Things have changed now. TM30 first or no residence certificate.
  15. That sounds similar to a hotel (rather than an individual who owns his own condo or self-reports as "possessor").