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  1. This issue cannot be discussed rationally in Thailand due to reasons that cannot be discussed in Thailand.
  2. The consulate accepts visa applications from 9am (till 11am).
  3. Entirely possible but consider this. U.S. nationals of Chinese ethnicity are being held in detention illegally or family members prevented from leaving China due to the Chinese state wanting to pressure U.S. nationals who are ethnic Chinese currently not in China. You have painted this as "China will retaliate in an underhand, illegal, retaliatory manner". I would say China already behaves in a manner far outside anything considered rule of law in a Western country. However they seemed to have pretty much limited their detentions to those of Chinese ethnicity so far. The obvious exceptions are the white Australian casino executives. Perhaps, as you say, this will change. I certainly would not rule it out.
  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I was stamped in with a 'permission to stay until date' one year earlier than it should have been (i.e. in the past). I went to Sri Racha immigration, explained what had happened, sat and waited for 4 hours until I was the last person there. Then the Immigration Officer shouted at me, "Whayouwan?" I explained again and the error was corrected after I had paid them for photocopies of all information-bearing pages of my passport.
  5. Briggsy

    BMW 310R Poblems

    I explained this in my post on Dec 1. I knew this would happen. Wasting your time with the dealer. They have no incentive (and perhaps no expertise) to fix this. Go to BMW not a Thai dealership (who happen to sell BMW's).
  6. This is where your view of the Thai judicial system diverges from mine. Whether he is charged in Thailand and the crime he is charged with are decided by the police in Thailand. The police here commonly accept money to lessen or drop charges. The police here commonly pressure victims to accept financial deals in lieu of prosecution of the perpetrators. The "due process of the law" here is overwhelmingly based on the status of the people involved (as important people can get police moved or censured) and the deal they can strike with the police. It is far more similar to "village justice" than anything you could call "due process of the law" in the West.
  7. You are viewing this as if it were a Western justice system. It is not. The arrest and murder charge are mandated by the system but in no way mean the case will automatically proceed to the Public Prosecutor. They do mean that negotiations will begin. Remember police work in Thailand is pay for play and the system is set up to facilitate that.
  8. Ah, the "charity shield". We have seen that one before.
  9. Briggsy

    Just recieved 2018 tax bill, UK

    OP has not checked in recently. We will have to wait for an update which may never come.
  10. I understand why you say that but I beg to differ. Thais are some of the most indisciplined people in the world (as you post infers) UNTIL there are consequences for their indiscipline. At that point, their cultural trait of not wishing to challenge seniors comes into play and they become some of the most disciplined people in the world PROVIDED the consequences remain in play. The reason there are no consequences is that all the senior figures in every police station across the country, civil servants in every DLT office across the country, throughout the Ministry of Transport all the way up to Prime Minister are focused on retaining power and generating revenue. Reducing the death toll on the roads is not related to either. Therefore no effort is made to deal with issue ..... ever. If there were consequences, positive or negative, for police who failed to, say, apprehend drunk drivers, perhaps we might say a fall in the death toll.
  11. Briggsy

    Just recieved 2018 tax bill, UK

    There is no need for this OP to have a "tax lawyer". His tax affairs are very straightforward The HMRC in the UK is very approachable. Phone them up, identify yourself and present your query. You will have your answer. If the OP is completely incompetent (he doesn't seem so) any high street accountant (professional body registered is far better) could act on his behalf.
  12. Briggsy

    Return flights from UK

    Correct. The stopovers are very reasonable, 2 to 3 hours, virtually from one plane to the next. (The only airlines that fly direct BKK to anywhere in the UK are, I think, BA/Qantas, THAI and Eva)
  13. Briggsy

    Return flights from UK

    Apr 19 <> Oct 19
  14. Get a new passport and your visa history is disappeared as far as embassies and consulates are concerned.